(2016-12-30) Preparing for New Year's
Preparing for New Year's
Summary: Kaylee helps Tabitha set up for a New Year's Eve party at Downtown Funk
Date: IC Date (2016-12-30)
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Downtown Funk Shady Cove

A cover charge is accepted at the door before gaining entry and there's a coat check. A popular club with the local high school crowd, music is always thumping either from a DJ, a live band or Karaoke, showcasing the local talent. A bar serves mocktails of every flavor and alcohol free beer as well as soda, juice and other beverages.

The dance floor lights up when it's stepped on in varied colors and a mirror ball, strobe lights and other fun lighting, the wall nearest the dance floor is lined with mirrors. Seating is varied, either at the bar or at tables or booths, and a small array of finger foods can be ordered.

Under 21 Club

Kaylee had been back home for Christmas and so hadn't been privy to party planning plans OR prerequisite party preparations prior to the previous night. But Wojtek had mentioned something about it and there really isn't anything Kaylee likes more than helping to set up for parties and make decorations. So, after sleeping in an apprpriate amount for vacation-time, Kaylee's gotten herself up and over to Downtown Funk to see if she can help! She stops just inside the front door, looking around the room for a bit to see if there's anybody 'in charge' she should talk to for volunteering her services.

Club staff are mostly focused on getting the kitchen, bar, and such set up for the event although a couple are bringing boxes of decorations down from storage. When asked, they direct Kaylee to the corner table covered in papers and scribbled layouts of the club. Tabitha, an older male band member, and the club manager are all standing around the table talking about this and that. Tabitha looks over with a look of surprise when she notices Kaylee's particular energy pattern. She tilts her head quizically with a grin, "What's up, Kaylee?"

"Oh! Hi!" Kaylee chirps when Tabitha calls out to her. She smiles and skips over in her direction. "Wojtek told me that you guys were gonna be setting up for like a New Year's party or something, so …. I thought I'd come by and offer to help! If you want. Or if you need me," she says, looking around a bit more. "… DO you need more help? Seems like maybe you've already got enough people …."

Tabitha nods with a smile, her hood flapping a bit over her face and blindfold before she tugs it back out of the way again. "Yep. A private New Years Eve party and concert for Coral Springs and guests. Figured a while back that this would be a good chance to make good on all the times I've been asked to have the band play for the school." She shrugs and looks around at the club, "Never hurts to have more help. We were just going over the lighting and speaker setup." She flashes a grin at the older teen standing with her, who rolls his eyes. "Anthony's first official act as our new manager."

"You sure you're not just gonna do all the lighting yourself?" Kaylee teases Tabitha, grinning and reaching over to poke at her sides a little. "Where do you need me!? I can hang stuff, or cut out stuff, or draw stuff …. Tell me what you want me to do!" Kaylee does take a step closer, too, to peek at the plans that Tabitha was going over. "And … well … I mean, I think it's REALLY cool that you've got Wojtek out here, helping and stuff. I think he really feels like a shut in, sometimes, and I'm so glad you've got him out here helping. And it sounds like he's even found a new friend, too!"

The plans are just a rough sketch of the club and its overhead lighting scafolding. There are a few X's and other markings showing where things will go. Tabitha ducks away from the side pokes with a grin, "Ha! I eat light, I do not barf it back up! But…! Given the audience will be fellow weirds, I might add a few special extras to the show." She nods and looks over towards the stage where Wojtek is helping a girl from the band with setting up wiring and the like. The pair of them are chatting in Russian, one verbally and the other telepathically. "Yeah, he came by earlier and Talia grabbed him up."

She looks over to where the boxes of decorations have been set, and to a huge roll of banner material and paints have been set nearby. "I think one place you could be of huge help would be in setting up the four hang-up murals. I thought we could do one for each team and hang them on either side of the stage."

"Hai hai!" Kaylee chirps, snapping to attention and offering Tabitha a salute before she grins again and skips over towards the banners. However, when she gets there, she frowns a little and turns back, calling, "Um … HOW did you want to hang these? Do you have like, tape or something? Or are we gonna use nails? Or poster putty? And do you have a ladder? I don't fly or anything …."

Tabitha turns with a single bald eyebrow ridge raised over her blindfold. "Um… wire, hooks, and pulleys are the intended method. Yes, there are ladders." She grins at Kaylee, "Since most people don't fly." As she says this, Anthony smirks. "Yes, but even though you do and can carry us with you, don't think I'm not going to start shopping around for a tour bus." Tabitha turns and sticks her tongue out at her road manager in a stunning display of maturity.

"… oh!" Kaylee says, ducking her head sheepishly. She looks around a little and then sees that yes, indeed, there are hookups for the banners to be hung via wire. She turns back and offers Tabby another sheepish grin before scanning the area for a ladder. Once one is located, she'll hurry over to get it and will then start helping to get those banners hung! Yay for parties!

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