(2016-12-29) How NOT to Flirt
How NOT to Flirt
Summary: Wojtek is trying to lounge in the Prometheus Hub and Kaylee … is Kaylee. Then, Nevada arrives and makes everything weird.
Date: 2016-12-29
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Prometheus Dorm Hub Coral Springs

Plush carpet lines the floor of the Prmethian Hub. Soft and inviting, a richer yellow that is easier on the eyes than their normal yellow. At the center is a large table with comfortable chairs, a circle in shape. Shared between the students here for study. On the end of the room opposite the main entrance is a large fireplace with a gas fire to provide warmth if needed. Along the walls are various portraits of their Arena Fetch team, both good years when they won and other years, simply showing they are a team. Adjacent to the fireplace, one wall has a few video games to play, the other wall has a shared HDTV. A few couches and chairs are mingled between the games and near the TV for students to relax.

Flopped on the floor in front of the fireplace, Wojtek is having a winter snooze and warming himself by the fire. He didn't celebrate Christmas as others did, though he did wander out to visit the city and pass out some presents. But for now? With the new year approaching, he's just relaxed.
Nevada has arrived.

Coming out of her dorm room, Kaylee would have just been getting back to school today from visiting her parent's house with Violet, again. Stretching high and leaning to the side as she enters the main hub, Kaylee stands and surveys the area for a little. And then sees her favorite bear! "WOZZEEE!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!" she exclaims, immediately grinning and running to literally snugglepounce on the big bear.
<FS3> Wojtek rolls Telepathy: Failure.
<FS3> Wojtek rolls Telepathy: Good Success.

There's a snort as he feels new weight on him, and Wojtek starts to roll and gives Kaylee a playful swat with one of his paws. «Hello.» he says in his heavily accented Russian that comes from his telepathy as he looks to the girl. «You had a good Christmas?» he asks as he considers the young woman and then turns his attention to being flopped, with Kaylee snuggling him.

Fairly climbing on to Wojtek's back, Kaylee assumes her usual bear-glomping position, sprawled against the big black bear's fur. She nuzzles in a little before responding, nodding and grinning. "Oh yes, it was wonderful! It's always so good to be home. David didn't get to come home, but we got to Skype with him, so that was totally great. And seeing most of my friends and stuff was cool and we went out and went shopping and did a bunch of stuff like we always do and …," Kaylee will prattle one for quite a while about nothing anybody at Coral Springs (except maybe Violet) would know or even care about.

Nevada was getting pretty shaggy in the hair department; a natural problem with which Wojtek can likely sympathize. But now here he comes, fresh from shearing himself and scrubbing down what remains of his snowy white fur, now cut so short that it reads almost pink in places from the view of the skin beneath, and smelling sharply of clean white soap, no frills, just… soap-scented. He's got his grooming kit under one arm, is wearing a white tank top over some grey sweatpants and is rubbing the back of his neck with one hand, pleased with the cut even in the hard-to-reach places. Spotting Kaylee and Wojtek, he tosses that hand up from the back of his head into a toss of greeting accompanied by a crooked smile. "Hey, guys," he rumbles, in his deep-reverberating baritone.

The bear glances up, and peers at the minotaur. «You are bull.» he transmits before he feels Kaylee on his back and sprawling and she starts going on about her vacation. Not that he knows David from Adam or anything else, but he knows the girl likes to talk and she's comfortable, so he flops on his paws and snorts slightly as he considers. «Why shave? Better not to. Fur grow back.»

Kaylee shifts when Wojtek does, staying comfortably sprawled on the very-much-not-a-rug bear in front of the fire. "Heya, Nevada!" she calls back, waving animatedly though she doesn't look in his direction. She does wriggle her fingers against Wojtek's side, though, poking at him. "Maybe he was getting warm, Wozzy. Not everybody is happier being warmer all the time," she offers in Nevada's defense.

Nevada's right ear perks at the assertion of his bullishness, which is, at most, half-true, but which point he isn't bothered by enough to argue. The question has him diverting course to the fireplace and the cozy little tableau being staged therebefore. Barefoot, with the elastic cuffs of his sweatpants clinging lopsidedly, one low on his calf, the other more properly at his ankle, he pads the flooring with a serene and quiet tread, smiling beatifically at the both of them. "It does grow back. All too quickly. I just like to keep it tidy, and if I cut it short I don't have to trim it every other day," he reasons, mirth sparking in his night-black eyes. "Besides, if I need to keep warm, I can just take a page out of Kaylee's book and borrow some of yours," he teases.

Wojtek snorts, a rumbling growl. «I do not let just anyone lounge.» If the cute girls like to do it, who is he to complain? For everyone else. «I assume you mean the fireplace.» he comments as he feels the pokes and rumbles as he turns and lightly nips at Kaylee's fingers, a very much like he's biting at a tick. Not that Kaylee would ever be a tick and he's not biting hard.

Wrinkling her nose at Wojtek, Kaylee zips her hand to safety before he can bite it, well aware that he wouldn't. She then shakes her head and looks over at Nevada, resting her head on the back of Wojtek's neck. "I don't flop on Wozzy cuz he's warm. I flop on Wozzy cuz he's soft and comfy-comfy!" she explains, shifting and folding her hands under her chin. "… and there's really probably not room for more than me here, so you'll just have to wait your turn," she adds, grinning and winking at Nevada.

Nevada steps closer, coming to stand near at hand with one hip cocked outward in a casual posture, resting his roll of grooming gear on top of it as he looks down over the two. "Oh, I see, I'm 'just anyone,' then," he feigns at taking umbrage— but feigns badly, real affection in his voice, and a playful cant to the words, not to be taken so seriously. "Mmh," he nods, to Kaylee, "So I've heard. But I've yet to gain the privilege, haven't I? What will it take, I wonder? Maybe I can try my hand at a salmon kulebyaka," he considers, lifting his free hand to his chin to run his forefinger's first knuckle thoughtfully there. Baking seems to be his favored passtime/stress relief, and since he's moved in the communal kitchen has hardly lacked for plates of brownies or cookies of a weekend, or the odd pie or cake.

The bear looks confused for a moment, turning to try to look at Kaylee, but she's settled on a weird spot that he can't quite get to. «Is he flirting?» Wojtek asks in true confusion and glances at the bull, shaking his head. «I do not have interest in boys.» he admits as he flops his head back onto his forepaws. «Not that girls have interest in bear. So. It is how they say? Wash?»

Kaylee's eyebrows go up a little at Nevada's words as he moves closer to Wojtek. When he asks if Nevada was flirting, she just snickers loudly, one hand covering her mouth as she giggles. But, then he's complaining about not being able to date again and Kaylee awws and wraps her arms- or at least just flops them as wide as she can around his torso, setting her face against his fur again. "Well look on the bright side, Wozzy! There are no other boys who ever get to have me lay on them! And only Violet's ever gotten to nap with me! So it's not ALL terrible, right?" she offers.
Wojtek has reconnected.

"What, none of them?" Nevada wonders. "You must get terribly bored in history," he goes on to joke, settling down next to the lounging bear and his passenger, folding up his legs into a lotus position and setting his grooking kit next to him, tail flipping to one side and then swatting the ground with a freshly trimmed tuff. "She's right, you don't seen to be having any deficiency in girls, from this vantage point," he chuckles mildly.

«That is because you know I will not complain or try anything.» Wojtek snorts and rolls his eyes as best he can while a bear. «You only want me for my body.» he teases the girl right back and then shrugs. «She is with someone. I accept her as friend. Maybe someday she find friend for me to date.» There's a smirk at that and then glances at the tail. «Least don't have to worry about long tail to be pulled on.»

"Well … aaaaaaaactually … Violet and I have been broken up since Halloween, Wozzy," Kaylee admits quietly. "I just … don't really wanna date anybody else right now," she says. She then gives him another small glomp. "Plus … I dunno. I mean … it would be WEIRD if we were dating, don't you think? I mean, it would totally make me snuggling and cuddling on you all the time like this totally different. Plus, we can't really hold hands, or kiss …," she starts to list but then stops suddenly. She glowers a little, ducking her head as she realizes Wojtek probably is already too aware of all the things he can't do with a girl. "… sorry," she adds quietly.
Wojtek has partially disconnected.

"Surprisingly few people have tried," Nevada murmurs in his rumbling baritone, amusement tweaking at the edges of his words. No, there aren't many people who see a minotaur and think pulling his tail would be an awesome plan. Kaylee's litany of reasons not to date the bear draws an interested flick of an ear, a slight angling of his bovine head. "Sounds like it would take a little creativity," he replies. "Fortunately we live among the talented and creative. Don't we?"

«I do not think she would want to try such things, and that is acceptable. I do not wish to make things odd.» Wojtek says before he shrugs his shoulders, the movement shifting Kaylee slightly. «And I am sorry to hear that you are no longer with Violet. Assumed you were the way you spoke of her.»

Kaylee just shrugs a little and runs her hands over Wojtek's fur. "Yeah … I still love her to bits. But … she doesn't have time for a relationship. Plus she graduates this year, and she's super worried about what's going to happen after that and she doesn't want me to get hurt or to hurt me because she's also afraid that she's never going to get old or die or anything and doesn't want me to have to grow up by myself while she stays young so she said she shouldn't be my girlfriend anymore and I understand so I agreed and so we're just friends now," Kaylee rambles. And then plants her face into Wozzy's back, because it's sad.
Wojtek has disconnected.

Wow, that's a story. Nevada listens with interest but without much helpful to say on the matter. Until Thanksgiving of this year he lived in his grandparents' house, and when he did go outside it tended to be by himself. Still, "It sounds as though you've come to a reasonable conclusion, between the two of you. Still, reason hardly ever rules the heart. I'm sorry you're hurting. Do you want me to bake you a cake?" Because this is obviously going to make things better, somehow.

Kaylee giggles a little at Nevada's offer and shakes her head. "No, it's okay. Becky used to bake lots. I'm fine. We're still close. Maybe we'll figure things out, or maybe someone else will come along. Either way, I'm okay. She's still a really wonderful person and I'm super happy to have her in my life. Just like I'm super happy to have Wozzy!" she adds, nuzzling the bear underneath her as he resettles. "What about you, Nevada? Anyone you're interested in, yet?"

Nevada shifts to his side, legs sliding out along the floor, elbow bracing his forearm to prop up his cheek in his hand as he reclines, using his rolled-up grooming kit bundle as a sort of pillow for support under his arm to help angle the curve of his spine for ease of conversation. One bare foot slides back up along the floor toward his other knee, pointing that first knee toward the ceiling where it waves slowly to and fro. "I find most people interesting. Each in his or her own way. But I haven't had much opportunity to… get to know people my own age. It's like… never having seen ice cream before, and suddenly being sent into a shop with a hundred flavors. You just sort of want to taste everything," he chuckles.

"Oh ewww," Kaylee says, wincing and shaking her head lots. "Nevada, you REALLY shouldn't use an analogy like that when trying to describe dating. It's … eww," she finishes, shaking her head again. With Wozzy snoring lightly underneath her, Kaylee slides off of his back most of the way, instead just leaning back against his side and wriggling her shoulders back against him to root herself into his fur just right. "Honestly? I really wasn't in a hurry to be dating anyone. I really just like school and sports and focusing on that. But, Violet was so romantic about it, I couldn't say no. Now? I think maybe I'll just be single for a while."

Nevada maintains his own posture, knee swaying rhythmically, like a metronome to which he times his slow and even phrases. "What, no? It's accurate enough," he chuckles. "If it offends the sensibilities I fear I've got to chalk that up to my own libido. But you're right— I mean, I'm here for school. The socialization… will be nie, up to and including any, heh, extracurriculars. But it's not what I came here for."

"Oh barf, Nevada! Gross!" Kaylee says, making a face and shaking her head. "You know, if you are gonna try and have any extra-cirriculars with any of the girls I know?" she says, climbing up from the floor. "You're DEFINITELY gonna have to learn how to have some tact," she finishes, shaking her head and moving back towards her dorm room, her arms hugging around her torso as she shakes her head.

Nevada lifts both ears at the visceral reaction drawn from the local welcome wagon. Well, he certainly doesn't think of the alluded-to activities as 'gross,' but he can respect the fact that she finds them to be so. "Sorry," he rumbles, casting her a smile. "Social skills. Harder to learn on your own than particle physics." Of which he has a rather full and complete grasp. Speaking of which, he turns inward toward his great mental labyrinth, continuing his catalogue of the books on the topic from the school library, closing his eyes and perusing the information in his mind's eye while his physical ones close and he rolls to his back beside Wojtek, warming his horns by the fire in mid-meditation.

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