(2016-12-28) Formal Wear
Formal Wear
Summary: Besa needs a tux, Rain provides and other stuff
Date: 2016-12-29
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Considering yesterday's attack, Rain got very little sleep. What sleep she did have was infested with kraken fueled nightmares. Instead of moping around she has been using her time wisely, and maybe not so wisely. At the moment she is hauling a variety of garment bags to the upstairs rec room that all the teens rooms open into. How she got them from the Master house on the island to here? Well that was probably with help from her mother.

Besa sits, slightly freaked out by the sheer amount of clothing Rain is hauling in. He's sitting quietly, wearing a hand me down shirt from Sky, although it's probably a newer one to him. He glances over at Sky, wondering if he's there to support Rain…or Besa.

Schuyler gets sleep because he ensures it artificially. It also means, however, that when he's asleep, he's pretty much dead to the world. Conniving sisters can take advantage of that should they choose. She may have had an accomplice because when Sky wakes up, apparently his hair is a bright 'Atomic' turquoise color. There's a moment of fuming before he fixes it in its usual style and comes into where the others are to take a seat as if there nothing at all wrong.

By Grabthar's Hammer, his Hair WILL be avenged!

Well Sky went to bed with his normal color hair and walks up with that color hair…he is probably on Besa's side. That was where the not so wisely use of time went. At least it is temporary, a few washes and it will be back to normal. She is smirking the whole time she is bringing things in and she is trying to hold back actual giggles…and she doesn't normally giggle. "Since we are going to the ball," she had informed Besa at least the other day, "I figured we should find a tux that fits." she has a garment bag in each hand "I have some of Sky's that have been outgrown and a few of Connor's." their older brother…he has a name and Connor is what it is.

Besa eyes widen more now, and he turns back to look at Rain. He's thinking maybe he was better off with the Kraken, cause when this blows, it's gonna be ugly. He just wisely nods. He'll wear whatever she wants, he doesn't want his hair blue! "Do you know what dress you will be wearing?" Please don't say turquoise!

See, if he stews, it'll spur Rain on, so he's just going to pretend that nothing is different. At least it's not neon green or pastel pink. Or orange. «She'll probably be wearing green. She always wears green. She probably should have been a leprechaun,» but it doesn't stop the snark. It's usual on him, after all.

Rain grins proudly a moment at the reaction from Besa. It is quite rare for her to pull such pranks, Charlotte could be a bad influence on the girl. "I'll be wearing one of my gre… " and then Sky is answering for her. She makes a face at him "Red ones." she changes her mind real quick. Though her brother is right, she does wear a lot of green, it is her favorite color. She takes the tuxes ,still in dry cleaning bags from the garment bags and hands them off to Besa.

Besa takes the tuxes, glancing around the room. Should he leave? is there a changing place? Rain got weird last time he got dressed in front of her. "I am sure you will look fine in either color."

Schuyler gives a grunt, «You sure you want to do that? Wear red? Might clash.» Is he planning on some sort of similar retribution? Or maybe he's just trying to make her paranoid? He gestures for Besa to go into the one of the bedrooms off of the Rec Room if he's uncomfortable about changing there. «Won't everyone be wearing Red…or Green…or Gold?» Because of the holidays?

"Fine?" Rain questions "Oh Besa." she gives a shake of her head, though she is smiling at him, "Girls don't go to these things looking just fine." they want to look fabulous. That can't have been different in his many eras, could it. She narrows her eyes at Sky at his comment, but doesn't ask instead she hmmms "You have a point. There will probably be a lot of black too…maybe a white dress?"

Besa freezes and then corrects, "I am sure you will look good?" Sky gets a confused glance and then a nod of thanks about pointing out the other room. "I will try them on." He heads that way, and is probably in there much longer than he needs to be. He's either hiding from the twins, or tuxes are a little different than last time he wore one. Or maybe both.

Rain won't correct him is time, she was mostly joking anyway. A surprised look is given to Sky at this bit of info "I am?" she doesn't see it, but she is severely lacking sleep, so her judgement is understandably impaired. "What am I doing?" she gets concerned, she doesn't want to freak anyone out. "I don't own anything patterned..or pink." and she hadn't planned on buying anything new.

Schuyler doesn't really answer Rain's question. She dyed his hair in his sleep…he has ever right as a brother to be obnoxious right back. He just shrugs, «I guess you'll just have to look like everyone else then.» Yeah, maybe she got attacked yesterday, but he's not going to be coddling her today.

The lack of answer has her frowning at him. How is she supposed to correct herself if she doesn't know what the problem is. Rain sticks her tongue out at him as the begins to remove more formal wear from garment bags "Not like that isn't my everyday already." even if it isn't everyone and is just one person, she is just a female duplicate of him.

Schuyler slowly looks over his sister as she moves to the garment bags, «Well, not now you don't. We can dress you in black and dye your hair blue…then maybe.» Dig dig dig. So maybe he can't be so blasé about it after all. «You really want to go to this ball?»

Besa's finishing buttoning up the shirt and slipping on the jacket. He doesn't know how they should fit now..are the sleeves too short? Rain will have to tell him. He Starts to walk back into room to get the twins opinions.

Rain snaps and points at Sky "I would own that look." she says with a smirk. She can't help it, her vain streak is as big as his "Yes. Yes I do." she answers adamantly, she has reasons, tucked behind a veil of Maroon-5 and Shawn Mendes songs. When Besa finally ventures out she stares a few moments. He looks a lot different in formal wear than in the hand me downs or school uniform. She moves toward him to make adjustments to how the jacket lays "Very sharp." she is sizing the fit up as she does "The jacket is near perfect. Though the pants and shirt aren't quite right. We can mix and match if we have too. They are all the same shade of black."

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Observation: Good Success.

Schuyler's eyes go from Besa to his sister and back again. Some of that snark fades from his expression and he gets up from his seat to walk around the other boy. «Nice. But she's wrong. They're not all the same shade of black.» Says the one with the keen senses. «But we'll find some that are. What size shoe are you? Do you know?» There's another look to his sister, «What ties are there? Or are you just going with black?»

Besa's dark eyes are on the jacket, "Yes? It is not too long?" Style is so different, and yet not. He looks up, "I think a 7?" He's got little feet too! He smiles, knowing all shades are different, but he understands what Rain meant. He waits to see about the tie.

"They are close enough." Rain knows fashion well enough that she can see the difference when they are next to each other, but not all would notice. And there are enough to make it work "I don't think its to long myself." she glances to Sky to get his opinion since he seems to wait to give it now and to deal with shoes while she gets the ties which are in a separate bag. Knowing he likes yellow she gets a couple of shades of that as well as the standard black and red. "If these don't work there are others, but I know there are matching cummerbunds for these if you want to wear one." she lays the ties out for Besa and then goes to pick through her dresses "How about this one." she holds up a mid-length purple one with lots of fluffy tulle as the skirt.

Besa just kinda stands there like a dress up doll, letting the twins decide. He looks over the colors of the ties, but again, keeps his opinions to himself. Instead he looks up at the dress, the tulle getting an eyebrow raise, "Will that not be itchy?" He looks back to the ties, "Black would work well with that dress, I think." He doesn't know what a Laker's fan is, so he just head tilts to Sky.

Rain blinks in surprise at Sky "Did you just spout some random sports fact?" she isn't quite sure who the Lakers are either, she just knows that they are some sports team that does something with a ball. As for itchy she lifts the layers of tulle to expose the silky sliplike underdress "Nope. It's lined." she hmmms "I have a mauve one." she lays the purple one down to search the garment bags for that one "Pick whatever color tie you want. We don't have to match completely. It's not like this is prom."

Whitley would be shown to an upstairs rec room that is current covered in formal wear. Besa's standing , in a tux, near ties and cumber buns that have been laid out. He looks up to the dress that Rain is holding up and nods, "Oh, yes. that would keep it from being itchy." He smiles, "Wear whatever you would like, Rain. I will side with whatever you pick." He looks over at the turquoises haired boy and frowns, not getting the reference.

Yes the upstairs rec room with its comfy sofas, chairs and other rec room furnishings looks like a formal wear store exploded all over it. Is this a typical day in the Masters' household, probably not, but this is the Masters' household, but not there real house, there is no such thing as typical. "I don't have a bluer shade of purple." Rain tells Sky "Maybe I will go with the white one." its a classy look "It does." and there they go again, her telling him to pick whatever and he doing the same. "Not this again." she is amused by it and she grabs the mostly white dress with light blue and green floral lacey chiffon layered over the white skirt and heads into one of the side bedrooms to change.

It is around then when Whitley pops in, lead to the fancy recreation room by a butler man after dropping off his meager belongings somewhere else. "Hey guys. Merry Belated Christmas." He gives everyone a small wave. Currently, he is wearing a beige sweater with the collar of a white button-up peeking out from above it. "Oh. Was I supposed to dress formally?" His eyes are drawn to the turquoise hair, of course. Sky's in goth clothes, so maybe he's safe from formalwear.

Besa watches Rain go into the room before looking back at Sky, "I am doing the right thing, right? The girl is supposed to care and pick out the colors and clothes?" He's doing this for Rain, tears in the cafeteria and all. He sighs, but then nods. Fine, he'll pick a color. He quiets at the question, he didn't think Charlotte was going. He gravitates to the warmer ties, reds and yellows, but then tilts his head as he finds a silvery grey one that catches his eye. Speaking of grey, Besa's head snaps up and he grins widely at Whitley's arrival, "Whitley!" He steps forward and unless Whitley backs away he'll give the older boy a brief hug. "It is so good to see you. Happy Holidays!"

Whitley hugs back. "It's good to see you too. Thanks again for the invite." The smile is returned with one of Whitley's own. He looks over at Schuyler and nods. Besa told him about the Charity Ball. Noting the 'others' in that sentence, he asks, "You're not going with them?" A glance at Besa, then he notices Rain's not around. "Where's Ms. Masters?"

Besa gives a small shrug, all he know sis he's going with Rain, anyone else, well… that's not for him to invite. Although that would be nice. "I am glad you got here safe. After the attack yesterday…" Besa's hair sways with his head shake. He doesn't like getting attacked. "Rain is trying on a dress."

Not quite on cue Rain comes out of the room brushing at the skirt of the strapless dress. She has grown an inch or two since she last wore it, but other than that it fits just like it did the last time she wore it. Even though it is shorter on her, it is still fashionable. "I don't know if Charlotte is going yet or not." she answers Sky's question as she looks up from getting the billowy skirt to lay right. "Oh. Hey Whitley." she greets as she notices that he showed up finally. She knew someone had shown up, but she wasn't paying enough attention to her brother's thoughts to figure out who it was.

Schuyler shakes his head and slides out of his seat on the sofa to get to his feet. «Too many people,» but that's only one of the reasons. «I'll probably look after the littles,» because someone has to? «You should try on some of the suits, Whitley…if they fit, feel free to wear it.» There are a variety of sizes from old tuxedos of Sky and his older brother. Rain gets a nod of approval before he offers, «The silver will look nice with that, Besa,» and he moves to head elsewhere in the house. Let the others play with the clothes.

Besa looks over and smiles at Rain, "That is very pretty." He tells her, repeating Sky, "I wish to wear the silver tie." He points to it on the table, so she knows. "I will go change out of this…"He turns to Whitley and smiles again, reaching for his hand, "I am glad you came. If you are able and wish to, the Ball would be fun to go to." He half expected him not to show, he's not going to push the Ball on him. The pale boy's hand gets a gently squeeze before Besa heads to the room to change out of the monkey suit.

"Attack?" Whitley's darker brows furrow slightly. "By the Robo Krakens?" It could be whoever attacked Besat, but as it occurred on Masters territory, he assumes it was an assault on the female twin. "Are you okay?" Grey eyes travel up and down Besa. No visible wounds, so he relaxes and smiles, "You look great, by the way." Then Rain comes in, and she gets a wave. "Hello. You look nice too." Compliments all around! "See ya later, Schuyler." But he's watching Besa as the Egyptian leaves.

A quizzical look is thrown Sky's way as he makes up what she things is a lame excuse and leaves. Rain will have to make sure to not thank him for that later. "Thank you." she offers to the compliments from both. She looks at the tie in question "Good choice." she gives a smile glad he found one he liked at least. As Besa and Whitley greet each other a bit more in depth she begins to tidy up the dresses, returning them to garment bags and stacking them neatly, giving them a moment. As Besa goes into the next room to change, she begins cleaning up the ties. She does have visible wounds, bruises at least, but nothing serious enough to warrant a Besa healing. "Yes, more of the robokrakens. They attacked the three of us while we were out riding."

That's not good. "Very determined, these krakens are." Whitley nods solemnly. "I'm glad you guys are safe." He looks off to where Besa headed out. "I should have been there…" It's not like he has a responsibility to defend Rain, but he can't help feeling like he should protect Besa. Figuring a more agreeable topic is preferred, Whitey shifts, his eyes returning to Rain. "So what's the Charity Ball about?"

The girl absently rubs the back of a thigh, the skirt making soft rustling noises "Thanks to Besa and his anti-tech field." Rain will give credit where it is due. Her own eyes follow his briefly and then return to him "I wouldn't have complained if you were." with Sky leaving completely and Besa in the other room changing she isn't quite sure what to do for a moment before manners kick in "Did you want to sit?" there are some clothing free places to sit, and answering questions is easy enough "It's to raise funds for humanitarian efforts in war torn parts of Africa. They have an auction; solicit donations, that sort of thing. There is also food and dancing."

Another nod and Whitley takes a seat on a nearby couch that doesn't have clothes over them. "Thank you for inviting me for holidays," While Besa told him that he was welcomed, Whitley has suspicions that the twins only did it for Besa's sake. "Having a bunch of friends over must be hard for your parents." He smiles lightly. Questions seem like a safe bet, so he'll offer more of them. "Will I be intruding on anything if I go? To the Charity Ball, I mean. Besa said he was supposed to go with you…" He shrugs.

And those suspicions aren't totally unfounded and probably closer to spot on than Rain would care to admit. So he is welcome if only so their friend who is more like family to them will be happy..er "Not really. They were actually relieved when Besa and Charlotte came for Thanksgiving. Something about acting like normal teenagers or something." she gives a shrug, she puts on a good normal show, but its just that, a show. That final one is tricky and leaves her a bit confused, "How would you be intruding?" a question with a question, because that always ends up well. She understands the third wheel thing, but in this case she is sure she would be that and not Whitley.

"Ah," Whitley doesn't know too much about normal teenage behavior, so he just nods. "Well, I hope your parents are okay with a third guest." He's guessing they are, otherwise he would not be here right now. The question to his question…"I don't want to butt in too much. Being a third wheel is never fun," Something in his tone suggests he realizes that Rain would be one, not him. He shakes his head. "Maybe I'm just being overly cautious." He stands again and looks over the suits and tuxes. "Hmmm…" He could wear something that he owns, but it can't hurt to look.

"Fourth guest. Charlotte is around as well." Sky brought Besa, Rain brought Charlotte, though all of them have seemingly abandoned her now. "I'm pretty sure Besa would like you to go, but he isn't going to force you to go or be pushy about it." a brief smile touches her lips "We did several rounds of I'll go if you go, before we just finally decided to do so." she gives a shake of her head at Besa's inability to actually say what he wants and go for it. There is a noise of amusement from Rain "Are you capable of just normal cautious, much less be overly so?" that doesn’t sound like any Ares she knows. She then points to one of the garment bags "That one."

Whitley looks about the room, surprised that he missed Charlotte. Obviously, she's not here. "Where is she now?" He unzips the garment bag and peers inside. "I guess I'll show up then." He's very aware of Besa's inability to say what he wants. It must be a Guardian thing. There's a faint grin at that. "I'm usually pretty cautious in social environments…" She's not the only one who can put on a show. "We, Ares, are a sweet bunch." Grey eyes dart back to the outfit inside the garment bag.

"Last I knew she was taking a nap. Neither of us got any sleep last night." Rain is looking a bit tired, but she was certainly looked worse at school. "Besa will like that." she says with a nod her tone not giving much of how she feels about it. There is a scoff at the comment "They must have changed the definition of sweet when I wasn't looking."

"I can only imagine. Is she alright?" Whitley looks perfectly put together, almost meticulously neat and tidy…which isn't Ares-like at all, but he knew he was going to be spending time with the rich and famous. "I don't think he will care what I wear." The Egyptian has said that much before. He chuckles, "I can be nice when it suits me."

"She is fine. She was just up keeping me company." Rain is the one that couldn't sleep apparently. She is much the same about her own appearance, but there is nothing non-Athenian about that. "Probably not, but if the rest of us have to dress up, you have to too." of course she probably likes dressing up in formal wear, but that's not to say that Besa or Sky does. And that's it right there, she was trying to figure out and he just comes right out and says it for her "And how long do you think that will last?" she gets blunt when she is tired.

Whitley nods along with the conversation, his eyes still glued to the formal attire. That question, though…it's enough to make him pause. He glances over at Rain, a look of slight confusion on his pale face. "What? Being nice?" He considers, shifting his focus back to the outfit. After a few moments, he shrugs. "Until I'm given a reason to act otherwise?" He offers, unsure if that is the right response. It's the truthful answer.

Rain nods at his question on what she is talking about and then listens to his answer. "I see." she guesses she couldn't expect any better answer than that really. "Instead of looking at it, why don't you try it on." she points to one of the several doors leading off the rec room "You can use that one if you like. I'll go get some drinks for us." she gives him a brief tired smile then heads off and downstairs to take care of that.

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