(2016-12-27) Holiday Attack
Holiday Attack
Summary: The krakenbot make an appearance.
Date: 2016-12-27
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<FS3> Schuyler rolls Riding: Failure.
<FS3> Rain rolls Riding: Failure.
<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.
<FS3> Besa rolls Riding+2: Good Success.

The last few days it was been bitterly cold, but this morning it was promising much warmer weather, and so far it has delivered on that promise. While it isn't balmy warm, it is well above freezing and bundling up to much isn't required. There are horses on the estate. It's one thing that the Masters' Estate doesn't have, much to Rain's chagrin. She's a girl, she likes horses! Thankfully there was someone around that knew how to saddle and bridle them, so with the warmer, sunny weather, why not go riding.

Despite her liking horses Rain has only ridden a few times in her life, and always with someone who knew what that were doing. This time though, maybe that isn't the case. As the trio rides along one of the many trails in the area Rain is remembering why she never took up riding as a hobby…she sucks at it. She has nearly fallen off a few times already, but she finds it more amusing than frustrating as once more she horse she is riding, sensing she is a newb tries to prance to the side to dislodge its rider.

Besa has ridding a horse many, many times. Just not in this life time. it's taken hims few minutes, but he seems to have remembered all of the basics, and then some. He keeps talking to the horse in Coptic, softly. The twins both get smiles and he tries to use his horse to calm theirs, he'd very much like to not have to heal any broken bones today.

Technically, riding shouldn't bother Sky's ankle, right? The thing is, he's sort of in the same boat as Rain is — why did she suggest the activity in the first place? He hasn't fallen off yet, but he's mostly letting his horse walk and follow the others. He can't talk to it and he's not sure that touching its mind is even possible, much less a good idea. Besides, he's sort of just going through the motions right now. If given his choice, he'd lock himself up in a room for the rest of vacation and mope, but that's not nice to his friends.

There is a surprised sound from Rain as the horse moves unexpectedly under her "This horse is doing that on purpose, isn't he?" she asks as she clings onto the saddle with one hand and the reins with the other "Did you not want to be ridden today boy?" she asks the horse, who just flicks its ear and swishes its tail in answer as it follows Besa's. Despite her horse and lack of skills she is at least enjoying herself. There is a glance back at Sky and she gives him a mental poke.

Besa looks over at Rain and smiles, "He is just testing you." He glances over his shoulder back at Sky as well and smiles, signing one handed, "You alright?"

Schuyler has sort of been just staring into space, casually glancing about as their horses walk a familir-to-them route. At Rain's mental poke he gives a little start and looks at her, frowning some. He can't sign since there are reins in his hand. «I'm fine.» In the broadest definition of the word. He's not in pain and not incapacitated in any way. And he's riding a strange horse.

<FS3> Rain rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Schuyler rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Besa rolls Alertness: Good Success.

The riding trail winds through fields and small wooded copses. Up large sloping hills with majestic views of the country side as well as the ocean and ocean bluffs that are a few miles east of the estate. As the horses and thier riders move through another of the small wooded areas one may notice that all around them the small robotic krakens are dropping from the trees above, dangling from branches by extended tentacles and focusing thier large unblinking eyes on the three.

Besa sighs softly to himself, but this isn't the place nor time to argue with Sky on what's going on with him is. Turning back he starts to say something, but then stops as the scenery is suddenly being encroached by the Masters' nemesis, the Kraken. At least, Besa assumes, this doesn't seem to be anything connected to him. "Alert your parents!" Besa can't. He doesn't think the horses can outrun the metal beasts, but it's better than them being on foot, "Go! Go!" He knows he's got better chance of not falling from his horse, so he tries to get his horse between the twins' and the robots. One hand stays on the reins, the other is alread reaching into one of his many pockets to grab runes. Maybe the horses can out speed the kraken.

The krakens aren't after -him-, just Rain, it seems. As soon as Sky also catches sight of them, he mentally shouts to Rain, «RUN!» He's not going to run off his own horse until she's off and running. Maybe he can trample a few if needed?

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=physical Vs KrakenBots=3
< Sky: Success KrakenBots: Good Success
< Net Result: KrakenBots wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical Vs KrakenBots=3
< Besa: Good Success KrakenBots: Failure
< Net Result: Besa wins - Solid Victory

"This is a test I am probably going to fail." Rain says a bit drily. She doesn't mind tests, but this isn't the kind that she likes. Not when failing can mean bruises and broken bones. Glancing back at Sky and his gruff answer she gives him what she hopes is an encouraging smile and seems about to say something when she notices the nightmarish things dropping from the trees. The girl pales and she looks from her brother to Besa, doing her best to keep the panic from her expression. How did they find her all the way out here? The horse sees the things too and senses his riders fear and begins to sidestep and make what is not so happy noises. At the yelling from Besa and the mental yell from Sky she pulls at the horse reins and struggles to get the horse turned and in motion but the creature is having none of it and fights the bit and rein pulling.

The Krakenbots begin to swing on their tentacles, letting going when at apex of the swing, flinging themselves at Besa and Sky.

The krakenbots are small but numerous and coming right at him. Tugging at the reins Besa makes the horse go in a tight circle batting the krakens with thier grabby tentacles away from him as best he can. He still has the ruin ready but will wait for a better opprotunity to use it.

«GO! GET OUT!» Sky mentally sends to Rain, especially seeing as she isn't going anywhere! «Get off the horse and run!» There's a grunt as one of the krakenbots swings onto him and he tries to fight it off…but slapping and shoving at metal isn't terribly effective and he can't mentally attack it. For all his posturing, Sky is fairly 'squishy' on the powereds scale.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs KrakenBots=3
< Rain: Success KrakenBots: Good Success
< Net Result: KrakenBots wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=Physical Vs KrakenBots=3
< Sky: Failure KrakenBots: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Yeah, riding off on the horse isn't all that effective for Rain she can barely stay in the saddle with its white-eyed freaking out its doing. She isn't so sure that running on feet is going to do the trick either, but it is better than nothing. She is getting so tired of running. She doesn't get off the horse so much as fall off, but she isn't down for more than a few seconds when she is back on her feet and running in what she hopes is the correct direction. She doesn't go far though as Krakenbots go after her, flinging tentacles out like whips they wrap around her ankles and down she goes again, landing with an oof face first.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Good Success.

Besa grits his teeth, breaking the rune onto the saddle of his horse. As all his magic, there's nothgin fancy, no lights or sounds, but suddenly his ride is very fast. He has no weapons that will work against the kraken, except himself so he rides the horse hard over and through the kraken he can. When close enough to the twins, he'll jump off. Knowing his runes will not help him, he just starts flinging himself at the metal creatures, hoping his curse will be helpful in this situation.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Riding: Success.

Schuyler is busy trying to fight off the kraken on him when he notices that one of them has Rain. «Get her away!!» is projected towards Besa since he can't seem to get this thing off of him! Granted, it also doesn't seem to be doing much and both remain on the horse. For now.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=rune Magic Vs Robokrakens=3
< Besa: Success Robokrakens: Good Success
< Net Result: Robokrakens wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical Vs KrakenBots=3
< Besa: Good Success KrakenBots: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=physical Vs KrakenBots=3
< Sky: Failure KrakenBots: Success
< Net Result: KrakenBots wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs KrakenBots=3
< Rain: Good Success KrakenBots: Good Success
< Net Result: Rain wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Rain rolls Body: Failure.

Like before the Robokrakens work together in miniswarms, in this case there are a few dozen divided up between the three of them. This are either more advanced or Besa is having a bad magic day, his anti-tech field thing doesn't seem to be having much of an effect as the swarm him and try to tangle themselves around his legs but the Egyptian boy is able to keep tha from happening do far.

They are using the same techinque on Sky, some on him others on his horse trying to disable one the other or both.

Rain manages to get to her feet after kicking the ones that are tangling her all up and takes off running again but one of the Krakenbots lifts a tentactle and a small projectile flies out hitting her in the leg. One step, two step, three steps, down!

Besa lets out a grunt as the metal wraps around him. He only gets a few steps towards Rain before he has to focus on trying (And failing) to pry the metal off of him. He does call out, "Call for help!" He assumes that if either of the twins call their parents and they hear fighting, their super powered parents will come help. that's what parents do, right? Besa keeps struggling, trying to touch as many of the kraken as he can. What a day for his curse to not work!

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Reaction: Failure.

Schuyler tries to get his phone out to at least call someone…even if he can't talk into it, but the Krakenbots are overwhelming him! The phone is out, but he can't actually dial anything and panic is beginning to set in as Rain is attacked.

<FS3> Rain rolls Psychic: Good Success.

The Krakenbots are still doing what they can to keep the teen boys busy and from helping the Masters girl. One or two seize up and stop working at Besa's cursed touch but that doesn't stop the others from trying to make up for the missing ones.

Rain is unmoving on the ground, the Krakenbots on her wrapping her limbs and torso up in their tentacles and lifting her up to scurry away, like ants carrying food. This is accompanied by a mental cry »>Help! Get them off me!«< its defintely Rain's mental voice, echoing through everyone's head, maybe in his own panicked state Sky is broadcasting her thoughts as well as his.

Rain's cry, or maybe it's her still form have Besa bellowing something in coptic and swinging his arms. And like an awakening force, the kraken he touches seem to start jerking and twitching, definitely not working right. One behind him even sparks a few times as it tries to move. it's like a current, flowing through the kraken closest to the ancient boy. His dark gaze is focused on Rain though, trusting Sky's ok for now.He trudges forward.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=Physical Vs Krakenbots=3
< Sky: Failure Krakenbots: Good Success
< Net Result: Krakenbots wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Great Success.

There are no minds for him to attack! Sky is relying solely on his physical ability which is no match for the Krakenbots. «RAIN!!» he mentally shouts, trying to get to her but the 'bots are holding him back. Perhaps the panic is lending him strength but he reaches out mentally to one or both of his parents…really, anyone in the house. «HELP!!!»

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Sky=physical Vs KrakenBots=3
< Sky: Success KrakenBots: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

While the krakenbots are dropping like flies from Besa as he trudges toward Rain.

The ones that are attacking Sky don't seem to be getting the upper hand, but neither is he. He knocks one away, other takes its place, and then that one gets knocked away. It's a vicious circle. For the moment there seems to be no answer to his mental call, but there are miles from the house, so help could be on the way, there is no way of knowing just yet.

The ones scurrying away with Rain continue to do so. She isn't putting up a fight, so whatever was in the projectile must have paralyzed her body, but she isn't unconscious, Sky can tell that much.

<FS3> Besa rolls Physical: Good Success.

Besa growls, again something in Coptic at the monsters as he struggles and trips over their bodies. Eyeing the ones trying to hurry away with his friend, he does the only thing that seems to be working. He runs forward and just touches them all, one arm sticking out to catch Rain if they drop her.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Good Success.
<FS3> Schuyler rolls Riding: Success.

Talk about feeling helpless! There's nothing he can do when the foe is a construct. He'll just keep on sending the mental SOS in the hopes that someone will come even as he tries to fight off the krakens and get his horse to move towards Rain. At least he hasn't fallen off or been pulled off yet!

With the anti-tech curse that Besa is 'blessed' with there are fewer and fewer krakenbots for him to deal with at least. The ones that are carrying Rain are defenseless against Besa's attack. They can't carry here, scurry and try to defend themselves at the same time, so are pretty much scurrying ducks from the wraith that is Besa.

The sound of wingbeats fill the air as Gargoyle, other wise known as the Twins dad, in stoney gargoyle form arrives at the same time the White Witch, or Mom as she is other wise known, just steps into the scene right next to Sky. There are a few bots trying to scurry away by now to be crushed under Gargoyles feet. The White Witch draws a glyph in the air, there is an immediate smell of ozone as a blue steak of light arcs from krakenbot to krakenbot Sky is dealing with and they convulse and fall to the ground, much like the ones effected by Besa's curse.

Besa catches Rain, wrapping one arm around her as he lowers to a kneeling position on the ground. His other hand goes out to touch anything metal coming towards them. "You will be ok…your parents are here…" Is he trembling? or is that just adrenaline? Eitehr way, he looks over towards Sky to make sure his best friend is alright.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Riding: Success.

Schuyler's eyes widen as he catches sight of both parents coming to their rescue and there's a great deal of relief as the krakenbot is blasted off of him. He reached someone. Thank whomever might be listening! But then he has his hands full trying not to let a very-spooked horse run off with or buck him. If the krakenbots weren't bad enough, the bolt of magic was the cherry on top! As soon as he can get the horse to stop though, he's going to pull himself off so he can see to Rain.

Gargoyle's eyes sweep the area and seeing that none of the Bots are still active he leaps into the air "I'll sweep the perimeter. Make sure there are no more and to check for reinforcements." his wings beat and he is banking through the air.

Since Sky is right there the White Witch will help with the horse before grabbing at Sky momentairly to make sure he is uninjured. She lets him go quickly enough, she doesn't have to be psychic to feel his worry for his sister. "Besa, are you hurt?" she is just as concerned for him as her own children and she moves after Sky to awkwardly kneel down beside the Egyptian boy, her baby belly has gotten big enough to make things awkward, kneeling especially.

Rain is still paralyzed, she can breath and blink, but that's about it for moving. Sky can still feel she is freaking out, but who wouldn't if they couldn't move anything.

Besa's head shakes, hair hidden underneath his hat, "She was shot with a dart…" He holds onto her, so the pregnant mother can do whatever she needs to, "I do not know if my healing will work on clearing her of it…"He glances again at Sky but then back up at the White Witch. He'll do as she asks.

Schuyler nods to his mother…he's all right. Probably bruised and scraped from trying to beat off those krakenbots, but he'll live. There is definite concern for Rain and he looks over to see if the shot at her leg is still there and the cause of the paralysis. He also joins the other around Rain, reaching for her hand even if she can't feel him take it and give it a brief squeeze. Grey eyes look from Besa to their mother…he's not going to ask Besa to cut himself open, but he's not the magic expert.

Schuyler sends mentally, «You're safe…Mom and Dad are here. We're going to make sure you're ok.» He's trying not to let his own panic though.

Rain mentally sends back »>Why can't I move? Are they all gone?«< her mind is slowly calming.

The dart is still the the back of Rain's thigh. It is a tiny thing, but sharp and pointy. "Then let's not try it." the White Witch tells Besa as she smooths a hand across Rain's forehead "I can step us all back to the house and then we can work on getting Rain moving again." she gets to her feet, just as awkwardly "Can you two carry her a few steps?" the woman looks between Besa and Sky.

Besa nods to the White Witch, a hand reaching into his pocket to crush another Rune. He can lift Rain now himself, but doesn't object if Sky helps.

Schuyler isn't going to let go of Rain. Even if Besa can take most of the dead weight, he'll at least keep a hold of her hand. «We've got her,» he manages to mentally send to all, but he's still working on trying to calm himself down. For Rain's sake, of course.

Schuyler answers «They shot you with something but Mom's going to take care of it. We're going back the house. They're all gone.»

The White Witch takes her place between the two boys, a hand on each shoulder "Just walk forward. I'll do the rest." she gives each a little nudge with her hands to get them moving before walking forward herself. A gesture is made and the air ahead of them shimmers a bit, as they step through it they go from wooded copse to the den in the house between one step and the next.

Rain isn't all that heavy to begin with, and certainly isn't with the magic boost that Besa has.

Besa stumbles only slightly, eyes wide as their transported. His runes don't do that! Well, maybe one day. He nods over to a couch, "There?"

Schuyler isn't so used to magic that such a gate is familiar; there's a grimace as he steps from one location to another. That's just odd…and something he needs to let settle. But Rain is more important. He gives Besa a nod and moves to help his friend set his sister down. «What can we do?» is asked as he looks to his mother and then to Rain. He hasn't let go of her hand yet.

Once Rain is laid out on the sofa the White Witch plucks the dart out of the girl's thigh and studies it a moment "Without my workroom I have no way of analyzing what drug was used." she awkwardly kneels down again, checking her daughter's vitals "Her breathing has returned to normal," well normal under the circumstances "Heartbeat is fine and she is able to move her eyes and blink." there is a glance to Sky "She is mentally cognizant?" she asks him since he would know better than anyone "The dosage was small but it had to be powerful to effect her that quickly. It will probably wear off given time and patience."

Besa frowns, not liking that answer. He's not used to having to wait for people to get better. His arms fold and he takes a small step backwards to give the family some space.

Schuyler slips his hand from Rain's but doesn't move very far away. 'She's mentally fine. Just freaked out and I don't blame her!' as he's freaked out as well. 'How did they know to find her here? Are they tracking us? Who are they? How come we don't have answers yet?' He glances to Besa and gestures for him to come back…he doesn't need to give them any space. He's Family too. 'How much time?'

The Witch looks down at Rain, who looks back at her, with just her eyes though, the rest of her remains unmoving. "Slow down." she tells Sky calmly "They have probably been tracking her since the last encounter that was had." there is a sigh "We can only get answers when we have evidence to work with. Your father will collect the bots that attacked and send them to be analyzed. We are bound to get some answers from them." she hopes at least. "I don't know. I can speed up her metabolism, but it could be minutes to hours." she looks from Sky to Besa "Keep her company. I will see if I can figure out what this is." she rolls the dart in her fingers a moment before tracing a glowing glyph on Rain's chest that sinks into her.

Besa doesn't come forward, but he doesn't back up any either. Hearing the words from the White Witch doesn't help his nerves. This isn't something he can help with, at all. And it makes his chest start to hurt. What good is any of his powers if he can't help his friends? The small teen seems to sink into himself some.

Minutes to hours? Poor Rain! 'We could turn on television…' is signed before he looks from Rain to Besa. Stepping towards his friend, he moves to place a hand on his shoulder, «Thank you. You saved her again…I'm really glad you're here.» There's a brief pause before he then gives a little nod, pulls his hand back, and signs, 'Help me think of something to entertain her that isn't drawing designs on her face.' He wouldn't. Would he?

Besa looks up at the touch and he forces a smile, "No…" and then his hands come up to sign as well, unsure how Sky's head is doing. "No, I did not save her. if I had, she would not be hurt like that." A deep breath, "Can she hear us? We could tell her stories? Or read to her." He glances over at the teen and then can't help a small, teasing smile, "She would look nice with a goatee." Mayeb he'll wear the dress and she can wear a tux (If they even go to the Ball now).

By the time that conversation has started the White Witch has stepped through another portal and out of the den. Better that way really.

Rain can't move anything but she can hear just fine »>You wouldn't?«< is sent to Sky, unfortunatly she can't broadcast to Besa either, not like she did in thier panicked states. »>A goatee!«< she mentally is shocked that Besa is playing along with this.

«She's alive and she's here.» Not stolen away. That's a big thing. Sky catches Besa's teasing smile and he matches it, 'Ooh! I have a Sharpie somewhere…we could give her Sharpie tattoos! You think a goatee though? I think Sugar Skull designs.' Did he 'hear' Rain? Oh, definitely! Is he pretending that he didn't? Definitely! 'Yeah, I think she can hear us.' Which makes it even more fun.

Besa walks over, not actually looking for a sharpie and kneels down next to Rain. He smiles softly at her, not tracing of teasing on his face, "Your mother's runes are very strong. You will feel better soon." He would add to them, but he doesn't know how the runes would react to each other. "Are you warm? Cold?" He then looks to Sky to get Rain's response.

If Rain could Sky would be getting eye daggers right about now, but facial expressions is a bit beyond her. What she is getting is beads of prespiration on her face, probably a side effect from whatever glyph her mother used on her…or the drug. Her eyes move to Besa as he draws near and questions her and then to Sky, »>Warm.«< is the answer she sends to her brother »>You know I have a pair of hair clippers, don't you?«< she sends him an mental picture of her using them on him.

'Warm,' Sky repeats for Besa and considers his sister for a moment. Now he's translating for her? Interesting. 'Hey, so we have to go look for a pair of hair clippers for you to touch, Besa…' and short out. He'll let Besa open a window if he'd like, if it would help. If they're teasing each other it can't be that bad, can it?

Warm, Besa can help with that. He stands up and indeed goes to the window, opening it a crack. and then searches for something he can fan her with. Newspapers are always in dens! That will work. His head tilts, confused by the clipper joke. Do they want to cut his hair, or Rain's? Surely she's not that warm!

Getting her out of her winter coat could help too, but Rain is in no condition to comment verbally on it and with her brother threatening to apply marker to her face she isn't thinking of it either. Well if there aren't newspapers there are a few of Rain's fashion magazines laying around that would do the trick too. »>Temporary solution.«<

Schuyler grins and does move closer to help Rain out of her Winter accessories for a start. «We could cut -her- hair…» Sky mentally speaks so that Rain can 'hear' it as well. «She might look good with a bob, don't you think? Or a flat-top?» He is so asking for it.

Besa fans, it's safer that way. He lets Sky uncoat her, but will say, "Rain would look very pretty with short hair." He's not certain what a flat top is.

And now they are talking about cutting her hair. Her nice, but not as nice as Besa's, long blonde hair. A bob she could probably handle but a flat-top?! That is worthy of panic right there, she isn't capable of that expression but could it be that a finger twitched?!

Maybe Sky is trying to rile her up intentionally? To break out of the paralysis? He senses some of that panic so doesn't say anything more about her hair. 'Yeah, she looks good in anything. Lucky.' Did he just pay her a compliment? 'Did you want to tell her stories? Or we can turn on the television or something…'

As long as no one is drawing on her face with edlible ink or taking clippers after her hair Rain is fine with either story telling or television. Considering how long Besa has been alive she is sure he has plenty of anecdotes he can amuse them with so she goes with that option first. By the time Besa is all out of stories…or tired of telling them, Rain still hasn't gotten all her movement back, fingers and toes, is about all. They are checked on periodically by one or both parents, who are worried but since she is slowly getting the use of limbs back aren't going to push through with magic. Though the Witch's magic might be ineffective just as Besa's. By the time dinner rolls around Rain is finally able to move freely and give Sky the head noogies he deserves.

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