(2016-12-24) Christmas Nutcracker
Christmas Nutcracker
Summary: Bandit and Cataclysm mess up, while fighting crime
Date: IC Date (2016-12-24)
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West Pointe is an outdoor shopping center. One main streets runs the center, with five small cross streets crisscrossing the area and connecting the two massive parking lots outside the area. There are some roundabouts at these intersections, giving the main street a boulevard like feel. Even a winding 'creek' that runs along that main street, with ponds in a couple of areas for shoppers to make wishes with pennies if they like. One end is anchored by the 30 screen movie theatre, the other by the massive outdoor sporting goods store that sells everything actually from sports equipment to clothes in pink camouflage.

Christmas eve and Yuliya has dragged Dianli out to show her the lights and displays of her home city during Christmas and to show the crowds that leave their shopping until last. That and look for crime, like evil Santas and scheming elves. The shopping centre is decorated and there's some snow on the ground.
Yuliya is rugged up tight against the cold, though in black as usual. She's wearing gloves, too. However she casually saunters along, peeking in windows that have displays and every now and then eyeing the ponds that contain pennies when she passes them.

Dianli is clad in her usual Hakka garb … covered by a huge coat, far too large for her thin frame, that's cinched in at the waist by a belt.
"Can't use my usual way of staying warm," she'd said earlier, "if we want to stay inconspicuous." And of course there's nothing conspicuous about a large coat moving, seemingly, of its own volition, its wearer so lost inside it.
"So this is America's biggest festival?" she asks dubiously, peering around at the shopping mayhem. "Seems a bit … small-time. Is there something different about Thunder Bay?"

Yuliya glances towards Dianli as they move along, and she glances with her with a raised brow. "Oh, it'll be mostly dead tomorrow," she comments. "Tomorrow is Christmas day, and most of the Americans will gorge themselves on food, some go to church, too." She offers a soft laugh and shakes her head. "You should see this place on Black Friday. It is anarchy." She seems amused. "Though both are good times for pickpockets," she comments knowingly. "Thunder Bay is kind of like the newest city in America. Michael Michaelson had a big battle here, and it took a lot of people to help rebuild it. You've got a true melting pot here. If it wasn't for this place being destroyed, my family would still be in Russia."
She leans towards Dianli, bumping her shoulder against the other girl's shoulder. "So are you going to stay to have dinner with my family, or are you going back to school for their fest?" she asks curiously.

"I'm not good with crowds," Dianli says. "I always wind up losing track of people and then doing and saying the wrong thing. If it's OK, I'll visit your family. I don't want to be a burden, though."
She looks around the place again, watching all the scurrying people. "I don't know what I was expecting," she muses. "Just … more."
She stops dead in her tracks.
"Is that what I think it is?" she breathes in wonderment, pointing through a mall door at the Santa display. "Is that really Father Christmas? He's really here?" Her face, alight with pure joy, turns to Yuliya. "We have to go talk to him!" she says.

Yuliya glances towards Dianli again, looking amused for some reason. "Oh, I'll stay close to you, so you don't lose track of me," she comments. "Then hopefully no incidences." She then offers a nod and a bright smile. "My mother and father did ask if you were staying at the school or not. Why be alone during Christmas? They also said that you don't need to bring gifts." She then smiles brightly and then slips her hand inside of her pocket to withdraw her mobile. She rattles off a quick text to her father, and then slips it back into her pocket.
She then glances in the direction that Dianli's pointing, a brow raising up a little bit at the question. She opens her mouth as if she's going to say something, and then closes it as if rethinking what she was going to say. It takes a few more moments to respond, and then she nods. "Y… Yes, that's Santa," she offers cheerfully. "We should go see him, and get some photos taken!" She's not going to destroy Dianli's experience at all.
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Dianli covers her mouth and badly conceals a giggle. Her eyes twinkle. "Didn't you know," she asks, eyes widened in faux surprise, "that Santa Claus isn't real?"
She quickly scurries out of arm's reach in case of revenge, laughing.
"I'm sorry, Yuliya!" she says. "I had to do it." She sobers quickly. "But I would like to experience talking to one of the fake Santa Claus guys, though. I've never seen it."

Yuliya glances towards Dianli, and she arches a brow. "Actually, I did know," she admits with a grin. "I thought you didn't know, and I didn't want to ruin your experience with it." She actually seems sincere when she says that. "It would have really sucked if you didn't know, and I ruined the illusion for you." She then pauses and arches a brow and looks thoughtful. "Who knows, maybe he does really exist, Cataclysm? I'm a girl that changes into a cat through a magic bell, and you control electricity."
She then offers a nod, and offers her usual mischevious smile. "Well, let's go and have you experience it," she chimes cheerfully. "You might have a lot of fun trying it."

"I think I will," Dianli nods. "I've heard it's kind of an interesting experience. And also, maybe if I wish hard enough for something while sitting on his lap I'll get it." Her voice sounds rather wistful at that.
She screws up her face in puzzlement.
"Is that normal?" she asks, pointing to the distance where a couple of dark figures seem to be pulling someone out of a panel van.

Yuliya glances in the direction of the panel van, and she slowly shakes her head at the question. "No, that's certainly not normal for Christmas," she comments as she wrinkles her nose. "I guess Bandit and Cataclysm need to beat the criminals into line!" She smiles, almost as if getting ready for another rush. "I think we go and see what's up. You can always sit on Santa's lap later on." She bounces on the balls of her feet, before she starts to move in the direction of the van.

Yuliya glances in the direction of the panel van, and she slowly shakes her head at the question. "No, that's certainly not normal for Christmas," she comments as she wrinkles her nose. "I guess Bandit and Cataclysm need to beat the criminals into line!" She smiles, almost as if getting ready for another rush. "I think we go and see what's up. You can always sit on Santa's lap later on." She bounces on the balls of her feet, before she starts to move in the direction of the van.

'Cataclysm' mutters something to herself that sounds suspiciously like, "I got my wish without Santa."
She then follows on Yuliya's heels, although it's pretty apparent she's huffing and puffing long before getting there. Looks like some cardio might be needed at some point.
"Maybe…" she huffs. "…we need to look into…" Puff. "…some kind of vehicle. Like a bike at least."

Yuliya isn't out of breath at all, then again she generally seems to either sleep or doesn't stop moving. "We haven't gone that far," she comments. "You and me, when school starts again, we're going to train in gymnastics and running. Get fitter and more agile!"
She looks thoughtful at the comment about a vehicle. "Uh, I can't drive. I'm only sixteen. It's a good idea, though." As they draw closer, she slows down her pace back into a walk again. She slips her hands into her pockets and tries to blend in, in the open. "What do you think they're doing Cataclysm?"

"I said give me the fucking keys!" a thready voice can be heard from the distance as one of the figures kicks the one dragged out from the van in the back of the knees to force him down. Also audible is the sound of the target's wail as he collapses to the ground.
Bandit zips forward as Cataclysm falls back, hitting the ground silently and invisibly, closing in on the unsuspecting targets. Until Cataclysm, staggering from being winded, runs full-tilt into a garbage can. The old school kind. With the lid. That rolls down the gentle incline of the road straight at the scene. Of people who look up.
On the plus side, they didn't see Bandit. On the minus side, Cataclysm has been caught flat out in the light of a street lamp, right next to the garbage can she's knocked over.
"Uh… sorry!" she calls down. "I'll just be going now."
The man being held by the attacker screams up, "HELP! CALL FOR HELP! HELP ME!"

For once Yuliya's bell tinkle as she moves steathily towards the criminals. She slips her hands out of her pockets, and cracks her knuckles as she continues her approach while staying close to the shadows. The girl known as Bandit smiles sweetly as she draws closer to the men and their victim. She does glance back towards Dianli who has provided her with a distraction. A thumbs up is given, most likely thinking the bin being knocked over is part of the plan.
That sweet mischevious smile remains as she moves up behind one of the victims. Nope, no dramatics, no use of magic as she balls up her fist. She's got the element of surprise on her side and she's going to use it and right from behind, too. It's not exactly a respectable shot, but she kicks her leg upwards, catching one of the attackers right between the legs with a considerable amount of force. "Bitches, I am Bandit. Just give up, or my partner is going to really light things up."

"Ugh..bwa..urgh!" That's about all Bandit's target manages to utter before collapsing to the ground on all fours, heaving, vomiting, and curling into one very messy little ball. The high-pitched voice of his partner asks, "Don? Don? What the …" before freezing on seeing Bandit's handiwork. And not yet Bandit proper.
Cataclysm, for her part, shaking her head at her own stupidity and incompetence, decides to add to the mayhem.
"TOO LATE, BANDIT!" she calls, casting off her jacket, surrounding herself with a ball of crackling electricity (side effect: keeps her warm when her insulation is gone), and zaps a bolt of concentrated blue light of a form Bandit has not yet seen toward the panel van. Everything electrical on the van shuts down dead. Small arcs surround the van and jump out to exposed metallic objects nearby, but these quickly seem to fade out.
"Oh wow!" she says in surprise. "I only got the van this time, not everything else around it!"
"I mean, drop your weapon or I'll drop you like I just dropped the van!"
She steps forward into shadow, forming a spooky crackly blue ball of light surrounded by inky darkness.

Yuliya still moving slowly and without the thug noticing her thanks to the distress of his friend and her partner killing the van, and thankfully her next move isn't as cruel as the first. She moves behind the second attacker, her next kick is directed towards the side of the man's knee with her shin making solid contact. She takes a couple of small steps back, bringing her hands up into a guard position just in case theres anyone she's missed.
"See, if you gave yourself up, it could have been a lot less painful," she comments. "And thanks Cataclysm!" she calls out to the other girl that's showing off her control of electricity. "That was a pretty cool trick again."

The "man" is a woman, as the hood is pulled back upon the target falling down and striking her head against the side of the now-dead van. She's left on the ground in a stupor, staring up at the sky in a daze.
Cataclysm steps forward, running, in fact, to the driver of the van.
"Are you OK?" she asks, crouching next to the man slowly getting to his feet.
The man suddenly stands in a fluid motion, backhanding Dianli. He curses as her electrical shield burns him, but still manages to get a good shot in straight at Dianli's face, causing her to stagger back.
"I'm fine, but you've killed my fucking van!" he shouts. He looks around at the carnage at the scene.
"I'll get both of you for this!" he says and starts to run.

Yuliya looks surprised by the woman under the hood and she arches a brow. She moves to secure both of the attackers, and she looks surprised when the man is able to get up so quickly. She most likely thought that he was being beaten while being robbed, and so she's more than shocked when he's able to punch Dianli. She doesn't give chase, but moves to check on her friend. "Are you alright? He didn't hit you too hard did he?" she asks in a worried tone, as she moves towards her. "Some people don't really care about thanking people who risked their lives for them."
"You are welcome!" she calls out after the running man. "It's not like we saved you or stopped them from taking your van!" She then grumps and folds her arms over her stomach. "Jerk. I think we should get going. Before police arrive and start looking for us."

:STOP HIM!" the woman on the ground cries in despair as she gathers some wits. "He's still got the girl!"
She then passes out into unconsciousness from the effort. Her partner is equally helpless practically coiled up on the ground like a rope.
"Yeah," Dianli says, shaking her head and touching her jaw gingerly. "Nothing there that Nola… I mean Sprite's kiss won't fix …" She peers dazedly at the now-unconscious woman. "But what's she on about? What girl?"

Colour drains from Yuliya's face when she realises she might be making a mistake. She glances towards Dianli and then the man who's running. She offers a sheepish smile towards the two people that she's laid out, and then looks towards Dianli. "I… Don't know what girl she's talking about." She takes a deep breath and raises a hand up to rub at the side of her face. "What do we do? Should we just call the police and tell them that there's criminals here?"
She looks a bit uneasy on her feet. "What if we helped the wrong person? What if we let some creeper get away and I… I just beat up the wrong people?" She looks more shocked and it seems that she doesn't know what to do now.

Dianli, for her part, still seems to be in a bit of shock from having been punched in the head.
"So there's no criminals?" she asks, blinking stupidly. "Then who are these people?"
She walks unsteadily toward the curled-up man moaning on the ground.
"He looks like a criminal. I mean why would he be attacked by heroes if he …"
Now it's her turn to go pale as the facts on the ground sink in.
"Oh. Oh fuck."
She looks up at Yuliya in a panic. "We've got to find out what's going on! If we've made things worse we've got to … fix it or something!"

Yuliya raises both hands up to her hoody and pulls it more forward as if trying to hide inside of it. Oh, she's feeling bad about what she's done, and she glances down towards the people she's hurt. "I am so sorry!" she squeaks out, sniffling a little bit. "I did not know. I thought you were trying to steal his van!" She wipes her nose on the back of her sleeve, and then shakes her head as she listens to Dianli speak. She's trying to be rational about what she's done.
"They looked like criminals," she comments, as she takes a deep shakey breath. "Maybe we can follow him? Try to pick up on his trail?" She drops her arms down, and then folds them across her stomach. "We need to try to figure something out."

"I hate to say it," Dianli says, coming slowly to her senses as a creeping feeling of horror crawls over her, "but we're going to need to get some help. Like … maybe…" She winces. "Your dad?"
She grabs Yuliya by the arm and pulls her away. "And we can't make this right if we get arrested. We fucked up and we fucked up good. We need to figure out how to unfuck it and we can't do that in jail."

Yuliya swallows and nods in agreement to Dianli. "I… I think you're right," she comments, though there is a look of dread on her face. She doesn't resist when Dianli grabs her by the arm and pulls her away. She listens closely to what is said and nods in agreement. "You're right, we can't," she admits. "We need to be free to unfuck this situation." She looks a little uneasy. "But the first thing is, is that we need to get away from here. Get some distance between us and here, then I can call him."

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