(2016-12-22) Conference Call
Conference Call
Summary: Besa calls Robert Sabnison.
Date: IC Date (2016-12-22)
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Well, this is it. Besa looks green as he sits on his bed, staring at his hands. He almost looks like he's waiting to get punished for some misdeed. The school tie is off and on his desk, next to a large taped up brown box. On his bed is a hand embroidered pillow made by Gabrielle. Besides that, there's not much to identify the room is Besa's, besides a few pieces of pottery and ll of Sky's hand my down clothes.

Well today is not the most auspicious of days. Not with what is looming over the Egyptian teen. It is not a moment Rain has been looking forward to, despite wanting to know what is going on, and not wanting to know at the same time. So much conflict. She has pushed all the emotion aside though, Besa is family and she was raised to support family no matter what and that is her intent. The box is glanced over, she understands the meaning there, but doesn't want to dwell on that either "Are you ready for this?" she asks, sitting down beside her friend, a hand moving to be placed on his arm.

Whitley is sitting on the bed, his legs tucked underneath him as he silently watches Besa. He came directly here from class, so he's still dressed in his school uniform, but the blazer has been discarded and put off to the side. If Besa allows it, Whitley will slip his pale fingers into his and squeeze his hand softly in support. "Remember, you're just hearing him out. You don't have to listen to anything he says."

Schuyler said he would be there for support…not that he'd be able to do much since it's a phone conversation. However, he's there for Besa. There's a glance at the box on the desk and questioning glance is cast towards Besa before he leans against the desk, perhaps blocking view of the box? He nods to Rain…she gets to do the tough job, but he's here if they need him for anything. He's quickly changed into his own clothes, lest too many people see him in his despised school uniform.

Besa forces a smile to Rain, "If I say no can we not do this?" He joking, of course. This needs to be done. A deep breath is taken and his fingers tighten on Whitley's but he asks Rain. "Will you translate for Schyyler?" Besa doesn't think he'll be able to sign language this. He nods to Whit, "I know. It still gives me stomach bombs." What in the world does he even mean but /that//? The hand not hold Whit reaches and pulls the letter written in Coptic from on his desk. "Who is going to dial?"

There is a brief look given to her brother and then she is focusing on Besa once more. Joking or not she gives him a nod, though that could be either to the first question or the translation one. Rain is in ultra serious mode so even the wrong phrasing doesn't have her smiling. Her phone is pulled from her blazer pocket, she is still in uniform as well, tie neat, and looking as presentable as always. "I can." she swipes her phone unlocked "I just need the number."

«Don't worry about me. I can get it from Rain,» now or later. He's not all that worried. «I can also hold the phone so everyone else can talk…» and with that idea, he moves from the desk to join his sister, holding out his black-manicured hand for the phone. At least he'll be useful that way.

Besa's already got it memorized, but he reads it off from the paper anyway. He swallows, shifting to look down at the phone, like it will give them some visual answers to what is happening.

It rings about three times before the deep voice of Robert Sabnison answers. "Hello?" There's the sound of children yelling in the background.

Rain pokes at the phone to dial the number after putting it on speaker. Of course her phone is top of the line so the quality of the call will still be great. Handing Sky the phone she chews on her lip as it rings, but then looks a bit surprised when hearing the sound of children in the background. She doesn't say anything though, just signs to her brother the greeting.

Of course, Whitley doesn't recognize the voice. He's never met Robert, but he can assume that's him. The sound of yelling children has his grey eyes wide and darting between the Rain's phone and Besa, but he stays silent and tries not to jump to any horrific conclusions. The man could have kids. Besa's hand gets another squeeze as Whit waits for him to greet the person on the other end.

«Don't worry about the signing if it's distracting,» is offered back as he nods to Rain. He'll get it all later if need be. Or he'll 'listen' in through her. Sky isn't too worried. «Just go on…get the info as fast and thoroughly as we can. Whitley, can you write it all down?»

Besa blinks, surprised as well. "…Hello." He does not sound excited, at all. Whit's hand is held onto a little tighter.

There's a pauses, and then the sound of children fade as Robert moves, "Besa? Besa Ini-Herit?" The man seems surprised, like he didn't expect Besa to actually call him back. "Thank you. Thank you for allowing this conversation to happen. I know this most be very confusing for you."

The signing stopped being distracting a long time ago, Rain is used to it by now, so she continues to do so at least for Robert's side of the conversation. She assumes she won't need to for Besa's part of it. Otherwise she remains silent, not sure if Robert will speak freely if he knew that there were other ears as part of this conversation.

Papers and a single pencil float out of Whitley's backpack (he really did come here right after class) and his slender fingers slip out of Besa's hand as he snatches the suspended sheets of paper and the writing utensil from the air. He returns to Besa's side with a binder and begins jotting the lines of this conversation down, starting with a simple 'Hello', then Besa's 'Hello', and so on. The sound of screaming children is noted in parenthesis.

Besa wraps his now empty hand around his torso. He's not trembling …yet. He wets his lips, "I don't understand….Priest Sabni died from the crocodile bite. How are you his descendant?"

Another pause and the sound of children is completely cut off. "Is that what you were told? No, he left. He found the prophesy and tried to get the other priests to see. But they threatened him, so he left with it, in hopes to gather enough people to help you." Robert senses that Besa's not going to say much so he continues, "he was too late to save you in 1853, but he and his children managed to steal you away from the priests and bring you to Italy. At some point, your sarcophagus was lost. We believe you ended up on the black market…." He sounds sorry. "I…we are so sorry….we wanted to help you, not scare you more. Waking up without anyone there ….I am sorry."

There is a wince at the news of a crocodile bite, that had to have hurt..or would have had it actually happened. Rain continues to listen in silence. Italy? Did the twins know about Italy? If not color Rain surprised. The pair know Italy quite well, that is where their mother is from and a lot of thier relatives still live. There is a questioning look in her eyes but she continues to sign, occassionally giving glances to what Whitley is writing, in case he misses something.

Schuyler inclines his head to his sister as he watches her sign. He'd sign back, but…holding the phone. There are a couple of quick glances to Besa to see how he's holding up before his attention goes back to Rain and the signed translation.

Whitley's hand moves faster to keep up with that information bomb. There's a pause when Robert claims Priest Sabni was not bitten by a crocodile…it sounded pretty unusual when he first heard about it…but back to writing! He manages to keep up, trying not to look too surprised at anything that's revealed. Something could be overlooked if he isn't careful and focused.

Besa just sits there, uncertain. Sure, Robert sounds truthful, but…so do Besa's priests. To Besa, anyway. His fingers twitch as he listens, finally giving in and and reaching up to rub his chest. Anxiety attacks are becoming a common occurrence for the ancient teen. "…where is the prophecy now? My sarcophagus?"

Robert sighs softly at those questions, he should have been prepared for them, "I don't know about your sarcophagus. That was lost with you. We've been searching for you for generations, Besa." He pauses, considering how to word this next part, "I've never seen the prophesy, but my mother has. It's held somewhere in Europe, moved for it's own safety….You are safe where you are, correct?" Robert has no way of knowing about the nurse, or the murder. "I have contacted the rest of the family. I know that there have been several plans formulated on how to break the curse, but I am not a rune caster."

There is a frown from Rain to Sky, she is usually pretty good at not emoting when she is mindspeaking with him, but not so in this case. The mention of Europe has her focusing on the conversation more closely. At the mention of the curse she opens her mouth, almost breaking her silence, but snaps her mouth shut before doing so. Keeping silent isn't so easy for her at the moment.

Schuyler just arches his eyebrows at Rain's frown, but he continues to hold the phone for the others to hear. He's trying to be patient…trying.

More writing! Whitley is writing down both Besa's questions and Robert's answers. The uncertain hesitations seem to help quite a bit. During one such pause, his grey eyes come up to glance up between the twins. They settle on the male one, and he sends him a thought before more writing…

Besa's never mentioned his sarcophagus to anyone else, but he seems worried about it now. He swallows, his fingers rubbing his chest. "I am as safe as I can be." Which is totally a lie. Luckily Richard can't see him, and doesn't know him well enough to pick up on the lie in his voice. "I want to see the prophesy." That seems a fair request. "And to know what plans have been made."

Robert hesitates, but then sighs, "Of course. Can we meet to talk more about the plans? I can drive back." From where? "I swear on the lives of my children, I mean you only hope, Besa."

There is a pause in her signing as Rain gives a reassuring squeeze to Besa's arm. This can't be easy for him, facing his past, she can see that. At the question from Robert she gives an encouraging nod, suggesting there should be a meeting.

Whitley lifts a brow at 'drive back', but doesn't say anything. He has come this far, best not to ruin it now by not shutting up. A meeting sounds good, Whitley nods towards Besa, then changes his sheet of paper and begins writing on a new piece. His pace has slowed, however, it looks like the conversation might be coming to an end.

Schuyler shrugs to something that Rain must have 'said' and tilts his head a moment before he looks to Besa. His friend is also given a nod…they'll even be there if he wants them to be, before he looks back to Whitley and then to Rain. Right?

Besa glances amongst the three, seems that they all think it would be a good idea. "…Fine. We will…meet." A pained look flashes across his face, the panic attack isn't easing up. "After Christmas." So there, Besa's not going to have this ruin the holiday!

A relieved noise from Robert, like he wasn't sure if Besa would agree (to be fair, Besa wasn't sure either). "Alright. I'll call this number then and we can set up a place and time. I can't tell you how much this means to me. To my family, Besa. We've been trying to make this right for so long…" The smile can be heard in his voice, "Thank you. Have a good holiday."

And with that, and not even saying goodbye, Besa reaches over and touches the phone. It immediately powers down.

There is no question. If Rain is asked to go she will, if she will go without being asked or follow sneakily…that is anyones guess at this point. But that does seem more like a Sky thing to do than a Rain thing. There is a bit of an alarmed look when Besa touches her phone. She knows that his magic and tech doesn't mix, she takes it back from Sky, but will check later to make sure Besa didn't kill it. "Besa?" she asks his name, she can tell he isn't okay "Want me to get you some water?"

Whitley lets out a sigh, he's not used to staying silent for that long! The pencil is placed gently on the papers after he reads over them. It should be eligible, he hopes so at least. He packs them up and lays them on Besa's desk. His hand comes up to softly stroke Besa's hair. "You did good."

It's a little too late for Sky to realize that Besa is reaching for the phone or he would have tried to pull it away. «He seems really hopeful,» if Rain's translation can be believed. The phone is handed back to Rain and he offers, «We're with you. No matter what. You know that, right?» He then tries to look away as Whitley goes to stroke Besa's hair.

It should have just powered down. Hopefully. Besa looks over at Rain first, giving her a somewhat confused look before he shakes his head. He might just throw it up if he drinks. And no one wants that. His hand lowers form his chest, but then raises to rub his face as Whitley comforts him. "I did not. I can not tell if he is sincere or not…It could be rival priests…" Are there rival priests? Besa's never said. "If this is wrong…it could mean ….everything was for nothing." He swallows, but nods. he knows they are here. "I…I know."

Why wouldn't her translation not be beleived? This not a situation Rain would lie about, not to make Sky feel better at least. There is a bit of a strange look when Besa gets pet like a puppy, but if it helps she won't judge. "Maybe we should research this prophecy? Maybe it has some answers." there has to be mention of it somewhere. She loves research, of course she is going to bring that up. Though the likihood is it will just bring up more questions. The girl stays put since no water is wanted, giving Besa's arm another gentle squeeze.

Whitley nods at Rain. "That's what I was thinking," Then to Besa, "Do you have any idea what was in the original prophecy? It could be the same one, just misinterpreted…or something else entirely." That's what Whitley is gathering from what was said here. Robert is claiming that the original prophecy or whatever Besa was told by the priest is inaccurate or false. Besa has never informed Whit on what was in the original prophecy though.

«I didn't hear the conversation, but what Rain relayed to me…he seemed like he believed he could help. That it could finally free you. A lot of things have different interpretations, it's like reading a book in English Class, right? You interpret something and someone might interpret it differently. Or a poem.» He's trying to tie it into something Besa might be a little more familiar with. «I think he wants to help. I know it's scary and different.»

Besa just nods. He'd probably agree to just about anything right now. His hand goes back to his chest, "I have never seen the prophecy, just heard of it. It is what they presented to my parents as a reason to take me." At least, that's what he was told. "That a sacrifice was to be made, to save the world…Something about the stars I was born under?" He reaches and takes Rain's hand, giving it a squeeze back before looking at Sky, "Freeing me from the curse does not mean I get to live, Schulyer." A hard truth they all need to be aware of right away. But he nods, understanding what Sky means about the interpretations. "We will see." Dark eyes look between the three, "Thank you…I know this is not how anyone wished to spend the evening." Babysitting an ancient whiney teen, that is.

"Or twist the words to make it fit what they want, to line up with thier goals." Rain expounds on what Whitley and her brother had said about prophecy. "We will work this out, no matter what." she puts on a confident tone for Besa's sake at least."It doesn't mean you have to die though." in fact she is pretty sure they are all in agreement that Besa dying is not on the list of ways they want this to end. She glances at the other three "I'm pretty sure we are right where we want to be right now." well considering the circumstances that is.

The thought of parents giving up their kid like that…Whitley frowns. "They could have been killed." His hand falls back to his side, and Rain gets another nod at the prophecy talk. Whitley isn't going to get his hopes up about the death thing though, he's spent too much time convincing himself that this could end in blood. And he has to be ready for the hurt that will accompany it. "I did sign up for this. I wouldn't have agreed to be here if I didn't want to be."

«Maybe it doesn't, but we need to find out the options. I hope that it does though and I'll keep hoping that it does.» After all, Besa's one of his only friends and he plans on keeping it that way. Sky then wrinkles his nose and grins, «Naah, I love babysitting ancient whiny teens. Best hobby ever.»

Besa blinks turning to give Whitley an upset look. That doesn't make him feel any better! "No…Just, no. They knew it was important." Yes, that's what happened, he's sure of that. No parents were murdered, please. He doesn't argue for or against the dying, it's not something to really debate till they hear more from Robert. Dark eyes roll at Sky, although the tease has him sitting up and shaking a little bit of the mope off. "You need better hobbies."

Rain has been through two Besa deaths, one because of her, she doesn't want to go through a third or even think that, that is a possibility. Let her have a bit of denial for awhile "I've been trying to tell him that for years now. He just won't listen." about hobbies or his fashion choices either.

Whitley shrugs. "That's a possibility too." But he'll let Besa believe whatever helps him sleep at night. He's usually a lot more careful than that, but mincing words in a situation like this doesn't seem particularly useful. A small upturn of his lips at the Schuyler banter, but other than that, Whitley will not engage in it.

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