(2016-12-20) Healing in Reverse
Healing in Reverse
Summary: Strangeness happens when Besa heals Rain
Date: 2016-12-20
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With it being exam week the class schedule is a bit funky, but at the moment it is a double study hall for the freshman since their usual classes at this time are being used to test the upperclassman, or some such. Students sit and quietly talk, study or both. A few are amoungst the stacks looking for books. Rain falls into this latter category. All morning she has been moving stiffly, favoring one side over the other, her explanation was honest, but lacked any details. Currently she is in the non-fiction section looking for a book there, some required reading for a class next semester most likely.

Besa's watched Rain with a frown all day and has finally had enough. He steps up to her in the non-fiction section and whispers, "Will you please allow me to heal you? You are moving in such pain…" Even with his drama and worry over the weekend, this is bothering him the most currently. Think fingers twitch slightly, but he's got no books in his hands. Seems he's not too worried about grades.

There is a definite wince of pain as Rain reaches up to take a book of the shelf above her. She is flipping through the book when Besa approaches, there is a start of surprise as he speaks and a finger drags along the edge of one of the pages. Paper cut! She winces again looking from Besa to her finger where red is already starting to seep from the cut "I've had worse." she tells him as her finger goes to her mouth. She doesn't use the same reasonings that her brother does, that people can live with bruises.

Besa winces, "Oh! Rain!" Now he feels doubly bad! He reaches for her hand, "Do not do that!" He steps closer, mooting for her to give him her hand, "Let me heal you, please?" Dark eyes start to take on the dreaded puppy dog look.

There is a sigh from Rain as her hand is reached for and she glances over Besa's shoulder toward where the rest of the class sits. And then the puppy dog eyes, that doesn't work for her brother, but she is more soft hearted when it comes to Besa and considering how rough it has been for him lately…her grip on his hand shifts and she begins to pull him deeper into the shelves to an isolated corner "Fine." is said with another sigh "But not where we can be seen."

Besa smiles warmly, clearly happy he won this battle and allows her to pull him deeper into the maze of shelves. "Of course." He squeezes her hand softly, trying to be supportive. "You will feel better, and will be able to study better."

The battle yes, but letting Besa heal her not once, but multiple times there is sure to be a sibling war coming. Nothing Rain can't handle…and perhaps she can keep it from him, they are getting better at that. "Next time I think I will let him borrow one of my practice swords." though practice swords hurt too, a pain she is quite familiar with as well "Magic words." the suggestion that she would be able to study better.

Besa would be mortified if he knew. Sky has no right to say who he heals and who he doesn't! The Egyptian frowns, "You used real swords?!?" Are they nuts? He takes a deep breath, pulling out the familiar ivory dagger. His left sleeve is rolled up. He's already gotten a bandaid on from healing Whit last night. "Hold out your hand…" And he then cuts himself near the bandaid with a grimace. Her hand is then pressed into the wound and the warmth from the blood is replaced by the tingling sensation (Also warm) of the healing starting to spread through her body.

"No!" Rain protests a bit to loudly, but not enough to draw attention "Well I didn't. I used my practice weapon. He only had a dulled antique sword. Some family heirloom or something." she's only 1/2 nuts, for participating in the sparring with him using such a blade. Even dull blades can cut into skin. Thankfully that didn't happen, or she isn't admitting it if it did. Having done this before she knows the process and holds out her hand, letting him press it onto his bloody arm. Moments pass, the pain lines that were crinkling her eyes fade and Rain seems to relax and not hold herself as stiffly as she was. Then the strangeness happens. The magic just stops, one heartbeat, two heartbeats and it is flowing again, only in reverse, the tingling sensation, the warmth of the magic, is going into Besa from her instead of the other way around like it supposed to.

Besa frowns, he's gonna have to talk to Whit about that, he needs a practice sword. As She relaxes and the signs of pain ebb from her creatures, Besa sighs softly. But then things get weird. His head tilts and his breath catches in his throat as he feels the couple of aches and pains washed away in the same warmth that everyone explains when he heals them. His eyes widen in shock and he stands there staring at Rain, holding her hand against his arm. The end result is both teens healed completely.

That is not how it is supposed to happen, and not being the magic one Rain naturally thinks it is something Besa is doing so she attempts to pull her hand away in alarm "What are you doing?!" her voice registers alarm as well, though no fear. She isn't supposed to have magic, she is the first daughter, her having magic is impossible!

Besa's eyes stay wide, clearly he doesn't believe he's doing anything! "I just healed you, that is all!" He lets go of her hand, although he looks down in disbelief at his arm with no cut. Slowly, almost in disbelief he pulls off the bandaid, and there's no cut there either. "I am healed!" He then looks up to Rain's hand, the only visible wound he saw on her.

And Rain is convinced she didn't do anything either. She looks at his arm and the cuts that are no longer there, color her shocked. She doesn't bother looking at her finger, which is healed, she is fumbling with her uniform blazer and pulling her shirt up enough to expose the still fading bruise on her side, the faint yellow and blue quickly changing to the palish color of unmarred skin "I…what…how…" she is never at a loss for words but it seems now she is.

Besa's frowning, but it's from confusion. She doesn't think it was her, he doesn't think it was him. The teen glances around, making sure that Tabitha isn't pulling a quick heal, although he thoughts she had to be touching the person to heal. Maybe a new student? His tongue darts out to wet his lips, "My power does not work on me, Rain. It was not me." That he knows for certain. Looking back to her, "Are you alright? Do you feel well?"

Well this is confusing and Rain runs fingers through her neat hair, messing it up a bit, so unlike her, as she racks her brain trying to figure it out. "How then?" she says after she looks at him a gives a nod, she believes him, he doesn't lie well enough to cover this one up. "I feel great." she almost always has bumps and bruises so not feeling some ache or pain is a novelty "I'm just really confused."

Besa glances around again, "No one else was near." Realizing he still has the dagger in his hand he quickly puts it away. "Was the healing the same for you, when I touched you?" He looks up, maybe they've stepped into some sec ion of the library that has a runes or …something.

Rain nods, tucking her shirt back in and smoothing her hair. The last thing they need is rumours starting because she looked mussed leaving the stacks. She doesn't answer immediately, not that her initial shock is over her brain has started to go back over what happened "Yes." she answers after thinking a moment "The pins and needles, than the warmth." her eyes lift to his face "This has never happened before, has it?"

Besa's gaze is still upwards, making sure they have not stepped into some strange circle of magic, "No…I have only been healed once before. And that was by Tabitha." Which he'll never do again. He steps backwards, trying to see the shelves above them. "It does not feel wrong though, right?" He's wondering if he should take her to the Med Bay…

If there is some weird magic reversal zone in the library Rain doesn't know about it, or what to look for if there was. She makes a face about Tabitha, she isn't fond of her teammate, and after there last interaction that hasn't improved any. His question has her at first tentatively shaking her head, but then definitely giving a head shake "No, it didn't feel wrong. Did it to you?" if it did that is worrisome.

Besa catches the look and he frowns, "What?" He considers Tabitha a friend. His perfect hair sways as he shakes his head, "No. It felt….warm. But right." Maybe his powers are changing? But that seems …odd. "I have been alive a very long time….I would have thought that if my healing could affect me, it would have before now." Likeany of the times he was dying. His mind races, trying to come up with a reason, but he's got nothing.

Rain waves the what off, she isn't going to get into Tabitha, live and let live is her motto there and she doesn't begrudge Besa having friends she doesn’t' like as long as it doesn't affect her, and so far it hasn't. "Well that's is how it has felt every other time." she hmmms "Did you want to try again?" she asks tentatively.

Besa blinks, head tilting, "To heal you again? You would have to be injured…" He looks up again at the book cases, "Perhaps I should look from above…" he could climb the bookcase and see if there's anything weird about the location from above. He kinda wished someone that could fly was here.

"I know. I could cut myself." Rain isn't relishing that thought, but how else are they supposed to figure it out. "You think it could be something here?" she furrows her brow "Wouldn't that have been discovered already?"

Besa's nose wrinkles, not liking that idea either, "Rain….that is not something you want to do…" He shrugs, turning to look at the other bookcase. "Location….items…magic is fickle, but…it has rules." He's not seeing anything, but doesn't like her idea any better. "We could wait till you are hurt again, and then come back?"

His refusal doesn't surprise her and its actually a relief. Rain isn't sure she would have th guts to hurt herself on purpose, not for that reason. "That was one of the first lessons mother taught. At least she isn't unfamiliar with magic. "You will tell me if it happens again? With someone else?"

"Your mother is a wise woman." Besa nods, looking down at his arm again, "Yes…I will let you know." The timing of this, with the letter and demon has him feeling uneasy.

"So I have been told." Rain does give a smile though. She's always heard it from adults, never one of her friends "Thanks. We should get back with the class before we get into trouble." she gestures back toward where everyone else is sitting.

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