(2016-12-20) After the Spar
After the Spar
Summary: Whitley and Rain run into each other in the gym, no sparring this time, just chatting
Date: 2016-12-20
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a section of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. At any time the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

The day of wonky classes are over. Or normal classes for some, mid-terms makes everything a bit weird schedule wise and dinner is past. Rain was moving stiff and all owie this morning, but now she seems all better. She is dressed in workout clothes once again, she is stretching on a mat, sitting with legs stretch out in front of her while she reaches for her bare, perfectly manicured toes. Her phone sits next to her and she occasionally gives it a look, perhaps she is expecting someone or a text or call.

Whit's not too stiff either obviously. Besa's both of their friends! The sophomore is a frequent of the gym, even after dinner. Dressed in fleece shorts and a white tee, Whitley comes out of the boy's locker room and makes him his way for a mat of his own. His sheathed katana is placed gently on the edge, then he begins his stretches. From the corner of his eye, he spots Rain and will wave at the girl.

Being more of a morning gym person Rain is a bit odd to see, but she has her reasons for being here in the evening instead. Her stretches continue until her phone vibrates and she picks it up a moment looking at it and replying to what was most likely a text message. As she sets it back down she notices she is being waved at "Oh, hi Whitley." she greets him "Back to fighting form?"

"Mhm," Whitley nods as he begins warming up with martial arts motions. "Besa insisted on healing me." He glances over at Rain. "Did he heal you too?" Perhaps there's some hope that Besa didn't just do it for him. "I tried telling him that I didn't need it…but he seemed insistent on fixing the bruises." It was nice. The phone is given a glance and being an inquisitive sort, he'll ask, "Expecting someone?"

"He doesn't like taking no for an answer. Besa kept giving me puppy dog eyes until I finally agreed." Rain answers as she pulls her legs into a lotus position. So, nope, it wasn't just Whitley "Nothing weird happened when he healed you did it?" she leans forward with the question, peering at him with a curious intensity.

"Same," The side of his lips quirks in a small smile. Whitley does love those puppy dog eyes. "He likes helping people." Obviously. The question catches him off guard completely, a rosy red raises in his cheeks and his gaze darts forward. "Well, he cut his own arm and then rubbed his blood on me…which is pretty weird." Deflection maybe? "Why? Did he tell you something strange happened?" It's his turn to peer, and his eyes return to Rain.

"Maybe he should find a better way to do it." Rain shakes her head "No that's pretty normal. That's how it works. At least that's how he has done it every time he has healed me." the blushing just has her giving him a 'what' kind of look. She can't think of anything she said or did in the last few minutes that would cause that reaction "No, but he can be elusive at times." the phone vibrates again and she glances at it "Oh Charlotte…" she sighs, perhaps that is who she is or was expecting "Not right away. She is running late."

There is a small nod as Whitley's pale face returns to normal color. "Oh. He can be, yes. Well…I was, uh…shirtless when he healed me. He said it helped to see the injury." Which is weird since the only other time he needed healing, Besa only touched his hand. He's gonna assume Rain was decent for her healing. "Are you planning on sparring with her?" Whitley completely forgot that Rain is his roommate’s girlfriend's bestie. Why Schuyler wants to date his sister's best friend and wants his sister to date his best friend confuses Whitley. Won't things be weird? "Perhaps she is with Sky."

That bit of information has her raising a brow "Really?" then she nods "Oh sure, seeing the injury does help him." that's a real friend for you, playing along with whatever story is being made up. She'd probably make a good wing man. "Not really, just working out, though sometimes it ends up as sparring anyway." the suggestion has her canting her head and getting a sort zoned look for few seconds "No." she shakes her head at Whitley "Sky is drawing in your room. An ocean scene, like the one out your dorm window." that's some detail for you.

"I didn't know he was an artist," To be fair, Whitley isn't in his room very much anyway. Rain gets a skeptical look at the 'seeing the injury helps' part, but Whitley won't complain. "It was nice." The slight smile is back, and Whitley continues his stretches. "Is she any good?" The only display of Charlotte's skill Whitley has to go on is her dressed as a sexy elf and completely missing with her polearm. The smile turns smug as he lifts both his arms and flexes his biceps. "I'm totally a better partner, right?"

"How's it go…he's the brains, I'm the brawn." Rain parses that a second than nods as for the skeptical look, it is meet with a totally straight poker face. His words though has her smirking at him though, a bit knowingly "I'm sure it was." Go Besa! "The matches I have with Charlotte usually end like the one we had last night. With no clear winner and a few bruises. She laughs at his flexing "I wouldn’t say better, especially when it comes to your fashion sense."

Whitley blinks at the jab before bursting into laughter. "How dare you!?!" With a goofy grin, he takes a moment to glance down at his gym attire. "I don't think I could pull felt skirts and elf ears like she can, but hey, I'm willing to give it a shot." He's probably kidding. More seriously, he asks, "It's just working out though. I'm not supposed to look fashionable, am I?"

"I couldn't pull of that particular felt skirt and elf ears like she could." mostly because of Rain's more serious personality but her bestie is more girly figured on account of being older. "Just make sure it is somewhere I can get pictures." because she isn't above blackmail, maybe. "Look however you want, I never said I meant right now anyways." she replies with a smirk. Just using her legs she gets to her feet, doing a few leg stretches after sitting in lotus position for a few minutes. "Is that one of your live blades?" she makes a gesture with her head toward his katana.

"Yep," Whitley looks over at the katana. "Another family valuable. It's generally the only weapon I practice with it." A pause, then he grins, "You can't have that one. I wouldn't feel safe in this school without it." Not that he needs any weapon to defend himself. It's just nice having one around. "To be perfectly honest, I don't use it much outside of training. I'm mostly specialized in taking out…unknowing targets." Best way to put it. After a moment, he lifts his chin, watching Rain sidelong with a suspicious eye. "Any fashion tidbits I should know about?"

"The school is about the only place I feel safe. Besides home." which is on an island like the school so, yeah safe! Rain waves a hand at him, her face showing a bit of distaste "Yeah, I don't need to know anything about you taking out anyone." the thought that someone her age, or near enough, is trained to be a killing machine and has done so makes her stomach churn. She knows the school has those and even worse, demons, but she doesn't care to think about it "There are a lot of fashion tidbits you should know about. I don't even know where to start."

"Not necessarily murder," Whitley shrugs, figuring that's what Rain thinks. "It could be…" It's pretty disturbing though, and Whitley doesn't like being perceived as odd so settles for, "I don't know…it doesn't always have to be lethal." Still kinda strange, but honest at least. Finishing his stretches, he grins and faces Rain fully. "I didn't know I was such a lost cause!" He is teasing, of course. "There aren't many places I feel safe. This school is probably one of the closest, but," A pause. "I don't know, everything still feels weird. Some of the students are even weirder."

"It's the not necessarily that is the troublesome part." which is strange coming from a girl whose family turns out almost as many villains as it does good guys, or maybe given her sheltered life it isn't. "Oh don't worry, most of the male students here are." lost causes that is, "So you aren't alone." Rain nods adamantly in agreement with Whitley "Just some? I find most of the students here weird, especially the girls." and considering she only has the one female friend, she isn't lying.

Whitley chuckles, apparently he's going to need to update his wardrobe. "I've never been shopping for my own clothes before," His outfits outside the school uniform are pretty sophisticated but bland. "I don't have much to go on. I could ask Schuyler, but…just no." Nope. He scrunches his nose up a bit. "Really? The only girl I actually know here is you." And Rain doesn't seem weird at all! "There's a lot of demons here too. Which upsets Besa naturally. Apparently, he wants me to inform him anytime I hear about one. I understand his worry, but I doubt any of the ones here are malevolent."

"That much I gathered. I help Besa occasionally with his wardrobe, when he lets me." and with how much he doesn't like having money spent it isn't easy for her. "Sky is not the person I would go to for fashion advice." so they are in agreement there. Compared to the other girls, Rain isn't weird in the slightest, thank you very much. "He was upset that we knew and didn't tell him too." she feels bad about that one. His blanket statement has her giving him a 'seriously?' look "They are demons, malevolent is in their nature." she is on Besa's side in this argument.

"It's not that," Whitley smirks at her assessment of Sky's fashion sense, but it fades some with his next words. "We just don't always get along." He isn't sure how much Rain knows about that. He can tell they share a bond that probably runs deeper than most twins. Maybe she picked up on some of their conversations? The talk of demons has him fully frowning and looking thoughtful for a moment. "Maybe…I don't know a lot about them." Mainstream movies and tv shows would portray demons as slightly more diverse in morality though. "Would the school let in a malicious student?" From what Besa's said of faculty members, they're not to be trusted.

Rain nods "Yeah, I know that. Oh how I know that." she knows quite a lot, and not just from Sky either "Just don't kill each other and we will all be happy." and she won't have to get all stabbity than either, double happy! "I know some. My mother insisted on teaching us a little about arcane lore, magic, demons, alternate worlds. "That's the thing with demons, they are very adept at hiding thier intentions."

"Sounds like some humans I know." Whitley retorts about demons hiding their true intentions. "That demon…Ryuunosuke, I think his name is…He keeps bothering Besa. I want to do something about it, but I think that'll only make Besa more upset." And the last thing he wants is for Besa to be mad at him. Again. He blinks at the magic talk. "Father was always very practical. Magic never came up. I'm pretty sure he never believed in any of that stuff. Voodoo, he called it."

"I think that is the hosts name, not the demons name. They are notorious for not giving that up." Rain tells him before she furrows her brow not liking the idea that the demon-boy is bothering Besa any more than Whitley does "Probably. And it would probably give Ryuunosuke a perverse satisfaction and more reason to bother Besa." and she doesn't want to give the demon that. "Our mother is a witch. We all grew up knowing that magic is quite real and dangerous in the wrong hands…and equally so in the right ones." she laughs with amusement "Well some of it is voodoo."

"If the creep keeps messing with him, I'll have to do something," Whitley doesn't scare easily, even in the face of demons. Probably because, like he said, he doesn't know what they're about. "Do you know any spells or rituals yourself?" He isn't sure if that's considered a 'power' or not.

"Correction. We'll have to do something. Besa is family, Family Above All." Rain even says the last three words with the capitols even. "You can help to of course. When dealing with demons, all hands on deck…or whatever that saying is." she does shake her head "No. I am the first daughter, magic goes to the third daughter of my mother’s family line. The best I can hope for is advice, which would probably be along the lines of 'leave it alone.'"

"Of course." Whitley will give her a genuine smile. He's glad Besa has the twins to look out for him. Dark brows furrow at the third daughter part. "Oh." There are some things (not many, but some) that Whitley has accepted that he'll never truly understand, and magic is starting to seem like one of them. His slender fingers stretch out, and the sheathed blade collides into his open palm. "Besa already tried leaving 'it' alone. It didn't work." He grins, looking down at his blade. "Looks like I'm not going to get any training done." Grey eyes flicker back to Rain. "But this was nice. We should have a rematch soon."

"Maybe over the break the demon will forget about him and find someone else to annoy." Rain can only hope. A sheepish smile crosses her face she knows she is partially to blame for that one "That goes for the both of us. We will definitely have to spar again, but let's give Besa's healing a few days off first. No reason to wear him out." leaning over to grab her phone "I'll see you later. And please try not to annoy Sky to much when you go back to your room. I would like to be able to sleep tonight." it sounds like she has had plenty of those thanks to Sky being annoyed at something or someone.

"No promises," Whitley smirks before he heads off. Luckily for Rain, it's been a long day, so by the time he's back in his dorm, he's out without as much as a word to Schuyler.

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