(2016-12-20) A Demon Curries (Or Coffees!) Favor
A Demon Curries (Or Coffees!) Favor
Summary: Ryuunosuke is being very confused, and does something that his miko is never going to let him live down.
Date: 2016-12-20
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NPCs: Kiyoko Maeda
Scene Runner: Ryuunosuke

The school is quiet, finally, even if there are some students still moving around. Coral Springs is rarely completely idle, thanks to the wide variance of students that have a variety of needs and sleep schedules. One of those students is Ryuunosuke Yamaguchi. He has the lights off in his room, and he's sitting on his bed, thinking quietly. He's used to the dark, and he can see heat anyway, so the lack of light doesn't bother him.

He's thinking about the conversation with Besa in the coffee shop. About how adjusting to 'when' was just as hard as adjusting to 'what' and 'where'. He had been speaking about himself in that, not Besa. Because as much as Ryuunosuke had the benefit of The Boy's knowledge, that of this world, The Demon is not. And it's difficult.

An idea is forming, though, based on that conversation. He picks his phone up from the bedside table, and dials a number. The phone rings several times before a businesslike female voice answers. "Moshi-moshi…?"


Suddenly the woman's voice was alert and focused. "What is it, Ryuunosuke?" she asks, in Japanese. This is of course, Kiyoko Maeda, the priestess who trapped Orochi in the form of Ryuunosuke Yamaguchi, who now… well, basically holds his leash.

"I wish to procure fresh Arabica coffee beans, a small stovetop coffee bean roaster, a small hand-grinder, and a Turkish coffee pot," Ryuunosuke replies evenly.

Pause. "…You called me because you want coffee?" Kiyoko's voice sounds incredulous. "Isn't there a coffee shop in the city? All that would be expensive and time-consuming anyway, just for a cup of coffee."

Ryuunosuke returns, "It is for a gift. Its intended recipient cannot use technology."

This gets an even longer pause. "It's… for someone else…?"


Unseen by the student, a smile lights Kiyoko's face. Ever so slightly. "I'll see what I can do."

"…Thank you." While she's still reeling, Ryuunosuke pulls the phone away from his ear and ends the call. Ugh. He can just imagine the self-satisfied smile on that infernal priestess's face, thinking he's beginning to learn some 'humanity'. Just thinking the word makes him want to shiver. He's no human! He is Yamata-no-Orochi!

…But then… why is he doing this anyway? Why is he wanting to do something arguably NICE for Besa? With no recompense?!

The Demon will answer, <Because it makes Besa think about you, that's why. And thinking about you makes Besa miserable.>

…But then knowing Besa is miserable… just makes Ryuunosuke feel worse…

Ryuunosuke sighs and flops back onto his bed. '…The Boy has too much sway.' All this was confusing. He wanted to just go back to being The Demon. It was so much easier when there weren't all these odd emotions to deal with.

Back to the 'gift' idea. He's not going to be able to give it to Besa directly, he knows that. Besa will probably just dispose of it if he did. He'll need to give it to someone else to give to Besa. But as soon as he thinks this, Ryuunosuke discards the idea — the person he gives the gift to will tell Besa who it's from, and then it'll still get thrown away.

Perhaps he can just sneak the gift into Besa's room? That might be the best option. Put the things he'd requested in a box, wrap it, not put a note or name on it, sneak into the Prometheus dorms and leave it on his bed or something. Yes. That sounds good.

If that's the case then… Ryuunosuke has a job to do. Information needs to be gathered, plans need to be made…

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