(2016-12-17) The Letter
The Letter
Summary: The Twins give Besa the letter
Date: 2016-12-17
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Prometheus Dorm Hub

Plush carpet lines the floor of the Promethean Hub. Soft and inviting, a richer yellow that is easier on the eyes than their normal yellow. At the center is a large table with comfortable chairs, a circle in shape. Shared between the students here for study. On the end of the room opposite the main entrance is a large fireplace with a gas fire to provide warmth if needed. Along the walls are various portraits of their Arena Fetch team, both good years when they won and other years, simply showing they are a team. Adjacent to the fireplace, one wall has a few video games to play, the other wall has a shared HDTV. A few couches and chairs are mingled between the games and near the TV for students to relax.

Lucky for Besa today is Sat, no classes, no expectations for getting up. Not that he slept. Half the night was contemplating running away, the other half was composing letters. All ended up in the trash can. The Guardian stumbled out of his room, looking like he belongs in the hand me down goth clothes from Sky. Even now as he zombie shuffles towards the kitchen area, he's rubbing his chest like it hurts.

Was there a debate on what to do with the letter? To read it first? To deliver it right away or in the morning? To go find this Robert person and interrogate him? Most likely. And failing to find Besa last night, morning delivery it is. The pair stride walk into the Prometheus common room searching out their friend. Rain carries a hot beverage in each hand, she came prepared, though the worried expression on her face shows that something is up »>You sure he is awake?«< she asks her brother, but then Besa coming from his room answers the question for her »>Nevermind.«< Holding out the steaming beverage in her left hand "Good morning, Besa." she looks from the hand on his chest to his face "You alright?"

Besa's hand drops, almost like he was caught doing something wrong. "I am fine." He's never been good at lying. Especially to either twin. A finger twitch, but he accepts the coffee, "Thank you Rain. That was kind of you to bring me one." His mind is racing, surface thoughts are rather jumbled, possible too much for Sky to follow. But they're all upset, thoughts of never seeing them again. e gives them both a nervous smile before bringing the drink to his lips to sip.

Rain isn't buying it and there is a sidelong glance to Sky before she puts on a reassuring smile "You look you could use another thirty years of sleep." she'll start there "Not sure the caffeine is going to cut it." though he might need something stronger than that by the time they are done. "Uhm…we had an interesting encounter." she gestures between Sky and herself and then gives him a nudge.

Schuyler glances back to Rain before he looks to Besa. There's a moment before he reaches into a pocket and pulls out an envelope, «A guy named…» he looks to his sister, «Robert?» He couldn't read the name well in his state yesterday, «He wanted us to give this to you and said that you have options.» He then hands over the letter, with something on the front written in Coptic. «We didn't open it.» Even though they wanted to.

A soft chuckle, Besa imagines he must look a mess, "Sorry…I…didn’t' sleep." At all. Dark eyes snap up , assuming wrongly, "You met him too? Did he try to go in your mind as well? I realized…It was psychic, not magic that held me…" But he frowns, trailing off, "Wait….what?" He looks down at the envelope, recognizing his own name in Coptic. His chest seizes up and he just stares at it, not breathing.

"We can tell." Rain tells him, its obvious, why pretend they don't "Sabnison. Robert Sabnison." a mental image of the man is flashed at Besa, hard to tell though if it is coming for Sky or Rain..though it would have to be Sky right? Since he is the one with the mental mojo. The teen girl looks confused a moment at what Besa is saying but his reaction to the letter has her stepping forward and putting a free hand on his shoulder "You don't have to read it if you don't want to. Though I think you should. He said he was related to the people who took you from the priests."

Schuyler is still holding the letter, but he does look at Rain when the image of the man is mentally flashed. Maybe it isn't coming from him? He does look back to Besa though, «He said that he's with the people trying to help you. We'd read it to you but…» It's in Coptic.

Besa blinks, takes the smallest of steps backward at the image. Disbelief flashes across his face. He reaches up with a shaky hand and takes the envelope. It's like waking up after dying, he's being slammed with a lot. "This…man just came to you?" That doesn't make any sense! He shakes his head, even sleep deprived his hair bounces perfectly. "No…just….there’s…" Other things, this can't be right. Shakily he sets the cup of coffee down before he drops it, "There's another demon in the school…." His gaze hasn't left the envelope though. Is this connected?

"Maybe you should sit down." Rain glances to the sofa and then makes shifty eyes to Sky indicating that he should help Besa there. "Don't you recognize him? Robert?" then Besa is on about the other demon student "Yes, Ryuu…..Ryuuss…I can't pronounce his name. We meet him and his demon. Gave us a severe headache." he can take that however he wants.

Schuyler gives another sigh, «Yeah…I didn't want you to find out this way. But he's not like the girl…I think the kid has the demon trapped inside of him. But it's not an Egyptian Demon,» as if that should make a difference. There's another look to Besa though, «If he hurt you, I'll take care of him.» He seems to be quite serious about that.

At Rain's glance, he reaches out to help Besa to the couch, taking the hot drink if necessary. «Maybe you should see what's in the letter?»

Besa doesn't move until Sky touches him. "He…looks like a priest…from long ago…" But he's dead. Is it possible to look pale and green at the same time? He looks at the letter, but then stops, dark eyes coming up accusatorily between the two twins, "You knew?!?" Flashes of betrayal, whether justified or not, mix in with the fear he's been trying to hold back. His nose wrinkles into a snarl, "There aren't Egyptian demons. There's just demons." He pulls his arm away from Sky.

There is a bit of confusion at the sudden change of attitude, but it is momentary at best. "We just found out ourselves." its barely been a couple of days "He nearly knocked Sky out, gave him a bloody nose. Why do you think he was all loopey recently." she tries her best to explain "We didn't keep it from you intentionally." that said she tries to bring the topic back around to the letter and man that asked them to deliver it "This Robert man, said something about a blood debt that had to be paid, and that they are keeping things from you." since Besa has pulled away she doesn't get closer, just looks at him, the worry is strong in this one.

Schuyler just watches Besa, «It's not like we've known for months,» he points out, corroborating Rain's story. «Today's the first day I haven't had a headache since we met him.» He really did Sky a doozy even though he asked for it by probing. «I don't think he's out to get you.»

Besa's eyes close, trying to reign in his emotions. The smaller teen sways slightly, Hand tightening slightly on the envelope. They don't understand. They can't. Maybe he's being being a drama drop, but…Dark eyes open, wet with tears. So many things kept from Besa, always. A nervous, disbelieving laugh at the idea that a demon isn't out to hurt anyone. But he doesn't argue, Sky never believes him anyway. The envelope shakes in his hand and he opens it. His breathing is ragged as he scans the letter, not focusing on the whole s much s the signature at the bottom, "… Sabnison…"

The views expressed by Sky are his own and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Rain, but for the moment she keeps what views she does have on demons, the preists and what have you to herself. They won't help. There is a step forward, her hands lift a bit as if to catch the swaying Besa in case his legs give out. As Besa finally opens the letter and scans it she worries at her lip, biting it, "Yes, he was the one that gave it to us and asked us to give it to you." there is a glance at Sky a moment "I think he was afraid to approach you himself."

Schuyler was a bit out of it when they met with the man, but he nods to Rain's assessment of the situation. «What does it say? Can we help you with anything in there? We will, Besa…we'll help you in whatever way you let us.» Because that's what Family does.

Besa's a big ball of emotions. Thank goodness Charlotte isn't here! The letter trembles in his hand, "Sabni was…a priest. He died…I was not there…" He swallows, frowning. "This says…he is a decadent of Priest Sabni's…" His breath catches , making not quite a sobbing noise, but close. "This…this says he left….took the prophecy…." Now his head shakes again, hair looking like it's own entirety, "He says it is…misinterpreted…that they can break the cycle…." His voice trails off, he looks like he's going to pass out, or bolt.

Rain patiently listens to the stammering explanation, her tea forgotten in her hand with the drama that has been unfurled with the simple letter. "This is, well a lot to take in for you." she gets that part, though most of it she can only use her imagination to relate too. A hand goes to rub Besa's back "Do you need some time to think, sort things out before /we/ figure out what to do next." she isn't letting him think for one moment that he is in this alone.

For all that he can read feelings, Sky isn't the more empathic of the two. He looks to Rain and watches as she speaks to Besa before he steps to the other side of him, «We're here for you, Besa.» And he's going to make sure that Ryuu leaves him alone. It's the least he can do.

It is very much a lot. The dark hair boy just stands there, staring at the letter. He flinches in surprises at the touch from Rain, but doesn't pull away from her hand. "I…yes. I need to…walk." Clear his head, something. He jaw works itself before he hollowly says, "It wasn't magic that held me over the barrel. It was someone with psychic powers." That was his big revelation, beyond the demon thing. "Fantastic needs to know…" He just can't juggle both of these big things at once. it's just too much for his sleep deprived mind to handle.

Rain nods in understanding, "Of course." she rubs Besa's back a few more times before pulling away "Go walk. If you need us we won't be far." she glances at Sky not liking the sound of the new information "We will go find Lady Fantastic and talk to her."

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