(2016-12-19) Pre-Breakfast Blues
Pre-Breakfast Blues
Summary: Rain is a big fail boat and the cheering up department, but at least Besa gets up and dressed.
Date: 2016-12-19
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Besa didn't come down for breakfast this morning. In fact, he's not even gotten out of bed. He's convinced himself that his date last nigth was a disaster, combined with all the issues brought to light yesterday, he's pouting. Dressed in Sky's handle down PJs, one arm is draped over the pillow Gabrielle made him, the other is turning a page in a book on his lap. He still looks tired, but at least he's on bed. Maybe he'll nap later.

There is a gentle knock on the door followed by a familiar voice "Besa? It's Rain. May I come in?" she isn't the barge in after knocking type, so waits until she gets an answer before she dares to intrude on the privacy if Besa's room.

There's a long pause, but it's not not like he can fake not being in here. His throat is cleared and he calls out, "Come in." His side of the room has very little in it that wasn't purchased when one of the twins was with him, or isn't some kind of hand me down from them or someone else. There is a small plant on his desk that looks like he's taking care of. The small teen sits up straighter, "Is everything alright?" Just because he's pouting doesn't mean he doesn't care.

Of course there is silence on the other side until the answer comes, and then the door is opening and Rain is peeking in before she steps in. She is dressed in her uniform and as neat as usual, ready for a day full of classes. Though she must not be on a rush to get to the first one since she is here instead. There is a napkin wrapped item in her hand. "I was going to ask you the same thing." she steps further in since he doesn't seem inclined to kick her out. "But I think the answer is obvious, for both of us."

Besa sighs, he should get up and ready. It's not like he can really can in sick. His nurse would ahem him down in the Med Bay in a heart beat. The book is closed, it's a poetry book and he answers her, "I am fine." While the lying isn't any more convincing, he's getting better at just saying them. A hand reaches up and rubs his eyes, "I hope the morning has been agreeable for you?" The book is set to the side on his nightstand, it looks like it's from the library. The Egyptian starts to slide to the edge of the bed.

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Rain asks him as she hands over the honey covered roll wrapped up neatly "Because you need more practice at it." she gives a slight shrug "It's pretty normal as far as mornings go." she watches him "You still look like you could use some sleep."

The roll gets an honest smile to briefly appear, "Thank you, Rain." He sits on the edge of his bed, one sleepy pant leg pulled a little higher than the other. He repeats something Whitley has said to him, "I am faking it to make it." Dark eyes stay on the roll as he unwraps it, "I will get sleep tonight." hopefully.

"Sounds like my first six months here." which is Rain's whole tenure at Coral Springs do far. "I think more people around here do that, than don't really." she informs him her voice quieter as if it were some big secret. "You aren't going to take another of Sky's pills to help you sleep are you?" that worries her. One person in her life with a pill addiction is enough.

oh, wonderful. He's finally fitting in. The biscuit is careful unwrapped and a small piece is broken off. "He has not offered." And Besa isn't asking. Not after yesterday. He chews slowly, focusing on the pleasant taste of the honey. Dak eyes finally glance over to his roomies's side of the room, where the digital clock is. One would think that time would be kinder to the mummy boy. He has seem more of it than anyone else.

That is a releif. One less thing Rain has to scold her brother for. And there are so many of them. Rain remains standing where she was, but her eyes follow his to the clock then go back to him "I don't think anyone would blame you if you blew off morning classes." well she wouldn't and she must be really concerned for him if she is suggesting that.

Besa's hair, even in his tired state it's pretty, sways, "No…the nurse would just send for me then." He glances down to his arm, where she keeps taking so much blood. He doesn't understand, but then again, it's never been his place to understand. He sighs, setting the half eaten biscuit down onto of his poetry book. "It is better I just go." To class. He stands, heading towards his closet that has only school clothes and Sky hand me downs in it. Not much of an identity there. Well, not much of his own.

Rain wrinkles her nose "You've become a pin cushion to the nurse." its a better way to put it than walking blood bank, she doesn't approve, but is probably less vocal about it than her brother. It's not that she doesn't care, she just knows when to push and when not to, most of the time "Well just a few more days left and then holiday break. How do you feel about ice skating?"

Besa won't deny it. Instead he pulls out a shirt, tie and pair of slacks to wear for the day. "I am not very good at it. I fell many times Saturady." He went ice skating? Weird.

That must have been after the letter delivery, but whatever Besa needed to get his thoughts together. Rain went out with Charlotte herself "I'm not all that great at it myself, but even with the falling it can be fun." she gestures to the door when he pulls out his clothes "I can step out while you get dressed."

Besa shrugs, he's not particularly shy, but he knows this culture is weird about nudity. "Whitley wanted to go." That should explain why he went ice skating. It's not really in his wheel house. She can leave or stay, it's up to her. He changes quickly, pants and shirt. His tie is draped over his shoulder again as he sits down to finish the biscuit.

And teenage girls even more so. Rain quickly turns her back, her face turning near crimson when he starts to change right in front of her "Oh." she nods in understanding "I'm trying to come up with fun things we all can do over Christmas Break. Maybe not ice skating." with her back turned her expression can't be seen but she is silent a few seconds "Is there anything you have been wanting to do or try that you haven't been able to?"

Besa isn't trying to embarrass her, honest. Soon he fishes and sits on the bed, "No. Whatever you and Schuyler wish." The mummy boy is starting to question even going. Not that staying and ruining more of whatever he has with Whitley is preferable. "I do not think I am going to be able to buy presents. All of my coin was used to get my new coat." Another reason he's not super excited about the holiday. "I owe Whitley $9 still for it."

By the time she turns around Rain isn't red anymore, so there is that "Well if Sky had his choice it would probably be sitting someplace warm sketching." that isn't her idea of a fun day "And despite what Sky thinks it isn't all about him." she gives a bit of a smirk at that "Well it's good that we aren't inviting you for presents then isn't it." she smiles at him "And if it makes you feel better we don't have to exchange anything." though she doesn't know what she is going to do with the one thing she did purchase.

A slightly amused noise escapes Besa. Sky does have some issues with not thinking outside himself. He just seems down about the whole present thing and nods. More of the biscuit is nibbled on. "I will try one last time to sell some of the vases and mugs." Maybe a Christmas miracle will happen, who knows. "Rain…" He doesn't look up at her, "You understand why I am upset that you did not tell me immediately about the demon? It would be like…if I found out that someone at the school was making kraken similar to what attacked you…. and you ran into them without any knowledge of them being here. ….But then found out I knew." He's not mad anymore, just hurt feelings.

Well if any miracles were to happen now would be a great time for one. At her name Rain head tilts, listening even more intently than usual for her. There is a stifled sigh by biting her lip as she moves to sit down a few inches from Besa "I do understand." she truly does even without the example she did. "Your life has been dictated by the needs of one for centuries. And even if it is locked inside a human vessel, well a demon is a demon is a demon. They are not to be trusted and will always act according to thier nature." someone at least listened to the teachings of their witch mother. "I….uhm..we," she isn't going to throw Sky under the bus despite him asking her not to mention it, though she wasn't sure if he was talking about just the demon, the mental attack or both, "didn't keep it from you on purpose, and I am sorry we didn't tell you as soon as we found out." she won't offer the excuses that were given the other day." her fingers fidget at the hem of her skirt as she speaks, her eyes focused on them instead of looking at Besa.

Besa swallows, watching Rain's fingers. "It is alright. Whitley knew as well and did not tell me." If he picks up on the weird stutter from her when she adds Sky's name, he doesn't focus on it. Maybe he's already got an idea. He assumes that they'd have read the letter before hand if it wasn't in Coptic, anyway. Instead of saying that, or anything else snarky, the smaller teen sighs, reechoing over to start putting on his tie. "It is done. Milk should not be cried over." Or something.

That doesn't necessarily make Rain feel any better but she does stop picking at her skirt and smoothes it instead "I hope things are less confusing with him at least." she doubts it but she can still hope! Good thing she isn't the psychic twin, the lack of trust in her would sting, but what she doesn't know and all. "We did tell Lady Fantastic the update, about the psychic stuff." so there is that.

Besa ties his tie, it's an awful fashion statement, he hates them. But the school requires them. "I do not know. He wants me to talk, but does not share anything of himself. I am beginning to think I am a trial." Someone still isn't sure about Grayson's role in everything. His chin come sup as he moves the knot up, "He and Schuyler speak now." For good or not. "Good. Thank you. I should go speak to her today after class." Not that he thinks she'll have any new leads.

Rain makes a face at that "Seriously? Sounds like he has been taking advice from romcoms." not that she has much room to talk really, being 14 movies and/or friends are her go tos "Make them talk about themselves so you seen interested, but don't say much about yourself to remain mysterious." its enough to make her gag. There is a nod "Yeah. I've accidently picked up a few bits of their conversations here and there. At least they aren't looking daggers at each other anymore." she glances at his tie a moment "Did you want back up for that?" talk to Lady Fantastic.

Besa doesn't know what that means, so he doesn't respond. "I think…he just does not wish to share with me is all." The tie is smoothed and Besa brings his chin back down. "It is alright." He can't force it. He nods, agreeing. The two of them not hating each other makes his life easier. "No. If she is part of the attack, there is nothing to be done. She will kill me or not. I would prefer you not be there if she does." That's fair. Morbid, but fair.

"Well that's hardly fair." and then Rain shakes her head at him then quickly gets to her feet, showing some agitation "No its not alright." she says with conviction "If you are going to toss off centuries of traditions and break the priests rules it should at least be with someone who is going to give and not just take." of course that is easy for her to say, she isn't the one with all the feels. She stops her pacing when he suggests going alone and just nods in agreement. Were it one of the other teachers she might argue with him about it, but she doesn't thing Lady Fantastic had anything to do with it. "Then we'll see you at dinner and you can tell us what she said." she seems confident that Besa will survive the experience.

Besa's dark eyes widen, he's starting to come to the conclusion he should just not tell anyone anything. Certainly this is now going to get back to Whitley, telegraph style. "It really is alright. I would not want him to tell me anything if it makes him uncomfortable." There's a nod, "I do not think she will have anything new."

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