(2016-12-19) Bean Me!
Bean Me!
Summary: Ryuunosuke's experimenting on Taká and scaring Besa at Mug Shot Coffee Shop, and things turn out not as he expected.
Date: 2016-12-19
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     Classes are over and Besa has gone and talked with who he needed to about his new revelation.  Miss Fantastic even flew him over to the main land so he could go talk to some possible leads for buying his pottery.  It was better than he thought, but not what he hoped for.  The coffee shop wants a few more mugs, and one of the gift shops in town is interested, but wasn't willing to talk to the new year.  So Besa sits in the corner of the coffee shop, thin fingers wrapped around a small warm drink.  He's out of uniform, not that much of his outfit can be seen as he's wearing his new brown coat.  So many pockets, he likes that about it at least.  A brown knitted hat covers his pretty hair, although it's feathering out around the edge, framing his face.

     Cold.  Ryuunosuke is cold.  Now he sees why the priestess let him out into the town proper… because she knew he wasn't going to be in the mood to do much with this freaking COLD.  He's also a little tired.  But mischief needs making, so Ryuunosuke has brought Taká to, where else?  The coffee shop in town.  Why?  Because he wants to see how — or IF — caffiene will affect Taká.  Ryuu's kind of mean like that.  But at least he's come with Taká, so if the poor birdman bounces off the walls, he has to suffer it too.  Also the priestess wouldn't let him go by himself, so he might as well.  Ryuunosuke is, however, bundled up with heavy coat, thick scarf, gloves, and a hood over his head.  Interestingly, he's actually holding the door open for his traveling companion.

     Taká is cold, too, and he's being vocal about it.  "Why did I let you talk me into going out in this kind of cold?  I do not even know what ko-fi is, but it can not be worth that," he says, jerking his thumb towards the offending weather.
     He slips quickly through the door, shakes his wings out, and the feathers remained fuffed out, partly from the cold and partly from grumpiness with the weather.

     It's hard to not notice the two entering the shop.  Besa shirks slightly, trying to make himself less noticeable.  He's still got enough drink left hat he doesn't feel he can just bolt, that cost coins!  And he has so few of them to spend anyway!

     Ryuunosuke is covered up, but his voice might make it clear who he is, since he speaks in response to Taká's grumpiness about the cold.  "Taká-kun.  I am a reptile.  Believe me, I am just as cold as you.  But… can you smell it?"  And there's a tongue-flick, because that's how he smells things.  So it shouldn't be too difficult for Besa to guess who he is, even all covered up.  "Coffee is a drink that is generally served hot, it will doubtless warm you up."  It's interesting to note that it sounds a little like 'ko-hi' when he says it.  Though the tongueflick revealed something else… the scent of dirt.  That's not a usual scent one smells in a coffee shop.  But he does know what DOES smell like that.  Or in this case, 'who'.  He smiles, but doesn't acknowledge it just yet.  They need to get their coffees, and he doesn't want Besa to run while they're in the line getting their coffee.  So he asks Taká, "Do you prefer very sweet?  Or not so much?"

     Taká unbundles reluctantly, until he realizes it really is warm and comfortable in here.  And now that there aren't icicles hanging off it, his nose re-engages and the warm, smoky smell of hot coffee engages his brain.  "Oh."  He blinks a couple times.  "Sweet, please."

     Besa sighs to himself, the poor guy has just had a very stressful weekend.  Thin fingers reach up to rub his eye as he tries to decide an escape route and possibly the quickest way back to the school.  He hates the cold and misses sand so much lately.

     Ryuunosuke will assist Taká in getting an appropriately sweet beverage.  Though it… may or may not be laced with more caffiene than a first-time coffee drinker should really have.  And once they're both through and have their coffee — Ryuu's own has no milk in it — he will point out a table to Taká.  The table he points out, in fact, is Besa's.  "Oh look.  There's Besa."  He speaks as though he's just now noticed him.  "Would you like to go sit with him?"  He knows full well how Besa feels about him, and suggests it anyway.  Evil.  Eeeeeevil!

     Taká follows Ryuu's pointing finger.  "Oh!  Yes.  If he does not mind.  I seem to recall that you disturbed him."  Well, that much is true, Ryuu did.  "If you would make him uncomfortable, we should not, and I am your guest."

     Besa tenses as soon as his table s pointed out.  So much for everyone assuring him that Ryuu has no intentions about him at all!  The small coffee is brought to his lips and the small Egyptain boy chugs it.  Any plans for trying to find a warmer way back to the school have fled his mind.  He can walk in the cold.

     "I cannot help the circumstances of my origin," Ryuunosuke replies.  "Is it fair that is held against me?  Should we hold against you that you have wings?  That he has that color hair?  No.  And the only way to fix that, is through understanding, ne?"  He smiles.  It is totally not a horrible evil smile.  Really, it isn't.  So he heads to Besa's table.  "Good afternoon, Ini-Herit-san," he offers with a polite bow.  "How does the afternoon find you?"

     Taká follows — he really has nowhere else to go — and waves a little apologetically.  "Kié, Besa," he says quietly, looking a little disapprovingly at Ryuu's back, who seems to be enjoying this a little too much.  "I did not expect to meet anyone else from the school while in town."

     Besa's eyes come up, he was too slow.  The teen doesn't smile, but does give a slight nod of greeting.  "Hello."  He only grips the cup a little tighter, it may not be noticeable.  "I am just getting ready to leave.  You may have my table."  Run away, run away!

     "It's cold outside," Ryuunosuke replies.  His tone's actually pretty even as he continues, "It is much warmer in here.  Do not let me frighten you out into the cold.  I'm hardly a horrible maiden-eating monster."  At least, he's not anymore.  Though that part goes unsaid.  He at least has the grace to pick the chair furthest away from Besa, leaving Taká one of the nearer chairs.

     Taká settles into the chair, leaning forward a little as if he's trying to be a small, feathered buffer zone between Besa and Ryuu.  "It is good to see you again.  I hope you are feeling better."  His hands are clamped tight around his mug, but that's only because his fingers are still cold.  He hasn't even tried it yet, he's still appreciating the warmth.

     "It is winter."  Besa, master of the understatement.  Dark eyes scan the room, maybe laying out an escape route, or making sure there's nothing too dangerous.  All he needs is metallic krakken to show up.  With his luck they might.  His jaw tightens at the joke from Ryuu, but Besa doesn't smile.  He doesn't even crack a small ironic smirk.  Instead his gaze goes from the demon to the bird.  "I will be glad for the holidays."  One hand lets go of his now empty mug and slips into his pocket.

     "That it is," Ryuunosuke replies simply and calmly.  And then he raises the cup and takes a sip of the contents.  Perhaps he's recognized Besa's need to not focus on him directly, since he goes quiet and lets the Egyptian student's focus turn to Taká.  He's even polite enough to try to 'rein in' that aura of darkness that seems to follow him, as much as he can.  It might be noticeable as… well, the feeling of the barometric pressure decreasing, the air becoming less heavy.

     "I do not even know what is being celebrated, or if it is supposed to be a religious observance or a social event."  Taká raises his mug, inhales deeply, and… "Oooh."  And he finally takes a sip.
     "OoOOooh."  He sets the mug down carefully, and says, to no one especially, "How did this planet get all the good things?"

     Besa doesn't visibly relax, but he's not jumping up to leave just yet.  "From what i can tell, it is many different things.  For some it it religious, other's it is social.  Some it is both."  The dark hairs teens shoulders come up in a small shrug, and he even offers Taká a small, quick smile, "The hot chocolate is very good as well."  Although more expensive, which is why Besa had the coffee instead.  If either of the other boys is observant enough, some of the mugs for sale have Besa's distinct style to them.

     Ryuunosuke smiles as Taká seems quite pleased with the coffee.  And then Besa mentions hot chocolate.  "Ah yes.  I had forgotten that.  It's usually quite sweet as well.  Particularly with marshmallows in it."  His accent makes him trip over the word 'marshmallows' enough to make it sound humorous.  He doesn't seem to notice, though.

     The mention of chocolate — hot chocolate, no less — causes Taká's eyes to widen.  "Oh," is all he says aloud, and returns to the mug for a longer sip.  "We have to find my homeworld now.  Between tcho-ko-lat and ko-fi, I would be adopted into the Imperial family!"

     Besa's eyebrow raises slightly at Taká's talk.  But he nods, "It may indeed."  He sighs, letting go of his empty mug, starting to shift in his seat, getting ready to stand up.  "It is nothing like home, but I like coffee as well."

     Ryuunosuke's smile is a little smirk-y here, when he notes Taká's eager consumption of the caffeinated beverage.  Though he hides it behind his own cup as he drinks, quite a bit slower.  "I didn't realize you had been introduced to chocolate yet," he replies to Taká's words.  Besa's mention of coffee actually gets a thoughtful look.  "You strike me as of Middle Eastern descent, or somewhere there?"  There's a reason for him asking this.  Because, "Coffee in those countries is quite different than it is in the rest of the world, yes.  Do you miss it very much?"  The question is actually politely asked, conversationally.

     "Nnh, yes, Keith introduced me to tcho-ko-lat," Taká explains.  He seems to relax a little, hunching just a bit in his seat, and takes another sip, listening to Ryuu's question and not really understanding it, since Terran geography is not his strong suit by any measure.  "You mean there is more than one kind of ko-fi?"

     Besa's jaw again tightens, but he answers politely enough.  "I am from Egypt."  After a beat, "Everything is different here."  Sounds lime all here students are slightly fish out of water.  There's an odd hesitance, but then Besa shrugs, looking very much a teenager, "It does not matter if I miss it or not.  I am here."  the story of his life (lives?).  Taká gets another look and then nod, "There are many different versions of everything."

     Ryuunosuke nods to Taká's question.  "It is made from beans that are processed.  Beans growing in different areas of the world, different climates, different methods of processing, cause the coffee to taste differently."  Besa's answer gets a thoughtful sound from Ryuunosuke.  He's clearly planning something.  There's no smirk there, though.  But he does note, "We are all here learning to adjust, I think.  Whether that is 'to what' or 'to when'."

     "And to where and to who," Taká adds.  "I do not care to consider the why."  Besa gets a very sympathetic nod from Taká, who can definitely relate to being in an alien culture.

     Besa stops moving, eyes narrowing at Ryuu.  He doesn't like that the demon is considering anyhting he says.  And the jab about 'when' it doesn't help either.  "I am not here to adjust."  It's more a holding tank for him.  Sorta.  Kinda.  It's so very confusing.  He stands up, but offers to Taká, "You will though."  Adjust.  "And you will learn much to take home."  He's optimistic for other people at least!

     Ryuunosuke offers an affirmative sound to Taká's words.  Though Besa's words get a blink.  "You will have a much more difficult time if you do not."  Again, his voice kept civil and calm.  Maybe even a little concerned?  "Those who care about you would not like to see you struggle to adapt."

     Taká isn't as optimistic as Besa.  "I think I need to adjust more than I need to hope to find home — it's not just a large galaxy, it's a large universe, and I have no bearings for my home."  He looks up from his coffee, and blinks.  "Well, not much of one, but I think I can at least determine whether I am in the same galaxy."  He glances towards the window.  "When your planet's completely unacceptable weather clears."

     Ryuu gets a weird look, but then Besa shakes his head, "I will most likely not be here long enough for it to really matter."  Taká though, Besa looks down with a slight frown, "You are also at a school that has many, many powers.  You should talk to Oliver.  She is an alien as well.  She may have access to star charts."  That's about all Besa knows about such things, really.

     Ryuunosuke frowns at Taká's mention of the weather.  However, he nods.  "It is completely unacceptable," he agrees.  "I have heard that nature cannot be tamed.  Perhaps this world has a will, and refuses to allow itself to be controlled."  Besa's words get a raise of his brow.  "Perhaps.  Perhaps not."  He knows he has to be careful here.  The mention of other students who might be able to help draws a bit of a 'eureka!' look.  "Sou desu ne.  I hadn't thought to mention that."  A look to Taká.  "It is worth trying, ne?"

     "No, I had not thought of that either," Taká admits.  "Since my people are not known here, I had not thought we could be known, by other means.  It does not answer the question of how to get back home even if we find it, but it would at least be nice to know where I am.

     It's easier to focus on Taká, so Besa does.  "Take the first step.  More answers will come with each."  The Guardian takes a deep breath, "She is a Metis.  You should be able to find her easily.  There was talk of a ship, I do not know if it was her's or not."  He forces a soft smile and then nods to Taká, and then after a moment to Ryuu, "If you will excuse me."  He needs to run away now.

     "Perhaps it would be worth it to ask," Ryuunosuke suggests.  "All she can say is that she cannot help you.  And then you are no worse off."  He remains quiet until Besa addresses him again, and then nods as Besa makes his farewells.  "Ki wo tsukete," he offers as Besa makes his escape.  Then he sighs.  "…Shikata ga nai…" he mutters under his breath.

     "Yes, it will be worth at least asking."  Taká nods once, and takes another sip of his coffee, slumping down in his seat a little — not in depression, but in relaxation.  He nods to Besa.  "I will see you back at the school," he says, then adds, "This is a very soothing drink," with a little sing-song in his tone.

     Besa high-tails it out of there, dropping his used cup in the dirty bin.

     Ryuunosuke nods.  "That is why many people come to drink it," he notes.  A pause, as he watches the Egyptian teen leave hurriedly, just short of running.  It's… an uncomfortable feeling.  So instead he focuses on Taká.  "Would you like some of the hot chocolate as well?  I have enough, if you would like to try it."

     "Nnnh, no, thank you though," Taká says.  "I wish to be careful with tcho-ko-lat.  I do not wish to become used to it and lose the effect it has on me."  He sits up a little.  Despite having mostly finished a light roast coffee with cream and sugar, he does not look especially caffeinated.  He looks quite relaxed, actually.

     "I understand," Ryuunosuke replies.  "I will think of something to amaze you where chocolate is concerned."  He gives a half-smile.  Though he's observing Taká carefully, noting the relaxed pose.  That's a bit odd.  But at least nothing horrible is happening to Taká.  Yet.

     Taká slumps a little further in his seat.  He doesn't look drugged, but he does look mildly sedated.  "I do not know what is in ko-fi," he says — clearly, not slurred, but also more slowly than his usual pace of speech — "but it is relaxing.  Like wine.  But without the dulling of the senses."  He stifles a yawn.  "Without much dulling of the senses."

     Ryuunosuke blinks.  "That is unexpected," he notes.  Perhaps he's feeling particularly honest for whatever reason, because he offers, "For most people of this world, coffee acts as a stimulant.  It has something called 'caffiene' in it.  I was curious to see how it would affect you."  So… yeah, he basically did admit to drugging Taká.  More or less.  But at least he stuck around.

     "Ka-fin," Taká repeats.  "In ko-fi."  Doesn't sound like it sunk in any more than superficially.  "I think," he begins, then stops for a moment, then rallies.  "I think I will need help getting back to the school."

     Ryuunosuke nods.  "I will help you, when you wish to go back," he promises.  Pause, and he smirks a little.  "No strings attached.  I won't ask for your soul in payment."

     "Can not have it, I am using it."  Taká makes himself sit up just a little.  He takes four packets of sugar from the little holder on the table, tears off the tops, and tips them into his mouth.  A little sugar jag just might help.  "We should go back now before I sleep."  He nabs another few packets and downs them.  "I will need the energy to stay out of your mind."  It looks like he will need help getting up; caffeine definitely has an effect on him, but not the one expected.

     Once more, Ryuunosuke nods.  "That seems like a good idea," he agrees, finishing his coffee as well.  A pause at the mention of staying out of his mind.  "That… would be very good for you, to stay out of my mind," he agrees.  "Schuyler had an unfortunate run-in with what is inside me, and he came away from it with a nosebleed, and both he and Rain had a headache."  Nonetheless, he offers to help Taká up.

     Taká tries to get up himself, but without much success.  He does manage to fumble on his winter gear, and hopefully the insulation will help keep him from slipping into mental contact.  "Hate headaches," he says quietly, raising an arm for Ryuu to take.

     Ryuunosuke will probably need to help Taká on with his winter gear again.  Which he does without complaint.  A chuckle at the complaint regarding headaches.  "They do tend to drain the joy from life very quickly," he admits as he gets his own winter gear back on.  He does take hold of Taká's arm, though he makes a concerted effort to imagine a 'wall' between his mind and Taká's.  Visualization tended to help psychic powers in his experience.

     With support, Taká is able to keep his feet, though his wings are drooping a bit — not so much they drag on the floor, but not the way the birdman usually holds them.  "Apology," he says.  "You could not know how it would affect me.  Have not had trouble with Terran food before."

     Ryuunosuke looks at the drooping wings, and tilts his head.  No, they're not dragging the ground, but how long until they do?  So he shifts a bit, moving his arm from around Taká's, to around his back.  Yes, it's supporting his wings, under the curve like a large pair of arms.  "Is that better?"

     "Takh… apology.  Yes, thank you," Taká says.  Well, it was probably only a matter of time before the English started going.  "Maybe the cold air will help."  He laughs softly.  "This planet's ridiculous weather may serve a purpose after all."

     Ryuunosuke chuckles.  "That is possible.  It is certainly… bracing enough."  A smile, and he leads Taká out, wincing a bit as the cold air hits him in the face.  He doesn't need to wake up, after all.  And he really doesn't like the cold.  "Perhaps some kind of vehicle would be in order?  A ride to the dock, at least?"

     "Nnff!"  Yes, that's bracing — or at least that's one word for it.  Taká has others, that he will not translate from his own language.  He takes a couple sharp, almost painful breaths, and it does rouse him a little.  "The little yellow carts?" he asks.  "The small metal boxes on wheels?"  He shudders, and not from the cold.  "Too small.  Can not get in one.  I can make the dock."  Hard to say if that's an honest assessment or bravado, to be fair, but he sounds utterly unwilling to try a cab or bus.

     Oh to be sure, Ryuunosuke has a few choice words for it too, but he's too polite to let slip.  Taká's words of the cab get a nod.  "Aa. Your wings, yes.  I had forgotten."  Yeah, it didn't occur to him until just then that a car or bus would be difficult for Taká to deal with.  He smirks.  "If not I will carry you.  Like a sack of potatoes, over my shoulder, but I will carry you."

     Taká lifts his head a little, and winces at the wind and cold.  "I will try to avoid letting that happen," he says, through chattering teeth.  He laughs shortly.  "A pity Besa can not see you being so helpful."

     Ryuunosuke's smile is… slightly bitter.  "He would say that I am doing this for my own ends," he replies.  "But in the end, is that not true for all humans?  Altruism… humans do good for others because it makes them feel good, yes?  If that feeling did not exist… would humans do good for others?  I don't think so.  In the end… all who serve others only do so for either duty or for their own sake."

     Taká reaches up and taps his temple.  "Or because we know what it means to each other, and to ourselves."  He peers blearily into the night.  "Are we close?"  He takes another couple bracing breaths.  "I do not care about your motives.  I am glad of your help whether you are doing it for me or for your own reasons."

     "It will not be much farther," Ryuunosuke replies.  Though he remains quiet for a long moment.  He considers the statement… but he doesn't actually speak up to it either way.  But after a few moments, he does note, "…He is right to fear me."

     "I thought he might have reason.  I wondered if I should too," Taká muses.  "I am, a little.  You are experimenting on me.  You wanted to know what ka-fin would do to me.  Now you know."  He stumbles; the sugar is wearing off already, but he regains his footing.  "And you are taking responsibility for it, for which I am grateful."

     Ryuunosuke nods.  "I did."  At least he admits it.  He assists in Taká keeping his footing.  "I was curious.  But I thought that if I mentioned it beforehand, you would refuse.  Quite rightly."  Because that would only be smart, to say 'hell no' when someone asks you 'hey I want you to drink something that I have no idea what would happen to you if you drink'.

     Taká chuckles softly.  "I might have tried it anyway.  I have seen students with ko-fi.  I would have tried it on my own eventually.  Imagine the scare if this had happened to me in the cafeteria with many classmates around."

     Ryuunosuke nods.  "You do have a point.  They might have thought they had killed you."  He can't help but smirk.  "That… would be funny to see.  The panic."  A chuckle.  "But… yes.  Better to have this happen under… semi-controlled circumstances."  They'll eventually get to the dock, though.  "Careful getting into the boat."

     Very gingerly, Taká makes his way into the boat — he doesn't like the ferry, but he doesn't hae a whole lot of choice right now.  Not only is flying back to the school out of the question, but falling in would be even worse than usual right now.  He does give Ryuu a look.  No, he gives him A Look.  "It would not have been 'funny'," he says coldly.

     Ryuunosuke can't help but grin at The Look.  "It is in my nature to be attracted to such trouble," he explains.  "I cannot help that.  But I try not to cause too much of the trouble myself.  That idiot priestess would likely be displeased.  And I'm… saa, you might say I only get one 'strike'."

     "Well, as long as you are not trying to cause it," Taká muses.  "Although you should be trying to prevent it."  Having generally avoided the ferry, he is at a loss as to where he can sit, especially so he can keep out of the cold and the spray.

     There aren't a lot of places that are really out of hte cold and the spray, but there should be somewhere that's not too bad.  Ryuunosuke isn't keen on getting sprayed with near-frozen water while it's THIS cold either, so he'll naturally gravitate to a place where they're as out of the elements as possible.  "The evil inside me would disagree.  Long ago, when the earth was young and her children still innocent, part of me terrorized even those in the heavens."

     Even though following Ryuu's lead is what got him into this predicament in the first place, Taká does so again, looking for the dryest, warmest place to be.  "Are you claiming you used to fight with gods?"

     Ryuunosuke actually puts his back between Taká and the direction where most of the spray will come from as he sits down.  "Un.  I was…"  Pause.  "Did you hear?  I told Besa the nature of my evil.  Did you hear?"

     "Hearing and understanding are two different things."  Taká curls up close, though careful to avoid any contact of skin on skin; the sugar has worn off, and the sedating effects of the caffeine (surely a phrase rarely, if ever, used before) have not.  "I am sorry, I cannot stay awake any longer.  Thank you, Ryuu.  If it helps," he trails off, yawning, "I do not think you are evil."  And drifts off right there, half draped over Ryuu.

     And so as it is with most, the smallest phrase sends the insides into fits.  'I do not think you are evil'.  A part of Ryuunosuke wants to rage at this.  When the name of evil is whispered fearfully, it is HIS name that is whispered, that rage hisses.  But the rest of him basically says 'pipe down you idiot, the priestess might hear you'.  So much confusion in him.  But there won't be much time to consider it now.  The ferry won't take long to get to the school, and then he'll need to carry Taká back to his room…

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