(2016-12-16) Demons and Offers
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Summary: Sky is reeling from a psychic attack, and Whit agrees to learn ASL.
Date: IC Date (2016-12-16)
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It wasn't long after classes yesterday that Rain helped Sky into the room and he promptly went to bed, sleeping through dinner, and through the night. In the morning, he still seemed to be in a little pain so he took yet another pill before trying to get through the day with the fog of the painkiller coursing through him. Some of it has worn off by the time classes have ended and he feels a bit better, but it's almost time to take another for bedtime. But in those couple of hours, he's trying to make sense of the notes he and Rain took during the day to make sure he understands what was discussed.

Whitley will occasionally drop by his dorm for quick attire changes. Entering now, his clothing shifts off, but he's only indecent for a second as a new set of work out clothes replaces his uniform. Before heading out, he stands near the door, watching Schuyler carefully before asking, "Hey, what happened yesterday? You were out all day." There's no hostility in his tone (or mind), only genuine confusion and maybe, just maybe…a hint of worry too?

It's probably the draft or the movement that catches Sky's attention so that he looks over to see most of what Whitley asks. The whiteboard is taken out and he writes, 'I got mentally bit and got a nosebleed. Still had a headache for most of the day.' He's not reading thoughts at the moment, just lips. His mind is just too foggy to focus on that.

"Oh." Whitley nods. It looks like he's willing to leave it at that as he spins but then stops halfway. Turning back, he can't help but question, "Who attacked you? And why?" Perhaps he has a sneaking suspicion that Sky caused the attack. "Did you tell the teachers?"

Schuyler wrinkles his nose and clears the board before writing 'It was my fault.' He admits it, at least. 'I was curious.' When one doesn't find most 'weird' things fearful but rather as curiosities, this is what can happen. 'There's nothing to tell to the teachers.'

Whitley frowns at that, any empathy or worry he might have held for his roommate slowly dissipating for he was once the target of Sky's 'curiosity'. He probably would've mind bit him if he knew how. "Why do you do that? It's…wrong." And that's coming from the morally ambiguous Whitley.

Schuyler isn't saying he didn't deserve what he got. Maybe it was worth it, although with the nosebleed and two-day headache, probably not. At least the pills are there to be taken. 'Do what?' is written as he watches his roommate. Does he register the frown? Maybe…maybe not.

"Probe. Not everyone likes it." Most don't, Whitley would imagine. "I assume that's what happened. You were curious about something and decided to check it out with your mind…but your target was not easily subdued and fought back. Who was it?" A grin, but it's not a particularly kind one. "Maybe I should ask them how they did it."

'Because I can?' is written and accompanied by a shrug. He isn't the only one who may be morally ambiguous. 'New kid, red eyes, kind of tall. He had some sort of hydra demon inside of him and they did it.' There's a slight frown at that memory and a hand moves to rub at his temple.

Whitley shakes his head, almost shocked by that response. "Well, nevermind then." 'Cause that's just creepy, and Whitley has no interest in consorting with demons. Not after what Besa's said about them. "I'll figure it out on my own." A threat maybe. It's hard to tell without hearing him. "I can try to ease the pain if you will let me." Because Whitley values consent.

'Yeah, it was kind of creepy…' but Sky is almost amused at that. Then again, he -is- a Masters. The offer to ease the pain is met with a look of confusion. Maybe he didn't quite understand? 'How?' is then asked before he adds, 'I told you I wouldn't probe your mind' unless he's given reason to do so. He mostly keeps to his word.

"Mind shield." Whitley shrugs. "I can extend them…probably." He's never tried it before, it might leave him and Sky in this weird mental bond where neither of them can shield from the other…which sounds awful. But Whit's curiosity to test the limits of his abilities outweigh the potential risks. "I don't want you to probe my mind at all. My thoughts aren't toys for you to play with whenever you please."

'Don't need a shield right now, but thank you.' The pills are pretty much doing that, or at least dulling his powers enough so that they're almost not at all usable. 'I haven't probed your mind since that one time, but I told you, I can't help but pick up on surface thoughts.' He lets Whitley read that before he wipes the board and continues, 'Unless you want to learn sign and I'll try to shield completely whenever I'm in here.'

"Just…don't. I will fight back next time. And win." A single brow lifts as Whitley reads the next part. "And you would teach me?" Again, it's hard to tell if he is utterly repulsed by the idea or what since Sky can't hear him, mentally or physically, but he's surprised. That much is obvious by his face.

Schuyler grunts a sort of laugh at the statement that Whitley would win. He obviously doesn't think that would be the case but then again, he's a bit overconfident in his abilities. 'I told you I won't probe into your head, but I can't help what thoughts I randomly pick up.' At the question of teaching, he looks at Whitley from head to toe before writing, 'If you want to learn. I taught Besa.'

Whitley pauses. He's pretty overconfident in his psychic abilities too. And if that doesn't work, he could always just punch Sky. So yeah, he's not afraid. There are some wheels turning in his mind as he echoes Schuyler and looks the younger boy up and down, considering his offer. Finally, "I guess. Sure."

Schuyler could always remove some of Whitley's senses. It could be a glorious fight or one that doesn't happen. At the assent, he gives a nod, 'Tomorrow. It helps if we can do the mental thing too, at least until you learn some of it. It'll be easier to pick up.' That's how it was for Besa, at least. 'And Besa can teach you too.' There's a knowing smirk at that — he just gave the two boys more of a reason to spend time together.

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