(2016-12-16) A Very Not-Exciting Evening
A Very Not-Exciting Evening
Summary: Aforementioned very not-exciting evening gets spiced up a little, and a demon is surprisingly frank.
Date: IC Date (2016-12-16)
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It's a very not exciting, cold evening. Besa's in the arts room, having changed out of his school uniform into the hand me down clothes from sky. Meaning he's dressed like a goth, but one that smiles. His pretty hair (Which is almost distractingly pretty) is pulled back into a pony tail to keep it out of the way as he works on forming something on the kick wheel in the corner of the arts room. No music is played, but he is humming softly to himself. The small egyptain teen has clay on his forearms, making stuff is messy!

<FS3> Ryuunosuke rolls Dark Aura+presence: Success.

Intruding on this very not exciting evening is… the slight feeling that Something Wicked This Way Comes, a shiver down the spine. This may or may not having anything to do with the Asian student who enters the arts room, pausing to look around before entering completely. One did not imagine the flicker of forked tongue before entering the room, either. Dark brown hair and blood-red serpents' slit-pupiled eyes, the Asian man's dressed in a black long coat worn open over a burgundy sweater and pants that look like they're made of thick leather. And those might be cowboy boots. His red eyes fasten on Besa and the forked tongue flicks again. He doesn't speak up just yet. No, he's going to be a creeper and stare at — er, watch what's Besa's doing…

Inked brush on paper doesn't make much noise, so all that really indicates Taka's presence is his actual presence itself. Several sheets with large single characters — some of them from the Roman alphabet, a few Cyrillic, a kanji character, and several that look like vertical and horizontal slashes — on them lie to the side, drying.

He hangs a long sheet on an easel and steps back, considering it. Then he spreads and stretches his wings, shaking them out and folding them again. He turns, and stoops to collect a loose feather that had been dislodged. It seems to meet with his approval — he cleans it, and dips not the quill end but the feather end in the ink pot, and adds several slashing strokes to the page.

Standing back, he regards his work critically… and notices the newcomer. And blinks. And blinks again. "Uh, kie… I mean, hello."

Besa's humming peters off, the first sign he feels like something is wrong. The piece on the wheel has grown, he actually has some talent, and is now a fairly pretty pitcher…or maybe a vase? Strangley, Besa's dark eyes shift over to the Silt barrel first, before a small frown forms and his gaze then goes to the door. "Oh!" His hands pull away from the clay so not to ruin it, and his foot stops kicking (not electric wheel for him!) "I did not know anyone else was here…." he offers a soft, maybe a touch nervous smile, "Hello." The winged boy, gets a glance, but Besa's attention goes back to the…odd new comer.

Ryuunosuke turns his head in Taka's direction, and bows. "Greetings," he offers, in a voice that has a serpentine lisp to it. "Forgive me if I startled you." More than just a serpentine lisp, but a thick accent too. Besa's voice draws Ryuunosuke's attention back to the boy at the potter's wheel, and he offers a bow in his direction too. "You as well… apologies if I startled you. I have… a habit of startling people unintentionally."

Taka sets the feather aside on top of the ink jar and wanders over, maybe just a little warily. "No, I was intent on my design. I did not notice you until the moment of concentration passed." He stops near Besa's work area, and smiles at his project. "That is beautiful work."

Besa takes a deep breath, like perhaps he's steeling himself, and then his smile is a little warmer, "No. Not at all. Please, come in." Whatever Besa thought he felt is pushed away, because surely that can't be right. Taka gets a smile as well, "Thank you. I am trying to make something for the twins mother for a present. They let me come home with them for holidays.." A small shoulder shrug, "I had to spend my money on a new coat, so presents are going to be difficult to purchase."

Ryuunosuke nods to Taka's words of Besa's pottery. "It is, even unfinished." He recognizes this. Pottery, that is. Well, Orochi does anyway. He actually seems to relax a bit, not seeming quite as menacing. Besa's welcome gets a polite dip of his head, and he nears the potter's wheel. The explanation draws a nod. "Aa. A handmade gift will surely mean more anyway. What will you make of it?" he asks, meaning the unfinished piece of pottery.

"Nnh, yes, I understand you have a holiday coming," Taka says. "Your recipient should be quite pleased."

He glances back at the newcomer now that he's closer… and tries very hard not to stare. The eyes are a little creepy.

Okay, very creepy.

He swallows hard, and eventually his manners catch up with him. He bows very slightly and spreads his wings very slightly — the last thing he needs to do is clobber someone's work with a wingswat. "I think I have not met you yet. I am Taka."

Besa looks down at the pottery, making a thinking face. "At first I thought a pitcher, but now I am thinking it feels more like a vase." He seems small, sitting at the wheel and looking up at the two other students. After realizing he doesn't know the one he echoes Taka's introduction, "My name is Besa Ini-Herit. I am a Guardian."

At least Ryuunosuke blinks. Having those weird eyes AND not blinking would probably be a little too creepy. He echoes Taka's bow, since that's just what he does, and offers — to both of them now that Besa has introduced himself as well — "Yamaguchi Ryuunosuke." He straightens, and there's a pause. "That is… family name first." He's been poked about that a few times, but it's force of habit.

"Family name first," Taka repeats. "Do no two cultures on your world do the same thing?" He says it lightly, with a grin. "Apology, I do not have a family name to offer and I do not think my clan is the same thing."

Blinking is good. Besa nods, "Yes. Japanese, yes? Are you enjoying the school so far? It is very different here." His voice holds a faint accent from Egypt. He chuckles softly, turning towards Taka, "It is a good thing. Humanity is very diverse."

Ryuunosuke smiles… which ends up looking like a smirk. He really isn't capable of a straight-on smile, it doesn't seem. But his words are relatively harmless. "Curse of being human, unfortunately — the same but different." He nods at Besa's statement. Both of them, actually. "I've noticed that, yes. No school on Saturday, first and foremost. That is hard to get used to. I feel so lazy. Then again, I have never been what one would call a stickler for rules."

Taka nods once at Besa, eyes a little wide. "Very," he agrees. "I have come to agree that I needed to be placed here, so I can have some chance of understanding it all. At least in outline."

He actually laughs softly at Ryuunosuke. "If I understand this world right, the students here are even more different than most."

Besa frowns, "It is not a curse. It's humanity's strength." The diversity, not the no school at Sat. He takes a deep breath, looking down at the vase. He has to believe that. Clay covered fingers twitch, "Everyone here is, yes." Besa doesn't look it though, not compared to the two students he's talking to.

Ryuunosuke nods to Taka's observation. "So I'm told," he notes. "I've seen quite a few examples of it myself. I do find it all rather strange… conformity is prized in the school system where I come from." Besa's correction of 'strength' from 'curse' gets a chuckle. "You are right. They have other qualities far more befitting the label of 'curse'." He does sound like he's kidding though. Notable is that phrasing — 'they have', not 'we have'.

"It is definitely fascinating," Taka says. "I could not have imagined so many differences within one species."

The use of 'they' slips right by Taka, but then, humanity is also a 'they' to him. What doesn't get by him is 'conformity'. "Why would that be prized?" he asks. "Are not students individually guided to make best use of their skills and interests?"

Besa raises a hand and uses the back of his hand to rub his forehead. Only a small streak of clay ends up there. Besa picks up on it, that uncertain, unsettling feeling has returned and he looks up, watching Ryuunosuke closely. "Curses are not something to joke about."

Ryuunosuke shakes his head to Taka's question. "Individuality is a right earned by the truly exceptional," he explains. "Synergy is more important, all of the little worker bees working efficiently and quietly." This seems perfectly normal to him, so he doesn't speak ill of it. Besa's statement gets an odd look. It's… almost a smile. He brings his right arm up in front of his chest, and then pushes that sleeve up. His forearm is covered by black tattoos that almost seem like they're about to jump off his skin at any moment. "No. Indeed they are not," he replies quietly, that not-quite smile still on his face. Then he pulls the sleeve back down to cover the tattoos.

Taka does his best to hide a smile, and almost succeeds. He retrieves a paper towel from the table he'd been working at, and offers it to Besa. "You have marked yourself," he says, indicating with an appropriate hand gesture across his own forehead.

He tilts his head inquisitively at Ryuunosuke. "Everyone is exceptional, given the chance to be."

Dark eyes narrow at the markings. Once they are covered Besa looks up at Ryuu, something confirmed. His clay hand twicthes nervously, but then Taka's offering him a paper towel. "…Thank you, Taka." He takes the towel and wipes his forehead and stands up.

"Perhaps so…" This to Taka's remark about anyone being exceptional given the chance. "But what need is there for shepherds if there are no sheep? What need for rulers if there are no subjects?" Pause. "I say this not as one who would be a ruler. Teachers with no students, presidents of companies with no employees — that sort of thing." And yes, he seems aware that he's set Besa off, and bows slightly, taking a few steps back to give the other student space. His polite demeanor, so at odds with the darkness and the fact that he's got sealing tattoos… that's a little weird.

Taka also takes a step back, sensing a certain amount of tension — used to being around other telepaths, he's not good at reading those around him from tone and body language, those things that come naturally to non-telepaths. Of course, the tattoos didn't mean anything to him.

Still, he addresses Ryuunosuke's question: "Not everyone's best skill is teaching. So they would not be teachers. They would be exceptional at something else."

Besa doesn't say anything , instead moving to throw the paper towel away and then moving to the sink to wash his hands. That silk barrel is glanced at again, but he looks back to the two. "I am sorry…I need to….go meet someone."

Taka's explanation gets a tilt of his head. It's an alien concept to him, that no one should be a follower. However, while he doesn't comment on it, he does comment on the tension. "Please forgive me. I've upset Ini-Herit-san." As Besa's agitated state should be proof of. However, as Besa makes to leave, he offers, "If you ask, I will tell you the truth. If you recognized the marks, then you know they make it difficult for me to tell an outright lie. Would you like to bind me further to be assured that it's the truth?"

"Besa?" Taka asks, taking a step closer to him. "Are you not well?"

He blinks at Ryuunosuke, even looks a little shocked. Why would anyone need to assert that they are telling the truth?

At his name on the lips of Ryuu, Besa actually flinches slightly, turning back to look at him, "No. I have no questions." Unfortunaly, his dealings with demons have shown they can and do lie. Or don't tell the truth. That's not always the same thing though. "I do not believe I could cast a binding more powerful than you have." He's a mixture of fear and anger, he's been hurt at some point. He glances over at Taka, "No…thank you. I just need to…go."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Ryuunosuke=Psychic+Mind Vs Besa=Psychic+Mind
<       Ryuunosuke: Success          Besa: Success
<               Net Result: DRAW

Ryuunosuke offers a rather bitter smile to Taka at the strange look. "I have… problems." That's putting it mildly. He'll explain in more detail, if Taka asks, in a moment. Though as Besa seems to be intent on leaving, Ryuunosuke looks up. Fixes his gaze on the other student. And as Besa looks at him, to state there are no questions? His eyes seem to gleam oddly. "Wait." The single word has an oddly compelling quality to it. Though nothing that Besa can't overcome. He may even be aware of it.

"So do we all, it seems," Taka replies warily, not approaching. "I-" and he falls silent at the 'wait'. That sounded quite odd.

Besa is very aware, unfortunately. That tugging on his mind has him stop, head tilting. He looks back, eyes wide and now panicky. Through clenched teeth, "Get out of my head, demon!" He takes a deep breath and then winces, like he's in pain, a thin hand going up to rub his chest. "Leave me alone. You have no claim on me." That honor unfortunately goes to another.

Ryuunosuke looks at Taka, at the statement. "Indeed. But mine upset Ini-Herit-san." And then he looks back at Besa as the Egyptian boy calls out the problem quite clearly. "That is exactly the problem," he notes to Taka. And then to Besa? "I made no claim on you. I freely offer this: I do have a demon sealed in me, bound by those tattoos. It was either seal it inside me, or allow it loose in the world. I do not think you would have liked it released into the world." And here, even Ryuunosuke has to wonder… who is talking here, the boy or the demon…?

Taka backs up another step - this is getting weird, even by this school's standards. "Can either or both of you explain, or will I simply not understand?" he asks, a little plaintively. Especially since the only demons he knows of are in his own people's mythology and neither of his fellow students looks like one of them.

Besa's shaking. "Then do not ever presume to be in my head!" Fear is starting win out in the fight with anger. The idea that Ryuu would say that, that Besa of all people would not like a demon roaming the Earth, gets a snarl to form. It looks foreign on the normally passive boys face. Taka gets a glance again, but Besa's in no mind space to be able to explain. Another sharp pain in his chest, either from the panic attack that's starting, or the absence of what was taken from him. "I can not….do this." He's now backing towards the door.

Ryuunosuke nods to Taka's request. "I will explain," he promises. "I would like to first calm Ini-Herit-san, though. Will you help me? It will have the opposite effect if I try again." His voice is pitched smoothly at least, in an attempt to soothe. And he mentally reaches out again, this time not necessarily directly at Besa, but in the general area. He's trying to project an air of trustworthiness just in his general area. Besa may be too agitated to benefit from it. But there is a genuine wish there to help Besa calm down. The hand on the chest… that is a concern, and Ryuunosuke would like for Besa not to have a panic attack. Or worse, a heart attack.

Taka reaches out his hand to Besa. "May I touch your mind? You are agitated; I am worried for you. I am no mental redactor, but perhaps I can help?" Definitely more a question than a statement. "I cannot reach you without physical contact," he explains further. He is at best only dimly aware of what Ryuunosuke is doing. Taka himself seems to be deliberately calming himself, possibly on a subliminal level in harmony with Ryuunosuke's field, certainly in preparation in case Besa takes up his offer.

<FS3> Besa rolls Psychic+Mind: Failure.

Something definitely affects Besa, his hand doesn't drop, but the tenseness in his shoulders evaporates. He stands there facing them both, looking almost dazed. It's pretty apparent something has affected him, he was so agitated moment before. He blinks several times, before looking at Taka. "I do not….want in my head…."

Perhaps to decrease his threat potential, when Taka begins to approach Besa, Ryuunosuke sits. On the floor. Well, more like kneels. He's used to sitting on his knees like that. His eyes close as well, and it seems he's leaving Taka to deal with the calming of the Besa. What he's actually doing is concentrating on keeping up the calming aura, shoring it up, helping it work. And for once, he's not doing it so he can eat someone! Which confuses him, but both the boy and the demon have always been the type to just go for what seems like a good idea at the time.

Taka lets his hand fall away and nods. "I understand," he says, utterly without rancor. "It is not usual for your people. I can not reach your mind without touching you, and I will not without your consent." His voice remains level; whether it's soothing, he can only hope. He offers a slight smile. "You sound better."

Besa swallows, confused. He should run, he knows. But he's not. His eyes again go to the silt barrel, like it means something to him. He admits, "I want to go see Whitley." It makes him sound young, younger than the 14 years he appears. Dark eyes go from the barrel over to the kneeling Ryuu. Something is being priced together, although strangely it's not about either of the boys in the room. Maybe it's easier to focus on than a demon wanting to talk to him.

Ryuunosuke keeps his eyes closed. But he can't help but flick that tongue out though, to try and get an idea of if Besa's managed to calm down any. He might be able to taste the fear. Which some part of him might actually like, but that's neither here nor there. "The boy had no choice in the matter," he says, seemingly to no one in particular. "His father led a cult to the demon. He would have sacrificed his own son. It would have let the demon loose to destroy the world. A priestess saw imprisoning the demon inside the boy as the only option."

…Well, Taka did ask for an explanation, didn't he?

Well, so much for calming, Taka's not going to be any good at that in the near future, not after hearing that, and his feathers bristle a little in reflection of his agitation. "Besa?" he asks, as if looking for confirmation.

Besa's hand tightens on his chest, Ryuu's story weirdly familiar, although the outcome very different. He manages a low, "Than I am sorry for him." Since they are talking about Ryuu in the third person. He swallows nervously, but looks to Taka and then nods.

Finally, when it looks like things are… reasonably calm — or at least, as calm as they're going to get — Ryuunosuke opens his eyes. Looks at the pair. He doesn't stand up yet, though. "We are sorry for him too," he states, to Besa's condolences. Yes, he said 'we'. He sighs. "It is… difficult some days. We are still here, both of us, but as one. Yet we are still of two minds." Actually somewhere around nine minds, but that's not important right now.

Taka looks back and forth between his two schoolmates. "There are… two of you… inside your head?" he asks disbelievingly. Meanwhile, curiosity battles with mental self-preservation for a moment; he half-reaches a hand in Ryuunosuke's direction, then snatches it back when he realizes what he's doing.

Besa swallows, even the supernatural calm can't erase all his worries and fears. The idea he's talking to a demon makes his chest start aching again. He never knows if it's from unremembered memories, or the silt barrel. "I need to go." he doesn't sound as spazzy as before though. He moves to the door.

"Yes. And no," Ryuunosuke replies to Taka's question. "It's… complicated." Finally he stands, as Besa speaks. And he nods. "Forgive me for upsetting you," he says, with a bow. But he's not trying to stop him this time. The explanation's been had, now it's time for Besa to think about it.

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