(2016-12-15) Shopping, Talk and a Strange Request
Shopping and Talk
Summary: Something weird is going on and Sky can't figure out what (its subtle)
Date: 2016-12-15
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NPCs: Robert Sabnison
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Main Street

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.

It might not be the weekend yet, but that doesn't stop Rain from leaving school to go into town this time. Of course she got a pass for Sky and her, she isn't that much of a rebel. »>We still going the try a record player for Besa?«< she asks Sky as the walk along the busy sidewalk »>Maybe mom can cast a protection spell on it to counter Besa's antitech curse.«< if nothing going else works at least.

Schuyler wouldn't have cared so much about a pass…especially after yesterday's adventure in mental curiosity. He's not exactly thinking all that well still, thanks to the lingering headache and the taking of another pill this morning. It at least helps block out the ambient thoughts from others out and about and he has to do less work to shield. He has to, however, do more work to mentally communicate to others; except Rain. That communication manages to remain. «If we can. My other thought was a music box. It has less variety, but it just works on gears and tension so it's not really 'technology', right?»

<FS3> Rain rolls Psychic: Great Success

After a nightmare filled evening and a school day with her a bit grumpy faced, Rain probably would went without the pass too, but she doesn't want to have to deal with the detention later. She can feel the residual pain and fogginess from Sky and reaches over to take his hand and with it silence falls. No more minds pushing against his, or random thoughts of passers-by, just the minds of him and her just like it was before his accident and manifestation. »>We can get a custom music box if we do that. Though I would rather keep that as a last resort.«< she gives him a glance »>And Charlotte? What will you get for her?«<

Schuyler glances over at Rain when she takes his hand and he does one better; he reaches to rest an arm about her shoulders. The two twins…without others mixing in; it might be becoming a rarer and rarer occurrence in the days to come. There's even a little, but genuine smile as they continue. «I don't know any Egyptian music…maybe something classical?» But he needs working ears for help with that. «Think there's enough time for something custom?» The question about a gift for Charlotte gets a sort of dopey smile again and a flush to his cheeks. «I don't know. I don't want to be too forward or anything. I saw something online that I thought would be nice.» He glances at his sister, «What are you getting her? She's coming home with us for the holiday, right?»

There is a brief feeling of surprise that she managed to mentally shield them both. It is hard enough just shielding her own mind, but at the moment she is handling it with ease. »>Yes. It will cost more, but that really isn't an issue." Rain doesn't know any Egyptian music either but that is what Google is for. »>Getting her a gift isn't forward Sky. And to not do so harmful to your health.«< she points out helpfully. »>What did you find online?«< she is quite curious »>Not sure yet. I am thinking maybe a designer purse or something.«< which means something one of a kind in her fashion world.

Schuyler is quiet for a moment as his foggy mind tries to work. «Nothing too expensive or he might feel bad. I think he's sensitive about that sort of thing.» At the mention of not getting a gift being harmful to his health, he smirks and can't stop the thought, «You have no idea.» Maybe he didn't even realize that he thought it as he moves on to answer the question. «I found a necklace and earring set. Silver and pearl, of a tulip that's apparently also called a 'snow angel'.» That seems to have some sort of significance.

»>There is no 'think' about it. He is. He has a lot of pride.«< Rain both likes and hates that about the boy. »>I have /some/ idea.«< Charlotte is her bestie apparently, so she knows things. Pulling the image of the jewelry from her brother's mind she ooos »>Those are pretty. She will love them.«< she makes a beeline to one of the small boutiques.

«He can be pretty stubborn, yeah, but apparently he agreed to go on a real date with Whitley. Maybe we wore him down?» Sky offers with a little smirk even as he walks with Rain to the boutique. Her mention of the necklace gets a little glance as he didn't think he shared the image. Maybe he did? He can't quite remember. «Good. I wasn't sure if it was too much too soon.»

»>Or you did, I had little to say on his dating dilemma.«< there is a slowly growing bit of envy, with her brother and her two best friends dating and her, we'll not, the feeling should be no surprise, human nature being what it is. »>I helped him pick his outfit for his date.«< she tosses the outfitted Besa at him »>He was nervous.«< understandably so. »>You could get something smaller and save that for Valentine's Day.«< Rain pushes open the door and heads into the shop. The mental shield falters slightly as she slips from under his arm, but it reasserts itself after a few moments.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Mind: Success

«I was hoping he'd date you, but I guess he likes boys,» not that Sky really cares. Although then there's the thought that maybe Besa was interested in him? Naah. «I told Whitley that Besa could go through my closet and borrow something too,» although he probably didn't? «It was nice of you to help.» As they separate and the shields falter, he looks after Rain even as he follows her into the shop. When the shields come back he asks, «What are you doing?»

»>I don't think my gender had anything to do with it.«< Rain is aware what Sky was wanting in terms of her and Besa, »>I think it was more of a league thing.«< meaning Besa thinks he is out of hers. »>I looked through your closet. Most of your good clothes are to big for Besa.«< so are the t-shirts but those can be a bit sloppy. And when did she do that? »>How could I not help?«< she begins to look through girls clothes, much smaller than for herself »>Looking for clothes for sissy.«< her pet name for their little sister. She doesn't realize he is talking about the mental thing.

Maybe he's imagining it? He gets a little loopy when on the pain pills. «He also likes browns and earth tones,» colors that Sky doesn't have in abundance, if at all right now. «I'm not that much bigger than him, am I?» he looks down at himself before hanging back a little as Rain looks through the racks of clothes. «I got her one of the dolls she likes,» is offered even as he tries to figure out if he's shielding, if she is, or if the pill is. «Are you? Out of his league?»

»>By a few inches at least.«< Rain tells him as she looks over at him »>You have broader shoulders too.«< she's a girl they notice these things. Feeling the confusion from him she looks at him a bit perplexed at it »>You alright?«< she then grins »>Maybe I'll get her doll clothes to. A matching outfit for her and the doll.«< designer of course. There is a shrug at his question »>Going by the standards of ancient Egypt I would be. He wouldn't even be allowed speak to us if we lived back then.«<

Schuyler looks down at himself again and shrugs. He knows some of his clothes have been feeling a little tight and he's trying to keep up. «I guess.» It might be a response to his height and shoulders or her question or both. It just takes a little longer to think through things at the moment. «She might like that,» in regards to the matching outfits. «But we're not in ancient Egypt. We're here and now. Are you upset?»

There is a laugh at the might like it comment and Rain gets an odd look from other customers for laughing at nothing. It is ignored, Rain is used to it. »>He lived there and other ancient and older societies longer than in this one. You can't expect him to accept all that's different in just a few months?«< she checks some sizes on clothing then gives a dubious look to Sky, there is some mental backing off »>About what?«<

There's an arched eyebrow at the laugh as he didn't realize it was that funny. Sky continues to watch as she goes through the clothes, «About him dating someone else. About me dating Charlotte. I don't want to take her away from you and she won't take -me- away from you.» Just to be clear. Maybe it needs to be said, maybe not but it's done.

There is no immediate response to the question, if Rain has to think know about it, that probably means she has at least mixed feelings about the whole thing. She is definitely envious, that much is clear. »>It's fine. I'm fine.«« it's not the answer he was looking for, feelings are complicated! »>As long as you are all happy. That is what matters.«<

Is she though? He can tell…usually. Although this is about the time when the two might be starting to keep things from each other. «If it makes you unhappy, I can…» he doesn't want to, but he would. For Rain. «I'll stop seeing her. Like that. And she can just be your best friend.» Sky may be arrogant, he may be aloof, but his sister comes first. Period.

That's the thing about people, hard to help them if they keep insisting they are okay. And Rain, her okayness isn't consistent, at the moment it is a bit iffy, but that is just now since they are talking about the issue. Rain just gives Sky the /look/ the one that girls are just born knowing how to do »>That's not how it works Sky.«< and that she doesn't want, though she is touched by the offer. Not finding anything in the kids clothes she moves to outerwear and examines some gloves »>You think Besa would like these?«< she holds them out.

«If that's what you want, Rain, I'll do it.» He may not be happy about it, but «Family Above All» and that means above girlfriends. Also, it's Rain. He'd take a bullet for her or more. He doesn't press it too much though, but he's probably not going to drop it until he gets a real answer. «Nice distraction and if they're warm, yes. But we should be careful about getting him clothes.» Because of the previously mentioned pride.

»>How long do you think Charlotte would continue to be my friend if I let you do that?«< Rain isn't responding fast, she is being thoughtful about it, it's a delicate subject. Well yes distraction is what she was aiming for »>Gloves don't count. They are something he needs.«<

«I think she'd understand,» Sky points out as he looks through the gloves as well, trying some on and putting them back. «I butted in and…we're moving too fast anyhow.» There's a quick glance to his sister before he feigns interest in another pair of gloves. «Are these going to be warm enough? Or are you thinking to see if he can touch other things?»

Rain thinks that Charlotte may say that, but not actually understand, but it is just thought, not put into words. »>To fast? Oh?«< she asks before she either sees or feels what he is talking about »>OH! Ohhhhh.«< her hand comes up to stifle embarrassed laughter, as much for her embarrassment at seeing such a thing and him for a similar reason. She isn't laughing /at/ him though. Oh yes gloves! She grabs that subject again related quick »>Plenty warm. And both.«<

Schuyler's cheeks flush pink again as he can't really look at his sister at the moment. It's her best friend, after all and he's her brother! It's…not stuff they're supposed to share! It takes him a moment to regain his own composure before he offers, «Maybe a pair for warmth and a pair for style?» It's only then that he can look back to his sister. «Say the word though and I'll stop. I mean it.» He doesn't want to, but he also doesn't want his sister to be upset over it.

He isn't the only one with eye contact issues. Sharing that with your best friend is one thing, your brother, ewww, quite another. »>You can get both in one pair.«< she continues to look at the gloves, trying them on as she does, but not for herself. »>It sounds to me like you are looking for an excuse to break it off?«<

Schuyler turns sharply to look at Rain this time, «No!» It's both mentally spoken and signed. «I don't want to break it off, but I don't want to see you upset over it.» He puts down the pair of gloves he was holding and moves over to place his hands on his sister's shoulders. «You're my twin.» As if that should encompass it all.

»>And you think I want to see you upset?«< it goes both ways. It's not a win-win situation, and Rain would rather be the loser here, since Sky hasn't had much in the way of friends much less a girl that was interested. That was usually her thing. Locking eyes is easy and she doesn't shrug off the hands, »>Being a martyr doesn't suit you.«<

«It goes with my persona,» Sky arches an eyebrow, his mouth twitching with a smirk. «Brooding -does- suit me though,» at least, he likes to think it does. He wasn't always so maudlin. «I'll still back off a little. I don't want it to feel like I'm taking her from you…» when, after all, Rain is the one who introduced them in the first place. She found Charlotte first. He then goes to pull Rain into a quick but annoyingly-brotherly sort of hug before he lets her go.

<FS3>Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Sky=physical
<Rain: Good Success Sky: Failure
<Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

Rain arches a brow at him »>Or so you want everyone to think.«< she knows better though and she will just nod at the brooding part since it does fit with the person he is pretending to be. »>You don't have to.«< put it is a half-hearted protest at best. Putting on a mock gross face she ewwws »>Don't be giving me your cooties!«< she shakes her shoulders a bit and as soon as he lets go she turns the tables, pulling him into a headlock and ruffles her fingers through his hair, thoroughly messing it up.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Body: Failure

Schuyler can't stop a little squawk from escaping as his own headlock is turned against him! And he's being noogied! Gah! 'Head!' he tries to sign, even though it's too late for his hair and they are no doubt garnering some attention from other shoppers. 'My head!' maybe he isn't talking about his hair?

An actual noise instead of just mental alarm. Rain's mind feels with glee. She likes it when Sky verbalizes things, even if it is just emoting surprise. She ignores the stares the shoppers give the pair and when he protests about his head she lets him go, pushing him gently away. Throughout it all the mental shield that surrounds their minds has held up. »>I think I will get these for Besa.«< the gloves aren't all that expensive, certainly not by her standards.

That seems to be the bulk of his verbalizing…surprise. There may the occasional laughter, but that's tightly reined in most times. When Sky is finally let go, he takes a moment for his aching head to settle before he casts a glare at his sister and moves to try and find a mirror. Thanks to her, he's going to have to try to fix his hair…or buy a hat!

Rain isn't the least be apologetic as she heads to pay for the gloves. There is a pauses though as she glances back at him and then goes to grab a hat and moves quickly to drop it on his head. »>Try this one. It's the perfect hat to brood in.«< What is up with her today?

Schuyler looks over as Rain plops a hat on his head, «I'm not brooding now!» What -has- gotten into her? «What's going on? You're weirder than usual today,» and coming from Sky that seems to be significant. He does, however, look at his reflection in the mirror with the hat on. It might do since his hair was destroyed.

Rain peers at his reflection over his shoulder, then glances at the bracelet style watch on her wrist »>I can wait five minutes.«< now she is teasing him. »>Am I? I hadn’t noticed.«< of course she wouldn't have, she is the one acting that way »>Hardly destroyed. It's not like I took clippers to it.«< she then plucks the hat of and puts it on her own head »>Of course I look better in it.«< she then gives it back with a bit of a wrinkled nose smirk at him.

»>Maybe when you are sleeping…like over break.«< Rain tells him as she pushes the front of the hat down to cover her brothers eyes before heading over to the register again to pay for the gloves and the hat. »>And I am not acting all teenagery!«< she mentally umphs that her brother could think such a thing, even if it was a private thought. Either he is leaky or she is picking up way more than usual…maybe it’s because the whole shielded off thing?

It's in the evening and the twins are doing some shopping, at the moment they are in a boutique but are just finishing up in there and are about to head out.

Schuyler quickly pushes the hat back from his eyes; he doesn't like having -two- senses impaired! He looks after Rain before he fixes the hat on his head to cover the noogie-mussed hair. But then he steps over to her, «How did you do that?» He wasn't sharing it on the twin-link and that was a very specific thought. Is -he- leaking thoughts? Maybe…thanks to the pain pill he took earlier, but no one's mentioned it before.

Taking her card and the little bag with the gloves in it Rain puts both in her purse and gives Sky a honestly perplexed look »>How am I doing what.«< her mental thoughts echo the confusion »>Leaking thoughts? I don't think so?«< no he has never done that before. »>Come on, let’s go get a coffee before we hit the next store.«< she leads the way out much like she lead the way in, bristling a bit as the cold winter air hits her face as she goes through the door.

Outside the shop is a middle aged man, in a warm, sensible brown coat. He has dark hair, eyes and skin. His ethnicity isn't completely apparent at a glance, but seeing the twins, he steps forward into their line of sight, and it's clear he's got some Egyptian blood in him. His voice isn't demanding though, and both hands out held out to show there's nothing in them. "Excuse me. You are the Masters siblings, right? My name is Robert Sabnison" He doesn't have an accent. "I know this is weird, but…I need to get a message to Besa Ini-Herit."

»>How could I be doing that. You are the…«< Rain's voice is disbelief but it fades when the stranger comes up to them asking about them and their friend. With the man speaking the shield around both their minds drops slowly, so the sudden influx of thoughts doesn't overpower Sky "We are." she will admit that much. Not something she can deny really. Not when the family is as well-known as theirs is. Nudging Sky to the side she steps to stand beside him. What's he going to do, brood at the guy? "What is this about?"

Robert knew it was then, so he nods, "I saw you all on the video that's going around." Well, that could be any number of videos, they've been videoed a lot, unfortunately. "It's taken us a while to find you-him." His hands are still held out, but then he slowly motions to his jacket, let he wants to remove something. Seems he knows they have powers. "I need to get word to him. He needs to know what's going on, not just what they're telling him." The man is talking a little bit in vague, but to be fair, they're in the middle of a street.

Does she actually -want- him to brood? Really? He's been in too good a mood lately, but with the residual headache and teasing, he might be able to find that sulk again. He continues to look between the older man and Rain, his brows drawing down as the man goes to pull something from his pocket. He'll go by Rain's body language, though, and just be prepared to shove her out of the way if it turns South.

Gosh Rain hopes not. It's a fleeting thought that isn't mentally verbalized as Rain stares at the gentleman before him, suspicion all over her face "Who is us?" she asked taking a step back a bit defensively when the man starts to reach into his jacket. "Going on where?"

Robert stops as they both get twitchy, "It's just a letter." He glances around, the street is a little too open for this conversation, but he doesn't know if the twins would go anywhere with him, "Us as in the ones that took him from the priests. My ancestor did, and now we're trying to help him before they pull him back in again." Not knowing what Besa's told then, "He's in a very conflicting situation, but he has options he doesn't know about."

Schuyler opens up his mind, despite the ache from yesterday, so that he can better understand the conversation. He does so just as Robert explains what he's hoping to do and his eyes widen. Stepping forward, he holds his hand out for the letter as this might just be what they need to help convince their friend that he doesn't have to be a slave to the Priests!

Rain is dubious, but she listens and watches the stranger »>Is he telling the truth?«< she sends to Sky, but the fact that he is stepping forward and non-verbally asking for the envelope is answer enough "I guess we will take your letter to Besa." so much for discussing it.

Robert's own dark eyes, which are very much like Besa's narrow slightly. Creepy goth non talking kid is creepy. But he nods, again reaching into his jacket and pulling out a sealed envelope. It's a normal looking one, white. Not ancient looking at all. There's something in Coptic written on it in pen. Rain is talking though, so Robert looks at her and nods, "Thank you."

Schuyler glances at the envelope, noting the Coptic writing, and then tucks the envelope under one arm before he signs for Rain to interpret, 'Will he know who this guy is if we tell Besa? Should we tell Besa?' He looks back to the man before nodding to Rain, 'Ask him if he knows who might be trying to hurt him?' The older man's reaction to him just gets a slightly lifted eyebrow. He's used to being considered 'creepy' and even relishes it at times.

Rain is pretty sure the signing is for the guys benefit and not hers »>Of course well tell Besa.«< duh, is sent to Sky as she relays the questions that Sky asks of the man. "Your welcome."

Robert realizes once he sees the sign language, although he doesn't seem to be able to read it. He nods, "Please…if you have any sway over him…have him contact us. This blood debt must be paid." And unless they stop him, he turns and walks away.

'Blood debt? What blood debt? We don't want Besa dying again!' is signed to the man…and he is so tempted to just push his mental thoughts into this stranger's mind, but he's managed to hold off on the 'normals'…for now. Sky looks to the envelope and then back to Rain, obviously wondering if they should open it.

Rain knows what a blood debt is in a general fashion, but she is clueless how that applies to Besa and she has the same questions that her brother does and she calls out after the man, drawing stares from passerby, but she isn't stupid enough to chase after him. It could just be a trap. »>Don't you dare.«< open the envelope that is.

Robert stops, not knowing what Sky is saying, dark eyes move from Sky and then to Rain for in interpretation. He gives the tiniest head shake, "This is for Besa." Meaning not the two of them. It's pretty clear for the few viral videos Besa's close to them, has died for Rain even, but Robert isn't going to just blurt everything out, in the middle of the street.

Grey eyes flick to Rain, «He's not going to talk out here, but maybe we can get more from him if we go somewhere quiet?» Less public. He wants to be able to help his friend even as he doesn't seem as concerned for his own personal safety. Rain's, sure. His? Not so much. Sky glances about before nodding to a little alleyway between two shops. Can they talk more there?

Rain looks from the man to her brother, unspoken communication going on there »>No. Let's just deliver the letter, now.«< something like this can't wait for them to get answers. It isn't right if they know things about Besa that perhaps he doesn't even know. She would be quite disgruntled if that happened to her. Reaching into her purse she pulls out a card, yes she has cards. It just has her name and number on it. "If you haven't heard anything by Monday please call." she hands the card over to him.

Robert watches the two, seeing how the communicate without words and then nods, taking the card, "Thank you, I will." Hopefully. Unless the priests find him first! What? Drama? He turns and leaves.

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