(2016-12-14) Digging To Deep
Digging To Deep
Summary: Schuyler gets more than her bargained for, both twins pay for it
Date: 2016-12-14
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The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.

Classes have recently been dismissed for the day so the students (or some at least) of Coral Springs are relishing in the free time that is to be had been then and lights out. Having a few books to return, Rain uses the time to come to the library to do so. Real books…how retro for the mod Athenian girl. Dropping the books into the slot, the thudding of them breaks the silence of the library for a moment.

The library is becoming something of a hangout for the demon of destruction trapped in a teenager's body, too. Yamata-no-Orochi was known for his appetites for human flesh and sake. But while he does still have that craving for sake, Ryuunosuke is here feeding an appetite of a different kind. For knowledge! While his incarceration did provide him with much of the knowledge he'd need to function in the modern world, there's a lot to learn still. And the most familiar way to do that? …Actually scrolls, but there are no makimono here. Books are close enough, though. He sits at a table reading. Well, 'sits' might be overstating it. He's leaning back in a chair, with his feet on another chair. The librarian's going to tell him to sit properly if they see this. The thump of books draws his attention up, though, and he looks over the book in his hands, focusing blood-red, slit-pupiled eyes on the source of the sound.

Schuyler isn't a fan of studying; he's usually able to do pretty well without putting too much effort into it so far. It may come back to bite him, but for now, as others are preparing for semester finals, he's focused on other things…or people. As it is, he's seated at one of the library tables, notebook out, but he's alternating between daydreaming and doodling…not studying.

The thump of the books don't get a reaction at all but his eyes do slide over as he catches a very familiar mind. The pencil he was idly twirling in his fingers get tossed over to try and get her attention.

The girl hardly needs a pencil thrown at her to get her attention, especially where her brother is concerned. Rain rolls her eyes at him and then begins to walk over toward his table passing the Metis teen as she goes. To her he is a new face, if not an unusual one, but she doens't stare, unusual here is pretty normal. Instead she just gives a wave of perfectly manicured fingers.

Ryuunosuke follows Rain's movements for a few tense moments, as if he's assessing her somehow. Or he could just have that weird, too-still gaze of a reptile, so maybe it just looks like he's staring. It's hard to tell what he's thinking, since he's not inherently telepathic. Or if he is, he's not broadcasting it. Nonetheless, the wave gets a polite nod. He doesn't interrupt Rain's walk to her brother, however.

Schuyler just sticks his tongue out at Rain and signs, 'You could at least bring my pencil back.' Grey eyes then note the other teen watching his sister and an eyebrow raises. «Careful,» he mentally projects, «She has a mean right hook and those nails aren't just pretty.» Isn't he such a nice 'older' brother?

Rain looks from Sky to the pencil still lying on the floor behind her and then back "If you didn't want to get up to get it than you shouldn't have thrown it." she points out both verbally and in sign language "Right?" she looks to Ryuunosuke to have her back on this one, even though he is a complete stranger. There is another eyeroll at her brother's 'words' "It's not a right hook, it's shomen-ate, totally different." she corrects her brother as well.

Ryuunosuke turns his attention to Schuyler at this mental projection. It surprises him more than a little, and he sits straighter as he 'hears' it with his mind. It's his mind that makes the most marked reaction though; it seems to roil like startled serpents for a moment or two. Then he seems to recover. He turns in his chair, his back twisted in a way that would be uncomfortable for a person with normal bone structure. "That's all right," he answers Schuyler. "I'm more than a pretty face, myself. As are we all, unless I miss my guess." There's a smirk that wouldn't be out of place on Kaa the Python. It's notable that he speaks with both a thick Asian accent, and a little bit of a lisp… a serpentine lisp. As for having Rain's back? He sort of does. "It's true," he agrees. "What's the saying? 'You make the mess, you clean it up'?" Nonetheless he actually does pick up the pencil. Sort of. A shadowy serpent slithers from under his chair, though not enough to see the tail, and retrieves the pencil. Though instead of giving it to Schuyler, the serpent brings it to Ryuunosuke. One the pencil is in hand, he waggled the pencil at Schuyler. The message is clear 'if you want it, come and get it'.

Schuyler just rolls his eyes at his sister, «Right-Hook sounds better.» But then his attention goes to the new mind(s) and he watches the shadowy serpent pick up the pencil and return it to the tall kid. Huh. He does get up from his seat at the table and step over, seemingly completely undisturbed by the display, and holds out his hand for the pencil. The Masters are used to 'weird' and they tend to be more curious about it than afraid of it. «That saying doesn't apply to sisters,» is offered with a smirk.

Well Rain is just a pretty face, with a smart brain behind it, but she isn't about to correct Ryuu on that. She might not have powers in a school full of students that do, but she doesn't advertise the fact, though it is common knowledge now. "Or it applies doubly to sisters." she gives Sky a nudge with an elbow when he comes over for the pencil. The pair have the same blonde hair, gray eyes, height, facial structure, twins most likely "How long have you been here?" she looks to Ryuu, asking him the question "Have you gotten used to the place yet?"

It looks for a moment like the Japanese kid is going to be a snot about returning Schuyler's pencil! But as Schuyler gets up, that shadowy serpent appears again. Clasping the pencil in its mouth, the serpent stretches to deposit the writing implement into Schuyler's hand before retracting into Ryuunosuke's shadow. For ever so brief a moment, the sense that the Masters boy is supposed to be afraid of the display is there, as if it's a fundamental fact of the universe… though there's both glee and sadness at this, almost coming from two different sources. Or if not two different sources, two different 'sides' of the same source. And then it's pushed away in favor of the cat-with-mouse enjoyment. "I think it does." Referring to the rule about cleaning up one's own messes applying to sisters. He nods to Rain's words about it applying double. "Particularly if your sister has a 'mean right hook' as you put it. Nothing stops her from using that right hook on your face." He smirks. Rain's question gets a tilted head. "Less than a week," he answers. "I'm beginning to at least understand that weird is normal, but I haven't quite adjusted." A rare moment of honesty. He pauses, shifts to stand, and bows to the twins. "Yamaguchi Ryuunosuke," he offers, by way of introduction. Then he sits back down, though he sits straddle of the back of the backwards chair.

There's no fear from Sky — weird stuff happens in their family. There's interest, definitely, and he even goes so far as to off, «That's kind of cool,» as he takes the pencil from the shadowy-snake. Sorry (not sorry) to disappoint. He looks over as his sister joins them and he begins twirling the pencil in his fingers again. «She wouldn't hit me. Because I'd hit back. Sibling right…I'd also be able to predict her moves and duck.» Or so he thinks. He hasn't really sparred with her, mostly because he's not that sort of a fighter, if he's a fighter at all. As the taller student stand and bows, he gives a little bow back, «I'm Schuyler Masters and this is my sister, Rain.»

As the pencil is returned a bit of a sigh comes from Rain, perhaps she was hoping for Ryuu to be a snot about it. But alas, that doesn't happen. She does watch, curious at the display. Shadow control, that's what she assumes it is, she has heard of it but has never seen it first hand. "Yes, the unofficial motto of the school is "What's your weird?" which is apt really considering the wide range of abilities the students have "He would try at least." she is convinced he wouldn't be able to land a hit on her, of the two she is the fighter of the pair, though she hardly looks it, with her perfect hair, nails and uniform neat and tidy. "Nice to meet you." she finally gives a smile at Ryuu. "I'm sure by the end of the month everything here will boring and you will be wondering what the initial big deal about it was."

Once Ryuunosuke realizes Schuyler's not afraid? Schuyler may sense seven very deviously gleeful echoes, and one who's not quite so sure if he should be so glad. This kid's all kinds of mixed up inside. And there are a LOT of echoes in there. Not truly separate minds, but like someone copy-pasted the same mind eight times and bound them all together in the middle. Schuylet introduces them and Ryuunosuke dips his head in greeting. "Pleased to meet you both," he replies. To the words of being able to land a hit or not? "You might be surprised." Though it's unclear to whom he's actually speaking. Or perhaps indeed both of them! He tilts his head at the mention of being jaded to it all by the end of the month. "Perhaps. It is… 'human' nature to be surprised at what you have never seen before, I suppose."

Schuyler apparently never learned from his attempt with Rissa, but his mind reaches out to those eight echoes, mostly inquisitive, trying to figure out just what and why they are. He'll let Rain do the talking while he does this…even though he didn't really ask permission. Maybe the glee he picked up was just too much to ignore?

"Surprised if he makes contact, very much so." Rain is pretty confident in her skills and/or the lack of them in Sky. "Human might be the wrong word to be throwing about like that. There are a few non-humans attending here wouldn't want to offend anyone." she doesn't seem to be noticing the same things that Sky is, just the curiousity that Sky is feeling because of them. There is a sidelong glance at her brother then back to Ryuu "What grade did you land in?" she knows he isn't in hers, they would have classes together if that was the case.

That was probably a mistake, yes. Not just because Schuyler didn't ask permission… but because there's something horrible in there. And the deeper Schuyler digs, the more horrible it becomes. Because there's nothing keeping it restrained inside. So while that horribleness is trapped inside and can't come out, if something comes in, as Schuyler's trying to do… there's really nothing stopping the full brunt of it from affecting that which comes in.

There is a single friendly voice. Male, sounding much like Ryuunosuke, but without the lisp. «Don't go in, we can hurt you…» But if that warning is ignored, the full terribleness of it all is revealed. Ryuunosuke has no resistance to telepathic intrusion… but that might be more to Schuyler's sorrow than Ryuu's.

What lurks inside is eight times hunger, eight times death, eight times ruination. A timeless, endless, immortal spirit of destruction lurks inside, one that even the death of his body at the hands of a god couldn't fully destroy. Eight massive heads like a Chinese dragon, a body massive enough to support them all, and eight writhing tails. A body large enough to cover eight hills and eight valleys.

Can a mind glare? That's what it feels like. Eight burning gazes like coals ignited in the very fires of hell focus on the mental presence that's coming in. Watching like a cat deciding whether to leap and destroy or to play with the thing that's caught its interest. Writhing, serpentine coils seeking to coil around the mental present of Schuyler, waiting for an opportunity to snuff it out like a candle flame.


It's not shouted, no. But the mental voice is just extremely loud. As a primordial god of desctruction's should be. And that is not Ryuunosuke's voice, either. It's deeper, beyond bass, so low that it rattles the bones like thunder from within. Dripping with malice, with a hunger behind it that is only barely restrained.

Yeah, that's… probably not a place Schuyler wants to stay in.

For his part, outwardly, Ryuunosuke winces, raising a hand to his head. "…Usero…!" he growls under his breath. It means 'get out'. Very rudely. Rain's words are registered, but he can't quite understand them at the moment. Not when Schuyler's poking at his demon. And not in the fun way, either.

Ow. Yeah, that was probably stupid, but he's fourteen years old, overconfident, and a boy, so the three can be dangerous when mixed together. It's probably a good thing that it's the end of the day and there are no more classes as he's not going to be able to handle much else now. He really should learn.

Sky does go digging a little deeper than he should and he gets mentally blasted for it, his hands swiftly going to his temples as if that will block the 'noise' out. This might be worse than with Rissa's symbiote…that one was just freaky and loud. This one is actually painful to the point that Sky staggers back against the table and uses it for support so that he doesn't just sort of crumple. There is a definite attempt at trying to keep the pain within himself so that it doesn't bleed into her mind but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

Unable to metally project, he signs, for Rain, 'Don't let Besa know…'

She might not be able to tell what Sky is up to, but Rain can tell he is up to something, and when the loud voice echoes through his mind and into hers, the pale girl gets even paler a pained expression crossing her face, as her brother takes the brunt of it and shields her own mind most of it. There might not have been fear on her part before but there is a little now. Demonic voices screaming in your head will do that. She clutches the back to the chair to prevent her own bit of collapsing, but she seems to take the mental voodoo a lot better than her brother does. Though it is probably quite strange that she is reacting to it at all.

"Sky?" Rain's tone is full of worry, though pained, she is going to have a headache, the signing is ignored, of course she is going to tell Besa, whether her brother wants her to or not and probably Charlotte too, that's how she rolls. "Are you alright?" she moves to support her twin, a few accusatory looks being shot Ryuu's way. All she got was the yelling and the pain, she didn't get everything up to that point so thinks it was done on purpose.

Ryuunosuke too seemed pained by the brief mental contact that was deeper than he was expecting. He rests his elbow on the back of the chair he's sitting backwards in, his fingers pressed to the bridge of his nose, eyes closed tightly. A serpentine tongue flicks out several times, a nervous gesture. He makes a concerted effort to push Schuyler from his mind, away from the mental presence that is his own and yet not. "…That was a mistake. Do not do that again. Only madness and death is there." His voice is soft, and not at all condescending. But there is a warning note there. He finally looks up, opening his blood-red eyes. Just in time to see Rain's accusatory look. And he… smirks. "That was not my doing," he replies. "Your brother dug a bit too deeply into something he should not have. How would you say it? He opened Pandora's Box. But there is no hope inside it. Only death."

Schuyler would wave his sister off, but even as he lifts the back of his hand to his nose and it comes away bloody, he's a little freaked out. That hasn't happened before. He did ask for it, but he wasn't prepared for what met him inside the older teen's mind. It's hard to sign with one hand as the other is still trying to keep blood from gushing down his face…and he's not mentally responding to anything the others have said.

One of the librarians may notice something going on sooner or later…maybe.

Sky is actually not entirely sure what to do…or if he should do something. Moving might be a bit of an effort as his head is still pounding from the mental attack he asked for.

Seeing the bloody nose, Rain quickly doffs her pack and digs out some tissues from it and hands a wad of them to Sky. She can sense that mental communication is going to be a no-go for a bit so she grabs his non-bloodied hand to direct it to pinch his nose, while the tissue is put in the other hand and directed to staunch the bleeding. "Blame can be saved for later." and there will be blame, though she knows her brother so at least 1/2 of it will land on him "Just help me get him in a chair." sounds like an order.

Ryuunosuke does notice the nosebleed, and frowns. There's concern there, which might seem odd given the thing that's inside his mind. He reaches into a pocket and pulls out a handkerchief. Then he stands and steps a bit closer to Schuyler. Only close enough that he can offer the handkerchief. "Douzo," he offers quietly as he makes to hand the cloth to Schuyler. Though Rain's quicker with the tissues. Ryuunosuke nods to her order though, perhaps surprisingly not protesting. No instead he prepares to assist Rain in getting her brother into a chair.

Schuyler's hands go where his sister tells them to go and he takes the wad of tissues, pressing them against the nose that he's pinching. As Ryuu moves to help, grey eyes look at him for a moment before he offers a simple nod. Maybe it acknowledges the help, maybe he's affirming that he shouldn't have done that, maybe it's even a sign of respect for whatever he's dealing with.

The help into the chair is accepted and he obviously wants to cradle his aching head…but his hands are occupied! This is frustrating and painful. A glance goes from Rain to her purse and back…pills? Does she have the pills?

Well at least she is getting help with her brother, that helps restore some of the bad feelings Rain has about Ryuu. "Excuse me?" she asks as she gets Sky settled into the chair with the assist. She clearly didn't understand whatever it was that was said. She glances at her own hands, slightly bloody from helping with the bleeding and plucks the hanky from Ryuu if it is still being offered, to wipe her hands off. "Yes." she says a loud to Sky with a nod, answering a question that he didn't even ask, outloud at least.

Ryuunosuke actually seems to be contrite, given the way his brows are busily knitting a sweater above his eyes. Figuratively speaking, of course. And once Schuyler's settled, he offers, "Gomen." Pause. "…I mean. Sorry." He isn't really aware that Schuyler can't hear him. And having a massive headache probably isn't too conducive to being able to lip-read successfully. Particularly not when the person you're trying to lip-read isn't a native English speaker. Hopefully Rain can translate. "I was offering my handkerchief," he explains. "I'm sorry. English is not my first language. I, 'defo'… 'default' to Japanese." And indeed, the handkerchief is still being offered, to Rain now if Schuyler doesn't need it.

Schuyler tries to both pinch his nose and hold the bloody tissues in one hand so that he can hold out a hand to his sister for said pill since she nodded that she had it. He's still obviously in pain, but he catches sight of Ryuu's apology and he nods, at least catching the word. It's also waved off as he gestures to himself. This was his doing and he knows it. It doesn't mean he's apologizing for prodding just yet, however. Right now though he just needs his pill and he needs to get his nosebleed to stop.

Rain is quickly digging for Sky's medicine as Ryuu explains himself "It's as much his fault as yours." now that the initial shock is past and Sky has nothing more than a headache and a bloody nose she isn't as upset by it "This isn't the first time this has happened to us." us, not him. She drops the pill in his hand and then offers her warm bottle of water "You would think he would have learned after the first or even second time this happened."

Ryuunosuke catches the meaning of Schuyler's pantomime, more or less. And he nods. Then he's starting to think, maybe Schuyler can't hear him? It'd explain why he used the mental broadcast rather than speaking. Rain's words draw his attention, and he nods. "There's something inside of me, trapped there, that's… unpleasant." He pauses, long enough to push a sleeve up just a little. Just enough to see the tattoos on that arm. "It's not something one should go digging for. I should have warned him first." Here he dips his head. "Let me go get a nurse. If only to see that his nosebleed is all right, or make sure there will be no more physical complications." He's warring with a need to escape, too. But he pauses to wave to the pair, mainly for Schuyler's benefit. H does stay long enough to hear farewells. But then he's out the door like a shot.

Schuyler pops the pill into his mouth and takes a swig of the warm water to wash it down. It's almost as if just taking the pill itself is a relief even before it has a chance to stop working. The bleeding starts to slow, allowing Sky to remove the wad of tissues from his nose, leaving him with some sniffles. Grey eyes blink as Ryuu takes off and he glances once to Rain before he cradles his head in his hands. Yes, that was stupid. He learned something, but that was indeed stupid.

The female Masters twin doesn't seem as surprised by that as one would think "Yes.' a hand comes up to rub her own temple "Quite a nosy entity too." yep, she heard it, "Worse than Rissa's even." a lot worse, and Rissa's isn't a demon more like an alien symbiote if her understanding is correct. "Or perhaps one should go digging around in the first place." there is a pointed glance at Sky and her tone is chastising. "Thank you." she says when he offers to get the nurse. Despite the chastising she is still sympathetic to Sky and rubs his back a bit, ignoring her own headache for the time being, since his is twice if not three times as bad.

Schuyler isn't interested in seeing the nurse…no hospital or hospital-like places for him! Not since the Lightning strike. Instead, he'll just trying to get Rain to help him back to his room so he can crash for the rest of the night. He'll wake up hungry in the morning, but the headache should be gone. The nosebleed will have to be addressed another time.

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