(2016-12-12) Pillows and Traditions
Pillows and Traditions
Summary: Gabrielle and Besa have a conversation about some of our modern holiday traditions.
Date: IC Date (2016-12-12)
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OOC: The logs for this scene were lost when not one but both players suffered crashes. So the following is a summary of the scene for record-keeping purposes and to remind Gabrielle's player about what took place since said player has the worst memory in the world.

Thinking that Besa is still in the infirmary after being shot Gabrielle arrives with a hand-made get-well gift. And she finds Besa there having blood drawn through pure coincidence since he was released from the infirmary a few days before. After delivering the gift (a pillow with a light tan pillow case which a comical story hand-embroidered along the open edge that depicts Besa arriving at the infirmary, being treated, and being released in fake hieroglyphs followed by a 'Get Well Soon!' done in a font similar to Word's Papyrus) the conversation changes to talk about holiday plans.

When Besa mentions that he will be going home with the twins to celebrate Christmas and New Years Gabrielle starts to tease him about the various kissing traditions, making the boy think he may have to kiss Rain. But she's too soft-hearted to keep the joke going and ultimately gives Besa a more coherent, realistic explanation of the New Year's kiss and the mistletoe traditions.

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