(2016-12-12) Drama Dump
Drama Dump
Summary: It's drama bomb Besa.
Date: 2016-12-12
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Besa's been fairly absent this weekend, but he's not gone anywhere, his coat was ruined! The Egyptain teen has just had a lot to think about, to decide. But now it's Monday before classes and he thinks he needs an ear, so he sits outside the Athena down, feet softly scuffing the floor as he waits for Rain. And hopefully just rain. He likes Charlotte, but sometimes he just needs his friend. not friend plus one.

Rain on the other hand has been spending a large amount of time studying. Even at meal times she has her face in a book or is taking notes. At the moment she is sans book, after tripping a few times and running into people she has deemed reading and walking at the same time hazardous to her health. As she comes from the dorm she is Charlotte free too, with the other being an Ares she is probably off in her own dorm "Morning Besa." she greets him warmly as she adjusts the straps of her pack on her shoulders so it doesn't wrinkle her clothing. She is somewhat surprised to find him waiting for her "Is everything alright?"

Besa smiles, maybe a bit too quickly, "Oh…yes. Everything is good. How are you Rain?" Strangely, he doesn't stand, instead he scoots over for her to sit down, "Are you very hungry?"

There is a dubious look at his answer, finding this a bit to odd to take the answer at face value, but Rain isn't going to complain, not with how she has been herself lately. "I'm alright." her eyes are a little bloodshot, to many late nights studying but she doesn't seem unwell. She moves to take a sit, recognizing the offer for what it is. The pack is removed and set at her feet. "Not like Sky always is no." she gives a bit of a smirk "I'm in no hurry. What's up?"

Besa's gaze picks up the red eyes and his heard tilts worriedly, "Are you sure? Have you not been sleeping well?" He wishes he could help her! A hand reaches out to touch her arm, "If there is anything i can do to help…please let me know." But then the dreaded question. "I…need your help understanding something." He glances around, nervously, "I told Schuyler something…and he then went and told Whitley. Is that common? Do I need to specify when I do not wish for something to be shared?"

"To many late nights and early mornings." Rain explains to him as she puts a hand over his to emphasis her assurance "Once mid-terms are over I'll sleep a few days and I'll be back to normal." she then nods as he continues, a brow furrowing as she listens to the situation and specifically at what her brother did, she doesn't approve. "Well it is not uncommon. There are people that will do that and there are some that won't." there is a pause "I guess my brother is falling into the will category." there is a slight shake of head. "He didn't mess anything up did he?"

Besa nods, "The break will help." Hopefully she will be able to sleep at her home! He smiles, reassured by the touch. Dark eyes look down, not wanting to say anything bad about Sky. He just knows now. "No…Whitley seems to understand…" He sighs, feeling suddenly foolish. "It was nothing important." But then his cheeks start to turn pink, "Do…do you think you could help me pick out an outfit? Whitley is going to help me pick out a new coat…" And he needs help with an outfit for that?!?

Oh the conundrum, to pry or not to pry. Rain hasn't been as privy to what is going on as her brother, though she probably knows more than one would assume "If it is worrying you this much, it was very important. Otherwise…" well the otherwise is obvious. There is another nod with a mix of confusion "Of course I will. From what you already have? Or will we be shopping?" shopping for clothes to go shopping in, that's right up her alley.

Besa assumes she knows everything. he doesn't get upset when the twins share. He takes a deep breath, "I have been…considering leaving after the school year…he told Whitley that. It is not something I would not have told him, just…' he shrugs and then sighs. "No…from what I have. I do not have enough coin to buy new clothes and a new coat." This whole thing sucks. His free hand raises and he rubs his face, so much confusion! "I am sorry Rain, I am being a drama dump." he's so close. "You are doing alright? How is Charlotte?"

"Sky likes to think he is helping, but sometimes it seems he is only helping himself." Rain tells Besa "And in this case he is helping himself not lose another friend." this part she seems to understand "You would have rather Whitley heard it from you and not Sky." there is a bit of a sigh "Well I never claimed I didn't like a challenge." and getting a stylish outfit out of what he has will be that. She may have to beg, borrow and steal a few things, but she'll make it work! "Drama bomb." she doesn't seem upset that he is though "Welcome to being a teenager!" apparently drama is a rite of passage. There is a frown at the mention of Charlotte and then a guilty look "I guess she is?" Rain has been neglectful of a lot of things, "Sorry I haven't been to social lately."

Besa sighs, not making eye contact. He knows this sucks for them too. "Sometimes I wonder if I have done more damage by becoming friends. You will both hate me when I leave. Whitley will hate me…Everyone will be angry." A small tremble goes through his arm and he tries to pull it away from Rain before she notices. He doesn't seem as excite snow for the outfit, "I can wear what i wore for Thanksgiving. That was nice." More of Sky's hand me downs. It's a good thing he's smaller than Sky, or he'd have his school uniform, and that's it! He nods, trying to log the words for next time. "It is alright. I have not either."

Well that stings a bit "I didn't realize I seemed so petty to you." while he avoids eye contact she is looking right at him, eye contact or no. "That I would hate a person because of their situation instead of who they are and how they treat others." she isn't denying the upset bit, though angry probably isn't an apt description. She isn't going to hold his hand captive if he wants it back she will let him have it. "It was nice, but not quite shopping appropriate."

Besa winces, "No…I did not mean it that way!" Damn it, he's just making this worse! "My priest always said…" It doesn't matter what they said, he seems to deflate, starring at his own fingers. He just nods, Rain will know better than he would about outfits. 'Oh…ok."

"Your priests said what they had to, to keep you in line and willing." Rain isn't mincing words this morning. Maybe she gets more blunt when she hasn't had much and/or good sleep. "Besa, the best thing you can do right now is just not think about the end of school, next month or even next week. Just focus on today and what you can do now that will make you happy. You have that right, no matter what anyone says, even the priests."

Besa winces, partially because h doesn't know if Rain if right or not. His fingers twitch in his lap. He nods softly, but then asks the million dollar question, "You believe me…about the need for the sacrifice, right?" He doesn't think Sky does. And Whit …he has no idea what Whit thinks.

Rain doesn't answer immediately, she hmmms thoughtfully at first "Yes I believe you." there is a but there of course and here it comes "I also believe that it isn't that simple and that there has to be an alternative besides plunging a dagger through your chest." she chews her lip a moment "I mean if it were as simple as a sacrifice, wouldn't anyone do?

Besa looks up, clearly relieved to get the support, but then it's pulled out from underneath him. He adds, probably not helping his case, "It is not always a dagger." Not helping at all. "From what I can remember, the demon is…particular." He's been remembering more, which isn't a good sign. He looks back down at his fingers, trying to change the subject. "It is just the mall, I do not need an outfit. If it is going to be a bother, do not worry about it."

Definitely not helping but Rain leaves the method of sacrifice alone. She would rather not think about what other ways it could be done. "From what little I have heard and read most demons are on the picky side." she does believe that as well "I didn't expect yours to be an exception, I can hope though right?" is that so wrong? "Hopefully you can remember the demon's name soon so we will at least know who we are dealing with." we being the key thing there. She reaches over to put a hand on his shoulder "We have your back though, no matter what." though in different fashions it seems." being more sensitive and pliable than her brother she will let the subject change "When has putting together outfits or anything about clothing or fashion ever been a bother to me?" never…that's when!

Besa can't help it, his hand reaches up and rubs his chest nervously. He frowns softly, unsure if it would eva good thing if it could be just anyone. That's a lot of lives cut short. He seems to be trying to pull into himself, he seems smaller. The touch has him turn his head to look at her, sad eyes study her. He's so torn, he loves feeling like he's not alone, but… He worries they have false hope. Her clothes question gets a small quirk at the corner of his mouth. "It does not have to be fancy." He has no idea besides the mall what they'll be doing, anyway. "I would like it if it could be something I could wear my sweater with." It's cold, and he'll have no coat.

Rain glances down at his hand on his chest. She gives a frown but it fades quickly, that will be brought up later, maybe over break. "Don't worry, we'll get you into something that will work for the occasion," she has an suspicion this is a date, but is pretty sure that Besa hasn't realized that yet..or if he has doesn't want to admit it or think of it that way. Which is probably why she hasn't mentioned going or invited herself on this shopping trip. "An oxford would be great under a sweater. A turtle neck too, but you aren't fifty or an english professor, so no on that." she glances up at his hair "Would you like me to do something with your hair for this outting?"

That's totally what it is. He can't wrap his head around going on a date and breaking the forbiddenness of it. Thinking about it makes his head hurt and his heart pound. Which in turn makes his chest hurt. He just blinks, clothes are Rain's realm so he just nods. His hair though, that gets some thought, "I think….it will be cold, and I will be wearing a hat. So…no?" He looks at her to see if that's the right answer.

"Did you want to do a tie or not? Either way is good, but I'll have to dig one up unless you want it to be your school tie. Sky has a number of them you can borrow if you want." typical sister, lending out her brother's stuff without even asking "What type of hat?" she asks him, since that is clearly important.

Besa isn't sure, that much is apparent. "Do I want to wear a tie? Is that too…formal?" He doesn't have the fedora anymore (He loses a lot of clothes in fights!), "my knitted hat." It's brown, the one she helped him pick out at the thrift store. Now that the conversation is off of his eventual demise, he seems to be relaxing some.

Rain shakes her head "A neck tie no, a bow tie yes." especially for just going shopping. "Your knitted cap is pretty neutral in color, it shouldn't clash with whatever we decide on." she seems pretty sure about that "And contrary to what some believe you shouldn't sacrifice warmth for fashion. Becoming a Besa sized popsicle is no fun."

Besa thinks, "I do not have a bow tie. So I will do a neck tie." His school one, or maybe one of Sky's. Poor Sky, he's going to get raided. He agrees, maybe a bit too quickly, "No….I do not wish to be cold." A pause and then he offers her a soft smile, "Thank you, Rain."

"They are becoming quite fashionable." bowties that is "But at our age we have very little reason to where them." not like there are very many formal occasions for 14 year olds. "There may be one or two over the Christmas break, but we will deal with that when the time comes." she did mention a charity event or two may be happening. "Anytime Besa. You ready to head to breakfast now?"

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