(2016-12-05) First Date Jitters
First Date Jitters
Summary: Schyuler and Charlotte have their first date. One of them tries too hard.
Date: IC Date (2016-12-05)
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Schuyler wasn't sure if Charlotte was going to stick to the plan he learned of for their first date, but Sky dressed for it just in case. Sort of. He's wearing his usual black, of course, complete with black skinny jeans, black boots, a long, black wool jacket, and a dark purple scarf. To help keep warm, he's actually wearing a slouchy knit cap which means his hair may not have been specially gelled today. Either that, or he gelled it so much that the hat won't affect it. Fingerless gloves are likewise black, maybe to show off polished nails.

Wherever they agreed to meet, he's there a little early, pacing a little nervously as this is the first time he's ever done something like this.

When the taxi arrives at their agreed meeting place, Charlotte is dressed in a warm peacoat style coat. The only hint of the dress she wears beneath it is a hint of lilac at the bottom of her legs. Obviously not somthing to go ice skating in since he learned of that plan and she had to change it. Her hair is gently curled in the back and pinned up with a winter orchid as she put on just a touch of make up, her pale lips touched with a hint of pink to allow them to stand out against her light colored skin, and a small trail of light blue beneath her eyes, counteracting with the smoke on the upper part of her eye to make her blue eyes stand out further. She carries with her a small clutch, and she smiles warmly as she sees Schuyler and moves to approach him.

"Allo!" She greets, her fingers covered in full wool gloves, perhaps to protect her own manicure. "I believe I suggested that you pick the first destination for our evening?" with that, the young woman offers her arm to be taken after paying the cabbie for the ride into town.

Her appearance gets a stare as he tries not to drop his jaw. He's finally able to sign, 'You look amazing…' before he finds the focus to offer it mentally, just to her. He lets out his breath with a plume due to the cold but then blinks a couple of times. «You did? I thought we were going ice skating?» Oh. Uh, Sure, he can think of something really quick…assuming that they're open. Seeing as she doesn't seem to be dressed for outside, he wracks his brain to what might be around. «There's a Holiday Art Festival…but will you be warm enough?»

Sky does take her offered arm after he realizes that's what she's doing.

Feeling his arm slip into hers, Charlotte smiles warmly. "Merci." she offers to the compliment of her appearance. Everything is carefully set, prim, proper. She knows it's not just him she's auditioning for, it's a whole family in a way, - but she's the focus of her attentions. She smells faintly of the same lilacs and orchids that she wears, with a touch of sandalwood and jasmine. "An art festival sounds lovely. I am wearing some warmer clothes, I should be fine." she asssures her date, using her free hand to grip his for a moment and turns her head to offer a sincere smile. "Non. We were going skating until you heard about that, and I had to change my plans." she winks as she gestures. "Lead on, monsieur, I will be your very willing arm candy." she says with a small giggle.

That perfume is nearly intoxicating…and it's not helping Sky's focus. Of course, at the beginning of this season, the festival is likely to be fairly crowded; either Sky forgot about it or he's willing to suffer the inevitable headache in order to spend time with Charlotte. «It's…it's hard to keep secrets from me,» he admits, «I can't help it sometimes.» His fingers twitch a little as if he wants to sign. He'll walk along to the Town Center, though, as it's not far at all. «You're not arm candy. That implies that you're nothing more than an ornament. And you're so much more.» He can't help but blush at that.

"Are you sure you will be alright with being in a group?" Charlotte asks, she knows of his feelings about groups as they walk. "I know that you cannot protect yourself from the thoughts of others. And.. I want to apologize for the other day. It was mean of me to plant that thought in your head, and probably made me look as too forward." she admits, finding it her turn to blush. "For the record, I tend to wear rather conservative underwear. I figure noone's going to see it, so why spend a lot on it?" She's still a bit of a spendthrift, after all. As he speaks on her being arm candy, she smiles bittersweetly. "That is nice for you to say, but I am the arm candy of a whole nation." she points out, reaching up with her finger for a moment to flick the small French coins she wears at her ears.

«I can, but it's a total shield and it would mean I couldn't talk with you,» is offered with a little smile. «I'll figure it out.» She's worth getting a headache for, apparently. The apology causes another blush to his cheeks and she continues to talk about underwear. Uhm. «You aren't arm candy to them. You're a symbol of hope. Of everything that makes France amazing. You're the spirit of your country and that's not Arm Candy. Arm Candy is just…being pretty and you're more than that.»

Gosh, it was only a couple of seconds, she could have spent hours talking about thongs and boy shorts and and.. ahem. Charlotte smiles as Schyuler attempts to bolster her confidence. "That's sweet, Sky. Thank you." He's rewarded with a quick kiss to the cheek as they approach the art show. "Oh, you think they have some hot chocolate?" she asks curiously, trying to stand on her tiptoes to look as she walks along with the young man. "Rain told me a little about what you went through to get where you are today. I wanted to say I am in awe and so proud of you for standing up for your sister like that. It speaks volumes of how large your heart really is, and how giving your spirit is."

«It's true. I can't lie with the mind-speech.» And he does seem serious about it until the kiss comes and he blushes again. She makes it so hard to think! Sky is quiet as they walk along and he listens. The mention of hot chocolate has him steering to a pop-up cafe that is offering the warm drink, «What did she tell you?» and there's a little wariness behind that question. «Did she tell you how she stood up for me when they didn't want me to try to find my powers?»

"She did not!" Charlotte admits in surprise as she smiles over at him. "Perhaps you will be willing to fill in the blanks. I fear my story is nowhere near as exciting." There's a grin at that with the girl moving to fish out her wallet to pay for the hot chocolate, after all she made the suggestion. "And if you see something here you think Rain may like, let me know? She's my best friend, but I'm still learning a lot about her." She laughs a little. "She said in a way, dating you is like dating her."

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Good Success.

Schuyler gestures for Charlotte to put her wallet away. He's got this. His own wallet is on a silver chain and is pulled out so he can pay for the two hot chocolates. She can order, however. It'll just be easier. A nod is given to her request about something Rain might like…that he could probably do. Speaking to her now is going to take a little more effort since he doesn't want to project his voice to other. «Well, she's a new best friend. It's understandable. You two have something in common or you wouldn't be friends so quickly, so I think you could use that too.» There's a lift of his eyebrow at the laugh and the comment about dating both of them. «I…there are some things I don't share with Rain.» And he's blushing again.

Fine. He's got this. For now. Charlotte puts her wallet away. "Do you like whipped cream or marshmallows?" she asks, totally not a loaded question as she orders two hot chocolates and turns her attention back to them as they talk. "I'm sure I'll find something that she likes." the young woman says before she considers for a moment. And then she asks, trepadaciously, actually worriedly. "I know that Besa said that he cannot date.. but are he. I mean, is he interested in Rain? Not that it's bad thing. I just didn't want to show in on whatever it is between them because I just came in like I did and suddenly I do not know.. I just, you know.." she shrugs and shows the first sign of her insecurity. "I do not want to cause issues."

Schuyler nods and grins in response to the question about toppings for his hot cocoa. So, both? With cocoa in one hand, Sky actually takes a little initiative and slides his arm from Charlotte's and instead offers his hand to hold. It's new for him to do something like this and he's trying not to be so terrified of her. The question about Besa has that smile fading and he shakes his head, «I don't think he likes her that way. I think he likes Whitley but is still firm on not dating. I hoped he'd be interested in Rain but I don't think he is.» He did try though. «You haven't caused issues. I think Rain is amused.»

Leading the way to the sidebar where the toppings are, she's totally a whipped cream girl, and she adds some nutmeg and cinnamon. "Amused by us?" Charlotte asks curiously as the girl stirs in the whipped cream before taking a sip. Once she's satisifed it's to her liking, one hand takes up her cup, and the other hand accepts the one offered to her. A grin is swiftly offered as she squeezes his hand and then ahs softly. "Well, as someone told me, there are several different types of love, and I think Besa loves you both that way, at least, that's what I feel." the young woman points out.

If it's a serve-yourself topping bar he'll add marshmallows, whipped cream, and some chocolate shavings. When Charlotte takes his hand and gives it a squeeze, he looks to her and offers a somewhat hesitant smile. «Yeah, although…mostly me. That I get so flustered around you.» He can't stop blushing! At least it's cold so maybe people think his cheeks are pink from that? «Besa is family.» As if that's all that needs to be said about that. «Is this ok? I wanted to take you to a museum, but I don't think there's one here.»

"Well, I will just have to spend more time with you that you get so used to me and then you'll be tired of me and we'll break up and it will be terrible." Charlotte mock-swoons, the girl giggles afterwards and nods. "That's what I was worried about interupting." she finally says. "The three of you have the tightest of bonds. I am just me." she says with a little smile as she takes a sip from her cup and then smiles. "An art show is just fine. But can I make a confession?"

«That would be fast since we just sort of started dating…» and it's the first date, so doubly awkward! «I don't know that I could get tired of you,» is admitted before Sky quickly goes to his hot cocoa. Not that it stops him from talking. It's part of the whole schtick of not using his physical voice. «We're just close because we've known Besa longer. You're Rain's best friend. That means a lot. And I like that you're 'just you'…» and there's that flush again. Grey eyes manage to peer back up from the shrinking mound of whipped cream and he tilts his head as she asks to make a confession.

There's a smile, and for once, it's Charlotte's that's blushing as she reaches up to brush back some of her bangs as the blonde considers Schyuler for a moment. "I did not grow up rich." she says finally. "It was not until my powers manifested and I was taken as a ward and sidekick of someone that had money and power that I first started to learn of the upper society. I just want to make sure that the girl that you see, that you may like.. she's had some polish put on her, but under it, I still put on tennis shoes, sweats, and work out obsessively. I can get mood swings based on who I'm around. I just want to make sure that you know who I am fully before you fall in love with me." She teasingly winks at the last part, clearly mentally poking him.

It might be a little too late for that last bit, but he's not going to admit anything yet. It's the First Date, after all! Sky watches Charlotte's face, focusing on her as well as her thoughts. «Do you think that matters to me? I like you for -you-. You could be wearing sweat pants now and I'd still think you look amazing.» People are going to think he's sunburned for all that he's blushing so much.

It is so the first date! Charlotte laughs and gives him a slight nudge. "You have not even come to my part of the date yet - though we could postpone that." she offers to her as the young woman starts to look over the various works of street art. "Are you more of a painting or sculpture type?"

«I'm game for your part…although if it's rock climbing, I may be a disappointment and then you'll want to dump me,» he can play at that too. Sky does give a little smirk before he looks over at the works being offered, «Ink right now. I don't like clay as much as Besa does and I'd rather build something than throw it. I want to do something with 3-D printing if they'll let me.»

"Ink like.. tattoos?" Charlotte asks, a sudden rise in her curiosity evident. Could she possibly /have/ one? "Why would someone not let you use the 3-D printers?" the girl lifts her brow in thought. "Unless you get mad and throw it." Grinning, the girl gets a little blush. "How can I dump someone that's not even asked me to be his girlfriend yet?" she points out. "After all, it's still the first date, not quite time to discuss how many kids I want." Then there's a little smirk to her lips. "Do I look like I am dressed for rock climbing?" Which isn't fair, she hasn't taken off her coat yet.

«Oh, I like tattoos! But India Ink. Ink pens…ink washes…black and white.» It's very stark…black, white, and grey. Not a lot of color for him. Maybe it's easier? «I'm a Freshman. 3-D printers are expensive. They might with supervision, I still need to ask.» He didn't feel like he had the clout yet to try such a thing. Her grin and words get him blushing a little deeper, «I figured…we should be alone some before…uhm…that…and you may…think I'm boring or something…» it's certainly been a fear. His eyes then glance up and down, noting what she's wearing from head to toe, «I don't know? You're wearing a coat…» but she does look really cute.

For a moment, Charlotte looks thoughtful. Then she sets down her cup on one of the small persipices for the lights, and unties her coat and unbuttons it. When she opens it, she's dress in a full lilac colored dress that makes her pale skin stand out more. With an opening that dips down between her breasts, it shows off plenty while hiding much more, the chain of coins around her neck a silver line that stands out easily against her skin. The waist is hemmed in tightly around her and flairs into a pleated dress that trains down to her ankles. "I thought we could go dancing." she says as she moves to pull the coat back into place.

«You…look…really nice…» Sky manages, signing as he's not sure he'll be able to get the words out. He tilts his head and manages to pull his gaze back to her face, «You've been talking to Rain,» when dancing is mentioned, but he nods. He's good with that. «I only know of the one club…»

Closing her coat back up, Charlotte smiles. "The club is not what I had in mind." she says simply and cryptically as she takes up her cup again and blushes faintly. "Thank you, I was hoping you would approve." the young woman offers. "So you like Ink, and 3D printers. What is your favorite music?" she asks. "I play the piano, and admit my guilty pleasure is pop music. Especially things with up tempos."

Now his curiosity is piqued. He isn't exactly wearing dancing shoes, but he should be able to make do? Maybe? Sky also works on his cocoa but he gives a little sputter at her question about music. There's a tilt to his head before he frowns a little into the cup, «Loud with a heavy bass? Then I can feel it.»

There's a look of understanding as Schyuler speaks of being able to feel the music. Pausing for a moment, her hand withdraws before Charlotte rests it over his heart and looks across to him. "I think maybe if we could find a way to make sound waves vibrate, perhaps that would help more than listening to something loud, or full of base. We'll just have to make sure that the vibrations are strong and close enough that you can feel them through you." she offers with a warm smile. "For now, however, I fear I may have to do much of the leading tonight." she says as she glances down at her watch and smiles. "It is nearly the time for our appointment." Wait, appointment? She's a secretive little thing, and she's being very careful at the moment.

He looks down at the hand pressed against his heart and, a little slowly, he places his over her's. Talk about not being able to breathe again! It takes Sky a moment to gather his wits before he can offer, «I can pick the rhythm up from you,» as if he's had experience picking it up from others before. There's another tilt of his head, «Appointment?»

"Yep!" Charlotte says cheerfully, capturing the young man's hand and her cocoa that she tosses the empty cup away as she takes out her cellphone to make a phone call. As she does so, she smiles a little nervously. "We need to kinda be private for this. But.. you trust me, right?" she asks the young man curiously enough as she's tugging him aside and away from the crowd. She could be a axe murderer, after all, but it's doubtful. Maybe. She could be a cereal killer.

Schuyler would probably know if she was an axe murderer unless she hid her thoughts -really- well! He finishes his own cocoa as he's tugged along, «Private?» is asked and that blush redoubles. What kind of dancing will they be doing? «I trust you…I think?»

It's not the kind of dancing.. it's where. Snuggling in close to Schyuler once they're alone, Charlotte smiles and considers for a moment, before placing a firm kiss on his mouth. There's no open mouth to it, it's mainly to distract and keep him focused on her, and not the fact that she's lifting him off the ground and they are gently rising higher and higher, towards the rooftops, before she releases the kiss once they are at the proper height. "…first time I tried this with a passenger!" she admits with a giggle, her face blushing furiously.

Distraction achieved. Frankly, it was one of the things he was a little terrified of happening seeing as he's only seen this sort of stuff on television and movies! It's certainly a good way to get him to stop thinking. It might even take him a few moments for his brain to restart after that flood of seratonin and adrenaline.

Once he -is- able to think, Charlotte's words register and he looks around. Whoa. He's not sure mental speech could even convey what's going on in his head right now. «Don't drop me!» is finally managed as he holds on tightly to her.

"Not in a million years." Charlotte promises. It's only a short flight to a small rooftop nearby. There's a little propane heater set up and a table on top of a local restaurant and the young girl smiles. "Sometimes it's good to be a member of the French heiarchy, in a way." she says, having pulled some serious strings to make this part work as she sets them down gently on the roof. There's already plates set out for them, and a radio for music. She pulled out all the stops.

Wow. His date idea seems piddly compared to what she cooked up! Sky staggers a little as they land, but he doesn't fall over. That was odd. And not horrible. And his lips are still sort of buzzing from that kiss. Are teenagers supposed to be this romantic? «You didn't need to do this…» is offered as he looks about at the set up. «It's amazing and I'm very impressed. Just…just because my family is wealthy and higher status doesn't mean that's what I expect or want.» Aside from having a fairly limitless allowance, he likes to think he's fairly down to earth.

And that's what causes Charlotte's shoulders to slump, just a hint. It's not being romantic - she's just trying to be as impressive as he and his sister have been to her. Realizing she may have messed up, the young woman reaches up to grab the back of her head. "Sorry." she manages, almost a whisper, if it wasn't so /forward/ on her mind. She really was just trying to keep up and pulled out all the stops, when she should have just been the simple girl she knows she is. It shows clearly on her face.

Schuyler reaches to take Charlotte's hand, «It's amazing. You're amazing. You leave me speechlees…or thoughtless so much. You probably think I'm stupid and clumsy.» He gives her hand a squeeze, «Don't be sorry for anything. It's wonderful. And I'm looking forward to dancing with you.» It's like they're in a movie.

Using her free hand to wipe her eyes, Charlotte nods slowly, "You are biased." she manages in her thick accent. "I just wanted to try to show you that I was interested, as well." she admits quietly. She doesn't bother with the radio. Instead, she moves to take off her coat and settles into her lilac dress she was wearing beneath. It's a proper fitting dress, with fluted shoulders and three-quarter length sleeves. Her gloves join shortly afterwards, the girl's nails manicured in clearcoat. Stepping up to him, she offers his arms, waiting for him to accept, the wind dying down enough for the young woman to shine on her own.

«Maybe, but that doesn't mean it's the truth I see.» He steps in closer to also try and gently wipe any tears away. «I'm really bad at this dating thing. Our first date and I've already made you cry.» He really does feel bad about that. Sky watches as Charlotte removes her coat and gloves…the heater helps, but «Won't you be cold?» When she steps up and offers her arms, he takes them but pauses. «What dance are we doing?»

Charlotte draws in a breath and reaches up to tap Schyuler's nose with her finger. "No, I made myself cry by setting a stupid expectation." she points out as she settles one hand into his, the other set upon his shoulder. "A simple waltz." she says, opening her mind to lead him in the steps, one-two step, one-two step. Even if he stumbles, she's patient with him, trying to regain her earlier composure.

There's a look of confusion as Charlotte mentions an expectation and he would reply, but then she's set herself into the dance position and opens her mind to help lead him. A Waltz. He's seen those on television and in the movies, especially the old movies his mother likes to watch. It may take him a moment to get the hang of the steps and the rhythm, and he may stumble a couple of times, but eventually he gets the timing and the movement. There may be a little power struggle as he tries to take the lead once he feels confident in how the dance should go.

She needed to distract herself from her silliness and all, and a dance does it just fine. Charlotte shows and leads a couple of more times and then when she feels the gentle tug of him trying to asert himself as the lead, the girl nods with a smile as she relinquishes her lead to him, more than willing to follow him in her own steps.

The thing is, once Sky has the rhythm, he's able to keep it really well. Maybe it's an internal thing…maybe he's really good with timing and feeling a pulse. For whatever reason, even though they don't have music guiding them, he's keeping that waltz. It's just not like how he sees it in the movies…not yet. There's a lift of his arm and a gentle push from his hand on her waist as he goes to twirl her even as he keeps that step going. He'll even twirl her a few more times within the dance before he actually begins to shift direction. Now the Waltz is much more like the waltzes he's seen!

The girl gives a sudden laugh as she's twirled, Charlotte's skirts flaring slightly at her ankles as she finds herself returned each time to Schuyler's gaze and the girl for the first time finds herself feeling the heat of flush that he's usually carrying around him and sort of speechless as she takes him in with this new light and rhythm. Her hand moves to twine their fingers and she gives a quick squeeze before she's twirled again, illiciting another near giddy laugh from her. She's not just mirroring his emotions at the moment - she's showing her own.

While he can't hear the laugh, he can see it on her face and maybe sense it in her thoughts and it makes him smile as well. Not a wry smirk or arrogant little grin, but a genuine smile. It's not something many have seen at the school and not even something his family has seen in a long while…certainly not after his Quest. As they whirl around in the waltz, their fingers twined and eyes meeting, it just seems to be a perfect moment. Just one of more to come, he hopes, for after another minute or so of whirling and waltzing, he brings it to a close with a low dip. He saw it in the movies!'

Charlotte's former guard completely collapses under the gentleness, fun, and wryness that Schyuler is so willing to share with her. So much so that she's no longer trying to be in control of the dance, and loses herself to it - that is until the young woman feels herself being dipped, she laughs and then her shoes slip out from under her as she lets out a squeal of surprise and shock that Schyuler has literally knocked her off her feet. She falls back into the snow covered roof and stares up at him, before she breaks out in even more laughter.

That doesn't happen in the movies! Sky reaches to try and catch her before she falls over, his expression turning quickly to one of concern even as he tries to grab her hand to help her up. But she's laughing? Is that good? Maybe the laughter, or even the feeling of the laughter is a little infectious because his smile finally returns as he tries to help her up. «Are you ok? I'm sorry!» He didn't drop her, did he?

Laying on her back in the snow, Charlotte spreads her arms and drags them with a cheerful laugh. She's making a snow angel before he moves to offer her his hand and the girl grabs a hold to be helped up. "I am fine!" she says with a smile as she lets out a breath, the air from her condescning into fog as it leaves her lips and she smiles beautifully at him. "You did really well, I slipped." she promises.

«But now you're all covered in snow!!» And it's cold out! And did she ruin her dress? He'd offer to help get the snow off, but that might be a little too forward. «We can move by the heater?» It might help dry the dress and keep her warm. He even looks to her coat, wondering if he should fetch it, but he kind of likes having their hands together. «Well, you sort of showed me what to do. I haven't done a lot of dancing like that before…»

Her dress will need a total dry cleaning. And even then it might be a lost cause. Charlotte allows herself to be led towards the heater as she shivers just a little. The young woman is still all smiles. "You are a fast learner." she admits with a smile as she draws in a breath. Wrapping her arms around herself, she breathes into her hands to warm them as she dances back and forth in front of the heater.

See, that just won't do. Sky quickly divests himself of his Goth-styled coat and goes to wrap it around Charlotte's shoulders. Maybe it'll help? Even so, it's the right thing to do; his parents would be proud that he had such manners. Her smile gets an almost shy one back, «I like dancing.» He just doesn't get to do it very often.

The jacket smells of him and while she has a perfectly good coat nearby, she's more than willing to pull his garment tightly around her and smiles up at him, her bangs yet from melted snow that causes some of the strands of hair to stick to her forehead as she considers him. "I could tell. You were very good at it after you had the hang of it." she points out with a smile. "I apologize again for going a little too far. I guess I just wanted to put my all into showing you that it was a mutual thing." She thinks.

«You don't need to apologize for anything. It's amazing.» And now he has a high bar for creativity. It's good to know she's willing to move beyond the typical 'pizza and a movie' date, even though that also could be amazing. A hand reaches out to brush some of the damp hair from her forehead, «I'm glad. I was a little scared that maybe you were just echoing me, but I'm glad.» Terrified, but he does seem to be happy. It's been a while.

"Thanks.." Charlotte says. And now, with his touch, she's the one at the loss for words. The girl swallows and looks up at him through his fingers and her eyes half-lid. Maybe she's seen the same movie and has an expectation of what's supposed to come next? Or she's just getting mixed signals again.

It's certainly going to make conversation easy…or hard…if they're both getting overwhelmed by each other. Maybe it's the look, maybe it's him picking up those thoughts and emotions from her, or maybe it's him gaining a little confidence but he leans in a little closer to go in for another kiss. It's not meant to distract this time, but he just felt that it needed to happen.

Conversation? What's that? When Schyuler pushes in, he'll find Charlotte quite willing. Her lips give way gently, pressed to his as her hands tighten for a moment at her chest and then move to curl her fingers into his shirt as she returns the gentle pressure with her own, and after a few haggared moments, reminds herself to breathe as she allows her eyes to close just to suck in the raw emotion of the moment.

Again, he's not terribly experienced at this; he never really even thought he'd like -anyone-…ever, much less at fourteen. Girls were icky, family excepted. And now Charlotte has joined that rare and elite group. As she touches his chest, he moves his arms to wrap about her and just hold her close. It may not be the steamiest of kisses, but it's certainly heartfelt. If Sky closes his eyes, however, it's only for a moment, allowing himself to be truly vulnerable with her.

Charlotte doesn't take advantage. Instead, she keeps him place for a few moments before she finally withdraws slightly to draw in a breath. "Goodness." she manages to say, her cheeks flared red - most of it having nothing to do with the cold as she glances down. "This.. that.. wow." See, she can get completely caught off guard, it seems.

Schuyler's own cheeks are flushed as well once they separate a little. Forming thoughts may take a few moments, but he nods in reply to her speechless commentary. There may be plates on the table, but right now, oddly enough, he's not even hungry. He actually kind of wants to dive back in for another kiss and she may not even need to be an empath to see that. But he doesn't yet. Instead, he just holds her close, his arms wrapped around her and when he finally manages to form words, he asks, «Do you mind that I don't talk?» Not in the 'normal' way, that is.

"Have I minded so far?" Charlotte asks, clearly finding the question silly as she leans up and kisses his chin, keeping herself close to him but trying not to cave in and pull him back in for more kisses. They're not even sixteen yet, silly hormones. Plus deep kisses lead to babies! And she's nowhere near ready for that. "Maybe I'll develop telepathy someday and can just talk back to you in return." she winks.

There's a little shake of his head as he acknowledges that she hasn't mentioned it at all. «You can thnk back at me if you want, but it means I'd have to get in your head, and…» there's a deep breath taken in and then let out, as if this is a big deal for him to say, «I won't do that unless you ask me.» She now garners that courtesy…one that very few are granted.

"Good, I'd hate to think on my underwear again." Charlotte clearly teases and then shivers. "Okay.. snow angel? Not a good idea. I better get back to the school, get a hot shower and get warmed up before the next date is in the infirmary because I have the flu." she admits as she sniffles slightly and finally withdraws to get her coat. "Walk me back to the school?" she asks quietly, hopefully.

«I never said you couldn't do that…» after all, now they're together! Not that it's not still exciting and tantalizing, but it's not -quite- as scary. Sky gives one of his wry little grins back before he goes to fetch her own coat so that she's not cold for too long. «Do you want to walk? We can call a cab or an Uber to get to the ferry?» Not that he won't mind spending the time with her. «You won't be too cold?»

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