(2016-12-02) That Isn't A Nice Thought
That Isn't A Nice Thought
Summary: Some of the talk is pleasant, the rest, not so much
Date: 2016-12-2
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

Lunch time on a Friday has the cafeteria in its usual excited for the weekend brand of chaos. There might be only 60 or so students at the school, but they are teenagers, and they have a tendency to be loud and boisterous. Coming from the food line with her tray of food Rain, as put together as she always is, glances around looking for the usual group she sits with, but they haven't shown up yet, its still early in the lunch period though.

One person who IS there is Alexander! Yes, of all people, Alexander, the half-dead one, who doesn't really need to eat. But that doesn't mean he can't. He's got a lunch in front of him, yes. But he's also got a book, and he's reading that as he eats, rather slowly. The book looks like it's very old, too. As he's sitting close to the exit of the food line, he glances up as Rain exits. And he offers a wave and a pleasant smile of greeting.

"Oh. Hello Alex." Rain greets pleasantly as she approaches in response to the waving "Want some company?" she gestures to the chair sorta across from him, giving the book a glance "What are you reading?" yes that is genuine curiosity in her voice.

Alexander nods. "Sure, if you like." He gestures to the rest of the table. He's sitting by himself. The question gets a smile. "It's a study on ionization of ectoplasmic matter. I haven't been able to measure the frequency of my own to see if it's similar." The smile turns into a grin. "Turns out 'Ghostbusters' was pretty close to the mark."

Setting her tray down first Rain sits down as she listens to the answer about the book "That has to be some fascinating reading." she is serious about that, reading is no joke to her "Is that something you can do yourself?" she asks as she opens her water "Wouldn't you need special equipment for that?" she gives an amused smile "Which one was more accurate though? The orginal or remake?"

With a sheepish look, Alexander admits, "I'm kind of a closet nerd." As for something he can do himself? "No, I'd need special equipment to do it. The stuff that paranormal researchers use. You've heard of the PKE meter, right? That's not exactly how it works, but it's close. It's basically just electricity." He tilts his head when she asks about the movies though. "I haven't seen the remake, but I can quote the original practically verbatim." He chuckles.

"Yeah? It's starting to get really crowded in there I bet." Rain is a nerd, but she isn't in the closest about it, though she certainly doesn't dress or look like it. She shakes her head a bit "Not outside of the movies no. EMF detectors and those things the Ghosthunters use, sure." sipping at her water she head tilts a bit "Is that something you can make?" she looks at him a little in disbelief at not watching the remake "You should. It was pretty good."

Alexander snickers at the mention of getting crowded. "Well, the nerd closet is only my part-time digs. I got a place in another closet too. Though don't tell anybody, I'm actually a squatter in that one." He raises a finger to his mouth. "Shh." He snickers. Though the mention of EMF detectors gets a nod. "Yeah, like those. Most of those only tell the presence or absence of energy, though. There are the really high-end ones tell how high the charge is, but those are expensive. But even the expensive ones don't read actual frequencies. And I'm not an engineer or anything like that, so I don't know how to build one that would." As for the remake? "I dunno. Everything I've heard points to it being a real 'girl power' sort of movie, and I'm not fond of those." Pause. "I mean… I'm not fond of 'gender power' in general. 'No girls allowed' or 'girls rule, boys drool'. Y'know?"

There aren't many figurative closets that Alex could be hiding in but Rain doesn't verbally take a guess. Instead she just makes the zipped lip motion with her fingers "No one will hear it from me." she nods at his explanation "I can see how that wouldn't help you. You could ask Button to help you come up with something. She is some kind of weird genius inventor." she sounds a bit leery in offering the suggestion, but if it will help Alex… "And I mean weird." but Rain thinks all but a couple of the girls around the school are weird. There is a slight frown that comes to her face "I think people are seeing messages in the movie that weren't intended when it was written. So all the leads are females, big deal. People are just pushing thier own values on something that is popular. All the original stars from the original make cameos. There is that."

Alexander rubs his chin a little in thought at the mention of Button. "I've never met Button, I don't think," he replies. "But I'll look her up, see if she can help me out a little. I mean, I can provide the thing that I'd like to be able to scan, so it shouldn't be too hard." He smiles. "Thanks. That's a really good idea." As for the movie itself? He tilts his head a little thoughtfully. "I think that's probably the biggest problem — the movie's being judged not on its own merits, but on the merits of the original movie. The original was a movie from the eighties. It's not the eighties anymore. Things had to change. The nostalgia glasses don't work for the remake. Wrong prescription." He chuckles. "But yeah. I think I could judge it on its own merits if I saw it."

Rain nods "Just be warned." but she doesn't say about what exactly, though she may have already hinted at it. "Right. There are some things that come back around like fashions, but '80s mentality won't be one of them" she points out, laughing at his glasses comment "Do they make glasses that strong?" she then goes back to the original topic of his the testing he wants to do, "What are you wanting to learn exactly with these tests?" that part is a bit unclear to her.

Alexander doesn't seem to have caught it. "Warned?" he inquires. "For what?" He nods, though, to the words of 80's mentality. "That's not a bad thing, though I do wish we could rediscover the 'newness'. I dunno, I keep hearing my mom say that the eighties felt like a 'brand new frontier' or something." He shrugs. A snicker, though, at the glasses remark. "Trust me. They totally do." He grins. Here then, he considered the question of what he's trying to test. "Well… pointing to the original 'Ghostbusters' movie again, there was a… kind of throwaway line that had to do with seeing if the ionization rate of spectral beings was consistent across the board. I'm curious about that myself."

"You mean the newness that brought us parachute pants, fanny packs and shoulder pads?" fashions most awful trends, Rain gives a slight shudder. Obviously she is dropping the Button topic. "I've never had to wear glasses, so I will take your word for it. She looks thoughtful when he gives his reason for his testing "So you want to see if you are a normal supernatural creature?"

Alexander snickers again at the mention of the 80s fashions. "At least the fanny pack has a use. I wouldn't wear it on my butt though," he notes. "But it's not like we don't have some too. Ever seen a 'murse' before?" He shakes his head. As for being a 'normal' supernatural creature? "Oh I know I'm not," he replies. "If I was, I'd just be a spirit, or a walking corpse. But my body's still partially working, somehow, even though for all intents and purposes, I'm dead — no heartbeat or blood circulation, and I only need to breathe to talk. But I'm not rotting, and my blood's stayed more or less liquid, rather than clotting in my veins because it's not moving. I'm figuring it's something the ectoplasm's doing, but I'm not sure. See…" He leans forward a little as he begins this. One can see it's something that he's interested in. "Ectoplasm is fourth-state stuff. It's got properties of matter AND energy. Most of the things we have to scan stuff can scan either energy or matter, but aren't really equipped to deal with something that's got the properties of both."

"A murse? You mean a purse for a guy as opposed to a male nurse?" Rain nods "They aren't as bad as fanny packs. At least not all of them are. The ones that look more like messenger bags are alright. I will admit some though are just a big no." she ponders a few more moments "Some would argue that a vampire has a mostly functional body, and they are considered a normal supernatural creature…well as normal as supernatural creatures can get I suppose." there she goes throwing logic into something that defies it. "You think you may have higher levels of ectoplasm that other supernatural entities?"

"Yeah. 'Man purse'," Alexander replies. "I didn't know 'male nurse' had its own special word." He snickers at the 'just no'. "I'm just a fan of 'use whatever kind of bag you need regardless of gender'. But I'm not in fashion, either." But he nods at the words of vampires. "That's true too," he admits. "But most physical undead have to take something from the living. Zombies generally have to eat flesh, vampires generally have to drink blood — something like that. Even normal ghosts usually have to drain batteries or something to be able to affect the physical world on any direct level. I don't need to do that. I don't even need to eat normally. So something must be sustaining me. I'm figuring it's the ectoplasm." As for his level of ectoplasm? "Not exactly. I'm thinking, if the ionization rate of spectral beings IS usually consistent, that mine might be different. Maybe the ionization rate of my ectoplasm is faster. Which means it might be decaying. Which means I might have a spectral 'lifespan'." Pause. "That's not as scary a thought as it sounds."

"Yeah. It's one of those terms that some find offensive others don't, depending on who it is and where you are." Rain tells him "I heard it being tossed around when Sky was in the hospital." the less said about Alex's fashion sense the better so the girl just smiles and nods in agreement "Unless you are a different type of vampire and slowly draining the life essence of all the living things around you." it’s hard to say if she is joking with that assessment or not "Though if it is sustaining you, wouldn't it be slower? Or perhaps you have a link to a spectral plane and you are drawing on energies from that to sustain you?"

Alexander blinks at the mention of Schuyler in the hospital. "I hope he's okay now," he replies. It probably happened a while back, given how Rain talked about it. The mention of slowly draining lifeforce gets a wince. "God, I hope not," he says honestly. "I don't want to be a danger to everyone around me. Tabitha seemed all right when I was around her, even though she was super-drained. Fact I helped her a little." As for slower ionization over faster? "I'm not sure. I'm assuming it's generating more energy than the typical ghost. Or maybe it's just the same, but since I don't have to spend effort to hold myself together, the extra energy can do other things?" Her suggestion of being linked to a spectral plane gets a pause, and a thoughtful look. "…You know, I never thought about that," he admits. "I just figured, since I was 'here', that I wasn't 'there'."

"Pretty okay." well okay as he ever is now. "Well if you are draining it slower than it can refresh the danger to living things would be minimal, wouldn't it?" she nods at the Tabitha thing "That probably isn't the case than, thankfully. "Perhaps. The only way to find out for certain is to test the various theories." she gives another shake of her head "Oh links to other planes are quite possible. If they weren't astral projection wouldn't be possible." yes she believes there are other planes and all manner of things like that.

Alexander nods when Rain confirms that Schuyler is 'pretty okay'. He had a feeling it was some time ago, hence why he didn't get too upset. The words of a slow drain get a tilted head. "True. Though I'd rather not be draining the life around me at all, truth be told." And he nods at the mention of other planes. "Oh yeah. Definitely," he agrees. "That's a possibility, yeah. Would explain why I can see 'The Light'. You know what I mean, right?"

"Yeah, out of control life draining of unwilling victims seems a bit, well wrong." Rain tells him, creepy to but she doesn't mention that "I'm not sure how you would find that out though. I don't think they make tech to detect that kind of thing. A mage might be able to though." she thinks a moment before nodding "Do you mean like the light that people see when they are dying?"

Alexander replies, "Yeah. That's the problem. I doubt a technological device could figure that out. Unless it was some weird magitech thing, and I doubt we have anything like that here." As for 'the Light'? He nods. "I can't ever look at it directly though. It just shows up in my peripheral vision, over there…" He waves vaguely in the direction of his right. "Or sometimes over there…" Vague wave to his left. "Sometimes up there." Vague wave above him.

"Yeah. I don't think there is anything like that at the school." Rain tells him, though she seems to believe there may be something, somewhere that could do the trick. "Can't or shouldn't? Will it suck you in if you do?" she can understand how that could be problematic.

"Can't," Alexander replies. "When I try to look in that direction, it moves. Like one of those floaters in the eye. It stays in my peripheral vision all the time. Just it's not always in the same place. Half-annoying, because there's effectively always lens flare in my peripheral vision. But it's really pretty, so I don't mind."

"Well that is better than the alternative. At least it isn't trying to draw you in." Rain gives him another amused smile "So how long did it take before you stopped trying to catch it?" she has figured out the lesson about can't..it just means you try harder to actually do it, at least for awhile.

Alexander snickers. "It's not a conscious thing. Occasionally I still try to look at it reflexively," he answers. "It's just human nature; 'oh no, there's a thing moving in your peripheral vision, look at it!'. I've about trained myself to not be startled by it."

Rain finds his description amusing so laughs, though she nods about looking being a natural thing to do "I'm sure at some point you will be able to just ignore it. But does it create a blind spot," she raises an arm to wave a hand in her own peripheral vision "there?"

"Kind of," Alexander replies. "I can still see in there though. It's like it's always behind everything that's in my peripheral vision." He waves his hand in his right side's peripheral vision. "I can still see it. The Light is just behind it. I can mostly ignore it now. But if I lose track of what I'm doing sometimes I'll get startled by it. It's been there a couple years now."

"So you not only get the lens flare effect but a halo effect to if someone is to that side of you." Rain hmmms "That would take some getting used to." It's lunch time, and the cafeteria is starting to fill up with students. Rain is sitting at a table with Alex picking at her lunch as they talk. "Since you had the accident that left you that way?"

Alexander tilts his head. "A little. It doesn't obey normal light rules. It doesn't really do much where people are concerned. People are brighter, believe it or not. So I can usually ignore it when people are in the room." He nods to the question. "It was really a pain at first. Always startled me. But if I can see it, I can coax the dead along when they're lost. So it's not too bad."

Sky may try to stay away from crowds, but mealtimes are an exception. The kid is almost -always- hungry and once again has his tray with enough food for two as he picks a seat at his sister's table. The new (to him) kid gets a glance before he looks to Rain to offer an explanation. There's a brief wave of greeting from a black-polished hand as he starts to eat and looks between the two.

Rain nods to Alex "Brighter? You mean like the person's aura? You can see that." well that is curious. She glances up at Sky as he sits down with them "Hey there." she greets as if she didn't just see him in their last class. She puts down her fork and begins to sign as she speaks "Alex can see the light 'tunnel' that connects this plane to the…" she pauses a beat, Sky can tell she is searching for the right term to use, finally she settles on one but she isn't sure if that would be the correct one, even if it is commonly used "afterlife."

Alexander is actually dressed in black, too. Schuyler's black-polished hand gets a blink. And then Alexander smiles broadly. "Hi there," he greets, with a wave of his own. Rain's question draws his attention though, and he shakes his head. "No, I can't see auras. Just dead people. It's hard to explain. People are just… brighter than the light." He nods, though, to the term 'afterlife'. "Yeah, the Great Beyond. More like it's always in my peripheral vision. Which seems like it ought to be annoying, but it's not as bad as it sounds. It's just really super-hard to explain. I couldn't even tell you what color it was."

The first thing that Sky gets to mentally speak is, «How come he gets to wear black and I don't?» besides the nail polish, that is. He then blinks the signs and offers his own back 'Whoa, really?' and then looks back to Alexander, mentally-speaking and signing at the same time, «That's really cool. And creepy. So, what do you with it? Can you walk it? What's on the other side?»

"Because you're special?" Rain tells her brother in a teasing sorta way. The way she sees it if they want to risk detentions for something as trivial as breaking dress code, more power to them. She certainly won't be though "Maybe we should bring Alex home and put to rest the ghosts that roam the mansion." is she serious? is she not? hard to tell. Still signing as she speaks. "Maybe it doesn't have a color."

Aha. Alexander had heard about the deafness. Sadly he doesn't understand sign language. But he can understand the mental speech, even though it startles him a bit. He is, unfortunately, rather jumpy. And instead of a gasp, a little puff of greenish-gray smoke poofs out of his mouth. It's just a little puff, and it dissipates without doing anything. He snickers a bit at the question of wearing black. He doesn't answer it, because… well, he doesn't know why. But he shakes his head to the question. "No, I can't walk on the other side. Never been there. All I remember is… well, when I died, it felt like Mike Tyson punched me in my everything. Just the force, not the pain. And then nothing. Like literally nothing. I don't even want to say 'darkness', because 'darkness' implies that you'd see something if it wasn't dark." Oh but THEN! Then Rain's talking about setting ghosts to rest! He nods. "I can do that." Then he pauses, realizing he's getting ahead of himself. "Well, I can try. Though if they don't want to go, that's something else entirely." As for not having a color? He rubs his chin, considers. "That's… actually pretty accurate."

There is a wince from Rain at his description of death. Her own experience is quite different, but then again she didn't die and was feeling it second hand "Not something you can force?" she asks a bit curiously then looks to Sky "Like them or not they don't belong here, they deserve to go to whatever is waiting for them on the other side." she believes her brother, even if no one else does. She has seen the green smoke before so she isn't startled by it. "I don't think Rissa is dead, or even kind of dead, but I wouldn't make any bets on it." such strange girls at the school, no wonder Charlotte is her only female friend. "I think he is more freaked out by Ixiie than the deadish people." not that she blames Besa, the demon girl freaks her out too.

Alexander nods. "If they're not hurting anything, there's usually no reason to shove them down the pipe," he replies. Though he tilts his head at Schuyler's question of Rissa. "I don't know a Rissa." The mention of Besa gets a snicker. "Yeah. I don't blame him, really." There's a bit of a rueful note to his voice, though. The blink at the puff of smoke gets a sheepish look. "Sorry about that. Ironically, the dead kid startles easily. It's just ectoplasm, don't worry. Spiritual hiccup." But he does nod to the question of his being dead. "More or less. I like to say I'm only 'merely dead' and not 'really most sincerely dead' yet." He smirks a little. Rain's question of forcing them along gets a shake of his head. "I don't like to. But sometimes I do have to push them along, or tear them away from something that had them captive." He nods to Rain's words. "If they want to go, sure, I'll help them along." The mention of Ixiie gets a tilted head, and a rueful look. "Yeah, she's… something, isn't she?" He's not wanting to be rude, particularly behind her back.

"Maybe you should get that put on a shirt, really confuse some people." Rain suggests to Alex with a grin "Well we don't know that do we Sky?" she asks of her brother "Though I'm sure if they were being a big nuisance mother could just exorcise them herself." at the reminder of their first encounter with Ix she laughs "I thought it was funny. You my homunculi."

Alexander looks sheepish at the question of his outfit. "Forgot to do laundry this week. I already got written up, but there's nothing I can do until after class when I can do laundry. Nobody wants to see me wearing a uniform two days in a row." He half-smirks. "So yeah, I already got in trouble once." He blinks at the mention of Ixiie not thinking Schuyler was real. "…Why's that?" he asks. Rain's suggestion gets a grin. "What, 'I'm Only Merely Dead'? Nah, then people would start asking me where Dorothy and the ruby slippers were." And he stifles a snort at 'you my homonculi'. But still. "Okay, that I don't understand. Why would she think he's not real?"

Schuyler glares at his sister, «Yeah, you would…» think it was funny. Alexander's laundry excuse gets a thoughtful look but he apparently buys it. Maybe he'll have to use that sometime as well. «Why would they…» Sky starts but then he gets the reference. The snort, however, gets another glare before he sighs and goes back to his food, «I don't know. Because we're twins?»

Rain hmms and the explanation, and while she can sense that Sky may try it, she doesn't think anyone would buy it. She wouldn't out him though. There is a shrug "She's a demon, maybe they don't have such a thing as twins were she is from. Imagine how confused she would be if we were identical." she chuckles "Tell them Kansas." simple enough though it would get old. There is a smirk given to Sky "Of course.

Alexander catches the glare at the snort. "I'm sorry. It wasn't her thinking you weren't real that I was laughing at. It was the statement. Just what she said. Like 'you mah homie' but with 'homunculus' in there instead of 'homie'." Oh God he's so white please don't ever let him try to say 'you my homie' again it sounds so horrible. Rain's words get a tilted head. "Maybe. Hard to tell." He snickers at Rain's mention of Kansas. "True, I could do that," he admits, with a grin.

Rain has to cover her mouth to keep from spitting out her water with her laughter, as it is she ends up having a coughing fit from shallowing it all wrong. Patting herself on the chest she drops the signing and sends to Sky as she speaks outloud "I already have a sister, why would I need or want another one." sure she is a lot younger, but she is a fun younger sister. Though in another five months there might be another.

Alexander has to stifle a snort at that too. Not at Schuyler being female, no. "Yeah that's a little weird. But it explains a lot about her, at least." Rain's coughing fit gets a look. "Are you okay?" he asks.

Schuyler just peers at his sister, his mouth twisting in a wry smirk, «I wouldn't mind another brother,» seeing as the youngest is at the age to be annoying to the teenager, and the older brother is ignoring everyone right now. «Maybe you should have been a boy!» Perish the thought! He then slides a glance from Rain to Alexander, «She's ok. She's just laughing at the idea of me being a girl.»

There is more laughter as Rain gets control of the coughing "But then who would do your nails for you?" she wiggles her on painted nails at him, hers aren't black though, they are a festive green. She does nod at Sky's assessment "So laughing at the thought of him being a girl."

Alexander shakes his head. "I'm an only child, so I don't know how that sibling thing works," he admits. He does know siblings give each other grief though. That's just how it works. Though Rain's mention of doing Schuyler's nails gets… an odd response. A shrug of one shoulder and, "I could." Then he pauses, realizing what he said. "Uh. I've… painted my nails a few times. Dad made me quit, though."

"There is no such thing as an only child in our family, on either side." Rain tells him "Both sides of our family are quite prolific. Though much more so on our mothers." she looks at Sky "No, but had I been born a boy we would have a different relationship and I'd have a different personality." she glances between the two boys "If you don't want black or crimson, I have all sorts of colors you can choose from." she seems to be pro Alex having his nails painted.

Alexander nods. "That's true," he agrees, regarding his father and painting his nails. "Though I do still go home on breaks, so I'd need to make sure they weren't painted by then." Looking between the two twins, Alexander considers this prospect. He nods at Schuyler's mention of the uniforms. "That's true. You should see how the kids in Japan customise their uniforms." But yes. He nods at the mention of Rain doing his nails. "Sure. Though like I say, I think I'll need to make sure it's not there when I go home." He grins at Schuyler's mention of 'Ectoplasm Green'. "I've never painted 'em that color. I've done black, brown, and dark blue." The Twins and Alexander are sitting at a table conversing. And Alexander is… not in his school uniform! He's in his usual black clothes instead. GASP! How scandalous!

"If it's green I have it." green is Rain's favorite color so she definitely has all sorts of shades of it "And blues and purples and oranges and the normal ones as well." you never know if you are going to need some funky color so better to be prepared. "I can give you some polish remover wipes so you can remove it whenever you want. Just let me know when you want them done." she then nods "I have read articles about the fashions of Japan. So different than here and even Europe." she is still picking at her lunch, not seeming to have much of an appetite today, even though she seems to be in a decent mood.

Grey eyes look to Rain's tray and he takes something she hasn't touched yet to add to his own tray. She gets another glance before he looks to Alexander, «Taking it off before you go home's easy. Then when you come back, you can re-paint them. We certainly won't tell.» At the mention of the Japanese fashion, he nods, having seen the pictures as well. Crazy…and brave, even for him.

Alexander snickers at Rain's words of having so many colors. "You have every color of the rainbow and then some?" he asks, with a smirk. He nods at the words of the polish remover wipes. "That's an idea," he agrees. "Let me know when you're free then." He also nods to Schuyler's promise. "Thanks. My dad's super old-fashioned, and would give birth to rabbits if he found out I was painting my nails again."

Besa steps into the cafeteria, looking annoyed that he's late. He rubs his left arm's inner elbow briefly before moving to the back of the line to get lunch. The twins and Alexander get a small wave and he turns back to get a salad and a roll, with honey, of course!

Rain watches briefly as some of her food is stolen, she takes that as a hint and has a few bites before her pit of a brother can steal it all. "I can meet you in your common room or the art room after classes if you want." she tells Alex "Do you want me to bring it all or just a few shades?" at the wave from Besa her attention is pulled to him and she gives him a return wave and a smile of greeting.

Schuyler returns Besa's wave and pointedly glances at the boy's elbow where he rubbed it before looking back to the others. «You should dye your hair then…I be he wouldn't notice any painted nails.» Sky's mostly talk though as he doesn't often break the rules for the sake of breaking them. He's not -quite- there yet.

Alexander looks up as he sees Besa, and offers a smile and a friendly wave. Rain's words draw his attention back and he tilts his head. "I don't think you need to get out the whole spread," he replies. "I don't use bright or neon colors or pinks, and purples just look all wrong with my skin tone. Which is a pity. I think it's the red." He raises an eyebrow at Schuyler's suggestion to dye his hair. "I dunno. I'd be afraid my hair would fall out. Since I died, it's been looking ratty. I mean… listen to this." He raises a hand up and scruffs it through his own hair. The short, messy mop makes a sound like rubbing rough parchment paper together. The strands are flat and lifeless. "See? Sounds like someone ruffling toilet paper."

Besa pointedly ignores the look from Sky, it's not what he thinks! Although Rain and Alexander get a soft smile and he gathers his food. He starts to yea dover, but then suddenly the school nurse that's been assigned to him is in the room and headed his way. Besa visibly sags, but then nods to her. He grabs a to go container and puts his food inside. Seems he's not going to have a nice lunch with his friends after all. Stupid duty.

Rain would beg to differ on the whole red and brights versus his complexion but not the time or place "I'll bring a few different colors nothing that won't look good." that would be anti-Rain. She is a fashion guru for being 14…or maybe its because she is 14, she isn't going to do anything to make someone look bad. "Maybe we should do a deep condition on your hair as well." she tells Alex, frowning at the state his hair is in "It couldn't hurt." she notes the nurse and Besa's reaction "I wish they would just leave him alone already."

Schuyler just sort of blinks at Alexander when he ruffles his own hair. An eyebrow lifts and he glances at Rain and Besa before shrugging, «I wouldn't really know.» Besa gets a concerned glance as he's led away by the nurse…what on earth are they doing to the poor kid? «They can't keep using him like that,» Sky presumes as he turns back to Rain. «It's not fair to him.» There's a shake of his head, «Especially since they seemed to have stopped investigating his murder.»

Alexander blinks a little at Besa's leaving, and at the nurse. Then Rain's words of the nurses draw his eyes back. "What's going on?" he inquires. The topics of colors, nails, and hair are set down for the moment to ask this. He looks to Schuyler as well, blinking. "What is it?" he asks, this time looking between them. He looks confused.

There is a nod in agreement with her brother "Almost? I don't blame him at all. The staff here hasn't made it the most welcoming place for him." she looks at Alex "I don't know the whole situation. Besa's blood has healing properties. I think they are taking samples to see if they can replicate it? Or something?" she isn't sure.

Alexander nods to Rain. "But he has to activate it, right?" he asks. "I'd think it'd be like taking samples of my ectoplasm and expecting it to retain its properties when it's cut off from me." Pause, and he tilts his head. "It doesn't, by the way. It just sits there like slime and does nothing." He blinks, though, at Schuyler's words, looking confused. Nope, he has no insight. "That shouldn't even have been possible," he states. "Because that means that either a student or a teacher did it, and I don't even want to think about that."

Rain shrugs "I'm not sure how it works, but that seems right. The one time he used it on me he seemed to." she doesn't see Besa saying that to them. He takes duty seriously. The thought that it was a teacher or student has crossed her mind and the reminder makes her blanch. "That is one of the fears."

Alexander nods at Rain's words. "That's why I think they're just chasing ghosts trying to make a potion of it. It'd need more than just his blood. It'd need a reagent to keep the stuff from losing whatever magical charge it's got to it, first of all. Then they'd need something to activate it. Something from Besa that wasn't dead. Maybe bind some of his hair to a runestone or something…" He pauses there, shaking his head. "Sorry, I ramble." Schuyler's words get a nod as well. "Or that." As for doing nothing? "I… hope they are. Maybe they're just not wanting us to know they are because everybody could be a suspect? So if we knew they were doing something the killer would be more careful?" The question gets a shake of his head. "Not unless there are ghosts here and they'd be willing to talk to me. Besa's thankfully not-dead state makes talking to his ghost not likely." A pause there, though, and he rubs his chin. "If it was Besa that was murdered, he should know something about it. Is he claiming he doesn't? Maybe he knows who it is and is protecting them for some reason?" he suggests.

Schuyler shakes his head, «He didn't see. I even looked into his mind and he didn't see anything that would help. Maybe magic was involved or something like that…» he gives a little shudder as he recalls himself and Rain coming upon the scene. «I think the school is trying to hide something and I don't like it.»

Rain hmmms thoughtfully "They are doing something with him or it, I m not it is magnanimous either." she glances at Sky as he says his piece and then takes his tray up "There was magic involved lots of it, but there was also magic used to cover up the magic and evidence."

Alexander frowns a little at Schuyler's comment. "I don't like the idea either, but… maybe they have a good reason…" He nods to Schuyler, though, as the brother of the Twins gets up to leave. "Seeya, man," he offers. Looking back to Rain then, "…I can hope it's being covered up because the faculty are trying to protect us and keep us from digging into it ourselves." He pauses, sighs. "I'm… I don't have a lot to offer in looking into it. I don't know him real well; I've only run into him in the arts room when we're both there to pursue our respective hobbies." He smiles a little, though it's rueful. "But… I did hear Besa once say that one of his priest's people is here at the school watching him. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but it can't hurt to offer it."

The girl chews on her lower lip, the whole situation worries Rain immensely "That is probably the best we can hope for. That they are investigating and not keeping us in the know to keep us safe.". she still doesn't like it. "The nurse is one of the priests people, not sure of her standing in their ranks though."

Alexander nods. "That's what I figured," he replies. Pause, and he rubs his chin. "Hm. Well, he's supposed to get sacrificed to a demon, right? Or to a god to keep a demon from coming out? Maybe it's someone that's related to the demon, someone who doesn't want the sacrifice to happen? Naturally this would let the demon out, if the sacrifice didn't take place."

"Sacrificed to a demon to keep it from eating this world." Rain explains to him "At least that is how I remember it." her eyes narrow a bit as this is brought up "But if that was the case wouldn't they know it was pointless, since Besa can't stay dead for long?"

"Maybe the idea wasn't to kill him outright," Alexander points out. "If magic was involved, it might have made Besa unsuitable for sacrifice. Besa doesn't know who did it, or what they did. And magic can do a LOT, particularly when you've got a victim who can't or won't fight back. It'd be too easy for them to kill Besa, change him while he was dead, and then wait for him to wake up again."

Rain stares at Alex for a bit, the proverbially wheels can be seen turning in the girls head as she ponders this bit of logic. After long moments of silence she slowly shakes her head "That makes sense. After it happened Besa did complain that he didn't feel right." she puts a hand to her chest "He said he felt like something was wrong, here." she pats her chest where her hand is "But what could they have taken from him?"

"Or what did they give him?" Alexander replies. "Maybe they cast some sort of enchantment over him that would make him unsuitable for the ritual. Or make it so the demon could come into the world through him during the ceremonial sacrifice. I'd advise his priests give him a thorough magical looking-over, if at all possible."

If Rain wasn't in the mood for eating before she certainly isn't now, she nods as what Alex is telling her sinks in "Like the facehugger thing in Alien?" that's not an appealing thought at all. She picks up her tray, "I think I am going to call my mother, she's a witch and knows a lot about these things. Find out if that is even possible before asking Besa about it. You know." she then stands up "I'll see you after classes Alex, to do your nails." she gives him a weak smile "Later."

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