(2016-12-03) Midnight Chat
Midnight Chat
Summary: Whitley and Schuyler talk Besa.
Date: IC Date (2016-12-03)
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Schuyler is on his bed, in his pajamas, and reading…possibly reading ahead for one of his classes. His hair is still gelled up and his nails have been freshly polished with his usual black polish. His pajamas, unlike his Goth clothes, are typical-teenager; plaid pajama pants and a t-shirt. Achingly normal.

In the short time that they've been roommates, Sky would notice that Whitley doesn't spend a whole lot of time in his dorm. He sleeps there, but that's about it. And when he is around, mind shields sorta prevent casual communication.

It's rather late, though, so he does return from the gym, a water bottle in hand, and a sheen of sweat coats his slender frame. His white hair is messy, and he runs a hand through it while closing the door. "Hey," He offers quietly as he strips off his white tee. Jagged scars mar that pale flesh. "How was your date?" Eyebrows waggle. He knows!

Schuyler glances over as the roommate comes into the room. He's fine with having it mostly to himself, honestly. Grey eyes watch the other for a moment before he reaches to his desk and grabs a small whiteboard and marker. Shields were discussed and threatened, so until permission has been given, Sky is going to keep to non-mental communication. He writes on the whiteboard, 'How did you know about that? And what's going on with Besa?'

Whitley doesn't keep his barriers up when he's talking directly to Sky. That's just plain rude! But he is perfectly content with using this form of communication. For now, at least. "Charlotte, herself, told me." And he didn't even have to nosy about to get her to! Mostly. That next part though. The pale skin on his cheeks flush just a tad. "I don't know what you're…how do you know about that?"

Schuyler looks back to the whiteboard, clears it off, and writes, 'You leaked it when you moved in and the way Besa's been moping, I guess it. Are you dating Grayson? Because I think Besa likes you back but he won't even let himself think about it because he thinks you're dating someone else.' As for Charlotte telling someone else about their date, he'll have to talk to her about it another time. He needs to see how he feels about that being known.

Oh. It takes a minute for Whitley to process that. There is the 'leaking' part which is kinda frustrating to hear (telepaths are evil!). Has he been thinking sexy thoughts about Besa?? Has Sky been reading these thoughts??? Then there's that bombshell and Whitley just freezes. "I…no, I'm not dating Grayson. Yet. Besa knows that." Grey eyes shift away from Schuyler. "That…are you sure?" And just because he'd rather talk about anything other than this, he asks again, "How was your date?"

'Grayson's a jerk,' Sky writes quickly and shows it to Whitley before he clears the board to write more. 'He was harassing Besa and kind of forcing him and it wasn't right. And you want to date him??' No, he's still not answering about his date yet. 'I can tell. He wants us to be friends and when he talks about you, I can tell. I know you're being a good friend to him and not pushing him about the not-dating thing. I told him that you're moving on because he said that he wouldn't date. But that doesn't mean he doesn't like you.'

"He might seem that way at first, but-" Whitley doesn't get to finish as he is cut off by more writing. There's no response to Gray harassing Besa; there's no surprise either. That certainly sounds like Grayson. He does look kinda surprised that Besa talks about him. Whether the sophomore thinks that's a good thing or a bad thing, it's hard to tell. His brows wrinkle, he's sorta annoyed now. "Well, there isn't much I can do if Besa wants to be a bachelor forever. And I doubt he wants me as anything more than a friend."

'Grayson's flaunting your dating in Besa's face,' Sky writes, his brows drawn down as he defends his friend. 'No one is asking YOU to not date or even not to date Grayson. But the flaunting of it is hurting him and he's my friend. Whether or not he thinks of you as more is for him to deal with. He can decide to date or not but he's afraid that the more ties he has here, the harder it will be when he has to leave.' Does Whitley know his situation? He doesn't know.

Whitley stands there, arms crossed over his naked chest. The last person he wants to be talking about this with is Schuyler. "I can't help what Grayson says to Besa behind my back." As much as he wishes he could control that, he can't. "I don't even bring it up whenever we're together." Anymore, at least. His grey eyes narrow in a glare. "I know about his reservations for dating."

Schuyler's eyes narrow at his roommate for a long moment before he writes, 'You can control who you choose to date. But whatever. Just know that if Grayson is mean to my friends or my family, I won't hold anything back just because you're dating him.' And with that, he drops the whiteboard on the floor by his bed and turns as if to go back to his reading.

Whitley scoffs at that. It has to be an act, right? Schuyler's definitely harmless. He does frown slightly when the whiteboard hits the floor. "I want to figure out whatever is going on between me and Besa before I consider dating anyone. It wouldn't be fair to Grayson otherwise."

There's a glance off to the side as Whitley continues…since the other mentalist opened his mind, he can at least tell what is being thought/spoken. It's enough to get him to turn back around to look at his roommate, «If you can get Besa to break his rule, then more power to you. I tried, but he was firm about it. I wish he -would- break it because then maybe he'd actually think about some of the outdated, stupid traditions he holds onto.»

A curious brow rises, and the beginnings of a grin tug on the corner of Whitley's lip. "You tried to date Besa?" Odd. He wonders how Schuyler and Besa managed to get past the awkwardness that now surrounds him and the Egyptian. It feels like it'll never go away. There's a nod at that last part. "Sure, but…one step at a time. I don't want to change him." A pause. "I also don't want him to die."

Schuyler rolls his eyes, «No, I did not try to date Besa. I wanted him to date my sister.» So there. At the mention of going 'one step at a time' and 'not changing' Besa, Sky's expression softens a little. «He has to change or he's going to be even more miserable. He doesn't need to change who he is or what he believes in, but some of those rules that his Priests put on him…how they kept him from knowing anything about real life…it was kind of cruel. They kept him in a pretty little cage.» As Whitley says that he doesn't want Besa to die, well, that gets an actual sigh. «He's died twice before already. He comes back, which is good. But I know what you mean.»

Whitley ohs. That probably makes more sense. Then his grin falls. "I think he's starting to get some backbone. Hopefully, he won't be under his priests' thumb for too long. The amount of blood that nurse sucks out of him is worrying…" He isn't sure if Sky's noticed all of the band aids. "He doesn't like talking about it with me though." Then there's another nod. "Yes, I know. I'm teaching him how to defend himself, so it won't happen again."

«He doesn't like talking about it at all and he gets mad when I bring it up,» and it's part of the reason -why- Sky brings it up. «He's convinced that if he's not sacrificed, then the world will end. It's a Martyr Syndrome. If the Priests come calling, he'll still go with them. He was talking about going with them after this year ended because he doesn't feel like he fits in.»

"Yeah," Whit's noticed that too. "Some Stockholm Syndrome mixed in there as well." It doesn't make for a good combination. His slim shoulders rise in a shrug, a faint red on his cheeks. "I don't like seeing him angry…" A frown at the next part. "But he has lots of friends here. Why would he…" Whitley's head shakes. "I hope it doesn't come to that."

Schuyler nods at that assessment. He's noticed it too. «I don't either, but sometimes it gets him to think. Sometimes.» Not always. «I don't think he understands that he has a lot of friends here, and he's frustrated because he can't turn on music when he wants or use technology. I sort of get that, but a lot of the world doesn't have smartphones and they get along just fine. Better, probably.»

"The drama Grayson and I bring into his life certainly can't help…" Whitley kinda scowls at the thought. "Maybe he isn't ready for dating, anyway." He'll have to ask Besa, he supposes. "Can't he just wear gloves? Or something." Maybe that's not how that works, but Whitley doesn't do vodoo, so he wouldn't know.

Schuyler can't help but give Whitley a 'look'; he hit that one on the nose. «Especially since Besa likes you. I told him that he can't expect you to wait around for him and he agreed on that, at least.» As for wearing gloves, he shrugs, «We're going to try it. He isn't sure. If it's that easy, great, but if it isn't?»

Whitley gives Schuyler a look of his own, he still isn't too sure if Besa actually likes him. "If it doesn't work, he'll have to find something else to entertain himself with," Whit can think of plenty of activities, but none of them are particularly saintly. "Speaking of 'liking' people," Air quotes around liking. "Wanna tell me how your date with Charlotte went? I can't read your mind, ya know."

«I think that's why he does all that pottery. That and so he can make money to spend.» Sky can understand that even if he can't empathize. He sends his laundry out to be cleaned rather than use the machines at the school. «Maybe you could suggest some other hobbies for him to look into?» And Sky is fairly sure that Besa does like Whitley. Or Grayson. But he really hopes it's the former. The question about the date has him looking back to his book, «It was very nice.» He doesn't seem to want to share too much about it.

"He seems to like grappling me well enough." Whitley says, thinking back on that awkward spar. "Alright, lover boy," A lighthearted grin. "Don't tell me." The older student tosses his white t-shirt on his bed, and his mind reaches into his closet and pulls out some pajama pants and another shirt. "Gonna take a shower before bed. Sweet dreams, Schuyler."

Schuyler's cheeks flush at the teasing, but he doesn't snap back about it. It really was a nice date. «It went well. That's all you need to know. Good night, Whitley.» But he'll still read a bit longer, at least until the other gets back from his shower and decides to go to bed.

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