(2016-12-01) Worst. Superheroes. EVAR.
Worst. Superheroes. EVAR!
Summary: Yuliya and Dianli, as Bandit and Cataclysm FIGHT CRIME!
Date: IC Date (2016-12-01)
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.

Wok This Way, Shady Cove
A glass waterfall with a small pool welcomes guests to this buffet style Chinese restaurant, the muted sounds of the water relaxing and peaceful, creating a delightful ambiance. Coins sparkle in the bottom of the pool, wishes of previous patrons. A mural along the back wall depicts the Great Wall of China in all of its glory. A podium for the hostess resides by the front doors, the carpeting throughout the room a deep red color trimmed in gold. Deep red walls and white and gold speckled formica topped tables with red upholstered booths. In the center are several rows of buffet tables, plates and silverware at each end and a soft serve ice cream machine near the back wall. Along the right side of the room is a small bar serving wine, whiskey and beer. A Buddha made out of sandalwood bares all near the exit, giving patrons a chance to rub his slick, round belly.

It's fun to sneak out of the school in the evening. It's even more fun to practice going "on patrol" as a "superhero team" while doing so. Dianli is in her distinctive Hakka garb still, but has added … a velvet band with two eyeholes. Because "secret identity" or something. (Bear with her. It will take a few iterations for her to get it right.) She isn't carrying her school bag, choosing to use the pouch hanging from her belt to carry the few items she needs.

"This is fun, Yul… I mean Bandit!" she says, shivering with excitement. And a touch of chill. "I mean going out to look for crime? That's so … wuxia!"

Yuliya's dressed in black, consisting of a black hoody, black tracksuit pants and a crudely made mask to keep her identity somewhat concealed. It's certainly strange to be on the other side of the law, despite sneaking out of the school in the evening. She's even chosen to make today her good day, so she has full access to her abilities and powers. However she can't help grinning as she makes her way along with Dianli.

"In the past, it used to be me going out looking for crimes to commit," Yuliya offers with a soft laugh. "I can't believe I'm doing this, Cataclysm. It's just so weird!"

Cataclysm. She's still not used to it, but her face shows that she enjoys the sound of it. Cataclysm.

"The only problem is this is a small town," Dianli says. "I mean what kind of excitement is there in a place this tiny? What's going to happen?"

Famous last words.

"Wait a second, isn't Wok This Way closed?" Dianli wonders aloud as she looks at the restaurant that mocks her every time she goes past it. "Maybe someone's working late?" She points to the opened front door. A shiver runs through her frame as she considers the alternative.

"Crime is everywhere, just sometimes it's a bit harder to find," Yuliya offers in reply. "Smaller town means that more people know each other, more chance of people know who did what." She purses her lips for a moment, and glances towards the open door. She tilts her head to the side and regards the door for a few moments as she looks at the shop in question.

"I… Do not know," she admits. "I have not spent much time in town." She purses her lips. "We could always peek through the door and see what's up."

"Yeah, let's do that," Dianli says with a grin. "I mean it's nothing, I'm sure. The owner is probably just … counting his money or something. Whatever it is that restaurant owners do after hours."

She 'sneaks' to the door, and indeed shows some promise at the skill. Except for that part about watching where you put your feet. Stepping on the shards of glass lying on the ground next to the opened door makes for a merry tinkling/shattering sound that can be heard clear on the other side of the street. Still, she at least knows for sure now that the door wasn't left open.


Yuliya knows stealth, she knows how to move silently when needed. However the bell around her neck seems to be rebelling against her, as it seems to jingle louder than before. She makes her way up to the door with Dianli, carefully brushing aside the glass in front of her. She frowns at the noise she's making, and raises a hand up to silence the bell that's giving her away.

"I guess we found the point of entry," she softly comments to Dianli, as she peeks her head around the side of the door.

Between the pair talking like … well … schoolgirls earlier and Dianli's screwup with the glass, there was more than ample opportunity to prepare, and prepare they did. As Yuliya sticks her head into the doorway she only just catches the shadowy movement from the other side as something swings at her head! It's the shadowy movement that causes her to pull her head back quickly, as the something swings and misses her head.

"Hey, not the face!" she cries out, as she takes a step back. The collar around her neck glows bright for a moment, before she casts her hand forward. She didn't pick up any sand, but she's just thrown a handful of it towards whoever just took a swing at her head in a very hard fashion. After all, the attacker can't really attack if he can't see, right?

Dianli, taken by surprise, lets out a little squeak as she stumbles back. She flails a bit for her balance, then recovers it and starts glowing. The usual: umbra, sparks in the now-standing hair.

"Yu… BANDIT! COVER YOUR EYES!" she shouts, waits just long enough for this to happen, then acts.

"I AM CATACLYSM!" she tries to roar. Her roar lacks the oomph of a real veteran, but … it works. It actually has some impact. Arcs of electricity form between her thumb and fingers on each hand, filling the air with the scent of ozone and the crackling sound of electricity barely under control.


OK, her impact was enough to have people taken aback. Sadly actual surrender doesn't seem to be happening. At least there's light to see by now, though, right?

Yuliya heeds Dianli's warning and she takes a step back and away, and she raises a hand up to cover her eyes. She sniffs at the smell of ozone and gives a bit of a wince at the sound of electricity crackling.

"Can I look now?" she asks. "And really, you should totes surrender. Because she will zap things!" She peeks through her fingers, and doesn't seem to go blind, so she straightens up. "Also, you people suck at breaking into things!"

There's a lull in the action as the thugs—in the light of Dianli's arc lamps there are now three visible—fall back deeper into the restaurant. It's pretty clear that they're just teenaged vermin who may have broken in for a lark and a bit of ready cash. There's the bravado and bluster endemic to that crowd, but also, now that capes are involved, a rising awareness of how at risk they are. Fight or flight. Fight was tried. They now seem to be eyeing flight.
Surrender is not an option … yet.

At Yuliya's bit about "zap things", Dianli tries to punctuate it with a lightning bolt through the door. The lightning bolt fires in an enormously thick base that breaks up fractally AROUND the Buddha statue, fanning out to harmlessly dissipate into pipes and metal frames, doing little damage of any kind to the premises.
Surrender seems a bit more of an option now.

Yuliya has no idea how to storm buildings, or what to do in this situation. She was once teenaged vermin herself, so she can understand how it is to be in the same situation. Though she does look impressed by Dianli's bolt and how it goes around the statue and only does little damage, and she offers a nod.

"Hey, honestly though, who had the bright idea of breaking into this place?" She shakes her head and puts her hands on her hips. "Places like these when they're closed don't have much money on site. Especially if it's taken off-site at the end of shift." She gives a sigh, and it seems that she's giving them tips instead of urging them to surrender. "I'd tell you where to find the big hits, but they're mine!"

Dianli gapes at her friend as she goes off on a rambling lecture about how to commit crime.

"Bandit, shouldn't we be, you know, capturing them?" she asks, staring at Yuliya like she's grown a third eyeball. "I mean telling them how to commit crime seems a bit … you know … out of scope." She does the head-turn-shake-eyeball-roll thing to signal Yuliya to pay attention to the crime scene. Which is great advice. Advice she should follow herself.

While the pair are distracted and bickering slightly at the door, one of the thugs inside picks up a large hot pot from the side table and hucks it at Dianli, arcing straight for her head. Dianli, upon noticing this, brings her lightning around to bear on it, but too late. The whirling shield of electrical doom materializes BEHIND the sailing pot, leaving it mostly unmolested as it hits her in the forehead. The electricity goes out. The light vanishes except for the umbra and sparks around Dianli. She staggers back one step, then two, then collapses to her knees, shaking her head in confusion and pain.

Yuliya turns bright red at Dianli's comment, and her jaw hangs open.

"Uh, I… I'm still new to this side of things!" she protests, as her cheeks continue to burn. "I had to find all this out the…" She trails off when Dianli's crowned by the sailing pot, and she looks concerned and lets out a gasp in concern. Embarrassment quickly turns to anger as she glances towards the thugs inside.

"Oh, now it's on," calls in. With the light vanishing, she laughs softly. The bell glows again, and well, nothing really happens. Whatever she had planned to happen simply doesn't work, and she does look rather surprised.

Dianli staggers back to her feet. All giggly schoolgirl mannerisms knocked out of her, she stands, swaying, with a face that isn't even angry. It's nothing.

"That which does not kill me," she says, her voice cold and hollow, "has just made its last mistake."

Sparks fly again. Arcs form. This time they leap down to the pot that nailed her in the head—she's gonna feel that one for a while!—and almost instantly cycle it through red, yellow, then white heat before melting it into a sludge of runny metal. Runny metal which suddenly flies through the air directly at the thug who threw it. A desperation leap out of the way brings the frightened—nay terrified!—teen to ground, but for that the stream of molten steel flies over his head, burying itself into a decorative wooden pillar (which promptly catches fire). Dianli emits a screech of rage at missing.

Fire, well that's something that Yuliya hadn't expected on happening. She mutters in disbelief, and she glares at the thug who missed.

"Fire," she mutters as she takes a deep breath. It's provided light, but well, it's another danger to fight. She frowns a little bit at it, and takes a deep breath. "Honestly, just surrender, so we can try to put the fire out before it spreads!" she yells at the teen. It seems that she's going to go in, looking around as she goes to try and find a fire extinguisher.

Dianli's display of ultraviolence may not have had its intended effect (which is probably for the best, given the serious injury it would have caused), but it has had another: the two remaining standing thugs flee straight for the kitchen, seemingly seeking a way out. Only the teen on the floor remains, cowering at the burning pillar, all too aware of what was directed at him now.

"Get the fire would you, Y…Bandit?" Dianli asks, her voice shaky but strong. "And if you move," she says to the remaining teen, "I will do that to you directly. Ever seen a human melt and burn?"



Yuliya finds a fire extinguisher, and she offers a nod to Dianli.

"Sure, Cataclysm. You just keep an eye on him, in case he moves," she offers, as she offers a smile. Her gaze moves towards the two teens that have fled into the kitchen. She takes a few moments to look over the device, never having used one before. She actually looks thoughtful, as she pulls the pin out and aims it towards the fire. Foam sprays out, and while she's careful of getting too close to the splattering mess, she doesn't seem to show the same regard towards the cowering teen.

Dianli enters the restaurant for the first time since the fiasco started, approaching the cowering teen, left hand arcing in an impressive display. Her right hand slips inside her pouch and tosses a handful of plastic strips to her now-captive audience.

"Get these around your ankles and knees," she instructs the teen, and as he hurriedly obeys, "and now get on the ground, face down, hands behind your head."

As the teen complies she takes one hand, then the other, wrapping them in zip ties and then using a third to loop them together.

"If you crawl so much as a centimetre from this spot, I will fry you where you are like a bug under a magnifying glass!" She seems a bit pissed at having a pot hit her in the head.

"Got the fire under control?" she asks Yuliya as she goes to the front counter. She douses her electricity as she picks up the phone.

"What's the number for 911 again?" she asks.

Yuliya watches as the flames die down, and she gives a soft cough as she clears her throat as she makes certain the fire is extinguised. She takes a deep breath, and tilts her head to the side as she tries to consider what happened. She takes a deep breath, and smiles.

"We did it!" she chimes. "We fought crime!" At the talk of 911, she gives Dianli a strange look. "It is 911. That is the number for it."

Dianli blinks stupidly, then shakes her head, then winces. She darts a poisonous glare at the captive.

"Right, sorry. I'm a bit scrambled right now. Also it's 119 where I come from."

Yeah, that's right. Give people MORE to identify you with when the cops get interested in what happened.

"Hello, operator, I'd like to report a break-in at the Wok This Way restaurant on main street," she says into the phone. "As well as a totally awesome takedown of the perpetrators. Please send police. And someone to dry-clean a pair of trousers." She giggles as she hangs up.

"Let's get out of here Bandit!" she says. "The cops are on the way and I think they have enough work to deal with with this guy!"

Yuliya takes the time to wipe down the handle of the extinguisher, before she glances over towards Dianli.

"Really? Talk about strange," she offers in amusement. With Dianli reporting the break-in, she uses the time to poke the thug with the tip of her shoe.

"Seriously, pee before getting caught," she offers. "It's more dignified." She offers a wink, before she trails after her partner in justice. "Right behind you, D… Uh, Cataclysm," she offers, as she joins her friend and starts to depart, giggling and looking pleased with herself.

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