(2016-12-01) Gloves and Records
Gloves and Records
Summary: Sky and Besa chat about many things, including gloves and records.
Date: 2016-12-01
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Arts Room Coral Springs
Thu Dec 01, 2016 — Thu Dec 01 10:00:37 2016

More to come, multi-media abound. From a corner of stone blocks for printing and racks for paintings or paper art, to light tables, and cutting tables.

Free periods are the best! It's not a surprise or even a stretch of the imagination to find Besa in the arts room, although currently he's standing at the drying rack staring at a very wide array of different pottery. A few are not of his hand, but the rest are. Mugs, 2 large vases he seems to have actually spent some time on, and several different types of herb containers. To show Rain to pick from. His arms are folded, sleeves rolled up. On his right arm is a bandage in the crook of his elbow. Perfect hair flops into his eyes, but he ignores it for now as he considers some artsy stuffs.

After talking a little with Rain the other day, Sky decided to seek Besa out during this free period in the day. It's not at all a surprise to find him in the Art room or even looking at all that he accomplished lately with his throwing. The bandage on his arm, however, is, and he asks as he enters, «Was it worth it?»

Besa blinks, turning his head in confusion. "Was what worth it?" His nails have become chipped, but the move quickly as he signs. He then makes an assumption, "I hope so. Rain says there are possibly shops in town that would consider buying things other than mugs." he hopes anyway. He's very proud of his coat, he'd like to be able to buy other things, and presents!

Schuyler nods and gestures to the bandage on his arm, «That. Was the person so hurt that they needed you to heal them? Remember, it's ok for us to take bumps and bruises and some cuts. We're resilient.» It may be gearing up for another fight, but Besa's Family now…it happens.

Besa glances down at the bandage and the laugh, "Oh! No, no. The nurse needed a sample. It is just from a needle, it can come off.." Once his fingers stop talking, he pulls the bandage off, and indeed, no cut. Sky gets a soft smile, "I remember. I am not healing everyone." Just people that need it, in his mind. Which is probably more than Sky would think, but it's better than Besa was doing before. The dirty bandaid is tossed into the trash can.

Schuyler relaxes a little as Besa says that it was just a sample that was taken and not a full healing. 'Good', is signed before he comes over to look at the mugs and other dishes. It's a nice job, actually. 'Are you feeling a little better? I know you were down over the break.' Then, in an almost uncharacteristic gesture, he offers, 'Is there anything I can do to help?'

Besa wonders if maybe Charlette is having a bigger effect on Sky than he first thought. "I am alright. I have decided to just keep busy." Which could explain all the pottery. He's in a good mood, the sadness isn't gone, but he's ignoring it to focus on other things. He smiles warmly, "No…I do not think so, unless you know how to defeat a demon." He's not actually expecting Sky to know anything, or even have any kind of response to that. Instead he pushes forward, "I am going to buy something for you and Rain for the holiday." His hand then waves, pretending to bat away any sneaking into his head about what it is. "Will Charlette be joining us as well?" He would hate to give them all presents and not her, if she's there.

Or Rain's declaration that Besa is now Family. It's an important thing for the Masters, far more than many might even consider. 'Sure, but you know the problem won't go away if you just ignore it. Is it because of Whitley?' It's a lot easier to sign than to mind-speak and for now, it's what he's going to stick to. 'I can ask someone about that,' defeating a demon part. And he's serious. 'You should talk to my mom about that too.' At the mention of gifts for the holidays, he gives a dismissive wave, 'You really don't need to. You've given us a lot already.'

Besa's dark eyes stay on Sky's fingers before he gives a very teenager type of shrug, "That is only part of it… I feel…" He searches for the word, more like searches his mind for the sign, "disconnected. The world is very different. I do not fit in." He's not moping about it currently, though, at least. There's pottery to be made! He smile,s some of the sad creeping in, "I would not wish your family to be drawn into my mess. …It always ends the same, Schuyler." He out right frowns, "Is that not the tradition?" He's fairly certain Rain said it was!

'Maybe it'll end differently this time. You didn't have -us- before, did you?' And Sky actually gives an amused little smirk at that. 'Well you know, part of that disconnection is because you insist on it. If it's about the electronic stuff, most of it hasn't even been around for a hundred years so people lived millennia without it. Don't let that stuff bother you. You're probably better off not playing video games or having a stupid phone that's on you all the time. It turns people into zombies.' Says the kid who plays video games and has a cell phone.

Several horrible senerios pass through Besa's head, all with his friends hurt or dead before he himself ends up dead. He smiles softly, "No…I did not." An eyebrow raises and he asks, "What do you mean?" He gets he's not the most approachable, because of things, but…is that why he's not feeling connected? "I would like to be able to listen to music, but the phone does not bother me." Who would he call, anyway? Everyone he likes is here at the school. And video games confuse him, and sometime give hims headache to watch.

'Like on the radio or from a phone or something?' Sky tilts his head, thinking. 'Who's your roommate? And does it break when you touch it with your hands or if you touch something that's touching it? What happens when you wear gloves?' He might need some help to figure this out, but if Besa wants to be able to listen to music, so be it! 'Have you tried a record player? It's simpler…'

Besa nods, "Yes, a radio. I like to listen to the music." He names his roommate, who the player can not remember. "He is not there very often." His won fingers are looked at with a frown, "It…shut them down. Your phone would turn off, A car would not start." That explains his nerves about the plane! "I do not know yet about the gloves…" He'll need to buy some first. His head tilts, "What is a record player?"

First is going to be trying the gloves. Surely Sky will have a pair that may work. 'We'll try the gloves soon,' but then he grins when asked to describe a record player, 'It's old. What they had before radios even, and it's kind of gone out, but it's back and sort of retro. The music is printed on these discs…not like a CD but grooved in and then it gets put on a turntable and you put a needle down and it plays music.' So he's told, at least. 'Sort of like the pottery wheel.'

Besa will try, he's not not wanting to use gloves. His hair flops as he nods to the idea. His head tilts and there's a slight concentrating frown, but he's not remembering anything like a record player, must have come after his last life. "That has…possibilities." He's not experimented to see what level of complexity sets off the curse. "They are still for sale?" Mayeb he can save up for that.

Schuyler nods, 'I think so. They're fancier now, but we can look for older ones maybe? I mean, the really old ones worked with gears and you'd have to wind them up and all…that would be the best, but I bet those are really hard to find.' And he has no idea about the sound. 'Then they ran on electricity. The newer ones can do all the fancy hookups, but we can try? Also, I want to try a few kinds of gloves and see if that makes a difference.' Then they may have to get really creative.

Besa chews on his lower lip, but nods. It's something to think about, anyway. "Thank you, Schuyler. I appreciate you trying to help me." He knows that he's kind of a pain. "Did you just come in here to check n me, or do you have a project to work on?" At some point, they need to design that Mancala board.

Eyebrows lift some as Sky moves to lean against one of the nearby tables, 'Mostly to check on you. You didn't answer what was going on with Whitley. Do you like him?'' He doesn't seem to be judging at all, but curious. 'I think he likes you.'

That's…not something Besa really knows. So he just shrugs and answer the second statement, "I do not think Whitley knows what he wants. He says he likes me, but I think he means as a friend." English is hard, sometimes. "He and Grayson will end up dating." He seems fairly certain of that. "If you like someone, you do not talk about someone else's attractiveness." Unless dating is even weirder than Besa first thought. His gaze moves back to the pottery, "It is alright. It makes things simpler."

Schuyler doesn't look thrilled that Whitley and Grayson may date. 'Sometimes they do if they want to make the other person jealous,' is offered, but he shakes his head. 'Is that part of why you're sad? Come on, I can feel it coming off of you and I'm not even using my mental stuff. Does it really make things 'simpler' or just more upsetting? You know he probably went to Grayson because you told him 'no'.'

Besa's nose wrinkles, "That is terrible." Although he guesses he's seen Grayson do that with Ollie. Which he still doesn't understand. He works his jaw, trying to determine exactly waht he's feeling. "It may be part of it. …I am beginning to think that maybe the priests were right…it will be hard to leave when I must." Duh. More wrinkled nose and he shakes his head, "No. Whitley has never approached me about it. Grayson told me, I asked Whitley about his feelings and then…" He shrugs, "It is not meant to be. He ….knows of what is to come for me and is not…interested." Maybe? Besa thinks, anyway. It's all very complicated and confusing and will be easier if it doesn't have romantic ties to cut as well.

'You come back, Besa. You have twice…I saw it.' Sky is still for a moment before he asks, 'If you defeat the demon, then can you stay and live the way you want?' There's a wrinkle of his nose when Besa mentions Grayson, 'I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He manipulates people. I felt that Whitley liked you. But if you told him 'no', he probably wasn't going to beg and pine.'

Besa shakes his head, looking aaa briefly before back to Sky's hands, "Not after the ritual. I will be…there." Whatever that means, he doesn't like it and quickly moves on with a shiver, "I do not kow. I am not sure if that is even possible." Surely his priests would have tried if it was? "I told him dating was forbidden." So, sorta no? but he nods, "I am not pursuing anything. Friendship is enough." It's more than he's ever had, and now he has so many friends! A soft smile, "It will be hard to leave. You are all so wonderful."

'So? Is 'there' Egypt? You can come back here. Or we can go get you.' Or someone can. 'There have to be ways to defeat demons…get rid of them. No wonder you're so sad! All you're seeing is the end of things, am I right?' He tilts his head, 'Do you want dating to be forbidden?'

Besa inhales, this is always hard to explain. He remembers the first time he came back trying to share the bits he remembered, "No…it is where ever the demon puts me….Not my body, my soul. My body is usually kept safe my the priest…although I do not know why I woke up in England in that strange man's library." He frowns, he was on display like some treasure. Even in his confused state, he knew that wasn't right. He gives a small shrug about defeating the demon, he doesn't know, and not surprisingly, it's one of the fees things the priests never let him study. He licks his lips and then nods, no use denying it. It is all going to end for him. "I do not know." If it's forbidden, he can't feel worse than this, right? But if he dates, and then has to go….he thinks that might be terrible.

Schuyler is quiet as he listens and thinks about what Besa tells him. 'So. you get sacrificed to the demon…and it just stops the demon from doing bad stuff…until you get resurrected and then have to be sacrificed again. So you aren't sacrificed to hurt the demon, but to it.' That's new. Very new. 'So what we need to do is get rid of the demon.' As easy as that. It's a goal, at least. But then he frowns at a thought and asks, 'If you -could- stay, would you want to?'

Besa nods. "I think there was a deal struck, with the demon to leave Earth alone….If the ritual is done when needed." He doesn't understand much of that. He blinks, kinda dumbly just looking at Sky's 'get rid of the demon'. If it were that easy! "That is an unfair question, Schuyler. I want to stay, of course. Dying hurts. It is scary. But….I will do that, always, to protect everyone. To protect you and Rain." It's a double edged sword, this friendship business. Now he has names and faces to protect, not just 'mankind'.

Schuyler taps his newly-polished nails on the art table for s moment before he looks to Besa, 'That was a long time ago, right? That the deal was struck? Ancient Egypt or close to it, yes?' Things change. Deities change. If there was a demon that could control such things, wouldn't others know about it? 'We should talk to my mom about it. Maybe…it's not that bad of a demon now? I bet it was a long time ago, but time changes things, right?'

There's a slow nod, Besa doesn't know the exact date. "Yes. Very long ago." A flash of fear, Besa's not saying something. "We can…ask, I guess." He doesn't believe demons ca reform. He pretty much bolts when he sees Ixiie.

'You need to read 'Sandman'. It's an old comic, but it's good…' Sky offers before he explains, 'It's not about reforming. It's about…power. If someone believes in something, it has power. The more people who believe in it, the more power it has. But if few people believe in it, then maybe it no longer has all that power?' Definitely something to ask about. 'And Ixiie is harmless.'

Besa takes a deep breath, "I…do not know how many other worlds he does this too…I know I am not the only one he takes." A whole dungeon of Besas! His eyes narrow, although he can't hide the shiver, "She is a demon . They are not harmless."

Schuyler wrinkles his nose, 'I think she's an idiot.' Because he rarely holds his opinions back. 'But it's probably for the best to stay away from her. If the demon is taking more people…then it needs to be stopped.'

"Idiot does not mean harmless." Besa's a little prejudiced on this. His fingers twitch, uncertain , but then he offers, "I have asked for the demon's name. I am waiting to receive a letter from my priests…I have tried meditating, but i can not hear it. it is like it is…covered in my head."

'No, but I doubt she's out to get you,' Sky points out. 'We should definitely talk to my mom about this. If she doesn't know how to do it, someone will and she'll get us in touch with them.' He'd reach out and give his friend a squeeze on the shoulder, but he's near all that clay. 'I just don't like seeing you so sad.'

Besa doesn't think so either, not really. He just doesn't like being around her because of what hs wis, and what she reminds him of. "Ok. At next break then." He seems to be accepting that he'll be going with them at least (Small victories?). He smiles, ply partially forced, "I am. But I am also happy. I have friends, I have a school and classes. I can go into town." All good things, in his mind.

Schuyler doesn't look entirely convinced, but he nods and lets it be. Sort of. 'Over Christmas, we'll have more time to talk to them about it.' He then watches his friend for a long moment, 'I can pick up your surface thoughts, you know…so trying to hide isn't going to be easy.' It's not meant to be malicious, but more that he knows if Besa's trying to lie to him. 'Just let me know if I can do anything, ok? I'm more than happy to be mean to Grayson.'

Besa frowns, giving Sky a small glare, "That is not nice." Soemtimes people need to hide things! Or feelings! That last bit though makes him smirk, although he tries to smooth it over, "No…do not be mean. Grayson is very troubled. Leave him be." That's Besa's plan, just not talk to him ever , if he can help it. "Would you like to go with me this weekend to bring the rest of the mugs to the coffee shop?"

'I can't help it! It's not like I'm prying. It's like…if you're wearing it on a t-shirt or something and then don't expect me to see it?' Sky gives a sigh, 'If I close my mind off then I can't communicate with anyone unless they can sign…and then I'm screwed in class.' He doesn't expect anyone to not take notes in order to sign for him and he doubts the school will bring in an outside interpreter. There's a little huff before the offer gets a nod, 'Sure, I can help.'

"No, but using it as a threat is not nice!" Besa shakes his head, not really mad about it. "Only if you want to. I can carry them all myself if I need to." He'll just not bring the vases in that case. "I hope to get enough to buy presents." That seems very important to him.

'It wasn't a threat!' Sky argues, but he doesn't press it. He was just warning that he can tell if it's a lie. 'No, I'm happy to help. It's nice getting away from the school…the minds are more spread out, usually.' And he needs the practice dealing with crowds anyhow. 'Do they pay you for them on the spot or when they sell?'

"I get $10 for ever mug they sell." So, not the best, but he's happy with it. "Rain says I am not getting enough, but I think it is fair.""

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