(2016-11-29) Someone Nice
Someone Nice
Summary: Another mental chat between siblings
Date: 2016-11-29
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There's a light mental nudge to see if Rain is awake and interested in having visitors even as he comes to her door. There's a light knock, mostly for the roommate's sake, before he just goes to open the door. He hasn't changed into his pajamas yet; he's not yet ready to announce his mismatched pajamas to the rest of the school. Seeing as he tries to maintain a certain appearance, it wouldn't do to wreck it due to plaid flannel pajama pants and an old Atlanta Braves t-shirt! He has a bottle of black nail polish in hand and his own have been freshly scrubbed and un-polished.

Rain is awake and lets him know that he roommate is elsewhere for the moment. It isn't quite curfew so that isn't worrying yet. As he walks in she is sitting on her bed braiding her hair. She is already in her PJs, but they match of course and are a green plaid. »>To what do I owe this visit?«< she knows better than to assume it is just about getting his nails painted.

Some of it is to get his nails painted as it's better for others to do it than to do it himself. However, Rain is right and Sky sets himself on her bed as well. The polish is held out even as he replies, «I think Besa likes someone.»

Tying off the braid even if it isn't completely done, Rain reaches under her bedside table to get the emery board, which she nearly drops when her brother tells her that bit of news »>Wait? What?«< she couldn't be more surprised if you told he she was adopted »>Since when? Who?«<

Schuyler blinks at his sister's surprise, «What, seriously? You couldn't see it?» Maybe they haven't talked as much as Sky and Besa have? There was that conversation in Sky's room…it always feels like Rain is there anyhow! «Yeah. I think he does and I think he's feeling that pull of liking someone and being 'forbidden' to be in a relationship. He was talking about going with the Priests after this year and I told him that he shouldn't give up like that.» As for who, there's a wrinkle of his nose, «I'm not sure. I think it's between my roommate and another Ares.»

»>Your own stuff has been kind of drowning out everything else.«< how is Rain supposed to see or sense anything else with all the Charlotte drama going on in her brother's head? And no, since Charlotte has been around she has spent less time with Besa, which she is now regretting »>Is that why he is sad? He doesn't know what to do?«< and now even more surprise at who the suspects are »>Whitley?«< that's even more surprising and sorta disappointing, put she pushes that second bit a way.

Schuyler glances down at that…he knows that it's true. «I know. I'm trying not to have it be so dramatic. Just sometimes she says something or does something and I can't…I can't think!» He's working on it though! The talk with her did help, but certain intimacies are just so new and unexpected when they come from someone not his family! Looking back to Rain, he gives a nod, «I think that's part of it. I think he's still anxious because his murderer hasn't been caught and I don't blame him. I think it's horrible that the school has just sort of forgotten about it. But yeah, I think maybe Whitley. I think Whitley might like him back, but's keeping his distance because Besa says he won't date.»

Reaching for Sky's hand Rain pulls it toward her, examining his fingernails to see if any need shaping before the nail polish application. He'll be able to tell that she is trying something, but whatever it is nothing happens and she gives a sigh »>You need to try harder at your shielding. If I can do it you should be able to.«< of course she has less mental distractions going on. Taking the emery board she fixes a few ragged nails »>I don't either. Perhaps we should call mom and dad and see if she can poke at the faculty and get some progress on that.«< she glances up at him briefly between nails »>And what of this other person. Is that a guy too you think.«< she seems more surprised by Besa actually liking someone like that, than the fact that it is a guy.

Schuyler's nails could probably use a little help but they're not horrible. Maintenance is the key. «It's not just the shielding with her,» she just scrambles his brain. «And if I'm shielding, then I can't talk easily…unless I'm signing.» And most don't understand it which makes it difficult. «I don't know if that would help, but I guess it couldn't hurt? I wish they'd take this more seriously.» He tilts his head as he looks at his sister, «Are you upset? He said he likes both boys and girls, but yeah. The other is also a boy. But I think it's more Whitley.»

That's what Rain is doing, giving them the help they need. »>You should eventually be able to shield and talk at the same time. You just need to practice.«« so does she. Setting the emery board aside she takes the polish and begins to paint. She would deny being upset outright, but lying mind-to-mind is hard, and impossible with the contact of hand in hand »>I…well not upset, upset.«< she is having a hard time defining it, it’s not like she had a crush on him or thought of him as more than a close friend. Maybe it’s that wanting what you can't have kinda girl thing? Or could be confidence thing, 14 years old is rough for girls. »>Well if it is one of your team you should have an easy time figuring it out right? Who are the choices?«<

»>Well who is it? Maybe we can find out.«< that something weirder has Rain's protective streak coming to the fore front. She nods at both the comment on his abilities and the sister thing »>I know. We talked about family on the ferry ride coming back.«< and she is fine with being considered his sister. She does meet his eyes, pausing the brush as she does »>He is family. You know what that means, don't you?«< at the compliment she can't help but roll her eyes »>You only say that because we look so much alike.«<

She doesn't know many of the Ares team but there is one jerk on that team that keeps coming up in conversations, 'please don't let it be Grayson.' It's a passing thought but not one that is part of the conversation, but it could be picked up »>Well if Besa decides to toss off his priests rules and start dating it can't be with someone who is going to be an ass.«< strong words for Rain the rarely swearing. She likes to keep it classy. She frowns at him »>That's not what I meant. I know you wouldn't hurt Besa intentionally. I meant Family Above All.«< she is going a step further and actually putting him into /that/ category of family. She's gone all serious with it.

Schuyler just sort of gives his sister a 'look' when the thought flits through. He's not going to confirm or deny it, but that's his thought as well. «Right? He needs someone nice or they'll walk all over him. I still don't know if Whitley is that nice,» but he's nicer than the alternative. At Rain's proclamation about Besa, he considers her for a moment before he nods his assent. He's all right with that.

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