(2016-11-29) Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas
Summary: For parents not each other
Date: 2016-11-29
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Arts Room

There is an area of the arts room that has been set aside for the dance class. Dressed in her school uniform, Charlotte is currently at practice with a male partner, a lively Rumba beat that carries across the hall as she is part of the four pairs on the floor. She's all smiles as her partner moves her around the floor, a willing participant in the lively steps in movement of the ballroom movements.

The music is heard before Rain enters the room and as she does she stops short in the doorway, the dancing scene quite unexpected. Sure she knew the dance classes were held here, but she had never witnessed one. Glancing over her shoulder she debates whether to stay or go, not wanting to interrupt the practice, not when the participants seem to be enjoying themselves »>Looks like dance class went over.«< she sends to Sky. »>Want to go to the library instead?«< she does step aside a bit so he can see past her.

Schuyler peeks over Rain's shoulder when she mentions the dance class going over. It must be frustrating for all classes to have to move equipment around. «I don't see why they don't use the Gym for dance classes,» Sky offers, also peering at the instrument lockers. «All the paint and stuff probably isn't good for those either.» Ahh, the state of Arts Education. «No, I don't need to leave,» is mentioned as he sidles past his sister into the room to watch for a moment.

As the music slows and comes to a stop, the instructor claps and offers a few encouraging words. Charlotte gets a few words of praise and some pointers as she smooths her skirt and then smiles, reaching up to pat her partner's cheek while placing a kiss on the opposite cheek. "Thank you for the spin!" she declares cheerfully before she steps back to go grab her bottle of water and towel to pat her forehead before she blinks as she notices the twins. "Allo." she greets as she makes her way over towards them as the rest of the class breaks up to head their different ways.

There is a shrug at the mental question from Sky »>Maybe another class is being held at the same time there?«< that's the only reason she can think of. Rain glances at Sky, smirking at the mental image his comment brings up. Another smirk then, she should of known, what would he leave when Charlotte is in the room. "Hello Charlotte." the French girl is lucky this isn't a normal public school or else the innocent PDA could land her in trouble. Such an Ares!

Dance class just ended. Charlotte was giving an affectionate thank you to her partner, as the class is breaking up, but nothing that suggested that there was a relationship there - as Rain and Sky are just arriving for whatever it is the twins do. Perhaps pottery.

«The gym is big…» although Sky doesn't seem to mind all that much. After all, it -is- Dance class that he can sort of observe and Charlotte -is- in it. A little wave is given back as he thinks about the affectionate gesture she gave to her dance partner. Is he jealous? Might be too early to tell. «What dance was that?» is asked for more in the room to 'hear' than just Rain.

"It's a Rumba." Charlotte says as she picks up on Sky's 'words' as she crosses the floor, and leans in to place a more affectionate and lingering kiss to the young man's cheek. "And no, it is not what I'm planning for our date." she teases as she reaches to squeeze Rain's hand. "How are you both?"

Following Sky into the room, Rain smiles at Charlotte, though has to bite back amused laughter at the greeting she offers her brother "Oh, didn't you know? Sky likes dancing." she offers to her friend. So much for keeping that under wraps. "I'm well, thanks. You looked like you were enjoying yourself."

Does Besa dance? He's not telling. And he's just stepping into the room, so the world will never know. The teen has been quiet as of late, which is becoming his norm. His knuckles seem to be healed enough from whatever bruised them that he's going to attempt more throwing on the wheel. He's got very little time to get more mugs done, christmas shopping in here, and while his list is not long, he'd like to try to do this right. The group gets a soft smile, but he walks along the wall to not intrude and heads towards his domain, the ceramic corner.

As much as Sky wants to not freeze up at the lingering kiss to his cheek, he kind of can't actually help it. He's trying though! At least it doesn't take him too long to remember to breath and get his mind working again. «I…I don't mind…» might be in reference to the rhumba or the act of dancing itself. It's hard to say. Besa's arrival helps snap him out and his friend is given another wave before, «I brought that nail polish from home if you wanted to use it again.»

After the brief kiss, Charlotte pulls back and smiles. "No no, I want to have a dance with you that you can actually feel the music to." Oh lord, help the poor boy on their date as she looks to Rain. "I agreed to do something he likes if he'll go dancing with me - apparently I should have known that he'd trick me about the dancing part." There's a wink showing she's not taking it to heart as she notices Besa and waves to the boy. "Hi!" she says as she steps to the side and moves towards the pottery as well, assuming the twins want to visit with Besa as well.

No Rain is not going to laugh at her brother and his reaction, she will give him both a mental and physical nudge though if he needs it. "Hello Besa." she greets warmly, eye following him briefly before they snap back to Charlotte. "So you are going to the dance club in town?" that she doesn't sound sure about, not with Sky's shielding issues, and the crowds she hears gather there. She heads to the pottery area too, "It's a nice color. Perfect for a darker complexion." like Besa's "Did you want some help making mugs?" she asks of Besa.

Besa pauses looking over at Sky. His hands raise, and while he speaks, he also signs. "That was very kind of your mother, she did not have to." His nails are all chipped up now though, from whatever activities that's left his knuckles healing. The french girl gets a soft smile and a, "Bonjour." He signs hello with that, unsure how to sign in french. At Rain's comment he glances down at the remaking color on his nails before the move as eh speaks, "It is a nice color. Good for celebrations." Maybe that's a ancient egyptian thing. He looks up, head tilting slightly at her and smiles, "That would not be fair, to make mugs for me to get coins to buy everyone a solstice present."

It's true that there's definitely certain music where he can feel it better than others, but there's a plus to having the mental abilities as well as long as his partner also has rhythm. «I told her I'd be terrible at rock-climbing,» so thankfully, that was nixed. Since the others are moving towards the 'Fine Arts' side of the room, he goes to join them, looking unsure as to if he should stand beside Rain…or Charlotte…or Besa. So, not to offend anyone, he takes a seat at one of the tables. «I don't know that I'd make them, but I'd be happy to help glaze them or something.» He then gives a crooked sort of smile at Besa, «Why? You're doing most of the work. We're just helping so we're not staring at you while you use the wheel.»

"I've never done pottery before, so I wouldn't mind watching and learning?" Charlotte asks as she sits on the edge of the table. She doesn't want Schuyler to assume she's clingy after all, so she settles her hands on her lap and nods. "Not the club, maybe just in the park or something." she suggests. "I know he has problems with crowds, so I wanted to find someplace we could do something and talk and spend time together at the same time."

Rain looks at her own manicured nails a moment, this week it is a silvery color "It is a festive color." there is some amusement as she realizes that she does Sky's nails, who in turn does Besa's. Well she thinks it's funny. "Rock climbing…that could be fun." but for her, not for Sky. She is the more physical of the pair. "Well that's a fair point." about helping with the pottery "How about I get the kiln fired up and pack it for you." since it takes a while to heat up all the way. "The park…" there is a shiver at the thought but she doesn't finish it.

Sky gets a glance, he's been uncharacteristically nice to Besa lately.Not that the teen is complaining, it's nice. A pause as he starts to gather the things he needs so he can sign, "I think you would like mixing glazes , Schuyler." The colors that come out in the layerings can be very soothing. He sighs, but it's not in any real frustration, "Because it is important that the gifts are from me." It's his first Christmas, in many ways. He is pulled away from that line of thought by Charlotte, "Of course. Ask questions, please." There is a pause though when he passes the silt barrel, Rain and Sky know why, but he then shakes himself and keeps moving. No reason to dwell on things. Rain gets another glance, this time his hands are fun of tools so he just says, "The rock climbing wall in the gym is good." HE nods, accepting that help, at least. And then seeing her shiver he tries to change the subject, "That is not to say you can not throw for yourself. Perhaps your mother would like something?"

Won't the park be kind of cold? Sky meet's Rain's gaze and sort of shivers as she does. He glances to Charlotte and signs as he mind-speaks, «Throwing pottery on the wheel is just one method. Besa's really good at it. I'm better at building on the table…» or 'slab building' even if it's not with actual slabs. At Besa's comment about the gifts, he thinks, «What if we just help you with the mugs you're going to sell? That way you'll have more time for the other things you want to make, or you can take the money and buy what you want with it. Honestly, it's going to be more fun for us than to just watch while you do it all or, worse, not be able to do anything with you because you're so busy.» Maybe he has been a little nicer to Besa of late, but their past arguments seem tabled for the time being, and maybe he's caught on that Besa isn't in the best emotional place at the moment. Besides, he's his friend. That has to count for something.

Schuyler glances over and offers Charlotte a smirk, «You can Rock Climb with Besa and Rain and I can watch?»

"Rain may like to rock climb as well?" Charlotte suggests. And when Sky mentions it may be kind of cold, she only offers a smile. Exactly. Cold. Ice. Skating~! Reaching over, she sets her hand on Sky's for a moment to squeeze it before releasing it. "You agreed to this, I intend to hold you to it." she points out with a small smile. "Though you haven't told me what you planned for your part of the date?"

"It's been a long time since I made a gift for my mother for Christmas." if ever. Rain ponders that as she goes to turn the kiln up so it can be ready for the mugs later. Glancing between Besa and Sky she nods to the point her brother makes, but she isn't the pusher that Sky is, she is able to take no for an answer. "I'd try rock climbing." Rain confirms Charlotte's comment "But not if that's going to be part of your date." she is having a hard enough time not eyerolling at the date talk between her brother and Charlotte.

Besa's pretty hair sways as he shakes his head, "No…I am just practiced at it." Modesty or truth there? If you do something for as long as he has, is it really talent, or is ti just repetition? Or is it both? He smirks, "I ws hoping to buy gifts for everyone. you have all seen my mugs, it would not be a surprise." And gifts are supposed to be a surprise, right? More hair swaying, "And I do not need anything. I have a coat now." He then nods over to the table, "Then create, Schuyler. Please. I do not wish to stop you." He gets a warm smile, he likes having company, but doesn't want them to feel they have to be here. He won't be murdered here twice…right? He laughs, "Your mother was kind. I am sure she would love something from you, Rain. I can help?" Besa doesn't know enough about dating to know if the talk is normal or not.

Schuyler glances over as Charlotte puts her hand on his, and there's a little smile then even as he turns to look at her. He does have to slip his hand away in order to sign, «Ice Skating?» He makes the sign for it so she can learn it before he seems to almost chuckle. That has the potential to be either amusing or a disaster. «I'm not backing down. And if I told you what I had planned, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?» He then turns to the others, «Charlotte wants to learn Sign.» He's even given her a sign for her name, it seems. Rain actually gets a slightly apologetic glance before he smirks to Besa and gestures, «All right, bring on the mugs! Have any that are dry and ready to be glazed?» He can teach the girls about that at least while Besa throws? And then they can spend time, create things, and have fun…or something. At least he's in a fairly good mood today.

"Hey! No fair peeking into my thoughts!" Charlotte scolds Schuyler and thinks on something just to get under his skin about as she turns her attention to the others as she nods and moves to take a proper seat. "I really like your family." she says to the twins. "Like Besa, I want to do something as well.. but." she shrugs, "Can I get them tickets to a show or something?"

"Well forget about the need than Besa, what do want?" quite the loaded question from Rain, not that she intended it to be so. "Think a vase would be to hard?" she asks Besa. She has never tried anything but mugs. She ignores the date talk as best she can, at the moment she has no interest in it, maybe once it happens that will change. "Really? That's great." that just earned Charlotte more points. There is a questioning look thrown Sky's way at the look but it fades into a grin at Sky's enthusiasm and laughter at Charlotte "No show tickets, they have season passes to various places."

Besa nods, placing a large ball of clay onto the kick wheel. "It is good to learn, Charlette." This leg begins thee steady kick to get the table up to the speed he wants. "There are two on the drying rack, Schulyer. I have down a few with warmer glazes, i was thinking blues for those?" His thumbs push down ingot eh clay, immediately transforming ir from just a wet ball into the potential for something useful. "Want?" That's said like he's never really even thought about it before. "I do not know…" he'll need to think on it. But then he smiles, "Yes….a vase is as easy or hard as you wish." And then to demonstrate the mug shifts, growing wider and then taller, "Or a plate, if you think she would rather something for the wall?"

«I can't help it! When it's there, I can't help but read it…it's not like I'm digging…» there's a little huff which suddenly turns into a coughing fit and a bright red blush. «Can't…help it…» is mentally-strangled out before he just sort hides his head in his arms on the tabletop. So not fair.

It does, however, give Schuyler a chance to listen to what Besa might want for the holidays…even if he's also dying of embarrassment. He's down for a few more seconds before he's able to muster up enough of his dignity left to go to get the mugs from the rack and the glazes and brushes from the shelf where they live.

And that's how Charlotte learns that her little trick will work for now as she sticks out her tongue at Schuyler in a 'that will learn you' fashion as she sits up all prim and proper in her own seat. "Which apparently brings us to Christmas ideas for each other, non?" she asks as she folds her hands over each other.

Rain watches the vase technique as she listens to what Besa has to say. She has along list of ideas of what she can get him, the question is would he want any of them. Guess she will have to wait to find out. "A plate?" she brightens as an idea comes to mind "I need to do some research, I'll let you know when I am ready to throw something.". She can feel the embarrassment coming from her brother and looks between him and Charlotte "You didn't think about what I think you thought about, did you?" she can't help but frown a bit, it's hard for her to not get offended for her brother, though she does try when it is her friends.

Besa nods, eyes staying on the vase, "Or a pot or a bowl. Lids can be made…" So many possibilities. Dark eyes flicker up, confused at Rain's words directed at Char. He notes the blush on Sky before looking back down at the vase so he doesn't destroy it. Not wanting this to get weird, "I am thinking of making more mamool. Perhaps Rebecca can help me make it better this time." He did ok, but her's definitely tasted better. And he's like to share that with his friends.

«Can't help it…» is offered almost quietly, if that's even possible, as Sky just tries to focus on the mugs and how he wants to glaze them. Grey eyes flicker to Rain as she frowns at her friend — this is the last thing he wants. «I'm fine. It's ok.» Really, he doesn't want to cause any strife between the two because, in that relationship, he's the potential interloper. «She might like some pots too, Besa. She keeps herbs and things in them, and I bet being out of clay is special,» in the magical world, that is. Maybe? «That honey stuff was good.» Of course he ate it at the dinner.

But he's just going to keep his eyes to himself and start painting the mugs in a soft, sort of geometric design with different blue glazes. The inside gets only a light blue wash but the outside gets a more watercolor effect.

"You can use the kitchen in our dorms if you want." from what Rain can recall Athena is the only one with cooking facilities…which she finds odd..and a potential fire hazard if she tried to use them. "Do you like baklava as well?" she asks, wondering if that is perhaps to sweet. Maybe another idea is crossing her mind. "Mom always needs containers for her components, herbal and other." she says to backup Sky's comment. Charlotte gets a grin as she excuses herself to get a drink or something.

Sky gets a quick grin and nod about the mamool, "Rebecca's tasted more like it should have. I will practice it." His eyes widen, "Baklava is very good, yes. Rebecca has offered to teach me, if you'd like I am sure she would not mind if you came too?" He laughs, the Guardian's have a kitchen as well." He chews his lower lip, working the new vase. He wasn't intending to make one, but here it is. Maybe there's another shop that he could sell his vases and pots to? "A whole set could be made, for each herb…" He doesn't mind helping Rain and Sky make these for their mother. She was nice.

Schuyler just falls quiet, not wanting to conjure up any more images that might cause him to blush so fiercely yet again. It helps that he has mugs to paint, keeping to the blues and purples that were requested. He does manage, as he rinses a paintbrush of one color and lets the layer of glaze dry, «I think she'd like anything at all from you, Besa. She liked you a lot.»

"As long as I don't have to cut anything." that didn't work out so well the first and last time Rain tried to help cook. "We'd be throwing for weeks." there is amusement there, "She has a lot of herbs. Maybe just a few to start." she has studying and classes to do too! "She did, at it just wasn't pregnancy hormones either.". while their mother did say she was expecting, she was starting to show, and with two younger siblings already the twins should know the signs.

Besa's nose wrinkle,s he remembers that, "No…I will do the cutting, you will be safe." He chuckles softly, bringing the vase a little higher. He doesn't look at the twins , but believes them. 'How many pots would be needed?" He could roll them out, if it's not like, 100. Have Rain and Sky decorate them. "I hoped she did. She was very nice to allow we to come for the holiday."

«I just hope it's a girl this time,» Sky adds. Otherwise there may just be more and his parents are old! At least to a fourteen year old. «I don't know how many she'd need, but she'd use any that you made, I'm sure.» He then glances to Rain as she mentions pregnancy hormones. Meh. «She love even one.»

Well that is a relief, Rain has more experience eating food than prepping it "Than I'll at least like to watch…and taste test." she smiles at him. Mmmmm, baklava. "I don't know." she glances at Sky "We can find out…maybe. She doesn't let many into her work space, certainly not us." none of them have magic, so besides lore nothing she can teach the twins or their siblings. She lifts hands with crossed fingers "Definitely a girl." it would be the third so magically gifted.

Besa can't imagine having siblings, much less that many. it makes him smile. "I wish for all the health for your mother and baby." He nods, already thinking go a design he can show Rain, if she wishes to make them. "You are both blessed to have such a large family."

«Have dad find out how many she might need…or how many she has. He could do it, or one of the littles.» Like they're so big. Sky decides that one of the mugs is done and he moves onto the second. He also crosses his fingers as Rain does before going back to the glaze. There's a little snort as Besa mentions the large family, «I guess. It probably helps that more than half of us are away most of the time, to be honest.»

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