(2016-11-27) Breaks Over
Breaks Over
Summary: Besa and Rain conversing on the ferry
Date: 2016-11-27
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Break is over so students are returning to the school. The dock where the ferry picks up its student passengers has a number of the school’s students waiting for the ferry to return from its most recent run to the island.

Wrapped in her own warm jacket, and actually wearing a pair of grey trousers, Rain is looking more like her brother today than herself, especially with her hair all tucked up under her knit beanie. Is she trying to just stay warm or disguise herself. She stays away from the wooden railing that surrounds the dock arms wrapped around her to help ward off the winter chill "I hope you enjoyed the break, Besa." she tells him "And that my family wasn't too much of a pain."

Besa's in his tan coat and hat as well, staying near Rain. His bag is much more stuffed than when he left the school, thanks to Sky cleaning out his closet. It's cold enough that they can see their breaths. He looks over and offers the twin a warm (Well, as warm as he can manage) smile, "I did, thank you. You home is lovely." The tips of his hair are sticking out from underneath his knit hat, framing his face. "Your family was very kind." He only hit from them a few times!

There is a glance at the duffle "Maybe we should have let you borrow a suitcase. Your bag looks like it is going to pop." she is surprised it hasn't already. "Thanks. I've been told it can be overwhelming." she tries to understand the feeling but hard when that is where she was raised. There is an amused noise "Kind? Weird. Strange. Eccentric. Those are words I believe, but kind?" she shrugs "I guess they were on their best behaviour with guests around. Maybe I should bring guests home all the time, if that is the case."

Besa laughs softly, glancing down to the bag asa well, "It was very kind of Schyuler to give me his old clothes. This bag is fine." He owes the Masters family so much already. His head tilts, "They opened their home to two strangers . That is kind." He smiles, but isn't going to argue, instead he glances around again, making sure they are steady and safe.

"I don't think he had a chance to wear most of them." Sky is at that age where he can grow over night it seems. "You were barely a stranger." Rain gives Besa a gentle shoulder bump. "Charlotte was more of one than you." because they haven't known her as long and hadn't had a chance to tell her parents all about her yet "Next time we will have to explore the island more."

Besa glances back to Rain at the bump and smiles. He is definitely more relaxed than he was when he left the school. "It was very nice. I felt very welcomed." Dark eyes study her, "Charlotte will not be for long. The two of you are becoming very close. And Schuyler…" He gives a small shrug, not feeling he needs to say it. Next time? His head tilts, "I will be invited again?"

"Good." Rain nods to him, her own hair trying to free itself from the confines of the knit cap "We are yes. She is the only girl I have meet here at school that I feel comfortable with." she gives a smile though "A person can't have to many good friends though." her tone is reassuring. She knows he is sad about something, she may think that is what it is. "Of course. There is Christmas break coming up. And then Easter and spring break." she tilts her head at him "You are welcome to come home with us, if you like." she reaches out to hook her arm with his, just like she does with Charlotte (or more like Charlotte does with her). "Though Christmas is a more formal get together. Lots of charity events to go to."

Besa just watches her, surprised at the open invite for all the holidays. "That is very kind. I would hate to impose so much though." Dark eyes look down, but he doesn't pull his arm away. "Sky gave me a nice shirt and vest….It is the most formal thing I have. We will have to see if it will work." He looks back out over the water, making sure no metallic tentacles can be seen.

"No imposition. My parents like it when we bring friends over." perhaps because it makes them seem more normal? "It should do. Just need a nice tie to go with it." she nods knowingly. "I can make it work." she seems confident in that. Her own eyes look to the water, so much for being relaxed.

A tie? ugh. He dislikes the school ties… "Will my school tie do?" No, no it won't. Besa thinks on it, "You are very good with clothes. You should design them."

Talk about ugh face, Rain pulls one as well at the suggestion "No. Yellow is not your color." in her opinion of course "Maybe a dark green," which is her favorite color "or a nice blue." another shrug "We'll find something. Don't worry." there is a thoughful hmm at the career suggestion "I thought I wanted to do that as well, but after Sky's near death experience and extended hospital stay I have decided that I want to be a doctor."

Besa's face drops slightly, he likes yellow. His new jacket is yellow (Well, tan). He swallows and glances away, "Oh…you will be a good doctor too."

Rain has a moment of confusion at the sudden change, well she hepled him pick out the jacket, so must not have a problem with tan at least. She does like how it looks on him at least. There is a tentative nod, "Maybe. When I told my mother she told me not to worry about what I want to be later, just worry about who I am now. Whatever that means." She glances up as a few snow flakes start to fall.

Besa nods softly, "That is not bad advice. It is the foundation for what you will be." Dark eyes are starting to follow the snowflakes, better that than think about what he'll never be when he doesn't grow up. "Did you have a nice time this weekend?" He knows she was nervous. He kinda thinks he and Char were there to be a buffer in some ways.

"Oh, like try to figure out myself." Rain nods in understanding "That makes more sense." she's smart, but sometimes her common sense can be a bit lacking, like most girls her age really. The smile returns and she looks fully at Besa "Yes. Having you and Charlotte there made it a lot more bearable and fun for Sky and me. But mostly me." since it isn't Sky that is turning his back on centuries of family tradition "Thanks for that. I owe you both." she squeezes his arm with hers.

A soft smile and a quick glance before Besa looks back to the snow, "You owe me nothing. We are friends. As I told Schuyler, you and he are my family."

A pale blond brow arches. Hearing that Besa said that from Sky is one thing, hearing it from the source another "Family? Do you know what the Masters family motto is?" Rain asks him, all curious like.

Besa blinks and then laughs, "No…I meant…like you are my family." he can only imagine the Masters motto is 'eat a dragon' or something else ridiculous. His hand raises and touches his chest through his coat, his fingers are covered by the gloves he bought. "All I know is that you and Schulyer accepted me and became my friends. And I yours. I would do anything for either of you." Well, almost anything. He's still probably going to die eventually, but in a sesnse, that's for them too.

Rain nods, she gets what he means "It's Family Above All." she is telling him anyways, because she feels it is important for him to know "Of course we are your family, and the family motto holds true for you as well." and implies that the Masters twins would do anything for anyone that falls into the family category as well "I'm surprised Sky didn't tell you that." she looks vexed a moment but then shakes it off.

Oh, that's nicer than Eat a Dragon. He smiles, nodding, "No…but that is alright. He did not have to." His hand drops from his chest and pats her coated arm, "I know. Do not be angry. he shares as much s he can."

Good thing she isn't the telepathic one or else Rain would be dying of laughter at his idea of the family motto. There is a bit of a sigh and she glances to the arm pat and then looks back at him "Sky wasn't always so aloof." she tells Besa "He was different before the accident, his powers didn't manifest gently and I think they are why he has a tendency to be dramatic and keep people at a distance."

Besa's always had his, sorta, so he just nods, "I cannot imagine. That must have been very scary." For both of them. "I wish he would let me try to help with is headaches…I know they hurt him much."

"It was very scary." Rain will refrain from getting detailed about it or how she experienced it with him. "I do to. I worry that he is getting to dependent on the medicine and its preventing him from learning to shield properly. If I can shield, I would think he could just as easily."

Besa knows she did. He's seen her when Sky has a bad headache. His lower lip is bitten and he glances out over the water, "I believe that Whitley has offered to help him learn. Perhaps if I asked to learn too it would ease the tension between the two?"

Yeah Rain definitely feels it too. "Sky could use the help, not sure about Whitley though. I like him well enough, but I know he and Sky have had issues." but who hasn't Sky had issues with "You being there couldn't hurt, and maybe they will both behave in front of you." she knows that won't happen if she is there.

Besa's cheeks puff out, "They should work it out being roommates and all." he huffs, slightly amused, "I think you give my presence more weight than it has." He thinks his presence actually seems to make things worse anymore.

"I can't say much about Whitley, but Sky is stubborn." he isn't as willing to give as Rain is "To stubborn." she smiles a bit "Maybe we should just lock them in an empty room and not let them out until they work it out?" maybe one will even come out alive!

Besa sighs, "Whitley is just as stubborn, just …louder about it…I think it is an Ares thing." That's his theory, anyway. He's not met an Ares boy that wasn't. The idea makes him smirk, "No weapons though.' Although isn't Sky's brain a weapon?

"I will have to take your word for that one. I don't know Whitley that well." Rain will trust Besa's judgment "I've met some non-Ares that are just as stubborn." she isn't pointing fingers or naming names though. "Well that takes all the fun out of it." she is joking of course, she does that every once in a while.

Besa can concede that and nods. He is certain Rain probably thinks the same of him at times. He laughs, "No, please. I have already had to stop Whitley and Grayson in a fight and got hit for it. I would rather not do that again." his poor chest!

Rain remembers hearing about that, from the sources even "It's amazing the school is still standing. From the sounds of it this Grayson person is a bomb ready to explode." she has been lucky enough not to met him…or maybe he is the lucky one to have not met her. One of the two…or both! There is another squeeze of his arm "I'd rather you not get into another fight either." she just doesn't like fighting in general, not that kind at least.

Besa takes a deep breath and just simply says, "This school could benefit from an actual phycoligyst." He looks back to her an smiles, hopefully reassuringly, "I do not normally fight, I was just trying to stop them from hurting each other."

"That's the truth." Rain can only agree with that one. Maybe all the girls wouldn't be so strange if they had someone normal to talk to, and her brother could use one as well. "And you did that..mostly." she glances out to the water, seeing the ferry in the distance coming toward the dock "Did you want to work on some pottery once we get settled? Maybe after supper?"

Besa shrugs softly, barely visible in his thick coat, "Mostly. I need to practice more…I used to be very good at wrestling." Hard to imagine, but he was! He glances at her as the school comes into view, "Perhaps tomorrow? I think I do not want to do that tonight….But i need to do many more mugs if I am going to buy presents for the solstice."

Rain can't imagine that at all "Really?" she seems surprised by that. As much as she did when he spoke Russian. "You are full of surprises Besa." she tells him. She gives a nod in understanding "Sure. Tomorrow or when ever. I guess you are probably tired after having to deal with even more of us Masters." two can be hard enough, she can understand that too, since she is one of them.

Besa smirks, "Why is that so hard to believe? I did not just throw pottery for all of my lives." His head shakes, finally a lock of that pretty hair falls down into his eyes from underneath his hat, "No…I am just…the plane ride is very nerve wracking for me."

"Well yes, I figured that, but well wrestling…fighting…" she waves her free hand dismissively "Nevermind. I'm being stupid." Rain pats his arm "Just be glad it was a private plane. Commercial flights are worse. Those wrack anyone's nerves. With all the security and rules and cramped seats… or to mention no food." she restrains a shudder at the thought. "Want to take a train next time?" she reaches up with her gloved hand to brush the lock of hair away.

Ah, that makes sense. A hand waves , as if brushing that notion away, "Wrestling is not fighting. It was considered a sport. Like…basket ball is now." He's seen students play that. "I just… the worry is I will touch something, and we will crash. Unlikely, but that worry is there. "Would a train get us there is time?" His dark eyes follow the hand and the lock of hair. It's in his eyes so much anymore he doesn't seem to notice it.

"So it is the intention and not the act." Rain says as much for her clarification than anything. "Much like my fencing and aikido, though I do like the competition involved." her brother isn't the only one she can be competitive with. She ahhs as if his explanation helps her grasp something. "Depends on where we are going. If we are heading back to my home, it will get us there in enough time.". Her hand then goes into her pocket "I'd rather you get there with nerves intact than in a rush." and themselves in one piece!

Besa thinks and then nods, "Yes…It is not done in anger." At least, not usually. She gets a small smile and his body gives a shiver, he'll never get used to this cold. The Egyptian sighs, "Yes. It can be…worrisome." Killing himself is one thing, but hurting others if the plane fails? No thank you!

Noting the shiver Rain gives him an empathetic look "Yeah, the weather here is nothing like where I live is it." living way off the South Carolina coast, has its advantages, a mild, warming winter is one of them. Warmer than here at least. "I think I m going to head straight to the cafeteria and get something warm to drink." she says as the ferry bumps against the school dock. Giving Besa a gentle tug she begins to head along with the rest to to the gangplank "Warmth, finally!" something they both want at the moment..and the sooner the better.

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