(2016-11-25) Skating Rink Fracas
Skating Rink Fracas
Summary: A relaxing Black Friday night is interrupted by a super-powered fracas.
Date: 2016-11-25
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NPCs: Charles, Erik, Jenny, another random number of Uptown Rink customers.
Scene Runner: Gabrielle

Uptown Rink is running a special Black Friday Blacklight Skate Night in celebration of Thanksgiving. Admissions, concessions, and all the black light paraphernalia are half off for the midnight skate and the rink is surprisingly full considering the time of year. The part that is not surprising is that the majority of the crowd is composed of teenagers, many of them paired off in couples or foursomes. As might be expected in a situation like this one, the dark corners of the rink are being taken full advantage of, in mostly innocent ways.

After the hectic success of the Thanksgiving meal she organized for those stuck at school over the holiday (by choice or circumstance), Tabitha decided to treat herself with some time on the town tonight. And given her current mildly bioluminescent state, what better thing than the Black Friday Blacklight Skate? She's decorated her hooded jacket, veil, and jeans with some off the cuff disco designs in UV reactant dyes so that the glow on her face and hands seems to be just part of the outfit. She also brings her own in-line skates, because she doesn't trust rental footwear.

Letting go of your old life can be hard. And so when Pavel heard about this skate, he made his way over. Wearing his armor, since he wouldn't be good skating in a wheelchair, the Siberian boy is working on attaching some of those old-style with two and two wheels, roller-skates to his feet. Muttering something to himself, in Russian, he is focused on the task at hand right now.

Clack! Clack! Clack! Comes the sound roller skate wheels smacking against the carpeted ground, outside the rink. The hands and arms of Adam wave, struggling desperately to grasp something stable in order to stabilize himself in his unsteady footing. The muscular teen holds onto the edges of a crane game machine, using the bulky structure to both support and stabilize the stumbling teen that goes so often by Sidestep. A new face to the school, he's wearing yet another track suit in the colors of the Athenian League team; only this time the colors have been reversed. Primarily red, with white stripping. The skates that he wears appear to be rentals.

Overall Adam appears to be struggling to remain upright, white teeth bared and glowing in the black light. It is only after he seems to have regained his footing and balance, that he releases the crane machine. Immediately he begins to waver on his feet, arms helicoptering in an attempt to compensate for his unsteady leaning to and fro.

Dyna has a habit of wandering. Tonight, that has brought her to the skate rink. With a pair of rental skates, she has made her way to the rink, where she glides here and there, evidently having picked up the basics of the activity. She rolls a lazy infinity symbol as she watches the other attendees. Adam, in particular, with his helicoptering arms and seeming like he's about five seconds away from face-planting, gets a look.

As he's sure he's gotten the skates fastened properly, Pavel gets to his feet, starting to glide a little carefully. After all, he's used to skating on ice, and his old roller skates was of the inline kind, but he manages to move about a bit, unable to hold back a bit of laughter. There's a pause as he spots Adam and the style looking like half a century old ski jumping. "You okay?" he asks, after a few brief moments.

For a while Tabitha circles the rink floor just enjoying herself and the fact that she's not any more strange looking than anyone else tonight. But eventually she gets distracted by the flailing of Adam. She skates out one of the gates and across the carpet, somehow not seeming to move any slower on the different surface. She makes her way over toward the claw machine holding up Beefcake Mountain and looks up to him. "It amuses me how well you're working the 'clumsy giant' trope."
The helicoptering arms halt, Adam goes rigid, and his hands drop down to his sides. He seems to be adopting a doctrine that if one does not move, one cannot fall. For the moment however, it seems to be proving successful. He just stands next to the crane machine, arms awkwardly at his sides, and his bright smile still affixed to his features. He watches a few passing pedestrians and casually hooks a thumb back toward the crane machine with a nervous laugh, "Just, you know, making sure this thing stays here…" For a moment he glances back to the crane machine, then around to his surroundings. He takes not of Dyna looking off in his direction and casually tosses a thumbs up in her direction, along with a confident, "I'm fine," despite the fact that he looks anything but fine. He even pats the side of the crane machine, as though ensuring that it in fact was not going to go anywhere. Confident in that he begins to inch a foot forward, rolling it ahead of himself in an effort to move. Then the second foot moves forward to join the first. That's when he's addressed by Pavel and Adam gives him a few quick, reassuring nods, "New sensation for me. Not something that I ever had to do before. This was most definitely not in my training regimen…thank you. I'm Adam, call me…hahaha…Sidestep," he offers back, while also including an introduction into the reassurance.

Then Tabitha's arrival and Adam blinks once or twice before looking to her and offers back, "I'm not clumsy or a giant. I'm just not used to this. I was not made for this," he offers back. There is no bite to his words; instead they are stated in a matter of fact manner. He scoots another foot forward, followed by the other; tentatively taking his first rolls forward in a blacklit new world.

Dyna responds to Adam's thumbs up with one of her own as she rolls a slow circle. Pavel, in his armor and skate combination fashion, draws a look from her. Then Tabitha.

After a second circle, Dyna abruptly changes course at Adam's mention of being made. The green eyes, too, incite some degree of curiosity. "You do not look fine," she comments. "What were you made for?"

One of the rink's employees looks at the group near the claw machine like they're a little bit off their rockers. But instead of saying anything about their strange conversation she focuses on her job and just says, "I'm sorry but if you have skates on you are only allowed either in the rink or on the uncarpeted area leading to the rental counter." then she moves on, taking it for granted that the group will move over to where they belong.

"You look like Windmill," Pavel offers lightly to Adam, offering him a grin. There's a brief pause, before he adds, "I am Pavel." Going silent again as he studies Adam starting to move forward. "Bend knees. More fluid, and you will be fine." Skating a bit further, he offers a smile to Dyna as he sees that look. "Hey."

Suddenly a brown-haired young man dressed in jeans and a t-shirt sporting the mascot of the local high school jumps over the waist high wall surrounding the skating rink proper. Ignoring the people zooming by on all side he strides towards a couple that's swaying back and forth in sync to the rhythm of the music instead of really skating. The brown-haired man is big enough that people give him his space, regardless of how rudely he may be behaving. And the space around him widens even more when he starts hollering at the red-headed girl that forms half of the couple he striding towards, "You said you were never going to talk to him again! You promised you were done with him and that I would never have to worry about him laying a hand on you again. And then I hear you're here!? With him!? Again!?"

The red-headed girl's eyes go wide and she seems about to step towards the angry teenager when her companion holds her, pushing her behind him as he starts turning, "Listen buddy, I don't know who you are but I think you have the wrong… Charles? Is that you? Where are your braces? And your crutches? And how'd youOOF!" Whatever else he was going to ask is lots along with all his breath as Charles, the brown-haired teen, catches him mid-question with a punch to the gut that actually knocks the other boy off his feet and slides him a couple of meters down across the floor of the rink, sending other skaters either tumbling or scattering away. "Shut up, Erik. You're not getting the chance to lay another hand on her." Completely ignoring the red-head girl desperately pulling on his arm Charles just drags her along as if she wasn't there as he stalks towards his downed foe…

Tabitha smirks up at Adam from behind her veil, "Sir, /everyone/ is a giant to me." She gives a quick wave as she decides it's best to leave the skate lessons in other hands. Just something about the way he said it wasn't what he was made for has a seed of concern floating in her brain. She's about to go back on the skate floor when the brow-haired teen jumps the wall and starts across the floor. When the confrontation starts, she's skating across towards the attacker with purpose. "Hey, sack muncher! Yeah, I'm talking to you!" Her trained voice carries well across the hardwood floor as she closes the distance, then extends one arm to take Charles out at the knees before he can continue his assault.

Ixiie walks into the rink with a determined look on her face, heading straight for the rental counter. However, she stops halfway, and even though she can't see over the half-wall separating her from the rink she stops short and hops up onto the wall. "I didn't know there was fighting here!", she grins, "I got next!!"

Adam shifts his attention from Dyna to Pavel. Then toward the rink employee that offers a reminder on rules. A nod is cast toward the employee and then Adam's attention returns to Pavel. The instructions are received and immediately applied. He bends his knees slightly and attempts to unlock his limbs. He begins to shift forward on each foot, moving toward the rink with a pointed index finger toward the destination, "Rules are rules," he says more to himself. As he glides forward, slowly and carefully, hands hovering just ahead and to the sides of his body in a bid to catch himself should he fall. Adam seems to focus on staying upright, though he does speak back to Dyna while focused on staying vertical, "What was I made for?", he repeats the question. He considers it for a moment before he replies while he slowly glides toward the rink, making an effort to place Pavel's advice into his own actions, "That warrants a complicated answer. We should be having fun, right? Let's have fun!" he offers back with a broad grin. He steadies himself on a bench for a moment, and then sets forward again until he reaches the edge of the rink. He carefully steps forward and onto the smooth floor. He stays near the wall, hovering a hand near the surface of the structure as he begins to roll across the smooth, polished flooring.

He does however call back over one shoulder toward Dyna, Pavel, and Tabitha, "Come on, let's have fun! I'll get this soon, I'm a fast learner!". Admittedly, with Pavel's advice being implemented, Adam does seem a little more stable on his wheeled feet. Then Erik and Charles are having an altercation and suddenly Adam's left blinking like an owl. He remains in his place, wheels motionless as he grips to the waist high wall and watches on with sudden interest and uncertainty. That persists for only a couple of seconds before, without word or ceremony, Adam's heavy weight drops to the smooth rink floor with an audible boom. Feet out in front of himself, he immediately begins unlacing his skates in a bid to remove them promptly.

If you're Dyna, the question has a very simple answer. She watches Adam go, although, any chance to have fun seems to go up in smoke as a fight breaks out on the other side of the rink. She's already stepping out of her skates and crossing over to the pair, to put herself between Charles and Erik.

"You need to stop," Dyna tells Charles. "If you persist, you will be detained until the appropriate authorities arrive. I will not ask again."

Frowning a little as he sees the fight starting, and the girl being dragged along, Pavel hurries to skate over towards the fight, glancing around very briefly. Since he doesn't move as fast on these skates as he would otherwise, he has to resist that first impulse of just throwing himself in to stop the troublemaker, and instead he comes to a stop as well. "Hey! You do not drag girl like that. She is not dog…" A brief pause, before he adds, "You should not drag dog either…"

As Tabitha makes contact with the back of Charles' knees his legs buckle and he drops to his knees with a thud. The red-head girl that was latched onto his arm trying to pull him back drops with him. Charles reaction is to shove, as gently as one can shove someone, the red-head into Tabitha, "I'm sorry Jenny, but he does not deserve your love. And I'm going to make sure that he can't lay a hand on anyone else, ever again." Getting back to his feet he starts to stalk towards Erik again, who is scrambling away from Charles on hands and knees, still gasping and trying to catch his breath. As Charles starts to stalk his target again he seems marginally but noticeably large. Maybe a quarter inch taller, his clothing seems to be fitting tighter, and his steps actually sound heavier for those close enough to hear them over the music that's still blaring over the speakers.

Most of the skaters on the rink have taken the wise approach of moving over to the half-wall, hoping over it to get out of the way. A good portion of them start making their way out of the building itself but many people also stay behind, watching the fight and even pulling out cellphones to record it.

When Charles goes down like a string-clipped marionette as she clotheslines him, Tabitha lets out a reflexive, "Yeah!" This quickly turns to an involuntary, "Yeaaargh!" as she feels her fundamental essence get sapped right out of her from the contact. Getting the redhead shoved into her doesn't help her mental state, either. She manages to catch herself and the girl before they faceplant into the wall, but with the combination of the unfamiliar sensation of having her powers drained and weakened and Charles still up and threatening the guy on the floor she's not too worried about the girl's condition save that she's alive.

She looks from her hands to the slightly larger Charles, then decides to take a different approach. "I'm talking to you! Didn't your mother ever tell you to pay attention when someone is talking to you?!" The cameras are going to get plenty to film, as her body becomes enshrouded by the flames of a solar corona (perhaps a bit dimmer than usual, but still there). As her arms make a lassoing motion, the blue-white mist of her aura takes on solid form in her hands. The aura forms a misty set of chain bolas that becomes quite solid just before Tabitha throws it at Charles to try and tangle up his arms and knock him back down.

Ixiie spends several moments assessing the situation. "Oh, this is, like, a real fight!" A burst of air explodes around her, propelling her across the rink and knocking nearby skaters off balance. The imp quickly glides across the large room, interposing herself between the large boy and the stricken Eric. She grins at Charles as he advances, her glare developing a strange edge. "I said, I got next."

The roller skates that Adam was hastily removing are unlaced and kicked off with a simple use of toes against the heel of each skate. He doesn't bother to kick them off, only to slide his feet free. Nor does he even bother to stand up. Where Adam one second, the next is an empty location with a pair of roller skates resting on the rink floor. A heartbeat later and Adam's standing behind Erik. Adam's track suit is ruffled, as though disturbed by a sudden and tremendous gust of wind. He makes an effort to clamp both of his powerful hands down on Erik's arms and states in a firm, instructional voice, "Relax for a moment, citi…er, guy…"

Both hands grip Erik's upper arms, as though preparing to bring him into a stomach-to-back hug. Awkward. Then Adam disappears, along with Erik with a sudden crackle of sound.

Dyna thinks that Charles is getting larger, and a quick scan confirms it. Of course, she can't tell if he's gaining comparative strength and endurance to match his size, but Dyna assumes that is probable.

Tabitha is flung away and Dyna steps in, lancing her palm out, aimed right for Charles' chest!

Looking like he was about to move for Erik, Pavel stops momentarily as Adam takes care of that. "Impressive," he mutters, before looking around again. He pauses as he sees the slight growth in Charles, moving a little backwards. "Perhaps you can use phone to call police, da?" he offers to some of the people watching. A momentary pause, and he lifts off from the ground, moving to a position a bit up into the air. Raising his voice, he looks to the angry boy. "Charles, was it? You seem angry. Perhaps you like talk about it?" Voice raised to carry, as he speaks a bit slowly, his Russian accent evident. "Why you heff to be so mad? I know people tell me talking helps." There is a brief smile offered as well. See, we're all friends here…

Charles comes to a momentarily standstill as Tabitha's bolas wrap around one of his legs, missing the second one. They so, however, smack him in the shins pulling a loud, "OWW!" from him. The other reason he stops is because now he has a tiny little… something in front of him telling him it's her turn to fight. Then her power hits him and he can't move because he's growing. Very obviously growing. He's getting taller at about an inch a second and his musculature is changing proportionally, grotesquely mutating him as his muscles grow to properly support him the taller he gets. Within 5 seconds or so he's already at least 6' 5" and continuing to grow. He has also basically ripped out of every stitch of clothing he had on him, except his underwear which is showing clear signs of stress. Speaking through gritted teeth he says, "Get out of my way little… imp. You won't stop me from giving Erik his due punishment for hitting Jenny."

Adam's disappearing act, which includes Erik himself, is met with an explosion of fury. Seeing his target disappear his attention focuses on the next closest target, Ixiie. "YOU! YOU PLANNED ALL THIS! YOU'RE TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL!" Lashing out with a fist that is now about the same size of Ixiie head he seems to be trying to punch her into next week! But his haymaker gets interrupted as he takes an unexpected hit from Dyna. As the girl's palm strikes his chest a clear crackle of energy sparks from the point of impact and Charles stumbles a few steps back, then drops to a crouch, like a linebacker preparing for a tackle, growling the whole time, his eyes now glued to the two girls in front of him. Sadly he seems to be so lost in his rage now that Pavel's pacifying words remain completely ignored.

Now that unnatural things are starting to happen a lot more of the people that had been enjoying a night out skating have made their way out of the building and only a few die-hard adrenaline junkies are still anywhere near the fighting group, cellphones still out and recording.

Bola miss… Ixiie showing up… Sidestep taking Erik out of the equation… Charles doing a really horrible impression of Charles Atlas hulking out… "Oh, crap on a stick." Tabitha mutters to herself as she Gets It. "Ixiie, back away from the anti-steroid commercial! He's feeding off all that endless energy you brag about!" Tabitha does a quick check to make sure the redhead she was tangled up with isn't in need of medical attention, then instead of reengaging Roid Rage she starts to skate around the edge of the rink where all the phones are being aimed from. As she circles, she wraps each and every visible phone in possession of a 'civilian' in her aura and drains them of every erg of energy right down to the magnetic forces that allow their storage to work. Sorry, folks… your gear's been completely bricked, memory and all.

It takes a long moment for the idea of not fighting to register in Ixiie's brain. "You mean I'm too awesome to fight him!? That true and sucks!!" She scampers back until she can't feel the siphon anymore and extends a hand, grinning all the while. A small but intense tornado forms at her side, and with a throwing motion it spirals towards the growing teen attempting lock him to the spot.

When Charles settles like he's preparing for a tackle, Dyna just rolls her neck left and right, keeping her bright green eyes focused on him. She won't take her gaze off him, even for a moment. Still, she's idly processing something as she does - did she lose power beyond the expected amount with that strike?

She hears Tabitha remark about feeding off energy, which causes Dyna to re-evaluate her opponent, and ratchet him a few percentage points higher in how dangerous he might be. If he can leech energy from that, then he could leech energy from the cells in her chest.

Her eyes flash from green to blue and, by the looks of things, it seems like she's going to test that hypothesis with a lashing from her eye beams!

Erik and Adam reappear outside the Shady Cove police department with a crackle. Immediately upon their appearance, Adam's hands release Erik's arms and he states in that same firm voice, "Transit services provided by Sidestep! The nausea will fade shortly, once that unfortunate side effect of reaching safety has faded, then please enter the police station and make your report to the officer's on-duty. Thank you!", Adam states almost too-cheerfully given the circumstances. Then Adam takes a step back and with another crackle he's gone.

A split second later a crackle sounds off and Adam drops a few inches onto the rink floor some distance away from the immediate tussle going on. He takes a quick stock of the situation, particularly the sudden growth of Charles and his apparent rage. Adam blinks once, blinks twice, and exhales an exasperated sigh. He murmurs something quietly too himself, shakes his head, and then quietly remarks, "No, not big enough," and then with another crackle as though static feedback, Adam disappears from the skating rink once again with a half-amused chuckle at his own thoughts.

Starting to raise his left arm in the direction of their opponent, Pavel pauses as he hears the part about the energy. Muttering something to himself, he pauses. A brief look around, before he raises his right arm, the one that has the harpoon-dart thing, with the wire. He hasn't tried that one much yet. "Ah…" he mutters to himself, before he seems to reconsider. "I do not know what to do…" he mutters, before he flies towards the growing ball of anger attempting to throw a punch at the guy.

Things happen fast over the next few seconds. Tabitha yells over the music, making sure everyone knows about the light bulb that just went off for her, changing most of the combatants tactics. Dyna's eyebeams hit Charles first, light being faster than wind, and they're absorbed into his skin like water soaking into a sponge. The giant teenager jumps up another inch and bulks up correspondingly. Then, as he's pushing out of his crouch aiming at Dyna, the twister hits him, making him loose his footing. The winds spin him around on the slick floor of the skating rink for a few seconds but them, just like Dyna's eyebeams the energy gets soaked up into Charles' body and by the time he gets back to his feet he's almost 8 feet tall. Which helps Pavel since Charles is having trouble keeping up with the growth spurts. Completely off balance by the time the armored boy hits him he falls back to the floor with a roar of frustration and a crackle of absorbed energy. Barreling along the floor he hits the wall surrounding the rink and breaks right on through it. He only stops when he crunches through the main register's counter. Then he jumps back to his feet shedding splinters and dust from his skin, looking slightly disheveled and confused.

The by-stander that took Tabitha's momentary attention as she went around draining phones seems to have seen enough and starts running for the front door, stuffing his phone in his pocket. Then pulling out his keys. As he pulls the keys out a little white square of paper falls out and flutters to the ground.

Roid Rage has long since passed the point where Tabitha can have any positive impact on subduing him. Best she can do is get out of his way as the others toss him around. But the guy with the shielded phone gets her attention. She watches him put his phone away and start running, considering her options. It doesn't take her long. First she gives the fabric of her aura a quick mental /twist/. Where she was orbiting the rink floor all on fire and shit there are now three of 'her' standing between Roid Rage and her classmates while the real her drops the flames and goes invisible. Standard Three-Card Monty decoy shuffle.

The decoys won't do anything except be there, but maybe they'll get Roid Rage's attention briefly. The real Tabitha flies after Mr. Shielded Phone, scooping up the piece of paper on her way past and slipping it into her pocket as she sees where he might lead her.

That was a direct hit, but Dyna is still left to ponder the fact that a direct hit just seemed to energize Charles further. It's a worrying bit of information - direct contact seems to correspond to some level of energy absorption. She can't risk prolonged contact.

But her programmed shackles also won't let her stand by and do nothing.

By her calculations, he is now eight foot tall. Pavel hits him, sending him crashing through the wall, and Dyna follows, the splinters and dust posing no issue to her.

While Charles is getting his bearings, Dyna simply lashes him with a kick. Systems hitch for a brief moment as her heel makes contact. Like a heart skipping a beat.

"Hey jerk!" Ixiie jumps up onto the 1/3 wall to glare down at the attacker, "If you don't knock it off I'm going to use that pool table to knock you through that wall and when you hit the street I'm gonna drop a lamp post on you so hard when you wake up in the hospital you'll be eating Jello through a straw for a month!!"

Letting out a bit of a breath as he hits, Pavel stumbles back slightly. "Whoa…" he mutters to himself, before he looks around again. He shakes his head as he looks over at Ixiie. "I am not sure if that will help or just make him more angry, you know…" he points out, before he looks around again. "How you dealing with such people here in America?" Sounding a bit curious as he steps towards Charles again. "I cannot use energy beam…"
Another crackle sounds as Adam reappears, this time near the ceiling. He twists in the air as he falls, trying to regain his bearings. He spots Charles, with Dyna standing over him, which causes Sidestep(Adam) to call out, "Hey! Uh, move!", and just before he hits the floor of the rink again there's another crackle as Adam disappears once more. Like watching a live game of Portal, where the portals are invisible, Adam just blinks out of existence once more. He is gone for a few seconds, seemingly granting Dyna ample time to move as instructed.

The seconds tick by quickly when there's another crackle of sound as though soft feedback from a speaker system. When that crackle comes, it's accompanied by an object besides Adam himself. Sidestep shifts his weight atop the falling object, which is a black baby grand piano that falls from a couple feet above Charles. Adam leaps away from the falling object, twisting around in the air so that when he lands barefoot upon the rink floor he can watch the results of his efforts in bringing a piano to a fistfight. It's not a perfect landing, momentum coupled with wearing socks on the smooth rink floor cause Adam's feet to skid a little on the slick surface.

Evidently as Charles grows in physical power his mental faculties start to deteriorate. Or his anger is clouding his reasoning. Whatever the reason Tabitha's illusions are enough to confuse him long enough to create and opening for Dyna. Her heel connects hard enough to send the massive, now naked teenager (his underwear gave up the ghost when he went through the rink's front counter) crashing into the buildings wall with a thud so loud that it momentarily drowns out both the music and Ixiie's taunting.

Charles pushes off the wall just in time to be almost right back where he was when Adam scoped out his target area so the black piano hit its target dead on. As it hits the giant's head it crumples around him with a discordant 'TWANG' then breaks into pieces, sending shards of wood cascading all around Charles once more. Apparently getting dive-bombed with a 700-pound piano is enough to put Charles on the ropes as the giant crumples down to one knee, trying to shake the hit off. He tries to get back up, stumbles drunkenly for a few steps, then falls over again like a boxer that's been hit right on the button. As soon as he passes out he starts to lose mass, quickly going back down to the size he was when he first entered the skating rink.

Outside, Tabitha hits the street just in time to see the man she's chasing get into a grey Impala. Clearly he's not aware that he' s being followed since he's moving briskly but does not seem to be in any particular rush to get away.

And no, we haven't forgotten about Jenny. She just turns out to be one of these people that freezes up when she's terrified so she's still huddled up against the rinks wall where Tabitha first left her.

Good thing the decoy illusions did their thing, because as soon as the real Tabitha puts distance between herself and the rink they vanish without any fanfare. Outside she takes a moment to take stock of the weather… still above freezing and dude has found his car. Not much time to consider her options or to get any info, unless… She flies up over the car and oh so gently lands on its hood on the passenger side. Once she's settled with a solid aura grip on the vehicle she'll drain its electrical system like she did the phones inside. Then she'll push her aura into the car so she can hear inside. Then she'll wait and see how he reacts. It's been a long stretch of years since the last time she did close recon. It's kinda fun.

Adam takes in a heavy breath and exhales it with an appreciative sigh, nodding his head a few times when Charles sways on his feet and then crashes to the floor. He smacks his lips together once before he brushes both hands together, as if to brush the dust and dirt away following a hard day of work. Once that's finished he steps over a shard of the piano and carefully moves in the direction of Jenny. He fixes her with a bright grin and motions her away from the chaos of the battle which ensued. As he steps toward Charles, Adam takes a moment to address Jenny, "I imagine the police will arrive shortly. I advise that you be honest with them regarding your friend. If he has been hitting you, then you should certainly inform the authorities of that injustice," he states politely. Following that Adam's attention returns to Charles and the immediate area. He idly glances toward Ixiie, Dyna, and Pavel before he asks, "So…what do we do now? What's the protocol for situations like this?"

Ixiie looks around at all the collateral damage, grinning at a job well done. She points at the fallen teen. "You should call an ambulance for that guy! He got hit with a piano from space!" Suddenly the imp stops smiling, remembering all the yelling that comes in the aftermath of a destroyed building. "I gotta go!" she says, and runs out the door.

As he sees Charles go down from the piano, Pavel also turns his attention in Jenny's direction. "You okay? All over now. Will be fine," he offers to her, before he nods a little at Adam's words. "I think he is right," he offers, before he steps back as well, looking to Adam. "I do not know. This is first time." Blinking as Ixiie runs off. "Is that it? Do we just get out of here?"

Outside Ixiie is just fast enough to make her escape right before the first few police cruisers are within range of seeing her fleeing the skating rink. As for Tabitha's target. He calmly gets out of the car after trying the starter a couple of times and start walking down the street. He keeps one hand stuffed in his coat pocket to protect it from the cold, in his other hand he holds his phone. As he starts talking into it it quickly becomes apparent he is speaking with a car rental agency, letting them know where their car is and asking them if it would be possible to send him another one.

Inside, Jenny is standing in the middle of the rink looking shell-shocked, trembling like a leaf in a gale, and apparently unable to understand the words the Coral Springs students are directing her way. However, as soon as she hears the police sirens she rabbits, sprinting towards the front door and the safety the sirens represent for most people.

Tabitha has to give this guy props, he keeps his cool. When he gets out and starts walking away she'll float after him, keeping about fifteen feet between them and listening to him via her aura. She has to admire his tradecraft. He doesn't panic, puts distance between himself and the location, and avoids contacting his handlers or superiors when things go sideways. She knows she's not going to get anything else from him tonight, so she decides to head back.

But before she does, she gives another try at that phone, attempting to push her aura through the tiny gaps in its case to get at the juicy electrons inside. And she does manage to get a handle on it, draining the battery dry of every last erg and ohm. But the storage card is another matter. Seems that has its own layer of additional shielding. But hey, she's made his night interesting and delayed his ex-filtration so she'll call it a draw. While she drifts slowly away from him, still curious as to how he'll react, she takes out the sheet of paper he dropped to read.

OOC Note:

Tabitha's 'paper' is a business card. The only two pieces of information on it are a name (The Taksian Society) and a website, both underneath the following image:

"So, uh, Pavel? Right?", Adam asks with a glance toward the man with the Russian accent. He considers their surroundings for a moment and the lack of any sort of protocol before he shrugs his shoulders, "I guess we just go? Or should one of us go and the other stay back to explain ourselves? They didn't teach me this during orientation!", he exclaims with some stress bleeding into his tone. Adam considers the rubble and chaos strewn rink once again before he gives another shrug, "If you want to disappear, I guess that I'll stay behind and explain our actions? I would prefer this not turn into some sort of big incident where students get into an impromptu brawl with the authorities."

"I do not know. I think we should go?" Pavel replies, before he nods as he hears Adam's words. "Good idea. You better English than me. Easier understand." Offering the other boy a smile, he adds, "See you back at school." And with that, he moves to slip out as well.

As Tabitha invisibly drifts away from the mysterious man she gets the reaction she's looking for when she drains his phone although it may not be what she's expecting. As soon as the battery goes dead the man looks at his phone, frowning slightly then immediately heads for the police officers now starting to surround the rink. Stuffing his phone away in his pocket before calling out to them he calmly approaches the closest officer, "Sir! I may be of help. I just walked out of the rink and I would be happy to give a statement." The circle of police officers that's forming around the rink is something Pavel can immediately notice as he opens the door. Thankfully for him the officers are currently busy securing the outside of the locale so they don't see him immediately, giving him a chance to retreat and make alternate plans if he so desires.

Adam begins to walk after Pavel, clearly content to meet the police officers halfway. It is only when the door is opened and the group of officers is spied that Adam seems to consider their intentions. He looks to Pavel, then to the door, and then finally back toward Pavel. He considers it all for a moment before he addresses Pavel, "While I would prefer to calmly present ourselves to the police for questioning, I am uncertain of the standard protocol. I'm going to suggest that we all vacate the area for the time being until we can be informed of what we are expected to do in a situation like this. If we are advised that we should speak with the police, then we can return to their station and conduct ourselves accordingly. Agreed?", Sidestep asks of Pavel without turning his attention away from the doorway. Absently his hands curl into fists, as though he were preparing for the worst.

Pavel comes to a stop as he sees the police outside, and steps inside again. Looking around, especially towards the ceiling, to see if there's anywhere he can fly out, he nods again at Adam's words. "I agree." There's a brief pause, before he adds, "Nowhere to fly out. May I ask for your help, my friend?"

"Of course," Adam responds in turn. He motions Pavel over before Adam approaches Dyna. He explains himself before he makes any attempt at moving any of the trio, "When we do this, you may experience some disorientation. It will fade, but don't be surprised if you feel a little…you know?", he makes a dry heaving sound and motion before he looks to Dyna and Pavel both. He concentrates on the pair, takes in a deep breath, and then there's the sound of crackling and the sensation of tumbling.

When they reappear it is with the sound of another crackle and the sensation of lurching to a sudden stop. Fortunately for the trio, they've arrived at least close to where they need to. The embarkation point to return them to the refuge of Coral Springs.

Tabitha tucks the card back into her pocket as the Agent (he's been promoted from 'dude' in her mind) reacts to the second electrical anomaly in his usual calm and professional manner by putting himself amongst a crowd with authority figures. Deciding that she can pull that particular rabbit out of the hat one more time, she decides to use it to prank him further.

When he approaches the police officer, Tabitha drains the energy from that officer's radio, tazer, etc. once the Agent gets within handshake distance. She'll continue this mischief with anyone the Agent gets near until she knows whether or not her classmates got out clean. And hey, best case scenario would be the cops deciding that they should take a closer look at the Agent. She does her very best not to giggle as she floats above the crowd.

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