(2016-11-23) Sibling Sorries
Sibling Sorries
Summary: Sky and Rain talk after drama happens
Date: 2016-11-23
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Schuyler and Whitley's Dorm

Schuyler has a new roommate who has just moved in. It sort of distracted him from finishing up his packing…and he's bringing a bit more than for just a couple of days since summer and cooler Fall items will be left at home. His pile of clothes to go through on his bed has gotten smaller, but he's still going through with one pile to 'stay', one to 'give away' and one getting folded into his suitcase.

Now that she has cleared up things, well sorta, and decided what not to do, the mental shields have come down and she is willing to face her brother. Rain doesn't knock, she just gives a mental warning »>Coming in.«< and then she is swanning through the door. »>You aren't done with that yet?«< about the packing.

»>Whitley?«« Rain confirms, though why else Sky would think of him when the roommate is mentioned….she wouldn't know. »>Give them to the shelter. With Christmas coming up we can buy him some new things.«< she seems unusually concerned for their Egyptian friend, but doesn't mention why. While she "talks" she is mentally checking his emotional state.

Schuyler is guarded. Definitely guarded. Talking about Besa and his roommate may be a fortuitous distraction so he's not going to change the subject. «You think that buying him new is going to be better? Maybe if we give them to him as a gift for Christmas? I say we hint that we want something he can make out of clay.» He glances back over to Rain then, «Do you know something I don't about him?»

»>What? You don't think he would like to own a piece of clothing that wasn't previously owned?«< Rain asks, though it is mostly rhetorical, she knows he didn't mean exactly that, »>I think all that will matter is that we put thought into it.«< well that she can agree on »>Careful with that though. He may take that wrong if not said right.«< he is already sensitive about the vast monetary difference »>He is sad. I don't know about what though.«<

That's why Sky suggested they hint that they want something handmade…so that he doesn't feel like he has to buy something or that what they are giving him is showing off their wealth. He pauses and blinks at Rain, «Sad?» There's a quick thought, «I can find out?» Maybe.

She is still trying to get a bead on how Sky is feeling, but will keep the topic of Besa up »>We'll have plenty of time to find out over break.«<. Rain gives both a real and mental sigh »>Schuyler,«< his full name, serious stuff »>I'm sorry for shutting you out.«< but she was also shutting herself in. So much guilt.

Schuyler looks to his clothes and tosses a bunch in the 'donation' pile. «Maybe that's part of it? That he feels like he's intruding on our family? I mean, I don't get that…but he doesn't really have a family, does he? Just those awful priests who kill him all the time.» His own thoughts cause his frown to deepen until Rain uses his full name. He turns sharply to her, the frown turning into an expression of inquiry. «It's ok,» he finally offers. «I was shutting you out too. It just…I…» he's not entirely sure how to express it. He's confused and a little embarassed and angry about that.

»>Whatever family he did died centuries ago. Maybe that is part of it.«< Rain only gets that Besa is the oldest 14 year old she knows »>And I doubt the priests encouraged any type of bonds.«<. she crosses the room and throws her arms around Sky, he might not be touchy feely but she is, though most of the time she restrains herself.

»>It makes sense. He doesn't want people upset over his deaths, and he doesn't want to see friends grow old and die.«< Rain has given this a lot of thought. She gives her brother a squeeze, she really needs to stop growing before she starts getting taller than him…at least for a while. »>Because. We both needed it.«< even if he won't admit it.

»>Not this time around.«< thanks to that professor that found him. Rain finally lets go physically when he does mentally. If anyone knows his aloofness is an act, she does. »>So what are we going to do about Charlotte?«< she asks as she nods at his earnestness.

Rain moves a few of his clothes and neatly sets them aside before sitting on the end of the bed »>Okay.«< bits of the convo she had with Besa comes into her mi no, mostly them agreeing to stay out of it. Clearly she is finding that hard because it's Sky, not so much Charlotte, they have only been friends a few days. »>I haven't really spoken to her.«< texts..a few, that's it.

»>She is worried that I don't like her now?«< Rain is guessing, like a14 year old would. »>Why else would she avoid me. She even told Besa that I gave her an ultimatum.«< she didn't of course. She is silent a moment as she thinks. »>Well that does make sense. Better she find out now than later before you two…«< she is about to start teasing but thinks better of it, deciding it's to soon for that. No one likes feeling that way. »>Really?«<. that gets her to thinking as well, she's been feeling that way herself lately, she thought it was because of the kraken threat but now she wonders.

Schuyler tilts his head at his sister, «I think she might be afraid you're upset because I was upset. Sometimes I wish people would understand that even though we share a lot, we're still two different people!» Twin-issues there. «Before we what?» his brows draw down before her question gets a nod. «Really. Like…I can't hide from her like I can from the others. I can't step away.» Sort of like his family, but not in that familiar way.

»>That seems logical.«< and Rain was upset, but about the whole situation, not just the one part of it. »>That will never happen.«< she has had that wish too. What set of twins hasn't. She shakes her head »>Nevermind«< she doesn't want to upset Sky and make him go all aloof again. »>She is kinda magnetic, isn't she.«< she gets to her feet. »>I'll leave you to your packing. See you at dinner.««

Schuyler gives an almost audible sigh, «Yeah, she is. I've never met anyone like that before…» and that also bothers him. Will there be more? How will he be able to function? He stands when Rain does, «I hope you're not mad at her because of me. I'll…deal. I'll figure it out.» There's even a little smile then, «Yeah. See you at dinner.» Another pause before he reaches out to give his sister a hug, «Thanks.»

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