(2016-11-22) Not So Serious, To Serious
Not So Serious, To Serious
Summary: Pavel and Rain then Rain and Besa talk, first not serious than the other is
Date: 2016-11-22
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Since the accident in science class yesterday, the class has been held in the library. The room still isn't quite safe to venture into just yet. So the class is being held in the library. Class is nearly over and with some of the students still recovering from the incident it is pretty much being considered a free period to 'silently study' as the teacher puts it. These are freshman though, they don't silently do anything and a good number have to be forced to study. Having left the table where her brother and his bestie(?) sit, Rain is instead perusing the stacks for reading material…or perhaps study material, they are pretty much the same to her.

Being as silent as he can in his armor, Pavel is also looking for some reading materials, both when it comes to the class, and when it comes to mastering the language a bit better. The Russian is quietly moving around a corner, moving slow to avoid making too much noise. He pauses when he sees Rain, offering her a smile and a nod.

A book is taken down and flipped through. Rain is a bit old school, liking books rather than getting all her information via technology…she does that too, but sometimes books are more reliable. Even when he is being silent armor does make some sort of noise, does it not, so the girl looks up when he comes around the corner. A teen wearing armor, not quite as strange as the teacher with squid head, so she doesn't seem to surprised by it. "Hello." she says in a welcoming tone, not being to familiar with Pavel "Are you still smelling the fumes from yesterday?" assuming he was in science class yesterday.

"Hello," Pavel replies, after a few moments of pause, before he nods a bit. "I still smell them. Not my favorite moment since coming here…" His English is a bit slow, clearly not his first language. "Oh, I am Pavel," he adds, offering another smile.

Rain nods in agreement to his statement "I think in all my years I have yet to attend that is definitely on my top ten." yes, she has worse moments believe it or not "Were you looking for a specific book?"

Pavel raises an eyebrow. "Only top ten?" A brief pause, before he adds, "But I must…" A brief pause as he tries thinking of the right word. "…admit that it is far from the worst moment in my life until now too." At the mention of a specific book, he pauses. "I was looking… for book that can help my English," he admits, after a brief pause.

"It's been a crazy few months." Rain tells him "Involving attempted kidnapping, multiple times, death and murder." All that in just a few months?! Boy she is going to have a best seller when she writes her memoirs if that keeps up. "Wouldn't any book written in english help you with that?" she asks after a few moments of thought.

"Death?" A brief pause as Pavel hears that, before he adds, "But you do look alive…" A brief pause, before he adds, "World fell down, but because of my father, a new world came…" A pause at the question of the book. "Ah yes, but I was looking for one of the books about how to write English, yes?"

"Not my death." Rain shakes her head a little "My good friend, twice. He's better now though." she gestures to where other students sit "He is over there." she doesn't point to any specific person though. "Oh…well for writing my previous English teacher suggested Elements of Style." she glances up and down the aisle "It won't be on these shelves. Would you like help looking for it?"

Pavel nods a little. "Ah…" A brief pause, and he adds, "I am glad to hear it was not your death, and that your friend is… feeling better now." Looking over in the direction indicated, before he smiles. "Elements of Style?" A brief pause, as he nods, "I think I will need your help to find it."

Rain grins, seeming somewhat amused by Pavel and is trying to wrap his head around how dead can get better. "Always expect the unexpected here. It is the only way to get through it." and this coming from a freshman. "I think…" she walks to the end of the aisle and looks up and down the shelves "The english books are this way." she heads to the right, pausing a moment so Ravel can walk with her. "How long have you been in the U.S?"

"Only since start of the school," Pavel replies, before he adds, "Before my injury, I was hoping I would move to Canada, to get even better at playing, you know…" Walking along, slowly to try minimizing the noise from his armor. "But that was year or so ago."

She nods at his answer "So you haven't had a chance to see much of it than?" Rain asks with polite curiosity as she scans the shelf signs until she finds the one she is looking for. "I don't know." Rains shakes her head then, heading up the aisle between the shelves "What did you play?"

"No, not much of it."! Pavel replies, before he adds, "Hockey. Ice hockey." A brief pause, before he adds, "I remember game. I fell, and all black. When I woke up, in hospital. I could not move my legs."

"Well with the holiday break coming up you should at least be able to see some of it." at least the surrounding area. Rain listens as she looks for the books "That's awful. Did you get hit by something, or did you just fall?"

"I think… me and another was going for puck… Fell with heads first into the… boards, I think you call it?" Pavel replies, before he adds, "I tried getting back. Worked hard, but no…"

Rain only knows hockey is a sport on skates and that fights break out "I don't know anything about hockey? Why would you use boards…I thought you used a sticky thing." she frowns as she glances at him, but not particularly at what he is telling her "The armor?" she looks up and her face brightens "Here it is." she pulls a small, thin book from the shelf.

Pavel grins momentarily. "Boards going around the ice. Like a wall." A brief pause, before he nods a little, "My father made it. Without it, I can not walk…" Looking to the book, he smiles again. "Ah, thank you."

"Well why don't they just call it a wall it that is what it is." Rain will never understand sports…unless it is fencing. "Really?" she seems a bit impressed "Is your father an inventor?"

"Because it is what it is named?" Pavel replies, before he adds, "He is a scientist." A brief pause, before he adds, "I never forget the day he come to me in hospital. Pasha, my son, he said. I will make you walk again. I will even make you fly."

"But isn't it made of plexiglass?" having never seen a hockey game, exepct maybe on tv in passing she has no idea. "Pasha? I thought you said your name was Pavel." that's when she realizes she didn't give her own name "Oh, sorry, I'm Rain."

"There is glass on top of the wood boards." See, that's why they're called boards, right? A brief pause, and Pavel nods. "It is. Pasha is… what is the word. Dim… something… Diminutive?" A brief pause, before he smiles. "It is nice to meet you, Rain."

"Well that makes a sort of sense." Rain will admit that much at least "Honestly I'm not much into sports." with her perfectly styled hair, neat uniform and perfectly manicured fingers, that shouldn't come as a surprise "Unless it’s fencing or martial arts." that might though "Diminutive or small works too."

Pavel nods a little as he hears that. "Ah, some are, some are not," he replies, with a smile. "Fencing?" A brief pause, before he adds, for the name part. "You know, what family and friends call you… That thing."

Rain would probably be confused if she cared more about hockey terminolgy, but since she doesn't the girl just nods. "Yes. I like swords." she gives a grin, who would have thought. She has to think for a few moments before she can figure out what he is talking about "Oh, you mean nickname? Actually, that's what Rain is. Well sort of. It is a shorter version of my real name."

"Yes, yes! Nick name." Pavel smiles, before he nods again. "It is? What is your real name, then?"

"A bit of an ironic one, since you really aren't all that small." Rain comments about the nickname his father call him "Oh we won't go there." the girl shakes her head "Only two people know it here…it's only used when I get into trouble with my parents." today the library is quite full of students studying…or pretending too at least, most sit at tables in groups or pairs. Rain though along with the armored Pavel is standing in the English section of the bookshelves, talking quietly.

"Ah, it does not mean small, but is the small form of the name," Pavel explains, before he raises an eyebrow again. "You get into trouble? I cannot believe that," he replies, with a smile.

Besa steps into the Library on a mission. The determined look isn't something that is usually for the Egyptian boy, so he probably turns a few heads (Or maybe it's just girls watching his perfect hair swish). He still has on his school uniform, although the tie has been loosened. He is starting at the front of the Library and making his way back, looking down each section.

Rain ohhhs "I thought you mean diminutive as in small in stature." a translation issue there, definitely. Okay, so she is busted on the whole trouble thing "Well, no, you got me there. I don't get into much trouble at home…or here really." at least she tries not to, it did happen that once though. "You are Metis though, right? I have to guess you aren't much of a trouble maker either." usually those end up in Ares. When she sees Besa looking down the aisle between the shelves where she is, she gives him a bit of a wave and smile.

There's a momentary chuckle as he hears the trouble thing, and Pavel shakes his head a little. Yes, Metis. And I do not think I am much of a trouble maker. But then again, I am still learning this armor, yes." Seeing the wave, he looks over in Besa's direction. "Hello," he offers.

Besa's dark eyes land on his target and he heads over. His usual smile not present. "Rain. We need to-" Only then does Besa realize he's not actually alone. The smaller teen's head tilts up to look at Pavel, "oh…hello." He's clearly got an accent as well.

"Well I'm not sure faculty will buy the 'it's the armors' fault, excuse more than once." the tells Pavel as she turns to face Besa as he approaches. She is quick to notice that something isn't right in the state of Besa. And she isn't so young that she doesn't know what he was going to say, "Is something wrong?" first her brother, and now Besa… this can't be good, she hopes the cause isn't the same..but is pretty sure it will be "This is Pavel." she then continues the introductions.

Pavel laughs. "Ah, then it would seem I am doomed to a life of behaving well," he replies, rather lightly, before he looks over to Besa, offering him a smile. "A pleasure to meet you," he adds, after Rain's introduction. His own accent present as well.

Besa inhales, eye Rain briefly before he forces a smile, "Nothing we cannot discuss later." The boy turns and smiles a little more honestly to Pavel, "I am Besa Ini-Herit. It is nice to meet you."

"Well I know from first hand experience that detention is no fun." Rain said rarely, not never. There is a nod to Besa at later. Of course now she is going to get be worried until that talk happens. "I was just helping Pavel pick out some books to help him with english." she already has one in her hand, Elements of Style.

"Pavel Kovalenko. Nice to meet you, Besa," the Russian smiles. "I hope today is well? Or at least okay?" Smiling at Rain's words, he nods, but doesn't say much more right now.

Good, a little worry might do Rain some good. She gets a nod, but he looks back to the russian, "I am as well as I can be. I hope your studies go well. English can be difficult."

Rain hands the small book over to Pavel "This will help with the writing." she does her best to push whatever else she is now starting to feel away as she focuses on her task "I was thinking some poetry books might help, but some of that can get a metaphorical and could be confusing." she looks from Pavel to Besa "You have any suggestions?" she asks of Besa, since he has in the same position at one time.

Taking the book, Pavel smiles, "Thank you." A brief pause, before he adds, "Poetry is quite interesting, though…" After all, when you're stuck in a hospital bed for a prolonged time, that can be one of the ways to deal with such.

Besa's head tilts, pretty hair flopping to the side, "No…no poetry to learn English. It can be…too abstract. Perhaps a history?" He then adds, "Just conversing helps, really. Or watching TV."

Poetry is nice, but Rain isn't as into it as others are. Math on the other hand, but she won't go there. That's hardly going to help him with English "You could try listening to an audio book and reading along. I did some of that when I was learning Italian."

Nodding at the two of them, Pavel smiles a little. "That sounds like a good way to do it," he replies, after a few moments of pause. "It is a bit different from Russian, this language."

Besa supposes that will work too. "Perhaps a book you are familiar with, but translated into English?" He stands a little straighter and his eyes unfocus briefly, Rain may have seen this before but he turns to Pavel and says something in Russian to him.

"It couldn't hurt. There is a selection of audio books, and you can probably find some at the town library too." Rain only knows Italian as far as other spoken languages go, but she is pretty sure Russian is a lot different than a lot of languages. She has seen that look on Besa's face before. She's been told it is similar to the expression she occasionally gets when she is mentally conversing with her brother, but color her surprised when Besa opens up his mouth and out comes Russian. "Wait…you speak Russian?" how did she not know this…though she supposes he might not have known the Italian thing…and there are probably other things he doesn't know.

Pavel nods a little. "I have an idea about what book," he replies, after a few moments, before he blinks, as he hears Besa, nodding a little at the words, "Da." Yes. "Thank you," he adds, in English, before he adds, "I think I should start with this one," he replies to the two. "It was nice to meet you two. And thank you for the help." Waiting for a few moments before he starts making his way over to somewhere to read the book.

Besa waves goodbye to Pavel before looking at Rain, "Of course I do." Duh, he's very old. "Well….when I can remember I can." that's more fair.

Athena Dorm Hub

White marble floors give the Hub of the Athenian League a classical appeal, coupled with the busts of former team captains and heroes of Arena Fetch along the walls. The floor is recessed, with stairs going down on two ends, but surrounded by a bench. Comfortable cushions line the bench and the small wall behind to make it seem almost as one big couch. There is a small brass brazier, circular in shape, at the center of this, something to sit around and recall stories from the matches or to study by collectively as a group. To one side is a large arch going to the kitchen and recreation area, and mirroring this on the opposite wall is the archway leading to the dorm rooms themselves.

It was determined the library was to public for whatever it was that was going to be talked about, so to the Athena dorms they went. "Is this about what I think it is about?" Rain asks as she debates whether to sit or stand for this one.

Besa frowns, he's not a psychic. "I want to know what is going on with Schuyler and Charlette." He does not sit, uncertain who to deal with Rain. "And why you would give her such a ultimatum."

Rain sighs "That's what I thought." a hand goes to her forehead, almost as if she was going to brush her hair back, but her hand quickly drops. "A big misunderstanding. Sky is crushing and she friendzoned him." then she is all confusion "Ultimatum? I haven't even spoken to Charlotte since this happened. How could I have given her an ultimatum?"

Besa cocks an eyebrow, confused, "You have spoken to her by your phone." Unless Charlette lied about that? "She thinks you will not be her friend if she does not make right with Schuyler." Some of the tension in his body leaves, although now he just feels tired, "She is very upset." Maybe Besa should have just not spoken to her at all, this is a mess he didn't want to be in the middle of.

There is a nod, "We did text a few times, but I did not say anything like that." Rain pulls out her phone "I'll show them to you." she sounds a bit hurt that Besa would think that of her "I can't help what she thinks." she takes a few steps forward as she brings up the texts and holds it out so he can read. No ultimatums there, or implied ones, the last two are even insisting she come for Thanksgiving and that they can talk and work it all out later. Later hasn't happened yet.

Besa keeps his hands away, another thing that is just a pain anymore. Riding on the plane is going to be horribly nerve wracking. Dark eye slicker to the screen, and he frowns. He's got no real understanding of any of this, beyond she was crying in the commissary, and then in her room. A hand does raise, but it's to pinch the bridge of his nose, "I do not understand her." To be fair, he also doesn't understand Sky either. "I am sorry….I should not have….none of this is any of my business."

Once the texts are scanned, Rain puts her phone away. She emphasizes with Besa, she has shut her brother out of her head because of all this. "Yeah, same with me." she nods at the apology, "I'm sorry you were dragged into this. Neither of us should have been really. But we have been, so what are we going to do?" she is both frustrated and worried about this whole debacle.

Besa's head shakes softly, hair swaying . "Nothing. There is nothing we can do. If she likes him, she will like him. There is nothing we can do to change anything anyone feels. They will sort it out, or not." Also, he doesn't want to be in the middle of this. It's uncomfortable, especially after the 'he's lucky' speech he got from Char last night. "I do not know that my coming will help the situation. You and she need time to be alright, and Schuyler …." He sighs, but smiles, "I do not think he will even notice if I am there or not if she is there."

Rain frowns, that isn't what she wanted to here, "This is my brother…I have to do something…" she is at a loss as to what though. This is beyond her limited (read none) experience. "If this is what relationships are like I want nothing to do with them." it doesn't help that she can feel Sky's pain and frustration, or did. "At this point I'm not sure I want to go home either. Sky won't be able to help me win the funk he is in." help,with what? "Charlotte and I will be fine," so she thinks "once her and Sky are." she hmmms "I wouldn't go that far."

Well, then Besa has no idea what to tell her. They are both inexperienced. Dark eyes shift to the ground near their shoes as she talks. maybe Char's right. Maybe the forbidden thing is for the best. He nods softly, not prying. he already has an idea anyway, and Besa can't help Rain either. He's not going to argue or whine about it. He really does just want the twins to be happy, if he's in the way….he can step aside. "It is okay." He flashes her a soft smile, "However it ends up, it will be okay."

Rain finally moves to sit on the sofa…or more like drops onto it "I guess it has to eventually be…" she is hoping for sooner rather than later. She tiredly rubs at her eyes a moment. This situation is draining for her. "Do you really not want to come for the holiday?" her tone is mostly just tired, but there is some trepidation there too.

Besa's not looking to make things more difficult for Rain (or anybody!). Watching her sit, his brow creases, "I did. But I do not want to if I will be in the way, or make things more stressful." That seems to be him MO lately.

Rain is looking at Besa as he answers her, "Well you won't be in the way, that I can guarantee." not in her way or most of the families at least. "And I can't see how you can make it any more stressful than it already will be or is now." Truth! Pushing a stray lock of hair…it happens sometimes, behind her ear she comes up with something "How about this. We wait until Thursday morning to leave…go watch the parade, and depending how to goes, he decide who is going where with whom?"

Besa hesitates, but then nods softly. "Okay. We can do that." He's still frowning slightly, "I am sorry if I am making anything more difficult. That has never been my intent."

Well at least that is something, a play it by ear kind of plan. "You aren't the one making anything difficult. You are just a bystander that got hit by an oncoming car named Charlotte." Rain doesn't feel she is making things harder, for Besa at least, if she is that will have to be pointed out to her.

Besa's hand raises and he rubs his face, "I do not think it is just Charlotte. Schuyler is behaving odd as well." He smiles softly at her, as far as he's concerned, as long as she's not giving ultimatums, Rain is fine with him.

Rain probably shouldn't but she finds that a bit amusing "I'd be more concerned if Sky wasn't acting odd." he's a guy and her brother, he is always acting weird to her. "But I guess that is how guys act when they like a girl and she doesn't like them back?" she is clueless about that one.

Besa's head tilts. "i do not know." But now he's thinking about how Whitley and Grayson both behaved and that just makes him sadder. "I should go. I have not been sleeping well." Again.

"That makes both of us." you would think that with her connection to her brother it would make it easier…it does not. Rain tilts her head at him a moment, then nods "That's going around." she seems to recognize that he is blue and gets up to offer him a hug before he heads out for sleep "If you ever need to talk…" she thought that was a given, but maybe it wasn't.

Besa smiles, hugging her back. "Thank you. I think I just need sleep." Hopefully.

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