(2016-11-21) Science! Gone Wrong!
Science! Gone Wrong!
Summary: Science class accident
Date: 2016-11-21
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Despite the brick and concrete walls of this room, the rest is technologically sound. From the state of the art science tables to the drop screens over the windows. Even the projection system to show information is above and beyond any high school elsewhere. The inner most wall is lined with shelves holding needed materials and tools, half of which are locked and marked dangerous. Each table has access to a water supply and a burner. Stools instead of stairs surround the tables. Most seem set up for two students.

Science class for some it is boring, others find it fascinating. The latest lessons have been a about chemical reactions, acids, bases and the like. Interesting stuff no matter whether you like it or hate it. It's lab day, so time to put what has been thought so far into action. Freshman with chemicals , who thought that was a good idea?

With the class broken up into trios, evenly even, they have been given their assignment and safety gear, now it is up to them to make it work.

Rain is excited to be able to experiment, and she dons the lab coat as she scans the instructions "Choices…we have a few."

Some chemicals aren't too dangerous…shame, really. That could have been fun! Sky also glances over the instructions after putting on the lab coat, but the safety goggles get a frown. He goes through a few to find some where he can see decently, but even then he isn't thrilled about them. 'I don't like not being able to see well,' is signed to Besa and Rain. The last thing he needs is to have his sight impaired too.

Chemicals is something Besa can do, so he's helping for sure. Although he does let Rain take lead as he slips his own lab coat on. The goggles et a small frown and Sky gets a nod. He can agree to that. Not too many left to choose from so he makes do with one th a large scratch on the left. He speaks and signs, "We will just need to watch for each other." As if they don't already.

Rain looks around a bit "I think each group got a different experiment." she says as she watches the rest of the class remove things from their plastic crate of stuff. A lot of the basic equipment is the same the ingredients not so much "Looks like we will be converting baking soda to table salt." which means dealing with hydrochloric acid. Fun. Bunsen burners, beakers, and acid! Oh my! She needs safety goggles so gets a crappy pair herself.

Schuyler looks at the gloves they've been asked to wear and gives a sigh. 'Maybe I should just take notes?' is signed as, in theory, his communication would also be hampered. 'I hate experiment day…' is then signed, but it doesn't seem to have a lot of oomph behind it. It's mostly out of frustration.

Besa sets the goggles to lay on his forehead, the band somehow laying across his hair just makes it look like he's in a photo shoot for a magazine about science….preppy science. He tilts his head to read the assignment, "I do not mind if you'd like to take notes, Schuyler." He seems rather laid back today.

Rain puts the goggles over her own braided hair, she is going to have to stop by the girl's restroom after this to put her own hair right again. "At least we aren't dissecting things like they did a couple decades ago." she tells Sky. She will take this over that any day. Looking at Besa a moment she sighs "Well if college doesn't work out for you at least you can get work doing men's shampoo commercials."

Schuyler is careful to put the goggles around his neck and then up to his eyes so that his own hair isn't messed up. It takes far too much effort in the morning for him to get it to look like this. 'I think they dissect things in higher grades?' is offered as he gets out his notebook to begin writing.

Besa frowns softly, "Why would we dissect things? None of us has shown interest in animal biology?" That seems…unnecessary. A head tilt, "What?" Shampoo commercials? He makes slightly goofy face as he glances at his own hair. It always comes back to his hair.

Rain begins to set the stuff needed up, test tubes on the little holder so it hangs above the Bunsen burner, scoop and the few other things and the two ingredients needed "Probably not a plan A, B or even C, but if you got it…." she hmm at the comments about the dissecting "To learn anatomy, but it's done on computer now." she nods about it being higher grade "Junior you think?" she glances up as the teacher stops at their station "How are you doing here," the teacher asks, she has her own safety gear on, "Any questions?"

Schuyler does start to take notes, writing down the equipment that they're using just to make sure that everything is accounted for. 'They don't cut people up to learn anatomy…not in High School, so the only other way is through dissecting other things.' He glances over as the teacher approaches and reluctantly pulls on his safety goggles. His gloves, however, remain off. He's not touching the materials and he needs to write.

Besa just frowns, maybe he'll luck out and end up being dead that week. Rain gets a small smile, "I do not think I have to worry so much about that type of plans." The teacher gets his attention and he nods, placing the goggles down on his eyes, but lets Rain do the talking. She's the ring leader for this.

Rain looks between the pair a moment and then shakes her head "We are good." she says with a confident smile. The teacher nods and moves along to check on the other groups. "Maybe, maybe not, it doesn't hurt to have a plan either way." she probably has the next 10 years planned "Could you hand me the measuring spoon?" she points to it. "How is the new coat working out Besa?"

Besa smiles, but doesn't answer. No use being a wet blanket, right? Instead he grabs the spoon nd hands it over before making sure his goggles and gloves are on correctly. "It is very warm, thank you. I like the color.' it's a dark tan. An eyebrow raises, "it was enjoyable." Mostly.

"It was great." but Rain loves shopping "The thrift store had some great vintage things." that was a first for her "And they sell just about everything." she had I hard time not buying a lot of things. She signs between measuring the baking soda into the test tubes. Glancing at the instructions she reads "Three drops of the acid letting it roll down the inside of the test tube." meaning don't let it drop directly in.

"No, not that one…" another student toward the front tell his partner, "Is there a problem?" the teacher a bit to late.

Besa offers Sky a quick smile, "They had coats and hats and suits. Once I get more coin, I am going to go back." Not having a suit is bothering him. He reaches for the beaker with the acid, getting the eye dropper. The other student's words register, but he is concentrating on the drops on the side of the test tube.

"You know vintage, clothing that is a style from a previous era, in this case '80s, early '90s." Rain nods "They even had some designer suits. Without the designer price." a few seasons old, but only those with fashion knowledge like herself would know. She begins to lift the striker do she can light the Bunsen burner.

"Students!" the teacher says loudly "Put down whatever you are doing, turn off your burners and quickly leave the room. An eye burning/watering stench is starting to fill the room, and the students that were having the issue was yellow smoke billowing from their beaker.

Schuyler rolls his eyes, «I know what 'vintage' means,» is offered to Rain before he looks to Besa, «How are your mugs selling? Is it getting you any money yet?» He starts to say something else before he notes the stench…maybe before some others? He looks quickly to Besa and Rain, his own pen set down even though he grabs his messenger bag before making sure the other two obey the orders. Sometimes he does wonder…

Dark eyes flicker up to Sky after the third drop is on the glass, "I had enough to have ten left over after the coat and scarf." He seems proud of that. His dark, long nose wrinkles as the smell hits it and he immediately shakes his head. "Yes….let us…go…" He makes sure the burner is off. Better for him to breath is this stuff than Sky and Rain. If someone gets blown up, better to be him.

If he knew why'd he ask…but that's unimportant right now. Fleeing is. With her hand over her nose and trying not to gag Rain nods "Quickly." no argument from her. She leaves her own things behind, it's just stuff, and follows Sky, grabbing for Besa's hand to make sure he is with them. The cloud isn't huge but the stench and burning to eyes gets worse, for those that were closer it is even causing skin irritation.

"Single file!" the teacher pushes through the crowd of 9th graders all trying to get out at once, unsuccessfully.

Schuyler actually moves behind Rain and Besa to try and make sure they get out first. On occasion, he can be gallant! «I can take away the stench some?» is offered to the two…he might very well do it for himself if it gets too bad

<FS3> Rain rolls 6:

Especially where his sister is concerned. Eyes watering and coughing a bit Rain has lifted her tie to breath through it, hoping it helps, it doesn't. "Let's just get out." she choked out at her brother's offer.

Pushing through isn't going to be easy for anyone, so Besa instead tries to help the teacher in getting everyone to go at least single file and not like a stampeding herd of wildebeests.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Sensory Powers: Good Success

Schuyler dampens his own sense of smell as he waits in line with the others to get out and he'll offer to help Rain with it as well if she chooses. There's a mental question sent to Besa to see if he wants the dampening since he seems to be helping the others. There's a look of concern as Rain starts to cough…not that he's unaffected, but he can also make himself not feel it.

Well the sensory damping helps not make it worse for Rain at least. She is still coughing but at least she isn't retching like some.

Taking a rune out Besa does something magical that helps a lot and finally all the students are sagely in the hall and the door is slammed shut, "Thanks Mr. Hollister, for demonstrating how effective mustard gas is." The teacher announces, she then dismisses everyone to go to medical, as she reports this to the head mistress.

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