(2016-11-18) Spars Of A Different Color
Spars of a Different Color
Summary: What started off as a casual spar between two new friends becomes a discussion and several other things. It turns ugly.
Date: 2016-11-18
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Scene Runner: Mutuall

Friday morning. It"s sparring, take two. It isn't a day for Monsiuer to show up, but just for fun and practice he is not needed. Rain is dressed in her fencing whites, her hair pulled back in its usual braid. On the mat she goes through her warm up stretches, her helmet and heavy practice foil nearby.

Slipping into the gym, Charlotte's dressed in her training gear, which includes her kickboxing pads and a training staff. Grinning as she sees her friend, she offers a cheerful "Allo!" to her friend as she has her hair up in a bun and tied off with a bow as she approaches. "It was really nice to invite me to come to your home for the holiday. I hope your parents are well with the arrangement?"

Straightening from the toe touches she was doing Rain beams a smile at Charlotte, "Morning Charlotte." she greets taking a few steps forward to meet her friend part way. "Sky and I talked to them last night. They are very excited about us bringing friends to visit." perhaps that is something the twins have never done before. "Though there are probably a few things you should know before the trip. That way there are no surprises, like my brother's communication was."

"That was indeed a surprise. You two have the same eyes." Charlotte teases before bussing her friend's cheek in a kiss. "You can talk to me while we spar, non?" she asks, "Like chew bubblegum and kick ass?" she winks as she does a few last stretches to get settled, giving the staff a quick twirl.

"Yeah, sorry. I'm so used to it that I forget that other people aren't. We have been able to communicate telepathically all our lives." Rain nods with a grin at the phrase and she retrieves her own weapon "You could say that Sky and I share a brain and you wouldn't be completely wrong." but it is probably more complicated than that.

"Okay, that's totally weird. He was acting all strange yesterday. Was he okay?" Charlotte asks before she moves into a rough combat stance and tries to poke at Rain's middle with the blunted end of her staff, just to keep her at distance.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Charlotte=polearms Vs Rain=fencing
< Charlotte: Good Success Rain: Failure
< Net Result: Charlotte wins - Solid Victory

Rain doesn't often, if at all, spar against anyone using such a long weapon, so this is going to be a challenge for her. Deflecting a pole arm with a fencing foil, even the heavier one she has now, is more difficult than deflecting another foil. As the tip of the staff pokes her in the torso she takes a step back "Well I am a Masters." weird comes with the territory "You just met him? How do you know that was strange?" it was but she is kinda defensive about her twin.

Charlotte frowns, looking immediately apologetic. "I mean. Well, I didn't mean in a bad way.. I just thought he'd be more relaxed. You know, like you are. I like hanging out with you, and just hoped he'd feel the same." she shrugs with a glance at the ground. "I wasn't trying to insult him, or you. He seems nice, just felt like everything I was saying made it worse. And I'm doing it again."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=fencing Vs Charlotte=polearms
< Rain: Great Success Charlotte: Good Success
< Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

"Relaxed? Sky?" Rain shakes her head "He has a harder time with people than I do, because of his deafness. He is more introverted that I am." she gives Charlotte a reassuring smile "But you are right, he was acting a bit weird. I have never seen him blush so much." with her sparring partner seemingly distracted she pushes the advantage darting forward to slash at the other girls side.

She wasn't completely down on her defense, just her worried posture had her completely distracted before Rain comes slashing in and gets through the quick defense she offers. "Totes not fair!" she squawks teasingly as she takes the tap to her side. "One to one. And that's the only freebie you're getting!" There's a quick wink and the young woman drops back. "I think it caught him off guard when I suggested we were dating." she rolls her eyes. "You're like my best friend. Totally not dating."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Charlotte=polearms Vs Rain=fencing
< Charlotte: Success Rain: Failure
< Net Result: Charlotte wins - Marginal Victory

Charlotte gives a little poke with her polearm, hoping to push Rain back out of close range as she dances backwards.

Dressed in her kickboxing gear and carrying a long staff that subs in for her glaive, Charlotte and Rain are currently sparring and chatting on the mats, giggling on occassion as teens do. Rain's dressed in her fencing garb, trying to get in on the longer girl's polearm.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=fencing Vs Charlotte=polearms
< Rain: Good Success Charlotte: Success
< Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

Rain does let out a giggle…that isn't a frequent thing, having a close friend like Charlotte must be bringing out more of the girly in her, at least that aspect of it, she is already that way in others. Does Rain even own a pair of pants? If she has no one has ever seen her wear any. "It doesn't help that he has never had a girlfriend either." they are only 14 so not to surprising really "I think that did throw him. He was sheilding from me…which was weird, he rarely does that." her brother is hiding something, clearly.

Once more she is pushed back with the polearm but she is on the attack now that she has gotten a strike in. She doesn't dart in for her attack this time, she feints one way and then quickly changes directions and makes a jab for Charlotte's own torso. Thankfully the heavy foil's tip is blunt so it doesn't poke into her.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Charlotte=polearms Vs Rain=fencing
< Charlotte: Good Success Rain: Success
< Net Result: Charlotte wins - Marginal Victory

"Ack!" Charlotte laughs as she feels the poke to her chest. "Careful, I don't want to explain the bruises later!" she says with cheerful jest as she steps back, her own staff back around to bear on the younger girl as she considers. "What would he be shielding from you? I mean, it's not like I have some terrible secret or something. Unless you count the whole I'm so French even fries don't have a thing on me." she points out as she smiles reassuingly. "I've never had a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. You?" she asks curiously as she continues, moving about, not quite cheating by flying.

The staff is used at range again, a quick poke to make Rain to commit before she strikes at Rain's hip, looking to keep her off balance and create an opening. "We both seem really matched with our weapons. Want to give it another round then switch to hand to hand?"

Must be that kind of day. Tabitha comes out of the women's locker room dressed for sparing as well. She's stopped dressing to cover her scars a few days ago, having reached a point in her recovery where she views them with a bit more pride. They're a visible sign reading: 'I went through Hell and survived. Just don't ask me how.'. So she's just in her red-trimmed white Athena workout leotard over red strap-heeled dance pants. The scars and glyphs on her feet, hands, arms, and head are all visible. What she does continue to cover are her eyes. She's got a red cloth blindfold over those because no one wants to look at empty sockets. That's just nasty.

She's carrying a bundle of her practice weapons; sword, escrima sticks, and balisong knives. She heads over to the area Rain and Charlotte are sparring, but angled to the practice mat next to theirs. She doesn't say anything just yet, not wanting to break their concentration.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=fencing Vs Charlotte=polearms
< Rain: Good Success Charlotte: Success
< Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

"I stopped trying to explain the bruises a few years ago." Rain tells Charlotte "Monsieur doesn't pull his hits. He is a big beleiver in then 'no pain, no gain' theory. "It wouldn't be about what you are hiding, it's about what he is hiding." she knows what it is by now, but her loyalty to her brother at the moment still outweighs loyalty to anyone else, and probably always will. "I don't know. There was a boy in first grade that I always held hands with, does that count?" Rain is on the fence about that one. The hit to Rain's hip has her staggering to the side a bit, but she is well trained and recovers quickly to go in again, spinning around, pale blonde braid flying (the twins have the exact same hair color too, amoung other remblances, it's not just the eyes) to strike at her opponent's main arm. "We are. One day we should exchange weapons and see what happens." she seems amused by the idea. "I'm good with that. I've only been doing Akido for a few months though, you are probably way ahead of me there."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Charlotte=kickboxing Vs Rain=fencing
< Charlotte: Failure Rain: Good Success
< Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

It helps that both girls are blonde and blue-eyed beauties in their own right, though Charlotte's black yoga pants and tank top with red padding and piping is a sharp contrast to Rain's fencing garb. "Any guesses on what he was hiding?" comes the curious question, even as she notices the newcomer. She really doesn't mean to stare, but the glyphs and marks on her stand out like some exotic creature, and the tied off bandana around her eyes adds to the allure somewhat. "Oui, perhaps we shall see if I have the blood of the Maid of Orleans within me with a sword." she says at the idea of swapping weapons, though distracted as she is, she takes a good whack to the bare skin of her upper arm that will leave a mark.

She laughs, and drops her polearm. "I'm not sure, I had my first kiss in third grade because another girl triple dog dared me to do it." she points out. "I've never been one to shy away from a challenge." With that admittance, she drops her polearm, a quick, "Allo!" offered to Tabitha before she tries to spin kick at Rain to disarm her and slips on the mat to fall flat on her rump, and breaks into more giggles. "You were saying about experience?" she asks as she looks up at the other blonde.

Tabitha drops her weapon bundle at the edge of her chosen mat's marked circle and starts to limber up while watching the other two girls spar. Also listening to their conversation, but not because she's trying to eavesdrop. It's just not possible for her to avoid hearing anything in her aura's coverage, whether it's visible or not. The pole fighter's attention as she passes does bring a blush to her cheeks and neck, but she doesn't otherwise let on that she noticed. She does, however, return the vocal greeting with a quick wave and, "Good morning." Then she starts to limber up with some stretches.

Rain shakes her head at the question "No. Like I said, he was shielding from me at the time." though it could be said that he wasn't sheilding later and she could have found out, but that's her story and she will stick to it. Playing fair this time, the fencer doesn't go for the attack while Charlotte is staring at Tabitha instead she glances over to see what she is staring at "Hello Tabitha." she greets with polite coolness and then will do introductions "This is Charlotte. Charlotte, Tabitha." after that is dealt with she once for focuses on the Ares girl and what she is saying "I'm surprised you didn't start with a sword in the first place." she carefully tosses her foil aside and gives a chuckle at Charlotte "Third grade. I guess if I had been dared, I would have done the same." she is watching Charlotte and is quickly preparing to dodge when the girl falls onto her rump instead "Are you okay?" she is stifling her own giggles and while the other girl rights herself, removes the to short chest peice of her fencing garb. Clearly the girl has grown a few inches since she got this set of armor.

Getting to her feet, Charlotte dusts herself off with a grin. "Allo, Tabitha!" No cheekkisses while sparring. As she settles into place, she nods and laughs. "I forget how slippery these shoes can be sometimes. And I'm supposed to be in acrobatics and dancing." Eyerolling at herself, she returns her attention to Rain and sets into a combat stance. "Okay, now I see why you need new armor. You are getting taller! I better have a growth spurt soon." she teases as she settles into a defensive position to prepare for Rain's attack.

Tabitha gives a slight and quick bow when Rain makes the introductions. "A pleasure, Charlotte." Then the tiny waif continues with her stretches on the mat one over from where Rain and Charlotte are sparing, some of which seem to bend her in more than half. She tries to be polite and not listen in too much, or at least not indicate that she's listening, but the remark about growth spurts get a chuckle out of her. "Oh, if only."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=akido Vs Charlotte=kickboxing
< Rain: Success Charlotte: Good Success
< Net Result: Charlotte wins - Marginal Victory

Schuyler has still been getting up to do a workout on the Training Grounds with some of his other teammates but he was a little surprised, after he showered and dressed for the day's classes, that his sister was also up and in the Gym. It took just a quick peek into her thoughts for him to see who she was sparring against; maybe that's why he makes his way there and takes up a seat in the bleachers. He's there to cheer on his sister…of course. Black-polished nails and his freshly coiffed faux-hawk seem at odds with the preppy school uniform as he settles in, his attention on the two girls sparring. After a minute or so he might actually pull his sketchbook and a pencil from his messenger bag to begin drawing.

It's morning. And just like the pair had agreed at supper last night, Charlotte and Rain are in the gym sparring. They have discarded the weapons, those lay nearby and have moved on to hand-to-hand sparring. Rain has only been doing Akido a few months, so this should be a learning experience for her. "It could still happen." the other two having growth spurts, they are all still young. "Both my parents just happen to be tall." she studies Charlotte a moment and then moves to try to grab the other girl for a throw. It is easy to tell that she is a newb, she still moves a bit stiffly and hasn't learned not to telegraph what she is going to do.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Charlotte=kickboxing Vs Rain=akido
< Charlotte: Success Rain: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Offering a swift smile to Tabitha, Charlotte nods. "Exactly! I still have a couple of years left." So what if Joan herself was short, and so is most of the other Mariannes. She'll broken the rules so far! Noticing Schyuler, the little blonde offers a wave, dressed in her yoga pants and tank top and reaches up to sweep back some of her hair from her face. "Anyway, Thanksgiving." she says as she considers. "Should I make a dish or something?" she asks. "They took my wine from me when I arrived, but I'm sure I can ask for it to take to your parents? I have a bottle of Lafite Rothschild, a wonderful red, and a delicious honey coloured d'Yquem Sauternes. If your parents allow us to take a sniff from them, that is?"

Charlotte notices the telegraphing that Rain is doing, but it seems that the girl herself is still learning the kickboxing skill, ending but only able to block the attempted throw, but not able to take advantage of it.

Tabitha shakes her head while she stretches, the motion making the fabric below her blindfold's knot sway like a ponytail. "I'm as tall as I'll ever be. It's in my design." She watches Sky arrive and head to the bleachers, giving him a brief nod of greeting when she stands to retrieve her practice weapons and strap them into place on her legs and back. Then she reaches her aura over to the equipment lockers at the edge of the gym, pulling out a trio of striking dummies and levitating them into position on her mat.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=akido Vs Charlotte=kickboxing
< Rain: Good Success Charlotte: Success
< Net Result: Rain wins - Marginal Victory

And there's that weird drop to Schuyler's stomach as Charlotte waves to him! He must have eaten something, clearly. He gives a little wave back, his eyes shifting briefly to Tabitha, before he looks back to his sketchbook. Or rather, he pretends to. It's not easy to hide that he's actually just watching Charlotte and Rain.

There is not much surprise from Rain when her brother shows up. If what she told Charlotte earlier is true, she probably knew he was on his way. "No. You don't need to cook. All that is required is you being there. We Masters take guest priveledges very seriously." she has to think a moment about the wine thing "I'm not sure how our parents will feel about a minor gifting them with wine." there is a sidelong glance to her brother before her gaze moves to Tabitha at her strange response. "How peculiar. That you would be designed with a short stature." using the term designed wasn't peculiar at all…or at least she is pretending it isn't. Her tone is the same as it was before polite with little inflection in it.

Rain ignores the show of power she has a sparring match to focus on. This time she drops suddenly, sweeping her leg out to try to known Charlotte off her feet.

<FS3> Charlotte rolls Reaction+reaction: Good Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Charlotte=kickboxing Vs Rain=akido
< Charlotte: Good Success Rain: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"It is a proper thing to do back home.." Charlotte starts to protest, then remembers she's in America. Has to follow the rules. She seems to deflate, and it shows as she glances at Tabitha. "They built you short? Why's that?" she asks before she glances at Rain and is nowhere near ready as she gets swept off her feet and lands on her back with a whompf. Springing back to her feet, the young blonde makes a move directly towards the other blonde she's sparring with before she looks sidelong at Schyuler. And notices his reaction. She frowns a little to herself, and waits for Rain's move before asking for a time out.

Tabitha isn't blind to the reactions that Sky gives Charlotte, or the rest that's going on around her. She's just maintaining manners and keeping her nose out. She starts to go through some barehand katas, moving smoothly between the striking dummies and using just enough of her strength to deform their memory material surfaces. She does keep up with the conversation about size, though, shrugging at the question both Charlotte and Rain ask. "I'm the prototype of my species. My gene coding didn't all to go plan. Or at least that's what I have to figure since all subsequent generations are normal size or taller."

Schuyler has already started dealing with his own growth spurt…which is why Besa has some of his hand-me-downs. Thoughts seem to bubble to the surface but aren't actually realized…maybe the knot in his stomach also has something to do with him figuring out what to say? His cheeks flush again as the girls talk and he picks up those thoughts, but oddly enough, he doesn't seem to be joining the conversation yet.

"Yeah. Our home maybe in international waters," so American laws don't apply "but my father tends to be conservative." her mother not so much, but maybe that just comes with being magical in nature. As Charlotte springs back to her feet Rain drops into a defensive position when the timeout is called. A puzzled look is given, but she nods and straigtens "Alright. We seem pretty evenly matched in hand-to-hand as well." a little surprising to her. "You mean you aren't human Tabitha?" unlike the previous comment about being designed this the girl does find peculiar and shows it.

"Well, we can't all be built perfectly." Charlotte says with a shrug of her shoulders. "I mean, sometimes, it just happens that way." Then she glances over at Schyuler. Squaring her shoulders, the girl ventures over to him, pushing her bangs from her face as she comes over and takes his hand for a moment. "I know you can't hear me. And I can't sign, but you're probably already in my head. So what I'm going to say next is going to be whispered, and you're just going to have to figure it out, okay?" With that, she puts the boy's hand up to her lips and talks quietly into it. When she's done, she lowers the hand, smiles beautifully and kisses Sky's cheek quickly before she starts to make her way back over to Rain. "Water break?"

Rain's reaction to her statement catches Tabitha a bit off guard. She thought knowledge of her origins had become more widely known at the school. It's one of the reasons she'd stopped attempting to camoflage herself as much. She pauses her own workout and shakes her head. "Not entirely. Human is my genome's foundation, but I'm about fourty-five percent 'other'." Since she's paused she watches Charlotte's approach to Sky with a raised hairless eyebrow ridge. Then afterwards her expression goes from curious to ajaw-dropped, wide-eyed mixture of surprise and admiration. Drifting across her thoughts is the comment, »Now that is /style/!«

Schuyler tries to look back to his sketchbook even as Charlotte comes closer, but when she takes his hand and looks at him, he can't help but look up and meet her gaze. His eyes widen a little as she speaks and when she puts his hand up to her lips and whispers, he sort of forgets to breathe. He watches and 'listens' at the whispers against his fingers, and the kiss on the cheek has him flushing again. When the girl moves back to Rain for that water break, he's sort of stuck on those bleachers, the sketchbook in his lap, and his eyes on the fingers that just touched those whispers.

At some point he might remember that he has to breathe.

Rain watches Charlotte walk over to her brother a moment before glancing to Tabitha. Perhaps because of all the rumours that fly about her own family she takes everything she hears with a grain of salt "Have you had a DNA test to see what that other is?" there may even be some curiousity in her voice. Her expression then looks a little…alarmed..but that isn't quite it..surprised and she turns quickly to see the kiss to her brother's cheek happening. Rain's eyes dart between Charlotte and her brother and she breaks out in laughter so hard she has to wave acknowledgement of Charlotte's break.

"What is this other you speak of?" Charlotte asks of Tabitha as she glances over her shoulder and gives Sky a jaunty wink before she slips her arm into Rain's to link up with her. "Water break, then we'll get our gear and go shopping?" she suggests as she moves with the graceful ease of someone trained in classical dance. Or at least tries to - she's still a gangly teenager, after all!

Tabitha's workout is more or less forgotten at this point. She leans against one of her striking dummies and shrugs to Rain and Charlotte. "I've got one DNA helix that's all human, one that's about half human, and the third is… not something Father ever told us about." It's one of the things that she's hoping to learn when she has a chance to take a little field trip. Rain's laughter is infectious and gets Tabitha grinning wide and stepping over towards the two younger girls. Her own walk is more of a fluid march. "And I can't be DNA tested. My tissues break down outside of my body. One of Father's little security features."

Maybe it's the mental reminder from Rain, but finally Sky does breathe, taking in a few breaths even as he looks after Charlotte. He does catch the wink but before he can respond to it, Rain bursts out laughing. His expression immediately turns a bit dark and he gathers his things up to walk towards his sister. He then signs, not trusting his mindspeech at the moment, 'Don't you DARE laugh at me!' A teenage boy's ego is oh so very fragile! He then turns on Tabitha, his mood still shifted, and manages, «Does it really matter? You're in a school where there are aliens and talking bears and magical people from different timelines. Who. Cares.»

Rain's expression grows cloudy her back may be turned but that doesn't mean she doesn't know he is stalking toward her. Tabitha's comments barely get a nod as she focuses on her twin, she is looking him in the eye and not at his moving hands, but perhaps she doesn't need too. When his hands still she reaches for them, maybe to keep him from using them to 'yell' at her.

Charlotte doesn't need to know sign language to feel the sudden roiling of anger coming from the male half of the twin bond. Seeing Rain cloud up as well is a clearer sign of the situation. And of course, the empath gets it full force as she finds herself stepping next to her friend and frowning at Schuyler. "I'm the one that made her laugh." she says and folds her arms over her chest. "If you're going to take it out one anyone, take it out on me!" She says as she stands steadfast next to Rain.

Tabitha's eyebrow ridges rise over top of her blindfold as Schuyler comes stalking up from behind. She turns towards him in time to watch him sign angrily at Rain. Part of her is glad that her particular mental switch for communication hasn't been in the 'on' position since her rescue. But when his voice enters her mind giving her guff she squares up, her expression firm while her mind spends a few beats in turmoil. Images of her Father cutting her open on the space station, removing her eyes, hoisting her up into position for the summoning, the sheer numbing cold of space that kept her from feeling as her body was ruptured by the vaccuum exposure. Then she squashes that down, the only outward sign being her clenched fists that eventually loosen as she replies, "I care. And on that subject, I'm the only one who matters."

If it was anyone else, they might have gotten a mental or even physical shove if they tried to take Sky's hands, but Rain may be one of the few exceptions; Family Above All isn't the only reason. Grey eyes hold his twin's gaze until Charlotte steps in and adds her own defensive stance next to his sister. He can't sign as Rain has his hands and while he does resist the hold some, he isn't trying to forcefully pull away. He then looks at the other…the one who just whispered and winked and kind of got him to stop breathing. The thing is, she also makes it hard for him to think straight. «No…» is managed, but that might be about it. Maybe it's the physical touch or the feeling he gets through the twin-bond or the fact that Charlotte is standing with his twin that the high emotion starts to deflate.

He's trying to regain his aloofness but it's proving to be a little slippery this time.

Between Schyuler's conflicting emotions, Rain's turmoil, and now Tabitha's own defensiveness jumping in, Charlotte feels it all pile on. She squeezes her eyes shut, tears springing to the corners of her eyes. "I.. I need to step out!" she says suddenly, breaking away from the twins and all but running from the gym, leaving behind her training staff as she goes to find a place to breathe and regain her composure. And clear everyone else's emotions out of her head.

Normally she might chide her brother for being rude, even to Tabitha, but there are bigger issues. Rain doesn't speak up until Charlotte comes to her defense and then its to the girl "You don't have to do this." she says to the girl and when Charlotte runs off she frowns, looking back at Sky and drops his hands, now she even looks more hurt and worried. "I'm sorry you had to see this Tabitha." she tells the other girl.

Charlotte's reaction to goings on is enough to drain the fire from Tabitha. She goes over and picks up the training staff that was left behind, considering following after the fleeing girl to return it but deciding on something different. At Rain's apology, she shrugs and starts walking back to the mat she was training on. "Not the first time." Before stepping onto the mat she looks down at the training staff, then tosses it towards Sky. An easy lob since she doubts his coordination. "Here. How about you try apologizing for your pig-headed bullshit for once?"

Schuyler looks over as Charlotte runs off, that knot in his stomach tightening even more. He then looks back to his sister and pulls away as she lets his hands drop. He then shakes his head at Rain and moves to retrieve his sketchbook and bag from the bleachers. He manages to turn in time to catch the training staff that was tossed at him, but after just a moment's pause, he sets it down. «I'm not apologizing for anything. The world doesn't revolve around you. There are other people here too who also have their own things going on. I'm sure to you, your's are the most important, but they're not the most important to -us-. Maybe you should think on that.»

Nothing gets the Masters back on the same page faster than someone attacking on in front them. Rain's face gets stormy as the weapons are tossed at Sky and grabbing her own equipment she goes to stand by his side. She is to polite to tell Tabitha to just mind her own business. "Thank you for your opinion, but I think we can handle this." is said instead in that cool polite tone she has.

Tabitha stops and turns towards Sky with an expression showing her shock at his obliviousness. She just stares at him, then points in the direction that Charlotte left. "I meant apologize to /Charlotte/ you self obsessed infant! You took her sweet gesture and turned it into shit all because your pin size ego couldn't handle your own sister finding amusement in how flat-footed that gesture made you." There is a momentary flicker in the air behind her suggestive of wings as her anger builds, but she catches herself and they fade.

She takes a few deep breaths to make certain she's pushed down the urge to kill that she's been falling prey to more often since her ordeal, then turns her back on the twins to step back onto her training mat. Rain's reaction just gets a snort and a shake of her head. "Family Above All, what a joke. Tell me, does that justify all your attempts to sabotage my friendship with Besa? Because you decided he was yours to play with?"

Schuyler's eyes narrow at Tabitha, «My interactions with Charlotte are none of your business so stay out of it. And, if you're going to bring up Besa, you sabotaged it yourself. You were the one trying to push a relationship on him, harassing him and flirting with him to the point that he was uncomfortable and you weren't taking 'no' for an answer. I just supported him as a friend, trying to get rid of the complexes you were giving him! He is my friend and I will defend him against you, Grayson, or anyone else who tries to manipulate him.»

Despite the fact that Tabitha does make a valid point in his reaction Rain doesn't comment about it. She is on her brother's side even if he is being an idiot. "I sabotaged nothing." she had nothing to do with that one. The only thing she could possibly be guilty of is not stopping it. "But it sounds like you are as much to blame for that Tabitha. If I person feels uncomfortable with that you are doing isn't that a good time to stop?"

"What in the Names of the Sentinels are you talking about?" There is genuine confusion in Tabitha's voice as she turns around and asks this. She'll wonder where the hell that oath about names came from later. "I never once, NOT ONCE tried to push a relationship on Besa. I gave him /one/ kiss on the cheek as a friendly gesture after healing the wounds he took saving your life, Rain. He thought I was flirting and told me that he was forbidden to be in a relationship. I accepted that right then and there, apologized for the misunderstanding, and that was all there was to it. That was the start, middle, and end of that subject between Besa and me. Don't you dare try to push your blind, willful ignorance any further into that than you already have."

With the level of anger that's building in her mind, both justified as well as unresolved issues from her kidnapping jumping on the bandwagon, Tabitha manages to decide she'd be better off leaving before she can't keep the wings from manifesting any longer. Her aura picks up the three striking dummies she'd brought out for training and slams them across the gym back into the storage locker. "And your 'interaction' with Charlotte happened right here in front of me. If you can't handle genuine interactions with people, then go home." As she's stalking off the mat and towards the lockers she passes wihin inches of Sky, sneering up at him. "Will you defend him against your own bullshit? I doubt you're capable of introspection, but ask yourself this… did Besa want your input when it came to me, or did no one's desires matter but yours?"

«You kept commenting about his hair, to the point where he was so self-conscious about it, he wanted to hide it. If that's not flirting…» Sky starts, but stands his ground and meets Tabitha's sneer with that arrogant, aloof look of his own. It seems to have returned. «You are not the boss of me,» is stated simply, «And Besa did ask my input. He's going to do his own thing no matter what I say to him,» a matter of some contention between the two, «So don't think for one instant I can influence him. He's not spineless.» He also then adds, «You do realize that I'm not at all afraid of you so you can stop posturing.»

If that was Tabitha attempting to making Rain feel guilty about Besa getting hurt because of her, well that ship sailed already. She feels bad, Besa feels bad, there is a lot of that going around it seems. As she listens to the pair bickering back and forth she realizes that this is getting out of hand way to fast. She reaches out to take Sky's arm and begins to tug him toward the door "I think this has gone on long enough." she tells them both »>Sky, let's go.«< she sends him privately as she turns to leave and trying to get him to go with her.

Tabitha wasn't trying to make Rain feel guilty, she was really just saying it to establish the timeline. She snorts at Sky's reply about Besa's hair, "We were studying in the library. He asked me why people kept staring at him or trying to flirt. I told him it might be because of his hair and suggested he consider wearing a hat of some kind when he was in town. Again, that's the beginning, middle, and end of an interaction that you've decided to blow leagues out of proportion." Schuyler's assertion that she's not the boss of him gets a sneer of her own as she continues towards the locker rooms. "Well someone needs to be, because you're clearly incapable of being your own boss." She's already several paces away when Sky makes his parting shot about not being afraid. She keeps walking but looks over her shoulder, "That just proves how stupid you are." Then she's passing through into the locker room to change and try to get herself on an even keel before class.

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