(2016-11-18) New Digs
New Digs
Summary: Unit 23 has a new place, Dax and Felicia go to take a look
Date: 2016-11-18
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NPCs: Afterthought
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And here they are. Dax has been busy with work and school, so today is the first time he's actually been able to come to the Winbarry. His backpack is filled with some cleaning supplies and the like he stole from one of the closets at school, and several cans of Veggies and ramen packets. Odd combo, but it's what he's got currently. Oh, and a pint sized Felicia too. He comes to a stop at the front of the estate, taking it in. "Welcome to the X mansion….shit." It's hard to say if he's amused, or worried…or both. It's not in the best state, the whole place. Even the lawn needs upkeep. Gravel crunches underfoot as he starts heading to the main house. "Well….it's roomy?"

Not having a job Felicia couldn't do much in the food department, but she sacrifices a case of her precious Monsters for the cause. And she is picky who she shares those with. "Don't you mean U-Mansion." she chuckles as she hops down from where she perches and falls the long distance to the ground, upsizing in the process. She glances around taking it all in as she falls into step with Dax "Damn. This place does need some work." she nods at his evaluation of the place "You certainly have room here. No bumping into each other like back in the dorms at the school. Unless you want to."

Daxton groans, "Shit….don't tell them that." He nods, "Right? I think Inferno wants to recruit, so plenty of room." Recruit for what, exactly? He keeps walking, heading towards the door. He digs into a pocket of his jeans, pulling out a key. "I got no idea who's here. Inferno's trying to get a few side missions to pay for the roof and crap." Unless dax can find someone who knows that type of thing.

That of course makes her want to tell them more, but Felicia will keep her mouth shut. He has to live with them, she doesn't. "Huh." it doesn't take any big leap for her to assume what. "I'm surprised they don't know we are here already…don't you have someone keeping watch or something?" she has no idea how they do things just yet "You could go down to the local Home Depot and see if there are any migrants willing to work for cheap."

"Afterthought, I think. But that's kinda a blanket feel…" Dax doesn't quite understand it. He offers, "There's only 4 of us." That would be kinda hard with only 4. He laughs, turning the key, "Yeah, maybe." As the door swings open, there stands Afterthought, smile brightens and arms open. Long hair has been pulled back into a messy bun. "Tempo!" AT sounds excited, not surprised that they're there. Long, thin arms wrap around the boy, which he allows. And then he's strangling lifted off his feet, AT's frame does not seem like that should be happening. While carrying Tempo inside (Dax's totally laughing), AT looks over to Felicia, "I will carry you too!" And unless Fel fights it, suddenly shadow tentacles sneak out from the edges of the house and wrap around her to carry her inside as well.

Felicia nods and waggles her fingers at her head "Oh yeah, that mental thing." she nods in understanding. She reads comics and goes to a school with supers, she knows how those things work…mostly. AT being on the other side of the door is unsurprsing, nor is the greeting offered to Dax, the teen finds it funny though and she stifles a chuckle by covering her mouth. Okay, for probably the first time since Dax has known her she is surprised by something and that's being lifted off her feet suddenly by shadows. It's short lived of course and as she is being carried she glances around a bit before announcing "I have feet!." with amusement of course.

After Thought doesn't seem to mind, "It is our new home!" So apparently they need to be carried over the threshold? It doesn't last long though and both are set down, although Dax gets a touch to his cheek, "I am so glad you are here."

Dax's is laughing too, some at AT, most mostly at Fel. "I'm glad too. I brought some stuff." He starts to shrug out of the backpack. "I can bring more each trip." He's going to clean out the school on cleaning supplies!

As she is set down Felicia rubs her nose to keep from sneezing at the dust in the air "You seem way excited to finally have a place to call home." at least that is what it seems like to her. She finds this a good thing, actually. "This place will be sweet once you get it fixed up." she turns in a circle as she checks the place out "Next time I'll make sure he raids the kitchen and not the broom closet."

AT smiles, eyes crinkling, "We will all be together again." That's all AT really wants. A low laugh, AT's voice is even pretty androgynous. "Cleaning first!" With that, the tall person turns and starts walking deeper into the Mansion, "Go claim a room. I'll be in the kitchen." Not that there's much to cook. Dark tentacles creep out and gather up Dax's backpack. One appears in front of Fel, waiting.

Dax chuckles, handing over his bag before frowning at the one in front of Fel. He doesn't sound that miffed though when he chides. "Afterthought, that's rude!" AT just laughs, walking away.

"Well with all the cleaning and restoring this place is going to need, you're going to need food to keep up the energy." a gesture to the backpack "The Monsters just aren't going to cut it for that." even she doesn't live on them. There is a glance between the pair, at the tentacle then at them again, her lip curls, brow furrows. Confused Felicia is confused.

Daxton just rolls his eyes at AT, "Idiot." But there's obvious affection there. Turning back to Fel, "Yeah. I guess granola bars would be good. Stuff we don't need electricity for." He starts walking towards the first room to peak his head in, "Maybe apples and crap." It's definitely dusty… "Candles and flashlights too." This place is going to be creep dark at night

"…granola bars…." Felicia echoes thoughtfully as she begins to pat at her pockets then reaches into them and comes out with a handful of stuff that is definitely not pocket lint. She glances into her hands "I have three of those, four snickers, a pack of thin mints, two bottles of water, a coke," that has her pausing a moment as if she can't figure out how that got in there "and a bag of chips." she deposits all of those in ATs waiting tentacle "Oh! And a flashlight." she has pulled that out once or twice, she hands that over too "Don't worry, in an hour or so they will become normal size." she rest of the stuff goes back into her pockets.

Dark arms wrap around the donations and follow AT towards the kitchen area. The thin figure is swaying to some unheard music.

Dax turns back to see the procession of floating items and smiles, "Thanks Fel…I-We really appreciate it." Dax has more access to food than the rest. "I've been having Pulse meet me after work to give her all the left overs." His fingers tap against his thigh as he eyes whatever this room was for. "I think maybe cleaning out the chimneys should be high on the list." Light and Warmth!

"You know what they say, any friend of yours and whatever." Felicia doesn't say the whole thing, Dax is smart enough to get the jist of it. She follows AT into the kitchen as well checking things out as she goes. "Where is everybody? Is it just you here?" she expected there to be a bigger welcoming committee for the speedster. "Good idea. No need killing harmless birds and bats just so you can get warm." chimney fires, she has no clue about those.

Daxton turns around and speeds over to Fel following AT. Guess they'll look around later. There's appliances, but very old, and they probably would’t work even if they have working power. He eyes the kitchen , stomach suddenly worrying about how they're gonna eat. "Think we should get a grill?" He nods about the critters. "I know they need to get clean out, at least."

AT's shadows set everything down on the counter, that at leafs has been cleaned off. "It is just us. We did not know when Tempo was coming home." There's smiles though, AT is just happy he's here. "Pulse is trying to find us furniture." That could mean steal it, who knows with this group! "Inferno is talking to a Patron." Patron? What? Dax's head swivels, but he doesn't say anything, but there's clearly a concern.

Felicia is looking around the kitchen, poking around a bit, looking outside "If not a gril you can build a fire pit out of the loose patio stones outside." she gestures out the window. Fire charred food..yum. "He wanted to surprise you all?" well he surprised one at least. "Furniture is good. It will feel more like home when you have a bed to sit on and a sofa to sleep on." was that mix up on purpose or by accident. It's hard to tell with Felicia. Dax's reaction to the patron comment has her looking worried for him "That sounds…uhm.." what's the word she is looking for "…dangerous?"

AT nods and cheerfully answers, "No more than normal!" Danger, that is. The food is separated and one of the cabinets is opened to show a case of ramen and some other random cans of food. The new stuff is added in. At seems to be hovering about an inch off the ground.

Daxton's cheeks puff out, but he nods, realizing what she meant. He clarifies for Fel, "A job." He glances out the back door, "I bet there's fire pit somewhere. Maybe not right out the back door though. "Want us cleaning or snooping today, AT?"

Oh! Ramen! Fel's favorite. She's weird, we all knew that right. But that is U-23's food so besides looking at it she does nothing "Need those for sure." jobs that is…though the biggest is going to be this mansion. "Could be. Hard to tell with the patchy snow." cleaning or snooping, she'll do either, but would probably prefer the snooping.

AT smiles, looking over a shoulder at the two, "Go pick out your room then. Be careful of the attic." With that cryptic statement AT turns back and things start floating onto the shelf.

Dax's head tilts but he then smirks and waves Fel to follow him, "Let's go poke around." The down stairs is mostly empty rooms. BIG empty rooms.

"It was cool seeing you again Afterthought." Felicia says in parting as she follows Dax "Just don't poke to hard, that ceiling doesn't look like it would take much." she eyes it and once they are out of earshot…though probably not mental range "Please tell me we are going into the attic." be careful are two words to never say to her, unless you definitely don't want her to be.

Daxton rolls his eyes, "Let's just work our way up, okay?" He kidnaq wants to go see it too, but there's excitement about the whole house, really. Home. He tests the stairs as they go up, some are loud, but none feel like they're going to give. "At least this is sturdy." If not, with two speedsters, so omen would end up dead.

Felicia scuffs a foot on the stairs "Fine." she says with a sigh as she goes up the stairs "Do you really want me to give them a test? See how much wieght they can really take?" she than shakes her head "Nevermind, bad idea." she does have some common sense

Daxton considers, but then shakes his head. "If we ever find Burden, then yeah. It'll need to be tested." Who the heck is Burden? He's keeping normal speed as he goes up the stairs, blue eyes trying to take in everything. He does offer, "So…Oli came to my room the other day. To ask What's going on with me, and if I really wanted to be her-his friend." He corrects himself, "For some reason she thought I've do better with her shifting back to a boy?" He shrugs, so weird that Oli would think that, in Dax's mind.

Felicia doesn't recall if she heard it from Dax or from U-23 in one of the first initial encounters but she does know there were more than four of them. "Is he really big with lots of muscles on muscles?" she asks after a few moments of thoughtful silence. "Huh." she says when she is told about Oliver "Well the school is still standing so I guess that talk didn't go horrible. Did she tell you what the deal was?" in her own head it was mostly Ollie's issue.

Daxton nods, "Yeah. Burden's a fucking wall." He then grins, "He's gone through walls too." Blue eyes roll, "Sort of? He's jealous and feeling left out. And instead of doing something, he's drama bombing it, or placing blame on others." There's a shrug, "I don't know if the talked helped or not. i offered she could come see the mansion nd help out, but then immediately he made a crack about the rest of Unit 23 needing a job." There's a soft sigh, Dax just sin't sure what to do.

"I wonder if that's the one that Waller and Badger was fighting when the rest of us went in to the mansion and found you." Felicia wouldn't know, she just knows that whoever it was, was just as Dax said, a wall of muscle. She nods as the top of the stairs is reached and she begins to move down a hallway, running fingers along the dusty wall "Well he isn't wrong…he was just wrong about the type of job they need…and want."

Daxton blinks, "What?" He was super out of it, to be fair. His hand twitches, "Burden was there?" He thought they had separated them all… Letting Fel move ahead his thoughts stay on the possibility of Burden. "It was just his tone…" He's not going to argue though, Dax only makes so much.

"I really don't know. It could have easily been some other muscly, wall type person. I think Derek got a better look than I did. And Waller and Badger definitely did. I was going through a wall myself at the time." okay it was the doors, but same thing. Looking back at Dax "So he was jealous." well she was right about that part at least "Strange how much her and Grayson are alike now that I think about it. Don't ever tell her I said that." she opens a door and looks into it "Which room are you wanting?"

Daxton frowns, but nods. "I'll ask him then." he shirts, but nods, "Yeah. They really are kinda alike." Uh…. He peeks in behind her, "I don't know…" The one they're looking at as a riffle bag on the floor, "Looks like this one's already claimed."

"Good luck with that." Felicia tells him. She knows how talking with Derek can be, she still avoids it when she can. "And you are already sharing a room, don't wanna be doing that here." shutting the door she crosses the hall to open that one. "Oooo, this one has a balcony. You can sneak out or do scenes from Romeo and Juliet. Oh Romeo, Romeo…I don't know the rest of the line." at the first bit she puts the back of her hand to her forehead, but drops it as she laughs at her own teasing.

Daxton just nods, it can be a struggle talking with the other Ares. Blue eyes roll, "Yeah. No sharing." His nose wrinkles at her shakespeare, "That's awful." But he sticks his head in to look anyway.

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