(2016-11-17) Mugs and Dresses
Mugs and Dresses
Summary: Gabrielle gets a chance to meet Besa and Sky and ends up talking their ear off when Besa asks about the SCA.
Date: 2016-11-17
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Besa's been busy in his free time, with the holiday coming up, he's promised the coffee shop mugs. So here he is, with three finished on the table and working on the fourth, foot kicking the wheel to keep it at a steady speed. The Egyptian teen is dressed in a long sleeved tee with the sleeves pushed up. His left forearm has several scars on it, all pink and newish. He's humming to himself, his perfect hair framing his face as he works. Every once in a while he glances over at the silt barrel, but that's only briefly as he chases away those thoughts and focuses on the art at hand.

<OOC> Gabrielle says, "The dress she's working on: https://www.etsy.com/listing/268566988/wool-viking-dress-garb-serk-heavy-weight?ref=related-3"

An empty corner of the Art Room is suddenly full of a Gabby hugging a dress form and holding a /huge/ plastic organizer box. As soon as she appears she puts the form down, the hem of the dress she has on it just barely missing touching the floor. Then she puts the plastic box on a nearby table and opens it. The box splits in half and two 'ladders' of boxes fold out, full of sewing tools and materials. As she start picking out the tools she needs to start finishing the neckline she also starts to whistle quietly and tunelessly.

Besa's head snaps around when someone bamphs into the room. Eyes widen and he sits still, the kicking stopping so the wheel slows, "Hello?"

Hey! Look at that! Gabrielle is no longer completely disappearing from a room when startled. But she still does disappear with a pop and a flash of light, immediately re-appearing clinging to the ceiling with her hands and one foot on each wall in the corner of the room furthest away from Besa. "Hi? Who are you?" She's as skittish as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers and it clearly ready to fully disappear at the slightest provocation.

Besa's eyes widen even further, making him look like an Egyptian owl. "I am Besa Ini-Herit. Who are you?" His voice holds an accent, to go along with his look. His head tilts, not enough to see her right side up, but some. "Why are you on the ceiling?"

It's about this time that Sky enters the Art room, his sketchbook under an arm. He's there just in time to see Gabrielle disappear and reappear, grey eyes then go from her to Besa as if asking what's going on. He does pause at the door though, unsure if he should even enter.

Gabrielle's head spins around almost as well as a real owl's so that she's looking at Besa, and now Sky, almost straight up. "I'm Gabrielle." After a moment's hesitation she adds, "And the ceiling is usually safer then the floor. Its kind of a… reaction." As she speaks she slowly makes her way down the wall on all fours until she can release from the wall, do a flip, and land on her feet. "Nice mugs."

Besa gives Sky a small shrug and then a clay covered hand wave hello. "Oh, well…I am sorry you felt unsafe. I will not harm you." He doesn't look very intimating, sitting at the pottery wheel. His smile brightens at the compliment, "Thank you!" He looks back to Sky, fingers lifting as he talks, "Hello Schuyler. Working on your drawings?" It's sign language, if Gabs has ever seen it before.

«That's not at all creepy,» Sky offers mentally (and sarcastically) before he chooses a seat at one of the art tables. He catches the signs and inclines his head, signing back once he sets his sketchbook down, 'My roommate is in our room and I didn't feel like dealing with his thoughts.' He then adds in both sign and thought, «Because pottery wheels are -so- scary…»

Gabrielle doesn't seem to realize that Sky is talking about her. As she makes her way around the wall of the room back to her dress form she asks, "What was creepy?" Clearly she does not understand sign language because she makes no comments on that part of the 'conversation' as she picks up her needle and starts working on the finish of her dress' neckline.

Gabrielle doesn't seem to realize that Sky is talking about her. As she makes her way around the wall of the room back to her dress form she asks, "What was creepy?" As she picks up her needle and starts working on the finish of her dress' neckline she also adds, "Pottery wheels are not scary, true. New people are…"

Besa smiles, amused at Sky's comments. He keeps his fingers moving, along with his voice, " I do not think they are scary. And not all new people are scary either." Besa doesn't think he is, anyway! "What are you sewing?" Poor Sky, Besa nods, "Come sit. It is calm here." he hopes, anyway. "We need to speak to the teacher about the board."

«You,» Sky answers even as he settles in and pulls out his pencil box so he can get back to sketching. «New people aren't scary at all. They're either boring or interesting.» Says the Ares. He glances over at Besa, «I think we need a plan first so we can present it to the teacher so we're just not flailing.»

Gabrielle's eyes focus on her work and her shoulders slump and curl inwards as Sky says she's the creepy one. Regardless of whether it was intended as an insult or a statement of fact or both she reacts badly to it. Considering how different she is from normal humans its likely this is not the first time she's heard something like this, especially given how hard it is to hide the unusual shape of her hands and feet.

Besa frowns , but shakes his head at Sky, the only time he signs and doesn't speak is to say, <Be nice>. He nods, going back to speak and finger talking, "Yes. We should have a plan." He catches the shoulder slump, "It is nice to meet you Gabrielle. What are you sewing?" He sounds genuinely interested.

Schuyler sets his pencil down and narrows his eyes at Besa, 'I am! I never said creepy was bad!'. He then rolls his eyes and glances over at Gabrielle, «Better be careful that you don't get paint on that. Sometimes people don't clean up after themselves.» There. That's nice, isn't it?

OK, so the question does make Gabrielle perk up a bit as the answer requires her to talk about one of her most favorite things ever, "Its a recreation of a viking dress from the mid 11th century. I'm getting ready for a Society for Creative Anachronism event coming up soon."

Besa's head tilts, ignoring the glare from Sky. "What is Society of Creative Anachronism?" He then asks, "Are you viking born?"The warning from Sky makes him smile and nod in approval of his friend.

Schuyler turns back to his sketchbook and picks his pencil up again to work on whatever is on the page. He might be 'listening' as there is a conversation around him, but he doesn't seem particularly interested in a dress. He may be intrigued by eyeliner, but that's about it.

Gabrielle looks up from her work to smile shyly at the boys, "The Society for Creative Anachronism or SCA… Think of Civil War reenactments but with a medieval theme instead. I'm not viking born but my persona… A persona is what actors would call a character. Anyway, my persona is a viking woman, since it one of the cultures from that era where women were warriors as often as men." Then her eyes go back down to her dress as she realizes she's prattling on about something that most people couldn't care less about. At almost a whisper she adds, "thanks for the warning about the paint."

Besa blinks, "Wait….so you dress in…ancient clothes and pretend?" He's not mocking, more fascinated by it. "Why?" His kick wheel ha scompeltly stilled, and he's just watching Gabs.

Schuyler also glances over and blinks as Gabrielle explains what she's doing. He looks to Besa when he asks the magic question. «Maybe it's like Theater,» he explains to the other boy…or it's just another excuse to wear a costume that's not Halloween.

Gabrielle waggles her head from side to side as she continues to work on the neckline, completely unhampered by her hands only having three fingers. "It is kind of like theater. But there's no scripts. And its also like an interactive history lesson. We try to do things as close as we can to the way they were done in the middle ages, including the combat, the arts, the dancing, and the food."She waves the hand not holding the needle at the dress, imitating the way game show models show off the prizes on their shows. "This is going to be my newest piece of garb but I still need to finish the trim on the neckline, the sleeves, and the hem then I have to find a good sword belt to go with it." She motions to her ever present swords, which are currently leaning against the table holding her supplies box.

That's fascinating to he ancient teen. "Huh." He usually doesn't just make a noise. Dark eyes dart to Sky and then back to Gab, "Is it just medieval?"

Schuyler really, really wants to say something but because Besa asked nicely…and he did see Gabrielle's previous slump, he manages to stay mentally and physically quiet. Instead, he just looks between the two for a moment before he turns back to his drawing.

Gabrielle is really getting into the subject now that Besa's showing some genuine interest. "Not really. The dates covered by the SCA are not super strict. Most people pick their personas on the historical data of different societies anywhere between the 3rd and the 16th century. I'm going to be going to an event in a couple of weekends if you want to come with me? Scadians are super friendly and welcoming."

Besa's brow furrows, but it's in thought. "That seems…confusing. if everyone is different…" That's no cohesive at all! His head shakes, "I…will think on it. It seems interesting." That's not really a yes or no. The teen loosk down at his hands, which are starting to dry. A deep breath, well, as deep as he can with his bruised chest, he starts kicking the wheel again. "So…is there a festival?"

Since Besa's question wasn't really answered, Sky repeats with a simple, «Why?»

Gabrielle giggles at her own flightiness, "Oh, yeah, why. Because its fun to pretend you're someone different from time to time. Because its interesting to learn about that time in history. Because I get to fight without getting in trouble… Although that's kind of taken care of now that I'm here. Because… Well, the reasons are different for everyone that does it. Those are just some of mine." And so as not to forget other questions she answers the most recent ones from Besa,"A festival or something similar to one is usually part of every event, yes. My favorite part? Honeybutter!"

Something in what Gabs says has Besa nodding, but his shoulders drop some. While she explains, his own fingers go back to the clay, starting to reshape it into a mug. He's got a coffee shop to cup up. He smiles, "Honeybutter is very tasty."

There may have been a surface thought or something in the conversation for Sky actually looks up quite suddenly and blinks at the two. He then gets a very pensive look as he turns back to his sketchbook. There is no sketching at the moment as he focuses on something…that may have been inspired by something said.

Gabrielle may be shy but she's despite that (or maybe because of it) she's pretty good at reading body language. Besa's reaction to what she's been saying gets a slightly confused look followed by a quick question, "Did I say something wrong?"

Besa glances quickly from his hands and clay to Gab and then back to his spinning mug, "No. It is just a lot to take in." He smiles, but his eyes are on the clay, "I am glad you have found something that you enjoy. that is important."

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