(2016-11-16) What is going on?
What is going on?
Summary: Daxton and Oli have it out…sorta.
Date: 2016-11-16
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Ares Dorm Hub

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

It's around lunch time but early in the hour…usually the time that students return to their rooms to swap out books and notebooks. That's what Ollie is counting on when she heads into the Ares Dorm Hub and knocks on Daxton's door. She's hoping that he's done what many of the other students have…and not that she'll have to find him at lunch.

Being a speedster has it's advantages, and that being said Daxton is actually returning from lunch. Despite the rumors, he's not attached to Becca's hip (ha). But he is carrying a second burger he's munching on, and has 2 milks tucked into the nook of his elbow as he heads to his door. Which is occupied. Huh. "Hey."

Ollie gives a little start and inclines her head at the greeting, "Hey." She looks over the fact that he has a burger and two milks before nodding to herself, "We're going to have a talk. Unless you're super busy, I want to have it now. Out here or in your room…you choose." She actually seems pretty set on this.

Daxton stands there a moment and then sighs, "Hi Ollie, how's it going? I'm good, thanks for asking. Sure, we can totally sit in my room and chat, that would be lovely." Blue eyes roll, but he steps forward and opens his door, motioning Ollie inside.

His side of the room is pretty empty, except the few things that just scream Daxton. There's also about 30 different origami animals throughout his side of the room, just perched everywhere.

Ollie does seem resolved. No niceties even though Daxton is all sarcastic about it. By the time she steps into the room, however, Ollie is once again Oliver…wearing the same form as when he first met Daxton last year, complete with the dark (not red) hair. He looks around at the room for a moment, his eyes landing on the origami animals for a moment before he looks back to Daxton. "Sorry, but this has been eating at me and I just want to know what is going on?"

Daxton blinks, eyes narrowing at the change, but that's all the reaction Oli gets. Dax's moves past him to set his food down on his desk. His question though does get one. A very confused one, "What? You tell me? I have no idea why you've gotten so weird with me. Ever since space, it's like you're mad at me."

Oliver's own eyes widen a moment before he moves to sit down at the other desk's chair. "I'm not mad at you. Maybe a little jealous and frustrated that I couldn't get anything out of the Princess because she was too busy making googly eyes at you, but I'm not mad. But I feel like you're mad at -me- or something…or maybe I forced a friendship on you that you don't really want. If I did, I'm sorry and I'll back off."

Daxton's arms cross, annoyed, but he moves to lean against the wall, "I just did what you brought me there to do, Oli. I didn't ask for any attention." His head shakes, but his hair is still too sort to sway much, "The only thing you've forced is that there's a problem. Every time I turn around you're acting like I'm being aggressive with you, driving you away. or that I'm too dumb to know if Unit 23 is dangerous or not." He then adds, "Of course they're dangerous, but so am I. They're not dangerous to me." That's either very comforting, or not at all. "I've got too much drama in my life, I can't handle you being a drama bomb for no reason." he's on a roll and keeps talking, "I could give a flying fuck what's between your legs. The only reason I was confused was because i didn't know who you were the first time I saw you as a girl. Not everything is a personal attack." One last thing, "Felicia and I are just friends."

"I know you didn't ask for the attention which is why I'm not mad at you!" Oliver offers in exasperation. He gives a sigh, "It's not that you're acting aggressive to me. I can deal with aggressive. And I know you know what Unit 23 is. But maybe you're not used to having friends who care and worry about you. I sort of get that." Only sort of though.

"I'm not being dramatic for no reason, Daxton." Maybe Felicia was on the right path when she suggested he go into acting.

"I know you didn't ask for the attention which is why I'm not mad at you!" Oliver offers in exasperation. He gives a sigh, "It's not that you're acting aggressive to me. I can deal with aggressive. And I know you know what Unit 23 is. But maybe you're not used to having friends who care and worry about you. I sort of get that." Only sort of though.

"I'm not being dramatic for no reason, Daxton." Maybe Felicia was on the right path when she suggested he go into acting. "And I know you and she are friends. She's not interested in anyone and that's fine and I wouldn't push her into anything. But you didn't answer my question. Do you even -want- us to be friends? Because that comes with the caring and the worrying, at least on my side."

Daxton cocks an eyebrow at the Metis. He clearly thinks Oli is being a drama bomb for no reason. "If Rebecca and Felcia are ok with Unit 23, you should at least be willing to not paint them as villains immediately." He nods, there's something almost protectorit in the motion, almost…sibling like when they speak about Felicia. "Oli. I want to be friends. But I can't if you;re gonna be harping on me every minute for things I don't even understand. That means you can't get upset if I cut my hair, or go hang out with someone without you. Or bring Fel something from her room before you do. I'm a speedster. I do everything before everyone else. I can't help it." He takes a deep breath, "Normal level of caring and worry is fine, but you're giving yourself an ulcer, man."

"Ok, look," Oliver tucks a leg under him as he settles into the chair. "I remember how you were when you first got here. I remember how jumpy you were with that army guy at that assembly. I remember how you kept on looking over your shoulder, how you won't meet people's eyes…and you were getting out of that. You were getting comfortable and would even look at us. And now you're back to that jumpiness and that strictness and not looking at people so what am I supposed to go on?" He gives another sigh, "I haven't met anyone from Unit 23." Maybe he's a little miffed at that, "So I have nothing to go on. You're allowed to have friends other than me. I'm glad that you -do- have friends other than me, but try to see it from my side too. I try to hang out with you and you're talking about people and things that I don't know about. All the time, now. So how else am I to feel but like a third wheel? Like I'm not wanted? Maybe that's a little selfish of me," and this time Oliver looks away.

Daxton's jaw tightens, "You could ask instead of assuming. Right after half my brains leaked out from the space mission, I found out Becca was kidnapped. She almost died. I killed people, Oli. A lot of them to get to her. It messed me up, brought up bad things… I have nightmares about what they did to me. To all of Unit 23. I can't even tell you who's screams are who's in them. You not meeting the Unit isn't anything personal, it's just not happened yet." He shifts, settle his back more against the wall, one leg starts bouncing, "You're finding things that aren't there. No one doesn't want you." He sighs at that last bit, "Then start acting like you actually like us."

Oliver is quiet for a long moment before he offers a soft, "I'm so sorry, Daxton, I didn't know." It's not a purposeful reminder that there is some truth to him being left out. "I don't think they're not there, Daxton. But I think…and I believe…that they're not intentional. It's just really hard for me to feel left-out in a place I could belong to for a little bit." He knows that the sense of belonging is just temporary but he's trying to hold onto that as long as he can. "I -do- like you, Dax. A lot. Which is why it's so hard when I feel like I'm not wanted."

Daxton's gaze has been on Oli's shoulder most of this talk, but the dart away at the apology. "It's not…it was worth it." Otherwise Becca would be dead. "Fuck, Oli." Big arms unfold and he rubs his face with his hand, the surface of the watch flashes briefly with the movement. "I haven't even told Felicia that." He's not talked about it at all, not even to Becca, but surely she knows? He sighs, gaze coming back to his shoulder, "Really? I'm unintentionally excluding you. Felicia is too? Is anyone else? Is it really all of us? Or could you maybe be making things out to be worse than they are?" His arms fold back, "It's high school. No one feels comfortable or like they belong. You don't think I feel like I'm gonna get kicked out at any moment? Or why Felicia is constantly in detention? We've all got issues man, it's about working them out together. I went to fucking space for you. It wasn't for some merit badge."

The fact that Daxton confessed all of that to Oliver isn't lost on him. "I get that some of this is my issue and I'm not asking you to go out of your way to humor me or anythng." He scrubs a hand through his now-short hair, mussing it up a bit, "I guess I just needed to know if I somehow forced a friendship on you that you didn't really want. I know you went to Space for me and I feel really bad that doing so hurt you so much. I know that the Princess' attention weren't because of anything you did and my frustration at knowing almost nothing more doesn't have anything to do with you. I want to work issues out with you…mine and your's and anyone else's, but I can't if you don't let me in. I won't tell anyone what you just told me unless you want me to."

Daxton's head shakes, indicating, no it's not forced. "Kaylee forces stuff." Don't be a Kaylee. More head shaking, and he shifts, shrugging, "Nobody knew. It's got to do with my time shifting." He then asks, "Have you messaged them to find out anything?" Pride may be the culprit here. "You can't force that though Oli. Some people need time to open up, at their own space. And you better not. If you do, there's gonna be problems." It's a threat, but not a violent one. "I didn't tell people for a reason."

"No, I don't want to be a Kaylee. Ever." In any form…unless it's for a specific reason. Oliver sighs, "Messaged who? The Princess? How? It's not like I can email them or call them on the phone." He shakes his head, "I got the feeling that they didn't really care that we did what we did. I'm not sure I want to be a part of that, you know?" There's a glance down to his shoes as Daxton gives the light threat, "I don't want to force people to open up, either. Maybe I'm just -too- open."

"Talk to your professor dude." Dax kinda suspects he's an alien himself, but that's not for discussion now. Dax didn't get that feeling, but it's not his backkstory so he just lets it go. Blue eyes study Oli now that he's looking away, "You just gotta relax. Let people be who they are." There's a beat and he offers an olive branch, 'In the next week or two Unit 23's gonan have a clean up day at the Mansion. If you wanna come and help, you're welcome. I think Becca and Felicia will be there."

"You mean Michaels?" Oliver looks back, "Maybe that's part of the problem. If I don't want to be who I am, I just change. Not fundamentally, but how I want to see myself." There's probably something that goes deeper, but what does a sixteen year old know about that sort of thing? The offer of helping out gets a bit of a smile and a nod, "Yeah, I'd like to help out. Thanks."

Daxton definitely doesn't have the life experiences to know that's a deeper problem. He nods, "Yeah, Michaels." The speedster's leg keeps bouncing, "If you know anyone that knows electorical, that's needed too." Ouch, that's not a good sign for the new home base for Unit 23.

"Someone who can do electrical stuff or has electrical powers? Because you might be able to find someone with powers here, but someone who can do wiring?" Oliver shrugs. "You could call around, I guess, but it would probably cost money. Maybe a lot. I don't know if you guys have anything to spend on it but that's all I know about that sort of stuff." He looks at the bouncing leg, "Are you getting anxious? Talking about this stuff? Or…I mean, I can go. I feel a little better about stuff, so thanks."

Daxton's nose wrinkles and he sighs, "No…from what i've been told the wiring's shot." A head shake, "No, we dumped everything into buying the house. My tips are buying all the food for now." So much for saving for a car. He blinks, and then glances down at his leg, "No…it just does that." A lot.

Oliver looks pensive for a moment when Daxton mentions that his tips are paying for the food. "The others can't work?" And he's paying for food and he's not even living there? There's a pause before he offers, "I have some savings…if you want to think of it as sort of a loan…" although he realizes he might never get paid back.

Daxton's eyebrow raises at the tone, "Inferno's kinda lava, hard to hold down a job. Afterthought can't, no. And Pulse is trying to keep them all together. Unit 23 does other things, we take on missions, do some side jobs. But my tips are steady enough so they don't have to worry about food." He head shakes, "No….I make enough." And he's not going to own someone who's not even met Unit 23 and is making comments. He pushes off the wall and reaches for a milk before they get too warm to drink. "I think it's just going to be cleaning at the mansion for now, till me can get electricity going, we'll live off of candles." Good thing Inferno's lava to keep everyone warm!

Oliver is trying! He really is! This group is important to Daxton so he's willing to try and make up for the concerns he's had about it. "Well, if you need anything. I don't have a lot, but I'm happy to try and help my friend." Because he's also maybe feeling a little guilty. "Can you cook off of candles? I guess it's sort of like camping…do you have running water at least?"

"There's water, yeah. I don't know how clean, I've not been there." Dax shrugs again about the candle and cooking, "I may see if i can scrounge up a grill. We can cook off of that until we get electricity." He's had worse ideas.

Oliver can't help but wince, "A grill? With all of this snow?" Even if it's melted, it's still cold out! "Maybe you could ask Grayson about the water? Or…doesn't your roommate have water powers?" There could be help with that, at least? "I don'

Oliver can't help but wince, "A grill? With all of this snow?" Even if it's melted, it's still cold out! "Maybe you could ask Grayson about the water? Or…doesn't your roommate have water powers?" There could be help with that, at least? "I don't know what good I'd be but I can help clean, for certain…"

Daxton sighs, "It's the best i can come up with without us asfixiating." He thinks there's fire place, maybe they can cook over that? Huh, he could ask Grayson… "If I see him I'll ask, sure." Can't hurt to ask, right? "Vin? I don't think so." Mayeb he does and Dax just doesn't pay attention? "We need cleaning crew. Definitly. I've already started nicking a few garbage bags from work." That'll save the day!

"I bet we can get some from the school, too…" Oliver offers before standing. "I should let you…do what you need to do before class and I should try and grab some food. He then shifts back into his female form, clothes and all even as she goes to the door. "You know, as cute as you are, I know you're dating Becca…and I'm dating Liam. I also know that it makes you uncomfortable, so please don't worry about that sort of thing from me, ok?"

Daxton has definitely already possibly yanked some rolls of TP and the liked that's nestled in his backpack for next time he runs over there. He opens the milk, "Dude. Don't make this weird." Not the shifting to the girl, but pointing out cuteness and who's dating who. "Go eat."

"But I'm so good at it!" Ollie points out, grinning widely. It fades into a more serious expression though and she offers a simple, earnest, "Thanks though." She'd offer a hug, but again…weird.

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