(2016-11-13) Late Night Cookies
Late Night Cookies
Summary: Seth is baking bribe-cookies to lure in friends, and some are lured.
Date: 2016-11-13
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Scene Runner: Seth


Not on a team yet, Seth's been living in the "generic" dorm since he started the term a bit late. And he's finding dorm life a bit lonely. There is one cure for the lonelies: Baking Cookies. Not that he eats a lot of cookies himself, because he's really kind of a carnivore, but they're still good and they're great for making friends.

He's gotten permission to use one of the ovens and a small bit of the cafeteria kitchen to prepare them, as long as he cleans up afterwards, and he had to provide his own ingredients (and show them to the chief cook before he was allowed to continue.)

So here it is, some time after the last meal of the day. A strange blackish looking thing that might be a lemur or a cat is hanging by its tail from nothing, stirring a big metal bowl full of something that smells like vanilla, while Seth is adjusting the oven and prepping two cookie sheets at once.


Naturally it didn't take this kind of a rumor long to circulate. Not when cookies are involved! So of course Carmichael's going to hear about it. Seth may find that his prepping of cookie things is disturbed. By what? Feathers. Not just disembodied feathers, no. The top of a black wing appears around the kitchen door, before its owner peeks in. It's Carmichael. Who Seth may not know, because Carmichael is pretty new.

"Hello," he greets with a smile as he enters. He ducks a little so his wings don't whack the top of the doorway. "I heard something about someone baking cookies." He pauses, noticing the… actually he's not sure what it is, hanging from its tail in midair and doing kitchen tasks. Then he looks back to Seth. "Want some help? I've done my share of baking in the past." He's not too old, no. But when one needs enough carbs to float an elephant, one learns to make one's own food!


It seems that clandestine late night visits to the cafeteria are de rigueur of late, as another figure comes trudging up the stairs from below. Tiny and very quiet, the main thing that gives Tabitha's entrance away is the nimbus of solar plasma that hugs her body. This is on top of all of the multiple layers of bundling that she's been wearing the last several days to keep from feeling the cold. Her mostly covered face shifts to give the frosted over windows what would most probably be a look of disgust if her face could be seen before she heads towards the kitchen.

Coming in from this angle it's hard for her to miss Carmichael, what with the wings. Then there's the shadow lemur thing and the strong scent of cookie ingredients. She gives Carmichael and Seth an upnod as she heads towards the shelves to snag an empty pitcher which she starts to fill with lukewarm water. "'Sup, you two? What's got you up in the dark hours?"


"Hey, welcome, I'm Seth Gebsen," Seth says as Carmichael arrives, slithering forward from behind a stove to reveal that he's actually half snake, and has four arms. The modified school uniform he's wearing was of course designed to make this less obvious, and the apron he's wearing to protect it from the effects of food prep helps with that.

"Yeah, see that big flat of eggs there?" He hands Carmichael a medium-sized metal bowl. "Break them into this bowl. I'm about to start the first batch."

Then he stops and blinks.

"Do you ever molt bits of feather? You should put a hairnet on, but I don't know if they make wingnets for feathers."

Then the girl from the med-bay the other day shows up looking very cold, and he waves to her.

"Tabitha, right? Making cookies. I'm about to pull out a batch, and load another one. I figure I have the ingredients for ten or twelve dozen."

The oven dings, and Seth pulls out a small cookie sheet, with only six cookies on it.

"And the test batch is done to check the recipe. If you want to give opinions they'll be safe to eat in a moment."


Carmichael offers a wave to Tabitha as she enters. He's good at getting out of people's way, so he maneuvers himself so that he's out of Tabitha's way. He smiles as he returns the nod, though a downward one of greeting, answers her question, "I heard cookies were to be baked. I'm a decent hand at it, so I figured I'd give whoever was baking them a hand." The British accent in his voice is clear enough.

Then Seth comes out from behind the stove and… snake. This is when Carmichael freezes. But it's not fear. For being bird, he doesn't have nearly the fear of serpents that a bird is supposed to. No, he's actually pretty impressed. It means that Seth's less likely to be judgemental of his wings. Or so he hopes. He nods to Seth and returns, "Carmichael Peabody. Pleased to meet you."

The mention of hairnets gets a nod, and he retrieves one. He does have slightly long hair. As for the wings? He pauses a moment, looking around. He comes up with the idea of towels. There's probably a few laying around. He drapes one towel over each wing. "There. Should at least direct any moulting to the floor, at least." Once this is done he starts helping Seth. Carmichael gets cracking with the egg-cracking!


It's the arms, not the serpent body that gives Tabitha a mild case of the heebie-jeebies. But then she has violent history with her own six-armed relatives as well as more recent encounters with… Things She Wants to Forget… so she puts those thoughts out of her head and forces herself to focus on the good. While she's doing this internal shuffling she's been standing at the sink holding the pitcher in her aura (since her glove and mitten covered hands are also tucked up under her arms for extra warmth). It's overflowing by the time she snaps out of her thoughts, so she tips it to pour some out. A quick wipe with a towel follows then she brings the pitcher over to where Carmichael has started to crack eggs.

"Cookies are always good. Just be careful. One of the Ares seniors, Daxton Jones, is a ravenous bottomless pit with vaccuum attachment when it comes to cookies. He's dating my roommate and she can barely keep him supplied on her own. Best not to let on to him that you could also supply his cravings." As she says this she's holding the water-filled pitcher in contact with the flames she's sheathed in to warm up the water while she pulls out a small pencil case that proves to hold several vials of a black glittery powder. Two of the vials get mixed in with the water once she judges it to be hot enough.


"You drink warm gunpowder?" Seth asks, "Because I was going to make some hot cocoa since I have extra ingrediments."

The sample cookies are cool and the oven is up to heat again, and Seth tastes one of the cookies and tells the shadow-beast to add more chocolate chips. It's fairly fast, and he scatters more chips on top of the two prepared sheets, pressing each wodge of dough in to collect more chips, then he slidess the two prepared sheets into the oven, and resets the timer. There's six cookie sheets total (not counting the small one) and Seth quickly wipes a thin layer of oil on two of them.

"OK, Smokey, large tablespoon blobs like I made with the tests, OK?"

The shadow-beast makes an anti-noise of agreement and begins scooping out dough wodges, and Seth measures out the flour and sugars and vanilla and butter and all the other things that go into making a stiff dough.

"You guys into mixing? That's why I called up Smokey there, he's my kitchen magic."


Carmichael snickers a little at that description of Daxton. "That makes two of us, then," he replies good-naturedly. Pause, and he realizes there are a couple of things in there. "…The 'bottomless pit' thing. I'm not dating your roommate," he clarifies. "And it's not just cookies. I burn through food incredibly fast." He pauses in his task of cracking eggs to look up at what Tabitha's doing. Black glittery powder? Mixing it with water? "What's that?" he asks.

Once he's done cracking the eggs, he'll look at Seth and ask, "Mind if I try one?" The test batch, he means. A snicker at the question. "Sure, I can mix for you," he agrees. The shadow-beast gets a look, but ultimately Carmichael decides it isn't hurting anything. It's a little weird, but he's hardly the one who needs to be pointing at things and calling them weird!


Everything is weird at Coral Springs. It's even the unofficial school tagline: 'What's your weird?'. Seth's remark gets a slight smirk from Tabitha, "It's not gunpowder, although it does have high amounts of sulphur and pure carbon. Also lanthanides, silicon, platinum, shaved titanium, and some exotic organic compounds toxic to humans." Which is another way to say it's charcoal, sand, heavy metals, and poison. She gives the mixture a good stiring with her aura while another thread of her aura drifts as a barely visible blue-white energy mist towards the cookies so she can taste them by proxie.

"It's called blackdrink and it's a nutritional suppliment for my species. Well, early generations of us, at least. And the cookies taste great. Maybe make some with not as much chocolate but some cinnamon mixed in?" She goes quiet while she takes a long chug of her drink. When she's done she shrugs to Seth, "I can mix things fine. My aura's clean as can be and I can shot put a train engine," says the waif who can hide in backpacks. "Cookie dough shouldn't prove difficult."


"Oh, yum," Seth says about drinking poisons, and in the tone of voice someone would use for someone who said they liked eating bananas dipped in chocolate. "I have kind of a different set of essential vitamins and minerals and proteins too."

He shoves the test batch over towards the others.

"Feel free, that's why I made 'em."

So, not as much chocolate plus cinnamon … that sounds like a snickerdoodle.

"Leave out the chocolate entirely, or just use less?"

Smokey anti-barks — it's kind of like if there was white noise and a dog barked and it was subtracted from the white noise. Or, listening to a Nine Inch Nails song — and Seth looks over. The cookies are dished out. The bowl is mostly clean.

"OK, you can lick the spoon and the bowl and then wash them so we can mix up more."

The shadow-beast takes the bowl into a shadowy place for a moment. Seth shakes his head a bit, quills rattling lightly, and then washes his hands.

"OK. You wanted a batch of lighter flavor with cinnamon…" and he opens the spice cupboard which he didn't technically get permission for, but the plastic shaker of cinnamon is HUGE and he knows it gets put on the food line at breakfast for people who like it on their toast or waffles. So a teaspoon shake and it goes back, and then he starts putting in the other ingredients following Tabitha's request.

"Pass me two eggs please? Also eat as many of those test cookies as you want," he urges, in case someone's being polite.


Carmichael looks a little confused at the mention of wht's in Tabitha's drink. But she also pretty well states she's not human. Which Carmichael has no real problem with, mind. He does see a bright side, though. "Well, at least you know nobody's going to steal your drink mix," he replies, with a smile.

Seth's question about the eggs gets a nod, and Carmichael passes the required eggs over. "Here you are," he notes. When he steps back from kitchen duties, he'll snag a test cookie. He nods at Seth's remark regarding the test batch. "Thank you." Though he'll only take one for now. Can't be too impolite.


Tabitha shrugs at Carmichael's remark, her mouth lifting in a warm smile. "Eh. My girlfriend might. She's developed a taste for it lately. And for the cookies, less chocolate and the cinnamon mixed into the dough. Not sprinkled like a snickerdoodle. The butter and sugar already in there will offset the bitter."

She hasn't actually eaten any of the cookies, and when Seth says to dig in she ducks her head a bit. "Ah, if I actually tried to eat them then they wouldn't taste good to me. Since my… recent ordeal… any food I try to eat tastes like wet ash and bitter regret. But I don't seem to get hungry anymore, either, so I just let my aura do the tasting."

After another big swig of her blackdrink, Tabitha starts helping with the dough mixing by blending and folding using her aura in various configurations. She's careful not to use the portions that are on fire, since it wouldn't do to bake the cookies while still in the bowl.


"If I turned more snakey I could taste 'em on the air, but they wouldn't taste as good because I'd get a different sense of smell," Seth admits. "I mostly eat 'em while I'm human, but four hands are better for kitchen work."

He thinks about what was just said while he moves to the oven JUST as it pings, and pulls out the two sheets, and loads the next two, and resets things. The big sheets hold nearly three dozen each. Once they cool a bit they can come off the sheets and go onto racks and … yeah, making huge amounts of cookies loses its charm after a bit, but hey, that's why you get other people to eat 'em.

"So Maya's your girlfriend?" he asks1. He's not going to discuss the recipe for wet ash and bitter regret, because, really nobody likes public school cafeteria food. Which is why this place is so much better. Smokey comes back, washes things, and prepares the other two sheets, and puts the lighter-flavored cookies into their own neigborhood on one of the sheets. Hopefully they'll act the same as the other cookies, and won't spread out and merge. (They're thinking about spreading out and merging. You know they are.)

"Hey, can you just keep a packaged cookie to taste later? I bet we can make a few different kinds and if you keep 'em in the fridge they'll stay good for quite a while."

Which raises the question, "Can students have refrigerators in their rooms?" which is doubtless answered "Do they need them for medical or unusual metabolism reasons otherwise no." But Seth keeps his snacks in a place nobody else can get them anyway.


Carmichael frowns a little at Tabitha's words of not being able to taste food. "That seems like a horrible thing to have happen," he observes. "But then… I suppose there's the tradeoff, the not getting hungry. That can definitely be a problem." He steps back as Tabitha starts to mix the dough with her aura. That's a rather odd thing to watch…

He really doesn't have a lot to say here, and between Tabitha's multi-tenticular aura and Seth's four arms, the cooking side of things has been taken care of. So… well, he starts working on the test batch. By 'working on', of course, we mean eating them. Because he burns through food at a stupidly high rate anyway.


The back-fading double take that Tabitha does when Seth asks about Maya being her girlfriend might be answer enough, but she makes sure to clarify verbally. "Ah, no. She's a hottie, don't get me wrong, but I've barely met Maya. No, my girlfriend is Karissa Knowles. Basically what doesn't kill her makes her stronger. She ate some of the blackdrink powder so her body would adapt to it and we could share drinks."

While she's helping with dough mixing she sends another tendril of barely visible aura energy mist back to the cook's break room to snag a stool which she then perches on gargoyle fashion. "That's… actually a really good idea, the whole keeping things stored to taste later." She gets a thoughtful look, then nods to Carmichael. "Yeah… and before everything that happened when I was kidnapped I really liked eating. But you're right about the tradeoff."


Its creepy, you say her name and she just appears; maybe its her telepathy. Making her way into the cafeteria is a certain lanky, pale girl who is trying to find some break from the mess and stress outside - and what better way to deal with stress than eating? She steps languidly past the benches and tables as she makes a beeline for the group. She hears, or perhaps telepathically senses, the three people hanging about and cooking up a storm. Spying the massive wings of one guy, the four arms of another and the waif of a girl, Maya heads in their direction, only stopping when she reaches, slipping her hands into her back pockets as she does so. "Heya Tabitha. Big Bird, Vishnu." she greets the three.


"Naga," Seth corrects, slithering the snake part of him out from behind a work table to start unloading cookies onto a cooling rack. "Vishnu had legs. Or Seth Gebsen if you need to find me in the directory."

"You're Maya, right? I sort-of met you the other day in the med-bay. If you heard music I might've been the drummer."

He puts four each on napkins and places them in front of Maya and Carmichael, and asks, "Do you guys want milk with those? I think the milk dispenser is unlocked."

The cat/lemur/monkey thing made out of coalesced solidified shadow that's been moving around in the background washing the prep dishes, takes the emptied trays, and Seth mixes up another batch, this time sugar cookies.

"Hey Carmichael. Are the wings just decorative or do they let you fly?"


Carmichael looks up as he hears another voice. He's got a cookie in his mouth about then, and he looks a little surprised. He takes a moment to finish his bite of cookie; we simply can't talk with our mouth full, now can we? "Hello," he offers finally. Seth offers his name, and then the winged student does the same. "Carmichel Peabody. Pleased to meet you." There is an accent to his words that indicate he was very probably born in England.

Now that the cookies are more or less done, Carmichael does away with the hairnet and the towels on his wings. Floof! There is feather floof. He does, however, have the decency to get AWAY from the food before he shakes his wings. The janitor's going to be complaining about the fuzzy down feathers. Seth serves up the cookies though, and Carmichael offers a smile. "Thanks." The question of milk gets a nod. "If it's unlocked." Seems the proper Brit isn't adversed to a little food-related rule-breaking! Seth's question gets a blink. "I can fly," he confirms. "There just isn't much room for it inside, and it's really too cold to go outside much."
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"Amen to that!" That Tabitha feels the could very acutely can't be mistaken given the multiple layers worn over all of her body except her mouth, plus the fire sheath around her body. "I just know I'm going to be stir crazy before Thanksgiving if this cold snap doesn't break." Her body shivers as her shoulders slump, "Bobdammit, it better be warmer by Thanksgiving break. I do not want to think of doing my band's album release press tour will be like if I have to do it bundled up like this just to travel." She gives Maya an upnod as the telepath enters. "Hey there, Maya." Since she's finished with her pitcher of blackdrink she uses her aura to send the pitcher to the sink for a rinsing then to put it away after.


Okay the snake part catches her off guard, especially since its a bit more obvious now that she can see arround the table and apron. "…Damn," is all she says at first, but it is obvious that Maya has a lot of questions to ask regarding having a snake's body for legs. "I guess you are the few that can say exactly what you anaconda wants…" Maya murmurs absent-mindedly, "Yea, Maya Walker. I remember hearng about a snaked out kid. Guess-…well, damn, I admit the four arms and the snake bit, you're all decked out, man." She then glances towards Carmichael as he shakes out his wings. The mention of flying has her quirk her eyebrows as she leans back a bit to take him in. "Fancy…You need to take me on a ride one day." She quirks her eyebrows at Tabitha before she cants her head. "Do we get backstage passes?"


Milk is desired, but outside the kitchen really, and Seth can't go out or the cookies might scorch, so he pulls a puff of darkness out from below the work table, and it solidifies into a thing with three long legs and two long arms and no actual body, instead a giant puffball of a head with glowing green eyes (three of them) and it's made out of fluffy shadows.

"Hey, Anthracite. Could you bring two glasses of milk from the milk thing over there?" Seth asks, and it argues with him in hollow un-noises. "OK, fine, you can have a snack later. Not now. Because you ate all of them last time and didn't tell me."

He continues making the last batch of dough, peanut butter cookies, with Smokey's occasional help, and looks a bit embarrassed when Anthracite returns with the milk because it starts making demanding un-noises again.

"Look, just one. I don't care. NO, you can't eat a squirrel, there's no squirrels here anyway, this is an island in the middle of water. Fine. FINE. You do that."

The creature crawls back under the table, and Seth looks over to the others and seems a bit embarrassed. And Smokey is making hooting un-noises in the background, which gets him a dirty look too, as he gives milk to the two who can drink it.


Carmichael chuckles a bit at Tabitha's mention of going stir-crazy. "It's definitely a problem. Though I suppose I have it a bit easier. I might be able to make laps around the gym." Flying, he means. So the cooped-up feeling isn't so bad. He chuckles at Maya's words of carrying her. "I've never actually carried a passenger before," he notes. "I suppose I should learn to do that, shouldn't I?"

Seth's summoning of the other beastie — and his subsequent conversation with it — gets a blink from Carmichael. He doesn't speak until the thing disappears. "…Well, that was something. Though I'm not sure what." But he does have manners! "Thank you," he says, regarding the milk.


Tabitha chuckles at Maya's question, "I don't think Good Morning America hands out too many backstage passes." She's in good humor until she remembers how this press tour will be vastly different from the last one. She slides off the stool she's been gargoyle perching on with a shrug. "Still have to figure out what songs we'll do on the talk shows. Not going to be as much fun without Katrina, but she'd kick our asses if we used her as an excuse to cancel."

Having talked herself into a slightly down mood, Tabitha watches the interplay between Seth and his Sethlings, then gives the others a wave. "I think I'm going to head down to medbay and check on how Trini's doing. Seth, I'd love it it you'd do that thing with wrapping up one of each cookie type you're making?" Then either with some wrapped cookies or arrangements to collect them later she heads back down into the school.


As Seth argues with his shadows, Maya can't help but cant her head to the side, "You just can't conjure good shadow-y help anymore." When Carmichael mentions he hasn't done it before, Maya slowly quirks her eyebrows before she nods, "As long as you promise not to drop me into a raging volcano or in the middle of the ocean, we should be fine…" She blinks back towards Tabitha as she gets ready to leave. "Yea? Alright, well I hope it works out alright for ya, Tabitha. Good luck."


Seth nods to Tabitha. "I've got a few more batches to make, so I'll leave them in a box with your name on it here, or drop them off or something."

It's time to swap out the next two sheets-full and put in the new stuff, and Seth does that quickly and then starts the last batch, which will only be one sheet-load.

"So, what do you do here when you aren't busy being buried in ice or under schoolwork?"

Smokey drops down to sit on Seth's shoulder, and grooms the quills coming off his (Seth's) head. Apparently he thinks he's helping.


Carmichael notes that Tabitha seems to be about ready to leave. "Good night," he offers to her, with a wave. Maya gets an amused look. "Intent to drop you wouldn't be the issue, because I certainly wouldn't intend to. Accidents do happen, though."

Seth gets a blink. "I'm not sure. I'm rather new here myself, so I don't know how the rest of the students amuse themselves as of yet. Though I assume under normal circumstances that they can go to the city."


"Well, in all honesty this is the kind of place you have to make your own fun. They can be a bit strict but they also turn a blind eye if your reasons are good, I think." Maya watches Tabitha leave before she looks back to the guys. "There is an old, abandoned hospital in town, pretty damn cool. A carnival type theme park that can get kinda busy. There are some other crazy shit that is worth explorin' as well. It all depends on what you like to do. …Besides bakin' that is."


"This is all for bribes, though, not for me to eat. I need to make a good impression on others so I can get friends. I'm kind of more of a carnivore than a wheat-eater. I mean, I still like cookies when I'm in human shape but they make me queasy if I eat more than two."

Seth puts together a "take out" box with five cookies in it, each a different style, then puts some chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and a few spices into little satchels while he listens.

"So, yeah, I'm likely to be nose-to-grindstone for a while, because I am WAY behind normal on maths and such, and my extensive mastery of history and geography isn't relevant to this Earth. On the other hand, I'm good at other things. So, can you tell us about the whole "teams" thing? It sounds a little Potterish Hoggish Wartish from the outside perspective."


Carmichael listens to Maya's words, tilts his head. "An abandoned hospital is fun?" he asks. "Why's that?" He can't really think of any reason anybody would want to go there. Unless they wanted to pretend it was a hospital in certain survival horror games…

He raises a brow at Seth. "I don't need bribes to be someone's friend," he says. "I'd think you'd want people who wouldn't just want to be around you only for what you could do for them." He's not critical or judgemental of it, by the tone. Just a little confused.

As for teams? Carmichael shakes his head. "I don't know much about it myself. Dad picked my team, so I knew which team I was going to be on when I got here."


"Hey, you can bribe me," Maya offers Seth in all seriousness as she leans against the counter. "I am very bribable. Hell, I'll call you my best friend if you give me one of those butterscotch cookies." When asking about teams, Maya looks down at her own Metis uniform as she smirks. "To be honest I just joined this month, I'm kind of fresh on them too. All I figure is that it helps to figure out what kind of problems you tend to run into and how you solve them."

She lifts up her hand and begins to tick off each team with a finger. "If you have strong convictions, work hard and are dedicated? Athena is for you. They're the ones who are up at dawn practicing on the training ground or workin' out at the gym. They work hard. Ares prefer to rush into things, they are thrill-seekers, party animals, shoot first ask questions later type. Tend to be all brawn since they're the ones who can handle such a life. They play hard."

"Prometheus, I call them the service industry - they place the well-bein' of others before themselves, they help because it is the right thing to do, kind of self-sacrificing in that sense. I admit I don't like many of them, they tend to sit high on their pedestal of martyrdom and tend to think others should follow them. I prefer hangin' with Athenas over Prometheus for the most part. They work for others."

She is definitely biased, that's for sure.

"Last but not least, my team, Metis. We tend to like workin' things out, puzzles are our bread and butter. We don't play hard, we don't work hard, we play smart. Some may think that makes us conniving or underhanded cause we outwit them, or our moral compass isn't as rigid as Athena's and Prometheus', but in all honesty we get the same end result. We are the brains to Ares' brawns, the tacticians to Athena's leadership, and the constant barb in the side of the Prometheuses. Prometheii? Prometheusesesses." She frowns as she tries to figure out their plural form.


"Really, it's more to put people into a favorable mood, so they remember me in a positive way later on. I know I won't do that with my brilliant academic performance and the kinds of physical things I can do — sports aren't really part of that. Sports was a big deal in the public highschool I was at before here."

Seth pauses, remembering something odd from an exchange student at aforementioned public highschool.

"And by public school, I mean a state-and-tax-sponsored school open to the public for residence of a school district. Not a privately owned school open to any member of the public to send their kids to for money."

A butterscotch cookie appears on Maya's plate somehow during the general moving-around of things. Who knows how it got there?

"Yeah, I'm pretty balanced between all things, but I really enjoy being able to surprise people with having figured things out too. Mom and Dad thought that'd be where I'd end up, but to be honest, I'd've liked to go here for four years and have the chance to do one year in each."

Smokey un-whispers something in his ear as he's getting the last batch of cookes out.

"Prometheans. Smokey said it's Athenoi, Aresians, Prometheans, and Metists. I think he's been drinking the dishwater."


Carmichael listens to Maya's breakdown of the teams. And gets an odd look. "So that's why Dad had me put in the Athenian League," he decides. "Sneaky of him." But he smirks, not seeming all that upset about it, really. He just shakes his head, looking a little embarrassed.

He snorts a quiet laugh at the mention of Smokey drinking the dishwater. And he wrinkles his nose a bit. "Ew." Then he laughs more properly. "I don't know who would want to go to school longer than normal, to be honest. I've never seen it described as anything but a mandatory prison sentence. And I will admit I've had little positive experience with school in general. But I was born with these — " He points his thumb at his wings. " — So you can imagine I didn't exactly have a smashing time in school."


"Prometheans," Maya returns, mouthing out the word to see how it fits on her tongue. "Sounds about right. Mr. Shadows here is pretty good. I wouldn't mind havin' him on my shoulder during mid-terms…" she winks at Smokey before grabbing the cookie off her plate. "Thanks bestie," she beams at Seth. Taking a huge bite, she slides her eyes back to Carmichael. "Your dad sounds like a Metis type of guy. I am guessin' you don't feel like you belong there?"

She then offers a little smirk as she looks towards the cookies. "In all honesty this school hasn't been so bad. My last school didn't send me into space to save a student against interdimensional alien species, so hey, there is that…But then again I also kind of got traumatized by that…So I guess it is a double edged sword." She shrugs her shoulders oh so casually. She then flicks her dark green eyes back to Seth. "Alright, baking cookies seems like a Promethean thing to do. Why you did it and the break down of it? Very Metis. I think you may fit in well with us if you want to join. I know I wouldn't mind havin' someone makin' cookies around."


Seth grins at the reasons thing.

"Honestly? I'm all about the stealth, scouting, and analysis BEFORE using brute strength and clever magics. Because I have READ the Overlord List and its corresponding Hero Lists and it would be just … no. And while I might be support-type in some ways, in the field I don't do that, and if the teams are for learning how to work in the field, then yeah. Metis is a great start."

He turns to Carmichael, and decides to share some. Not everything obviously, that would be boring and take forever. But the sharing from Carmichael deserves a payment in kind.

"I was … normal until I was five. Then some jerks kidnapped me and did this stupid ancient ritual that made me into what I am now. Which, well. I couldn't turn human until I was fifteen here, which was also when I got to choose when I went back to Shadows and how long. So home-schooled while I was on Earth and … I guess parochial school is the best word for what it was in the shadows. Did you get any regular school at all, or did you get home-schooled too?"


"Actually I don't know yet," Carmichael replies to Maya. "Haven't met too many other Athenians." He looks to Smokey and smiles in thanks for the proper grammar! To Maya, "So I don't know if I fit or not. I think my dad's hoping I do. He's always trying to make me be the proper sort. Maybe he just knew that's where I'd end up anyway. Or maybe he was just wanting me to be a certain way. But I'll give this team a chance, since Dad always seemed to know best before."

As it turns out there's quite a bit there to share. Carmichael tilts his head as Seth speaks. He blinks when Seth starts talking about 'the shadows'. "I'm not sure I want to ask where that is," he comments, slightly wry. But the question gets a nod. "My parents wanted me in regular school as much as possible. I guess they wanted me to learn about how the world is. There was… a problem in my old school, otherwise I'd still be there."


"Normal until five…Man, that's messed up. I mean since I've got here all I can think about is tryin' to figure out how you pee, and if you pee like other snakes where it looks more like bird poop…" Maya then blinks before she clears her throat, "Sorry, Seth. My mind gets ahead of my mouth sometimes."

"Daddy wants his black winged kid to turn into an angel," Maya murmurs as she observes Carmichael next. She then flashes him a surprisingly wicked grin, "Well, good thing daddy isn't here. Athena is a good team though, so don't think I am trying to draw you away. I'm just saying your dad isn't here so you have time to figure it out for yourself without him interferring in every choice you make. Road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that." WHen he talks about problem in his old school, however, Maya quirks her eyebrows. "Problem?"


Seth stares for a moment then laughs. "I don't, when I'm serpent. I'm actually half-elemental. There's no meaningful wastes."

He's finishing with the cookies now, and Smokey starts cleaning the remaining dishes. He gets to lick the bowls!

"Angel? Really? I hadn't thought about that," Seth says, and then he remembers what happened when he unbound the Second Sight and looked at Tabitha, and decides, maybe, it would be safer not to do that right now. Because if the place is full of artificial and real angels, Seth is going to want to go hide with his other parents in the Shadow Courts.

Of course that decision won't last. It goes against the Way Things Are for Seth to leave the extremely detailed and informative Sight turned off ALL the time…


Carmichael gets an expression on his face halfway between disgust and amusement he raises a hand to his mouth, mostly to muffle the unbecoming snickers at Maya's words. Though it does bring back uncomfortable memories of his own childhood bathroom woes. He is, however, not going to talk about the toilet while in the kitchen. He does, however, snort a laugh at Maya's statement of 'becoming an angel'. "That is highly doubtful," he replies. "I'm just a bird. I can prove it — I talk to birds. That's not something an angel does. Besides, angels don't have black wings."

Her prompt at his mention of a 'problem' gets a chagrinned look. "I, er… broke another boy's arm earlier this school year," he admits. "It wasn't intentional. He was trying to punch me and I shoved him. He put his hands back to catch himself and landed so hard his arm broke."

Carmichael raises his hands in front of him, shaking them in a 'no no no' gesture when Seth mentions 'angel'. "Oh no, I'm just a bird," he assures Seth. "My wings look more like a dark golden eagle or something. Don't worry about that. You're safe. I'm not an angel." He seems to be convinced of this.


"Exactly," she murmurs at Carmichael, "That's the joke, get it? You've got wings? Daddy wants to make you all honorable and dedicated? Makes you all angelic? …Nevermind, it was probably a terrible joke." Maya can't help but snort as she shakes her head, reaching up to rub the back of her neck. "Besides, I mean at this point I think the Biblical stories can't be true. Hell, one chick claims to be a Valkyrie, like Norse legends? So if her religion is right, then how does another kid who is supposedly a descendant of another God exist? …Unless Gods were just ancient mutants or shamans or something…" Maya trails off before shaking her head. She then glances towards Carmichael and moves to lightly punch him against his shoulder playfully, "Remind me not to get into a fight with you. I am very much a delicate little flower."


Kitchen clean mostly thanks to a shadowbeast, ovens off, cookies all appropriately boxed, Seth reaches under the table with a lower arm, and there's a moment where he's just a shadow and then he's standing there as a human, normal (if tightly dreadlocked) hair instead of quills, and pants and shoes instead of a skirt. He gives a last cookie to Smokey and the shadowbeast disappears into the darkness under the table, and Seth collects the boxed cookies.

"OK, I'm supposed to make sure everyone is out of here when I leave, so if you want to come back later, I don't know about it."

He rolls his eyes a bit when Maya declares herself a delicate flower, because that's astonishingly unlikely. Although… she WAS in the healing tanks a few days ago, she might still be recuperating. Maybe.


Carmichael chuckles at Maya's words. "Oh I understand," he assures her. "But the only way these wings are turning white is through paint, and it would be a right pain in the arse trying to fly with paint all over my wings." Her remark about different gods being real gets a tilted head.

"'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, / Than are dreamt of in your philosophy'," he quotes. "I suppose we never know their origins." He feigns pain at the light punch, though, and holds his punched arm close to his chest, mock-whining, "Owwww~!" Then he chuckles.

He looks at Seth as the other student changes into a human. Though he has to comment, "It's a good thing you can change your clothes with your form. That could have been slightly awkward." Then he adds, wryly, "Unless you have the legs to pull it off. In that case, carry on." He chuckles. He nods, though, to the words of clearing out. "Probably a good idea anyway. Wouldn't do to get in trouble during a nightly faculty sweep of the place."

He looks at the floor, though, bending to retrieve a larger feather. It's still a small one, though. Just it's more than the downy fluff that fell at first. "Of course, the evidence that I've been here is… rather irrefutable," he states, holding up the feather. Then a puff of air over his fingers, and he blows the feather out the door.


When Seth's changes back into human, Maya widens her eyes as she notices he is a fully functioning guy (not snake). Her dark green eyes flick over his form and she actually looks away as she clears her throat. "Okay, not what I was expecting," she murmurs half to herself. "You look good, never change, Seth." Oddly enough she actually sounds serious. "Something about guys being secure in their masculinity…Plus the beard…" she trails off before glancing back towards Carmichael.

When Carmichael takes the feather and blows it away, Maya frowns, watching it drift out. "And here I was going to collect it. I wonder if human-eagle hybrid downy feathers make better duvet and pillow stuffings." Her lips pull back wickedly as she considers Carmichael's wings. "You are definitely taking me for a ride - and I mean that literally. Somehow. I don't know how but somehow."


"I do wear the skirt in my room sometimes, when my slacks need cleaning. But it's not permitted and I was warned against it," Seth answers, grinning. And then he conjures a shadowy roomba from under the table. There is, after all, scattered flour and other things and Smokey didn't sweep. He walks to the door and grins back at the other two.

"I don't know what my fake roomba will do to you guys if you stay in the kitchen. Out, please."


Carmichael smirks at Maya's words of collecting the feathers. "I can start saving them for you if you want," he offers. And as for taking Maya flying? "We'll figure something out. I'll start training with sandbags or something." He grins.

Though Seth's talking of the 'fake Roomba' gets a blink. Carmichael figures there's a summoned shadow beast involved, so he nods. "Good idea. I'd like to keep my feet attached." He chuckles. "Thanks for the cookies, Seth." He offers a wave as he heads out of the kitchen.


"Gotcha," Maya returns towards Seth as she begins to make her way out. She glances back at Carmichael and offers him a little smirk, "You better not be sayin' I'm heavy. If we do it right I can practice my new abilities too. Make myself lighter for ya." As soon as she steps out, however, she bends down to scoop up the tossed feather, slipping it over her ear as she does so. "I'll see you guys around. Thanks for the cookie, Seth. And Carmichael, I am holding up to your promise. Feathers and flying."

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