(2016-11-12) Humpy Dumpty Goes Crashing Down
Humpy Dumpty Goes Crashing Down
Summary: Three strange monsters make a mess in Downtown Shady Cove!
Date: 2016-11-12
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NPCs: n/a
Scene Runner: Aya

It was supposed to be a quiet evening. Considering she wanted to get a feel for the town, a certain young Japanese girl went out and abouts to Shady Cove with her familiar shiba inu puppy at her side. However, while her arrival on campus proper was rather uneventful, the explorations of town was not.

By the pricking of her thumbs, something wicked this way comes. Part of downtown that is relatively abandoned at this hour was full of noise and action. Dressed in a now tattered navy peacoat, Aya was running as she held the ofuda close, doing what she could to simply dodge the blasts of concussive force and 'bullets' her way. She was running, nosewrinkling in concentration as she maintained the barrier that kept the three large egg-shaped creatures contained in the immediate area to stop the violence from spreading.

Earlier, she had already sent her shinigami, the cute and oh so adorable shiba inu pup out to find students. Any students from Coral Springs. Surely there was a roster somewhere, and so whoever he found would've seen a panicked puppy barkbarkyelpbarking the entire time. What's wrong Inuki? Who knows? The spirit pup was just very aggravated as it rushed back towards the barrier in downtown Shady Cove as it called for reinforcements.

<FS3> Nolan rolls Video Games: Good Success.

Sure, Nolan is dating Dianli, but there's certain things he just can't do with her that he can do with Dyna. Like go to a video arcade. Having won an oversized plush elephant on a ticket machine, Nolan is carrying it cheerfully as he talks to Dyna. "Do you think Dianli will like it? I mean, yeah, you were with me, but I won it for her?" he offers, rubbing the back of his head with a blush as he realizes that he's going on about his girlfriend to her best friend. That is until the dog shows up and after a quick sniff at the two, starts barking and yelping at them.

Glancing at Dyna to get confirmation, he starts to say something when the dog grabs the elephant and takes off with it to drag it after him to get the two heroes to follow after him. "Hey!" Nolan says in a brief moment of panic before he starts to chase after the shiba and the elephant before ending up coming to the barrier. "Whoa.. Dyna, do you know what this is?"

<FS3> Dyna rolls Reaction: Good Success.

An arcade is new to Dyna, and she had made an immediate attempt to set about winning them, all of them, in a steady progression. Cybernetic reflexes have some good advantages. When Nolan asks her about the elephant, Dyna just replies: "Yes."

When the dog shows up and commits grand theft elephant, Dyna follows. "That is a dog," she remarks to Nolan, although she is staring at the barrier. "I do not know what that is. Do not touch it." Her head cants ever so slightly to one side - curious, that gesture says.

There are three egg shaped creatures floating about, focusing their fire on a young Japanese woman running inside the barrier. The barrier itself is transparent, and while things can't go out, things can certainly come in. As such, the pup tosses the stuffed elephant plushie into the barrier and barks at the pair before slipping past the walls of the barrier as he runs to his owner, his tail wagging as if to show that he's brought reinforcements.

"Inuki!" she cries out. "I said ask for help from the Coral Springs students or faculty." Aya, is bruised and battered for the moment as she keeps the paper talisman between her fingers to maintain the barrier spell while running around doing what she can to dodge the energy bullets sent her way.

The three creatures chasing her do not yet notice the two new students arriving, giving them ample opening. In the center of each of the creatures is a face, a definitely human looking one, rotting with pustules and the skin grey and decaying. There are what can only be described as guns protruding from the sides that continue to focus their fire on the omnyouji.

"..what have we walked into…" Nolan says, blinking in confusion as the elephant, then dog go through the barrier. And that's when he notices the young woman inside. "Hoo boy. I'm going to throw a heal, you gonna attack?" he asks the android girl with him as he slips into the barrier and touches his gaming device as he announces, "Heal!" he calls out as he casts a healing spell on Aya to try to recover some of her wounds as he isn't going on the attack just yet.

<FS3> Nolan rolls Mystic: Good Success.

Dyna strides through the barrier with purpose, only experiencing a brief moment of static in her vision as she makes her way through. "We are Coral Springs students," she calls to Aya. "Please remain calm."

She nods once to Nolan, a firm, sharp motion of her head - and she charges.

She's fast - servomoters and action circuits firing - and sprints towards the closest of the three charges. She turns, thrusting her shoulder out, and seems to simply be attempting to run one of those floating creatures over and send it crashing to the ground before it becomes aware of the two newcomers!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dyna=physical Vs EggCreature=5
< Dyna: Great Success EggCreature: Good Success
< Net Result: Dyna wins - Solid Victory

The faint tingling of healing magic eases some of her battered frame. Aya nosewrinkles as she peers up in the direction of the new voices before her eyes widen. "Good boy, Inuki." she says, pleased that there were at least some people close by to help. "I'm keeping them inside this kekkai, so they don't disperse. Their weakspots are the faces. Hit that and they should be destroyed."

At least that's what she knows to be true anyway. As Dyna bumrushes one of the akuma head on, her strike hits true, crashing one down into the ground, having its face smash into a nearby pole. Naturally, the pole bends over, causing the light to fall from the weight of the creature as it looks stunned.

With that, one of the egg shaped demons starts to sends a few of its energy bullets towards Dyna.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Egg-demon1=7 Vs Dyna=energy
< Egg-demon1: Good Success Dyna: Success
< Net Result: Egg-demon1 wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Aya rolls Egg-demon2=7 Vs Aya=energy: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Egg-demon2=7 Vs Aya=energy
< Egg-demon2: Success Aya: Good Success
< Net Result: Aya wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nolan=mystic Vs Egg-Demon=5
< Nolan: Great Success Egg-Demon: Failure
< Net Result: Nolan wins - Crushing Victory

Now that he knows that the girl is stabalized, Nolan flickers for a moment as he changes programs. "Knight, to my aid!" he calls out, as a portal opens, and a knight in shining armor appears, holding a sword. The knight looks to Nolan for a moment and bows before he charges out to strike at the egg-demon with his blade across the creature's face before the knight disappates into a batch of pixels.

And that is how the young man announces his attack into the fray as he keeps his device in his hand, preparing his next spell as needed.

Dyna isn't sure what a kekkai is - she was never programmed for Japanese and simply hasn't had the inclination to learn - but she can /infer/. It probably means the barrier, which is fine to Dyna, it means they will be kept that much closer to her.

The akuma goes down and Dyna is under no compulsion to give it even a second to get back up. She advances, her face set in a mask of grim determination, even as she comes under a hail of energy bullets.

Some of them miss, but many of them fly true. Dyna jerks left and right under the impacts, clothing and flesh burning to reveal the metal underneath. Well, she needed a new hoodie anyways.

She moves to grab the first egg-demon and to slam it straight down against the pavement, face-first!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dyna=physical Vs EggCreature=7
< Dyna: Success EggCreature: Good Success
< Net Result: EggCreature wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Aya rolls Egg-demon2=7 Vs Aya=energy: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Egg-demon2=7 Vs Aya=energy
< Egg-demon2: Good Success Aya: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Aya rolls Egg-demon3=7 Vs Nolan=energy: Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Egg-demon3=7 Vs Nolan=energy
< Egg-demon3: Great Success Nolan: Good Success
< Net Result: Egg-demon3 wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Aya rolls Egg-demon1=7 Vs Dyna=energy: Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Egg-demon1=7 Vs Dyna=energy
< Egg-demon1: Success Dyna: Good Success
< Net Result: Dyna wins - Marginal Victory

That kind of magic is not exactly what the demons nor the onmyouji expect. With the sudden spritely summon, one of the egg demons gets slashed by the knight. It looks like it's going to chase after it before it disappears into the aether. Now, it has focused on the source, and sends a hail of energy bullets towards Nolan…

Meanwhile, the downed egg-demon starts to float back up, slowly but surely. Dyna is able to grasp one of fleshier parts of the demon. It feels gross and squishy, while reeking of death and decay. As she's about to slam it against the pavement, it regains its bearings, twirling and twisting out of the way to not have it's vulnerability smash instead.

Then, there's the one focused on the young Japanese girl. It sends a flurry of energy bullets, but now that her trusty familiar is back, the pup does something strange. It lets out a series of barks before turning into a shield in front of her, absorbing the impact before reverting back into puppy form.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nolan=Energy Vs Egg-Demon3=7
< Nolan: Success Egg-Demon3: Good Success
< Net Result: Egg-Demon3 wins - Marginal Victory

Nolan had gone into attack mode, and was just starting to find his groove when the hail of energy bullets comes flying in, slamming into the young man. And oddly enough, as they pass through him, they rip literal holes through his body, showing the pixelated physique beneath before it starts to seal up, but it leaves several holes that go clear through him, derezzed and flashing slightly as he feels the hit and he definetly feels it as he lets out a burst of wild energy from his device, the electricity barely missing the creature as Nolan puts a hand into one of the holes on his body to try to hold his pixels together.

Dyna wrestles with the monstrous egg-demon for a few seconds, pitting her mechanics against the thing's magics, as her attack goes all askew.

She fights to keep her grip on it, and raise it high, bringing it to eye-level. The moment she has it in her line of sight, her green eyes light up with electric-blue intensity, and Dyna opens up with both figurative barrels, blasting away with a paired eyebeam.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dyna=energy Vs EggCreature=7
< Dyna: Good Success EggCreature: Good Success
< Net Result: EggCreature wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Aya rolls Egg-demon2=7 Vs Aya=energy: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Egg-demon2=7 Vs Aya=energy
< Egg-demon2: Great Success Aya: Success
< Net Result: Egg-demon2 wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Aya rolls Egg-demon3=7 Vs Nolan=energy: Good Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Egg-demon3=7 Vs Nolan=energy
< Egg-demon3: Failure Nolan: Good Success
< Net Result: Nolan wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Aya rolls Egg-demon1=7 Vs Dyna=physical: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Egg-demon1=7 Vs Dyna=physical
< Egg-demon1: Good Success Dyna: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

There were more distractions now. Not just having to maintain the barrier, she was also keeping an eye out on the two newcomers to the field. As a result, the next hail of bullets sends her flying, slamming into a brick wall of one of the local shops. Aya winces in pain as she coughs up a little blood, now a bit more battered than before. That hurt.

The other egg demon goes after Nola once more, releasing another hail of bullets that simply misses its mark. Perhaps the little bit of electricity was enough to briefly blind it from hitting it's mark.

And that's when the final egg demon focuses on Dyna once more. It's face is already half broken considering the successful earlier attack by Dyna. So it decides to change it's tactics rushing into her, wanting to send the woman flying with a powerful impact…

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nolan=mystic Vs Egg-Demon=7
< Nolan: Good Success Egg-Demon: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

As the Egg-Demon comes in for the attack, Nolan moves aside from the attack, the blasts slamming into the ground around him as he gestures. "Wizard, lightning bolt!" And he summons forth a cloaked wizard that launches a lighting attack, but instead of striking the creature's face, it hits the shell, unable to punch through it. "One second, I'm going to try to make it a bit easier to hit them!" he murmurs, starting to work on a spell as he moves backwards slightly, trying to stay nimble enough to dodge the attacks.

As it turns out, ramming Dyna is like ramming a brick wall. She's all armor-plated combat-rated chassis under that fair-skinned exterior and it is a credit to both her construction and the egg-demon monster that the impact just seems to each give them a moment to prepare for another round, with the egg-monster almost /bouncing off/ her face and Dyna taking a step back to steady herself.

Then she is moving again, racing towards the egg-demon before it can slip away again. Her left fist pistons out-!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dyna=physical Vs EggCreature=7
< Dyna: Great Success EggCreature: Good Success
< Net Result: Dyna wins - Solid Victory

-and the egg-demon pops like a disgusting melon, splattering Dyna with disgusting viscera and thick ichor. Luckily, Dyna isn't sure she can feel disgust, not like a human does, but she certainly understand that this is going to an absolue mess to get out of her clothes, and skin and hair and fingernails and…

Okay, maybe there's a little bit of disgust there.

She turns, taking in the rest of the scene and calculates her next move.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eggy=7 Vs Aya=mystic
< Eggy: Great Success Aya: Good Success
< Net Result: Eggy wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eggy2=7 Vs Nolan=mystic
< Eggy2: Good Success Nolan: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nolan=mystic Vs Eggy2=7
< Nolan: Failure Eggy2: Good Success
< Net Result: Eggy2 wins - Solid Victory

With one of the creatures destroyed, disgusting ichor and demon viscera is splattered about. However, that wasn't all that made up the dmeon. There seem to be clockwork parts that fall apart from the shell, leaving their golden and lead materials on the ground, covered in the ichor of the creature.

Wanting to end this, one of the egg demons starts a binding spell, and soon enough, there's red bindings around the young Japanese girl, causing her to fall on the ground. The creature moves in for the kill at this point…

The other demon does the same. A pentagram appears in front of the face of the creature as red bindings start to slip out from the ground beneath techno-mystic…

The fritz in the system is apparently messing with his magic at the moment. Nolan has to concentrate on breaking the binding spell that is trying to form so his own spell gets no chance to be used. "Dyna, help the girl!" he calls out to android as he tries to keep his attention on the egg-demon attacking him.

Dyna sights in on those golden and lead materials like a magpie. She scoops them up - maybe they'll be important, or maybe she just likes them. Who knows what is going on behind those eyes.

Then Nolan is calling for help, and Dyna is already moving to intercept demon with the pentagram. It doesn't take much to assume that it is heralding something very, very bad.

Much like before, Dyna lashes out with her fist - the one that's already smeared in foul-smelling goo!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dyna=physical Vs EggCreature=7
< Dyna: Good Success EggCreature: Good Success
< Net Result: Dyna wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Aya rolls Onmyoudo: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eggy2=7 Vs Nolan=energy
< Eggy2: Failure Nolan: Success
< Net Result: Nolan wins - Marginal Victory

With her arms bound to her body, Aya nosewrinkles and falls back. The spirit pup steps in front of her, barkbarkyelpbarking but not doing much. Instead, she just focuses and starts chanting a protective Buddhist chant in order to counter and remove the bindings, but that's going to take her concentration. And that's what causes the barrier surrounding the teens to flicker out of existence…

Fortunately, that's when android fist meets demonic face. The punch crushes through the face, causing yet another explosion of ichor, viscera and gore upon Dyna and Aya, as more clockwork pieces falls to the ground as the second demon is eliminated.

Perhaps the remaining demon is distracted by the destruction of its bretheren. Or maybe Nolan is just that good. But another hail of energy bullets is released as it completely misses its mark.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nolan=mystic Vs Eggy2=7
< Nolan: Great Success Eggy2: Good Success
< Net Result: Nolan wins - Solid Victory

Okay. Totally done with this. Switching cartridges in his device, Nolan flashes for a moment as he settles into the new program. "Alpha Romeo, I need artillery fire at these coordinates!" he calls out. Above the egg demon, several portals open, and artillery shells fall from above to slam into the egg demon, causing it to explode, quite literally.

The young technomage blinks a few times and notices that his poor elephant he worked so hard to win for Dianli is completely ruined. Nevermind the pixelated holes punched in him currently. "Oh brother." he murmurs. "Is everyone alright?" he asks as he starts to cast a healing ward, summoning a first aid kit to tend to him and the others.

<FS3> Aya rolls Youkai Summoning: Success.

"I am undamaged," Dyna comments, even though she looks like she maybe lost a fight with woodchipper - her visible flesh is pock-marked with holes that have burnt down to her metal chassis and her clothing has smoking holes in places. And there is more than enough gross viscera on her skin and in her hair that, well, she'll be busy in the shower.

She doesn't seem to pay any attention to that, though. She kneels down in front of Aya and thrusts out her hand, clutching the various mechanical components in the palm of her hand. "I found these inside the monster."

Huffing and puffing, Aya looks a bit embarassed at the trouble she caused. With viscera and gore everywhere, she stands up, battered and bruised as she nods. "I will recover." It will just take some time. Nosewrinkling, she pulls out a few more ofuda and tosses them out before they turn into little chubby, almost plush like paper figurines which go about to fix the collateral damage, such as the pole that was broken, and even the now ruined plushie. "Thank you for your help." she says with a low bow of respect before wincing. Yeah, she probably has some cracked ribs there.

The little spirit pup barks happily in appreciation of their timely arrival as well. Seeing the various clockwork parts, it simply growls and lets out a yippy bark at those pieces.

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