(2016-11-11) Waiting Room
Waiting Room
Summary: Two new students meet less-new students while waiting for the Mandatory Physical
Date: 2016-11-11
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Med Bay

A full medical wing. There are rooms sectioned off by glass, all visible from a central medical station with monitors for monitoring patiants status. The walls can be curtained if needed to allow some privacy for patiens within. This facility is state of the art with medical equipment beyond what any other hospital in the world would have access too.

Alternate title: Let's Get Physicals

Gabrielle rolls her eyes, "all you have to do to thank us is get better. And maybe host an impromptu concert some time." As she talks she gets up from her chair and walks closer to Kat's pod to check it out.


Inside the pod, Katrina mostly looks like she's lying in peaceful slumber. Her features, a blend of First Nations and African, are relaxed and unworn and her breathing is regular. But there are subtle signs of the alterations taking place within her body. Slight shiftings under her skin as her altered genetics do their work to 'upgrade' her.

The medbay is mostly quiet this evening, what with most everyone shut in due to the storm and all classes and practices suspended for the same reason. Towards the back of the complex there is soft acoustic guitar music coming from the slightly ajar door of a room with a sign declaring it an intensive care isolation ward. The music isn't any particular tune, although a fan of the band Orphean Wing might recognize some of it in passing. Occasional voices can also be heard from inside.

Tabitha grins at Gabrielle's remark about throwing a concert. "Sounds like a plan to me." She nods to the girl in the pod, "We'll just need our backup vocalist, lead bassist to get decanted first."


There is a time and a place for everything, and with the weather-shutdown, somehow, Seth Gebsen was still instructed to appear at the medbay for a physical after dinner. He had retired to his dorm room and wasn't in uniform because come ON, get real, it's after dinner. Still. He flipped on a bright LED lamp and slid back into the shadow it cast, and stepped out of the shadow just outside the door to the medbay, pulling his long thin tight braids into a bunch behind his head.

"I bet there's not even anyone there," he mutters, but then music attracts him. He steps inside, and looks around.

"Hello? I was told to show up for a physical?"


What do you do when your first day of school is, effectively, cancelled? Well, you sleep. Especially if a snow apocalypse is steadily building up outside and the mere possibility of exploring is verboten. The trip had been tedious, mostly because his father had forbidden any use of his particular method of fast travel. Admittedly, Keith hadn't quite gotten the grasp of it just yet and his old man had a more than justified reason to object to it, after Keith got them stranded in Bora Bora for three hours. So, conventional travel it was. Tedium. Boredom.

And, after several hours of sleeping, Keith decided that maybe it was time to check out the place.

It certainly was… quiet. But that had to be expected when the world outside looked like a set from Icebreaker. There was still that physical to be done, he remembered, and maybe the medbay had signs of life in it.

Someone had to treat people who were about to go batty from cabin fever, right?

So, the Cheshire cat walks into the medbay, still in his travel clothes (which are a little rumpled by now, truth be told.) He comes into the area not too long after Seth.

"Hey, you looking for a phys, too?" Keith says to his fellow student, removing his hands from the pockets of his leather jacket. His ears twitch, hearing the sound of a guitar.


As the sounds of strange voices become audible in the medbay Gabrielle disappears in a flash of light, leaving behind a small pop of imploding air. Immediately she reappears, or at least flickers into existence crouched low between Tabitha and the wall. Everything in her body language saying she's hiding behind the blindfolded blond.


Coming inside, the room's normal furniture and such has all been either removed or pushed along one wall. Taking up most of the space is some kind of highly advanced medical pod or stasis tank with an older teen girl inside. Sitting next to it playing a guitar is a very short and tiny girl in a comically oversized Supergirl hoodie with the hood up and a red fleece blindfold over her eyes. She's not really sized to be hidden behind, but as she looks over to see who's poking their noses into the room she acts as if she's the only person awake in here.

Hairless eyebrow ridges raise up over the blindfold as she takes in the two guys, "Hey there. Pretty sure there's at least one doctor and nurse around today. They might've stepped out to grab a hot cup of something, though. I'm Tabitha," she nods over to the girl in the medical pod, "And this is Katrina."


Seth turns his head just enough to see that the guy who came in behind him is NOT normal and jumps about three feet to the left, landing with one foot shoved under the edge of a desk. He gasps, looking at the cat guy.

"Don't sneak up like that!"

He moves further in and sees the hooded and blindfolded girl. There's the source of the guitar.

"Hi. Seth Gebsen. I guess they'll be back in a bit then. I got a text to come in."

He doesn't offer a hand because blindfold, why be awkward, right? Instead he looks at the medical pod.

"What happened to her?" Not asking what happened to the blindfolded girl though. Nope.


Keith smirks at Seth's reaction and answers with a slight edge of smugness in his voice. "I can't help sneaking up on people. It's a feature, not a bug."

Getting a better bearing of the contents of the room and its occupants, the Cheshire cat's grin fades.

"Didn't mean to interrupt… whatever it is that's going on here. I'm Keith. Just got in from the mainland before Jack frost decided to bite everybody's nose off."

His attention goes to the girl in the pod and his brow furrows. The other dude already asked the question, so now it was just a matter of waiting for the answer. "Nice t'meetcha, Tabitha."

and, after a moment's hesitation, he nods towards the pod and its occupant, "and Katrina."


Gabrielle disappears completely — noisy people are noisy and her nerves are jangled.


Tabitha doesn't stop playing her guitar, but in the air in front of Seth a sort of blue-white energy mist appears and forms into the shape of a hand positioned for shaking. "Pleasure to meet you, Seth Gebsen." Another identical hand materializes in front of Keith as well "Nice t'meetcha, Keith." Her head tilts a bit as she smiles to the two of them. Blindfold or not, she doesn't seem to have any trouble seeing in some manner or other.

"No interruption. I'm just hanging out with my orphan sister. Filling her in on the day's business, y'know?" When Seth asks what happened to Katrina, Tabitha shrugs one shoulder. "My creator kidnapped us a few weeks ago. He put her through a genetic transformation and now we have to just let it finish since stopping it now would kill her."


"Oh. OH. Yeah. Yeah, that would be good, letting it finish, it never does good things if you stop before it's done," Seth says, shaking the hand. A muttered "Ope th'eyes mine spirit 'at I mout seen what come aheed, wae evidence tha' invisible" takes the shackles off his Second Sight, because why NOT activate a powerful ability like that when a ghostly hand is offered. Should really have done that first though.

"Mind if I play along?" he says, nodding at the guitar. He looks around for a sharp shadow.

"I've got my practice drums here somewhere. You a musician, Keith?"


Keith shakes the hand, his expression one of surprise. "That's a fine trick you've got there, Tabitha." For a moment, he feels the desire to show off, but quickly squelches it. Showing off near sensitive medical equipment is not a good idea when you still don't have full control of everything yourself. It'd be disastrous. Potentially.

"Nah, man. Can't carry a tune in a bucket even if I had an iPod stuck to the bottom of it," he replies with a smirk. Then he peeks around, "You can play your drums if you want. I think I'll see if I can flag down a nurse or something to get my checkup all done up."

He looks at Tabitha and Seth, "But we'll touch base after I'm done getting prodded and scanned and whatever it is they do to you here, right?"


Once they're shaken, the energy mist hands fade out again. Tabitha shrugs to Keith's 'fine trick' remark, "Just one of many. My bag is full of tricks." She nods and gives Keith an up-nod when he bows out to go nurse hunting. "Yeah, take it easy, alley cat. I'll see you 'round. Small school, after all."

When Seth unlocks his second sight, he might end up wishing he hadn't. The entire room, as well as a significant portion of the medbay beyond is filled with the blue-white subdimensional energy mist that formed the hands. It ebbs and flows in semi-random currents, all of which begin and end at Tabitha. But that's not the biggest thing. No, that would be the immense core of celestial power that rests inside of Tabtha's body, insulated from her physical shell and the world at large by the energy mist.

Tabitha seems to be ignorant of all of this, however. She just nods to Seth, "Sure, go ahead. I'm sure Trini won't mind."


Seth almost forgets to nod at Keith, staring open-mouthed at the brilliant flux of energy in the room. He blinks hard twice, and whispers, "I close my eyes, only for a moment then" and blinks again with ordinary vision, "the moment's gone."

That was rather an enormous thing, and he's pensive as he reaches into the shadow behind a curtain and pulls out the shadows of a set of drums, holding them solid by will. He doesn't use drumsticks, but matches the rhythm of the song she's playing, simple at first while he finds the most likely rhythm patterns to best support the music. It might seem like a fancy trick, but rock and its derivatives have a pretty standard set of rhythms, so it's not as difficult as one might think. His finger strikes on the shadow surfaces make a muted drumming sound, no louder than the guitar and working to back it up.

"This is a good song, what is it?"


Given the way he was staring around at 'nothing', it's not hard for Tabitha to figure out that Seth could somehow see her aura even tucked away in its little demi-dimensional twist. She doesn't say anything about it, though. She knows she has a tendency to tip the weird-o'-meters even around here where 'What's your weird?' is the school catchphrase. So she just appreciates the way he brings a drum kit into being out of shadow and will.

When he asks what the song is, she shrugs. "Mostly I've just been riffing off the top of my head. But this one now," she replays some of the chords she's been playing and nods as her conscious mind synchs up with what her hands had been playing on autopilot. "Ah. One of our unreleased tracks. Hostage to the Light.1" She starts playing it again from the start so Seth can find his place (which she helps with small cues common to rehearsing bands), and this time through she adds in the vocals.


Seth smiles wide and is a bit more emphatic with the drumming. There's a spot where he catches the slight hand-signal to stop for the three measures of guitar and then kickes back in after the one measure vocal with the emphatic ba-ba-Bam-bam then into the standard syncopated pattern, just a quarter-rest off from where one would expect them, because it makes for more tension.

"That's pretty amazing," he says as it ends. "I hope I didn't murder the rhythm too much."

He grasps his fingers on one had with the other, one-by-one, to get a gentle stretch.

"So, I almost didn't believe my Dad when he said this place would have people I could relate to better."


Tabitha's smile widens as Seth picks up on the cues right away. It's always a pure pleasure to jam with someone who Gets It. When the song's over she grins at him and shakes her head, "No, you nailed it. Might have to see if the band wouldn't mind a guest drummer when we record that." She's not really joking, although she pitches her tone to suggest she could be if Seth wasn't into that idea.

His next comment gets a nod from her. "Yeah, this place can surprise you. I'm not a fan of the some of the faculty's decisions, but it's a good place. And we've got all kinds."

She stands up and stretches a bit, and even then is still on the teensy side of eensie. Setting her guitar against the pod she goes around and checks the various screens and readings, then stands up by Katrina's head. Inside the pod a copy of her face forms from the blue-white energy mist and plants a quick peck on the sleeping girl's cheek. "Sleep sweet, Baby Sister. I'll come see you tomorrow after physical therapy."

Outside in the center of the medbay there are sounds of quiet conversation as the on duty medical staff get back from their coffee run.


"I'll be glad to join you if you give me some time to practice with you," Seth says smiling. He has no idea which of the faculty decisions is questionable but he's pretty sure that one of them he dislikes is the ban on comfortable shoes. Ah well.

"I believe I hear an impatient doctor. I wonder if they want me to stay human for this exam," he says not explaining. It'll be obvious enough soon. He calls out, "I'm back here," and his drums evaporate into shade and nothing as he stops attending to them. He smiles at Tabitha.

"I'll see you around most likely. Otherwise, well, call me from inside a shadow if you want me."

And he's being dragged into the exam room by an impatient nurse.

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