(2016-11-11) Training Revelations
Training Revelations
Summary: Gyda and Wojtek have a friendly spar, and Maya sates Gyda's curiosity - while raising other questions.
Date: 2016-11-11
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Scene Runner: Mutual

Really, the gym is a work of wonder. One could get lost staring up at the transparent cieling and all the life and wonders it reveals in the ocean it protects against. A group of students are practicing Arena Fetch, while over on the sparring mats, a large bear is rolling around and going through practice motions. After realizing how rusty he may be from his years of hibernation, Wojtek is trying to work the rust out, metaphorically speaking, as he goes through a series of rolls, punches and jumps.

Gyda has come back from her daily excercise of Mist, and now it's time to take care of her own body. Walking into the gym, she regards the equipment dubiously. But there's Wojtek, whom she remembers from the forest, and her expression brightens. "Hail, friend Bjorn!" She lifts her hand to accompany her greeting.

Coming to a pause as he hears the sound of his name in Norse, Wojtek rolls over and settles on all fours as he glances about and finds the blonde girl that hailed him. He settles on his haunches and rumble growls, his voice coming to her head. ~Hello, Shieldmaiden. I did not get to thank you for your assistance on the skeletons. You are well?~ he asks her. ~I am Wojtek. From Russia.~

Ixiie's been nippping at Gyda's heals for the last day or so, "Don't think you're getting out of our swordwight just because I don't have a sword. I'm gonna get he bestest, most awesome sword ever and then I'm totally gonna beat you! With a sword!!"

Gyda puts her hands on her hips, beaming broadly. "It was my pleasure. Truly. A most pleasing diversion to pass the time. I am Gyda Torvidottir of Valhalla, and yes I am quite fine, friend Wojtek." She looks over her shoulder at Ixiie, sighs a little ruefully, and tells her imdulgently, "Well, you let me know when you do."

The blue imp draws a baeful glare as the large bear rises up to his full height to look down at Ixiie. ~You jump on my back again without asking, I will rip your tail off and beat you with it.~ Wojtek promises. It's really hard to tell if he's teasing or not as he looks towards Gyda and nods his snout. ~You were impressive in the battle. I find myself needing practice.~ he admits. ~Especially as it seems students from my former school have attacked nearby.~

"You wouldn't be the first one to try!" Ixiie grins, "Hey, do you have a sword?"

"As were you." Gyda compliments him, looking between the bear and the gargoyle. "Often we do unexpected things in the heat of battle. What matters is if the maneuver was a success or a hindrance. It would be a fine thing to be on the back of a bear, I imagine." Nose twitching, she adds, "If you seek a training companion at the moment, may I be of assistance?"

~I would be the first to succeed.~ comes the retort before the bear turns his attention back to Gyda and chuckles softly. ~Was not heat of battle. Was lazy imp that doesn't like snow.~ he points out before Wojtek considers the offer the young blonde offers before he drops back onto all four of his paws and nods his head. ~A partner would perhaps be helpful. But I expect you not to go easy, as I will not do so.~ Ah that old Soviet doctrine of the fittest surviving rising up within the large creature.

Ixiie sticks out her tounge at the bear. "I'm not lazy, the snow was just super deep! Besides if I wasn't on your back I wouldn't have been able to see the snow monster I saved you from!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gyda=physical Vs Wojtek=physical
< Gyda: Good Success Wojtek: Success
< Net Result: Gyda wins - Marginal Victory

Gyda considers Wojtek thoughtfully for a moment, noting that while most bears are powerful but lumbering beasts, he is not the average bear - and then lightening quick, she rushes forward to bull rush into the bear. She ducks low when doing so, in order to get under his center of gravity. Perhaps she's been trained in how to deal with opponents much larger than herself?

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Wojtek=Physical Vs Gyda=Physical
< Wojtek: Failure Gyda: Success
< Net Result: Gyda wins - Marginal Victory

With Gyda charging in without annoucement of her acceptance, Wojtek is caught off guard. The large bear is caugt off-guard as she slips under his defense to get to his underside and presses against his large frame. There's a grunt of surprise mixed with what could be construed as a laugh as he tries to figure out how to get his paws on the blonde Valkyrie to swat her away, but she's inside of his reach at the moment and he can't quite get a grip on her.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gyda=physical Vs Wojtek=physical
< Gyda: Success Wojtek: Good Success
< Net Result: Wojtek wins - Marginal Victory

A good start, but now what? The blonde girl balls up her fists and begins pummeling into Wojtek's gut. But the bear has a thick hide, and though the strength of a valkyrie is considerably greater than that of a human, she's too close to be able to put true power into her blows to the degree that she wishes.

Moritz enters the gym. His keen eyes sensing the magic within the area and he also hears the conflict. Seeing that it's the bear and Gyda, he smiles and will move to the bleachers to take a seat. He's a few seats up the way and will sit there, leaning forward to put his elbows on his knees to watch the comat.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Wojtek=physical Vs Gyda=physical
< Wojtek: Good Success Gyda: Good Success
< Net Result: Wojtek wins - Marginal Victory

There's loud whompfs as the girl's fist meet fur, hide, muscle and fat, as Wojtek growls low in his throat. ~Going to make me laugh.~ he teases her as he finally manages to get turned around enough and swats at the girl with one of his paws to knock her away as he glances towards Ixiie. ~Would you want someone to crawl on your back and ask for a ride?~

Making her way into the gym behind Moritz is Maya, wearing her new Metis training uniform. Swinging her arms across her body as she stretches them out, she is prepping for some training. The pale, lanky girl stops however, when she sees Wojtek and Gyda going at it. Blinking slowly, she begins to circle around the sparring duo in order to get a much better viewing angle. Noticing that Moritz has the same idea, she moves to take a seat next to him, leaning back languidly while bracing her foot against the seat below her. "5 bucks says the girl one ups the bear."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gyda=physical Vs Wojtek=physical
< Gyda: Good Success Wojtek: Great Success
< Net Result: Wojtek wins - Marginal Victory

Gyda is swatted away a few steps, grinning visibly. "So long as it not be a mocking laugh, Friend Bjorn." she advises, rising onto the balls of her feet. She steps back in with a well momentum carried haymaker, but if he moves quickly enough he can avoid the hit, or at least avoid the full force of it. "Warriors should respect each other."

Looking over to Maya as she approaches, Moritz'll give a nod of greeting and then watch her take a seat. Instead of staying forward and appearing rude, he will lean back some as well and become more /casual/. He hears her offer, "Sorry, I cannot in good conscious take that bet." His English accent clear and concise. "I would always bet on Gyda, even against Grendel, itself."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Woktek=physical Vs Gyda=physical
< Woktek: Good Success Gyda: Good Success
< Net Result: Gyda wins - Marginal Victory

~Not a mock, ticklish!~ Wojtek admits, nothing but respect in the heavily accented Russian telepathy. However, as she moves in to strike, the bear proves to be much faster than she perhaps expected as his reflexes kick in as he steps back. Seeing a possible opening for a counter-attack, the bear lurches forward to try to shove Gyda to the ground, however, his own weight seems to be carrying him too far and too fast. As if he's not quite fully use to being a bear.

"Well, you're no fun," Maya returns with no malice as her shoulders slump and she turns her dark eyes back onto the two sparring warriors. "Posh accent, I am sure there is a joke somewhere about Vikings raiding the Anglo-Saxons, imagine I am witty enough to come up with it rather than brain-fried. I'm not up to my usual banter today, sorry." She reahces up to rake her bangs away from her face before rubbing her eyes.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Gyda=physical Vs Wojtek=physical
< Gyda: Good Success Wojtek: Good Success
< Net Result: Gyda wins - Marginal Victory

Gyda manages to shift out of the way and let Wojtek's momentum work for her. Once he's past her and his back is open, she does not hesitate. Using his back fur as grips, she scrambles up his back and settles herself at the back of his neck, legs now dangling down over them. She's fighting to lock her legs and hasn't quite gotten her seat secure yet, but apparently this is how you properly ride a bear.

Moritz's lips part as if to say something regarding Maya's rading remark. His brow furrows and he even starts to raise an index finger to offer correction or commentary about the statement. Then instead of saying something regarding it, he smiles and slightly shakes his head. He then offers the hand to Maya in a greeting, "I'm sure your banter is spectacular. Allow me to offer my name; it is Moritz."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Wojtek=physical Vs Gyda=physical
< Wojtek: Great Success Gyda: Failure
< Net Result: Wojtek wins - Crushing Victory

Poor Gyda. There's a reason why Wojtek took Ixiie trying to climb up his back so damned personal - as she said, it was all about resepct - and just climbing on without permission is a big thing to him. With Gyda trying to secure herself, the bear roars his disapproval, rising up on his hind legs and reaches up with his forepaws to grab the Valkyrie to throw her off of him. ~No!~ he roars in disapproval. There's a severity in his tone that suggests that should not happen again.

Maya smirks at his reaction to her remark, canting her head to the side as she regards the man. "Maya Walker, reteller of accurate history facts at your disposal," its hard to tell if she is kidding or if she is serious about her passion for history. She slips her hand into his, her grip is tight and firm but she holds on a tad longer than necessary. "My banter is not just spectacular. I have stopped intergalactic wars with but a witty remark-" She doesn't continue as Wojtek's roar snaps her attention back to the fight. "Alright, I change my bet. Money's on the bear," even as she says this, however, Maya is just the slightest bit tense - for those perceptive enough they might see the white-blue tinge of psionic weaponry forming around her right hand, readying herself, just in case tempers need cooling.

<FS3> Ixiie rolls Wind Control: Good Success.

Grinning at the fight, Ixiie reaches out a hand and a small vortex of wind appears in Gyda's landing spot to cushion the blow. And spin her a bit, of course.

Gyda goes flying! Normally that's something she's used to, but there's a winged horse involved. Tossed the entire length of the room, she slams into the wall, but fortunately the rebound landing is cushioned. Gyda lays there face up. For what it's worth, nothing seems broken, but the valkyrie is definitely seeing stars and little tweetie birds.

Moritz's attention is also taken away from Maya's remarks as the bear roars and Gyda flies. He releases Maya's hand and stands abruptly. He takes steps to descend from the bleachers and will step onto the gym floor. He knows better than to rush out there and he stops dead in his tracks to observe Gyda's next action. And to ascertain whether or not she will have any.

The bear is very very angry. As Gyda goes flying, Wojtek drops down on all fours and lopes after the woman. He roars again as he comes across the woman lying on the ground, and he leans in and snorts at her, before he asks her in concern. ~Are you well?~ he asks, moving back to offer his paw to help her up.

When Wojtek starts charging, Maya is on her feet as well, lifting her arm up towards them. She stops, however, perhaps having some idea not to be too trigger happy at the moment. When Wojtek seems more concerned rather than about to smash her face in, Maya drops back down unceremoniously onto the bench, acting as if she never jumped up to begin with. "I win."

Gyda gives her head a little shake, wriggles her freckled nose at Wojtek's looming mug, and as she sits up, pops her fist across his jaw. There's absolutely no malice in it, but rather an amenable sort of affection in the blow. "I am fine, Friend Bjorn." she tells Wojtek, grinning and slightly wild eyed. "That was well fought. A solid victory. But next time I shall prevail!"

Moritz also sees the nature of the bear being that of compassion and not rending. So he too will relax. Hearing Maya's voice claiming to win the non-bet even as much as indicating that she changed sides of the bet he smiles, turns to look back over his shoulder and says, "Right. Of course you won."

Taking the hit across the jaw, many would probably assume that the bear would maul Gyda senseless. Instead Wojtek seems to accept the punch for what it is as he lifts the girl and squeezes her tightly to him before releasing her to drop back to the ground. ~With practice, perhaps. I should try to climb you next time.~ he says with a playful snort before he moves to allow Gyda to go join the others as he slowly lumbers behind her.

"Me next, me next!!" Ixiie's eyes light up as she jumps off the bleachers, grinning for ear to ear.

"So, you owe me five dollars. I expect payment, Mr. Moritz," Maya returns towards him with a wicked smirk as she narrows her eyes. She then turns her attention towards Ixiie, Wojtek and Gyda, especially when Ixiie declares wanting to be next. Quirking her eyebrows, she settles ack into her seat. "Hey, more action. Can't go wrong with that."

Gyda makes a slight -hrk- sound at the bear hug, and gives his pelt a pat as she goes to sit down with a contented sigh. "You know what would be most delicious at this moment?" she comments to Moritz and Maya wistfully. "A nice cold mead."

Someone else will need to spar with Ixiie, as the large bear seems to be content to settle on his haunches next to the bleachers as Wojtek returns to just watching now that he's had a good workout against the Valkyrie. ~Mead. A shame they do not allow drinking. Back in Russia, would offer vodka.~

Moritz again is confused with Maya's persistence of winning and demanding money, but he won't argue. He'll pull money from his pocket, find a 5, and hand it to her.

With Gyda's approach and commentary Moritz smiles and nods. He looks to Ixiie and the bear. Noting that Ixiie isn't going to get her fight with either of them. He considers the moment at hand.

"Mead, vodka, the choices. I would kill for any of that. I've never really drank much but I know I'd be just darling at it," Maya replies back just as wistfully. When Moritz hands her the five dollar bill, she actually blinks in surprise, looking at him in confusion that not only did he give in so easily but without much hesitation. "Huh, remind me to keep making bets with you." Shrugging her shoulders, she takes the five and slips it into her pocket. Why not. "I'm not much for fightin', Ixiie. I'm more of a range kinda girl. Besides, I've been learnin' some new tricks I still need to work on a dummy first."

Wojtek glances blandly at Maya. ~Heard you bet on Gyda.~ he points out and holds out his paw for the five she's so willingly trying to put in her pocket.

"Wait a moment." Gyda sits up, back straightening her back and looks at the others in horror. "We are forbidden to drink?"

"Aww, no one ever wants to fight me. Except for that snowjerk. Mabye I should go try and find it again…" Ixiie pouts and mopes out of the gym.

Moritz steps to watch the exchange. He smiles and says, "Pardon me. I need to go see a demon about a cat." and he'll excuse himself and follow after Ixiie.

When Wojtek asks for the money, Maya blinks owlishly at him before she sighs and reluctantly slaps the bill onto his giant paw. "Goddamnit. For a bear you have the ears of a…well, bear." So clever. "And nope, no mead. No alcohol at all, until you're 21 or under a legal guardian's permission - for mead at least."

Taking the money, Wojtek offers it to Gyda. What's a bear going to do with money, after all? He nods to Maya and rumbles softly, it comes out as a chuckle. ~Had the same reaction when I found out.~ he says to the Valkyrie. ~But some sneak it around. Just don't get caught. Or claim it's the source of your powers.~ he shrugs his shoulders as he settles back down to watch Ixiie and Moritz leave. ~If she's a demon and he's going to see her about a cat.. did I just miss an euphanism?~

Gyda accepts the money affably enough, gaze still stunned, though she rises to her feet, looks up at thr proverbially sky, and with emphatic, angry gestures, begins a rather loud, angry screed in Old Norse that nonetheless manages to convey all manner of feelings involving where certain people need to press certain parts of their anatomies with certain amounts of force. Once she runs out of breath, she sits down with a thump.

"It might be a euphemism for peein', or sex. They kinda share similar euphemisms, but probably not sex since he is British," Maya returns sagely as she bobs her head slowly. "Although I don't think anyone can have sex here. I swear its more watched than Fort Knox-…" She trails off and stares at Gyda as she starts her rant. Blinking a few times when Gyda drops down to a seated position, Maya slowly nods yet again, "Yea, what she said."

~You do not know teenagers well then. Sure there are couples here.~ Wojtek points out to Maya. ~Not always in school, after all.~ he says as he watches as Gyda finally realizes the reason why her mother sent her to this school - probably without a permission slip for the very mead she is so longing for at the moment as the large creature waits for the woman to settle and places a paw of solidarity on the blonde's shoulder for a moment before releasing it.

Gyda sighs. "Now I know how Brunhilde has made this a punishment. To be treated like a Midgardian teenager. Ah, well. I shall make the best of it." She looks to the other two. "Friend Bjorn, I have yet to see your man form. Are you hideous?" A grin to Maya at that.

As the two comfort each other over their lack of alcohol, Maya purses her lips in thought. "You know, what the school doesn't know won't hurt'em. I can help us get alcohol," she taps her fingers against her temple. "But we gotta do it outside of school grounds, no way they aren't watching us every moment of every day." When Gyda mentions Wojtek's human self, Maya grins back at her wickedly. "Ooh, I remember seeing it. I was one of the fortunate few…"

~I do not remember what I look like anymore.~ Wojtek admits, a glance towards Maya. ~She can perhaps judge better than I.~ he says as he rests his snout on his forepaws as he glances towards Maya, his ears twitching slightly on either side of his ushanka. ~I cannot change to a human at will.~

Gyda snorts, pointing to Maya, "You've a tongue like Loki." A smirk for her, and a puzzled glance at Wojtek. "Are you cursed? Under some form of enchantment?"

Maya's expression softens at Wojtek's admittance. Glancing at Gyda, she can't help but grin massively at the mention of Loki. "A compliment if I ever heard one…" she trails off before turning back to Wojtek. "Well, if you really are curious I can link both of you to me, access my memories and show you what I have seen? At least it will show you somethin'. Besides, you're not half bad lookin'."

~Not cursed.. just.. don't know.~ Wojtek confesses with a grunt. ~I had just been changed when the project was attacked..~ he rumbles and growls, looking a little despondent at the idea. He's been a bear for so long now, he's not even sure of himself anymore as he glances between the two women.

"If Wojtek wishes to, I will participate. But if he does not, I would not force him." Gyda says, though she cannot help but add to the bear, "Are you not curious?"

"Hidden or hazy memories are a bit harder for me to access," Maya admits after a moment. "Even my own I've been having…issues. But! What I saw was clear as day, so if you're willin', I can show you? If not, if you'd rather remember how you were, well," she shrugs her shoulders and offers him a wry smirk, "you'll just have to live with the bare necessities." *groan*.

Giving a glance to Gyda, Wojtek blows slightly out of the side of his mouth. ~The moment that she speaks of was very stressful. I will share.~ he says as he nods to Maya, trying to forge an easier telepathic link for her to share, as he looks back down at his paws, and chuckle rumbles. ~Just remeber, if you find me hideous, it is your fault, Gyda.~

<FS3> Wojtek rolls Telepathy: Success.
<FS3> Maya rolls Telepathy: Great Success.

Gyda is admittedly curious, but also not a telepath. So she dutifully sits and waits, blue eyes traveling back and forth between Maya and Wojtek expectantly.

With a nod, Maya slides her eyes shut in order to concentrate. Slowly she reaches for Gyda's mind, then Wojtek, linking all three together to open up a mental communication link. ~Close your eyes,~ she instructs them. ~Its easier than replacing what you're currenty seeing…~ Once they do, they find themselves suddenly in first person view, moving independently of where they want to go. Oddly enough she doesn't show the moment that Wojtek is zapped, instead she shows him being picked up and rescued, his clothes obviously too big for his much smaller, less fuzzy, frame. She then shows when they are back in Coral Springs and he is still out - the audio has been cut out of the viewing, just sight for now.

The young blonde boy that was rescue could be called handsome, and well built. A super in his own right before the experimentations were begun on him, he had the muscled frame of a brick with messy hair and hints of a beard on his face. Though through his feed, there's something else. As he is unconscious, a creature shows up in his dreams and the last thing that either of them see before the link is broken is the eldritch looking horror swooping in to feast just before the bear reawakens.

Gyda lets out a yelp when she opens her eyes, hand grasping for a sword that isn't there. "What in all Hel was that?" she asks, wide eyed as she stares at her school chums.

She was not expecting a creature like that. When the bear reawakens Maya finally drops the link, allowing both of them to come back to reality. "Okay, what was that?" she asks Wojtek, narrowing her eyes curiously. "Do you usually see that when you're out?" Maybe he is cursed indeed. Then she remembers why exactly she linked their minds and Maya blinks back before adding, "You're not half bad, Ruskie."

If anyone is really confused here, it's Wojtek. ~I do not know that creature.~ he admits as he rises to his feet. ~Never saw it before. Especially not like that.~ the bear looks between the two women and there's a hint of fear in those little dark eyes of his. ~I.. should go think on this.~ he rumbles as he starts to slowly move for the door of the gym, more unsure than anything.

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