(2016-11-07) Wizard meets Imp
Wizard Meets Imp
Summary: This is how it happens, wizards and imps getting along. Nolan arrives, meets Ixiie while Maya, Annaliesa and Derek observe first hand these delicate mystical moments.
Date: 2016-11-07
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It's Monday, and Derek is almost, not quite, literally dragging his feet around the school for now. One book in hand, probably not related to whatever class he has next, or even the one he came from. Just in a daze. His tie half done, knotted at least, just so loose he might as well take it off. It dangles as he sways in his steps. Bags at his eyes, sleep could be good. Whatever is next for him it may include sleeping and ignoring and relevant teaching that is going on. In fact, he is near the central hub of the main floor between the classrooms. Instead of shuffling off to next class, he's looking off towards the main entrace of the old sea fort, as if longing for the boat to come and ferry him to mainland. He is just too lazy to even fly there. Bummer.

Heading out of English class, Maya is making her way towards the library - apparently class today involves some hands on research. It looks like Derek isn't the only one not feeling school today. Lagging behind her class in hopes that she can 'disappear' for a bit, she spies Derek's dazed walk. With a quirk of her eyebrows, she ambles on closer to him, her free hand slipping into her tiny front pocket - damn skinny jeans pockets. "Whats up with you? You look like I feel…"

A small dimensional portal opens and pixelates in the middle of the courtyard. The first person through it is easily recognized as Storm Waller, the head of Athena and the gym teacher. The second through it is a young man that is dressed in the uniform for the school already as he takes the trepedatious first step onto the ground. "Doesn't feel much different, does it, Miss Waller?"

"Ah told ya so. Ah need to go fill out some paperwork. Just remember what yer paw showed and told you and you'll be fine. Go make some friends."

Nolan looks up at Storm for a moment and then bows his head polietly. "And Wicoagord?"

"As long as you are not there, it is unharmed." The game is completely frozen, really, in Earth terms.

Nolan nods his head. "Of course. Thank you again, Miss Waller." he offers before watching her leave and takes one last glance back to the portal before he offers a weak smile and watches it close behind him. "So this is where my father is from." he says mainly to himself before he lifts his mismatched eyes to take a look around and tucks his bag closer to him, taking out what looks like a mobile phone type device and settling it at his hip.

Like a little, destructive ray of unwanted blue sunshine, Ixiie grins her way across the hub heading to twards the stairs for early lunch. She doesn't seem to mind being tossed around by the learge and seemingly heavy backpack that tends to have more contol of her direction than she does. "I learned physics!" she calls out to the assembled group as she passes, but stops short when she see's Nolan's device. She dashes over, carried further than she was expecting by her extra burden, and points at the phone. "What's that!?", the question echos through the chamber, "It that, like, some kind of death ray remote control??"

Mondays. They were a virus. Annaliesa though, she doesn't look as if she is dazed or sleepy. Quite the opposite, something has lit a fire within her as she storms down the hall, a mutinous expression quite apparent on her features. "I don't even want to be here today," she mutters in a soft growl as she seeks something on her phone, swiping through it with determined purpose. Only when she hears the other voices does she realize there were other people around. She actually does have the grace to look a bit abashed, especially in light of someone new. Or a few unfamiliar faces. Then there's Derek and she sighs forcefully. "I have detention this Saturday."

The first voice gets his attention, Derek comes back from wool gathering to look at Maya, "Oh you know, I have to suffer the defeat by Prometheus for like, all week." He sounds so put out by that, "I mean, does that mean I have to leave their freshman alone this wee…" Its a serious question, but so is the arrival of some new student and Storm Waller. He looks from Maya to the commotion with a chin jut in that direction, a non-verbal, 'what's this about,' even as a blue student is darting over to ask about death rays. A slight raise of his brows, curiousity there. Maybe monday won't be so boring after all, just maybe. Liesa pulls him back, "What, already, you beat me to getting one on the weekend. I'm slacking," dramatic thought, but "What for?" Looking between her arrival and the commotion of Nolan's arrival too.

"Looks like we have a new student, or there are some people I have yet to met," Maya returns towards Derek's chin-jut as she watches Nolan and Storm Wall step through the portal. With Ixiie suddenly buzzing in, Maya blinks as she seps back, looking at Nolan's supposed death ray too as Ixiie points it out. "If it is, I wouldn't mind usin' it today," she murmurs in amusement as she crosses her arms. Annaliesa's entrance and declaration of detention causes Maya to wince in sympathy before she shakes her head. "Gotta learn how to not get caught," easier said than done.

"No.. it's just my personal phone. Hey." Nolan puts on a brave smile in the face of a bouncy blue creature in his face asking about Death Rays as he adjusts his Athena red tie just a little and offers his hand. "Hi, I'm Nolan. I just started here, I think I was told that makes me a freshman?" he offers up as he glances around at the others. It figures his mother would drop him into the middle of a crowd and force him to sink or swim as he glances between Ixiie and Maya. "I didn't realize this world had blue people. Or is that from something else?"

"I'm an imp!" says the imp, "I'm from another dimention too! Where did you get a phone? I didnt get a phone when I got here!" She looks around to make sure she didn't miss any obvious kiosks handing out technology to new arrivals from other universes.

"Talking back to a teacher." Annaliesa laments, "But it's not as bad as it sounds." With a forced smile, she nods to Derek. "Not too late for you too, just pass Goonie in the hall and shoot him an evil glare." A light shrug and she glances down at her book in hand, something on sea creatures. "Yeah, I know what you mean," she tells Maya, but her attention drifts to the new arrival and the blue one, curious, curious.

"Yeah, at least one, or two," says Derek towards Maya as Ixiie asks about phones and not getting one when she got here. "Jeeze, like you can't stick up for yourself." Says Derek who has probably sassed off enough, then a grin a the goonie comment. "Plenty of time. That pushes the Wisconson thing, Odina wanted me to try this week, Moritz in Athena thinks I should listen to Odina more. Maybe after detention we fly out." Then he nods to Maya and Liesa with half a grin, and says towards Ixiie and Nolan, "You have to fill out a form to get a school phone, and take it to the keeper's office." He's helpful that way.

"Ah, the Wisconsin trip. You two better eat as much cheese as you can. That's what Wisconsin is known for, right? Cheese?" Maya flashes Derek and Annaliesa a grin before her dark green eyes flick back to Nolan and Ixiie. "So wait, Nolan is it? You're from another dimension as well? Does it look like this dimension or do you have weird shit like hyperactive imps being common?" Her grin widens at Ixiie.

There's a thoughtful pause as Nolan looks at Ixiie and it clicks for him. "An imp. Usually a low level diziden of the woods that attacks travelers but usually is annoying thiefs and pests. Immune to fire, weak to cold." he announces and then the young man blinks a few times. "Ah, not to suggest.. you.. I mean, you're not the same type of Imp, I'm sure." he manages as he rubs the back of his head and looks abashed at the idea of just coming out and saying all that. It's a habit he's going to spend a long time breaking."

"I'm from Wicoagord, it's a somewhat.. parallel? No, we have mages and stuff.. anyway! As he said.." Nolan gestures over to Derek. "…Miss Waller gave me my phone after our sages made sure to imbune it with the ability to communicated with home.." he starts to say, then blinks at Maya owlishly as he considers Derek and Annaliesa and then leans a little closer to Maya to ask. "…Wisconsin is a Kingdom of Cheese?"

"Aww… I hate forms." Ixiie internally weighs the novelty of getting a new phone-thinge to play with .vs the boring tedium an entire form could exact upon her. As she contemplates, something snaps her back to reality and she turns on Nolan with a gaze like a thermic lance. "You're a wizard?!" she fumes, as a slight breeze begins to pick up around the school hub.

"Or I could try and serve it early during the week and we could leave Friday night. Maybe I could make it seem like it's Goonie's idea for me to do it early." At the mention from Maya about the trip, it surprises Annaliesa and she laughs a little. "Cheese," she gives a nod, "I think so. Maybe Derek can learn cheese carving or something." The newness of the newbie just brings a sympathetic look, "I remember being new, but not from a whole other universe."

"Yeah, have to fill it out in triplicate," bemoans Derek, "But there is a kid in metis who copies, part of his power." Just to plant the idea there for Ixiie, if she ever changes hr mind. Certainly he gets the special property of Nolan's phone, but he keeps it going just the same. "See, bonus to the Wisconson trip, cheese. I'm not trying the fudge flavored cheese, that sounds wrong though. Is carving a serious art, or there is some special way to cut the cheese there." A puase, it stops him from picking up on Kingdom of Cheese and playing that up. A look to Liesa as if she walked him into the trip, a grin, helping lift some Monday blues. He'll have to remember thatone for other students.

"Kingdom of Cheese sounds about right," Maya agrees with Nolan. "In fact, it is said that they have the biggest cheese wheel in the world. I heard it is quite magical in all its…cheesiness. It can cut across any sweetness and pairs with any wine like it was made for it. The magical artifact that is Wisconsin's Wheel of Cheese is quite amazing. It is one of the most heavily gaurded weapon on Earth. Well, this Earth." Maya then nods sagely at Derek. "I have heard many people have spent their lives perfecting the art of cheese carving. It ain't for the weak hearted nor for those with a sensitive sense of smell."

There's a little sigh from Nolan. "My father is of this world, he came from the Kingdom of Steel - Pittsburg." the young man says as he smiles a little at Maya. "But I know what cheese is." He wants to say more, but there's a pause as he feels the wind pick up, blowing around the small flakes of snow that have started to fall and swirling them about. "…I'm more a cleric?" he says to Ixiie, a frown forming on his features as he starts stepping back from the blue creature, his hands moving up in a defensive manner as he watches the girl with a hint of concern.

The wind gradualy dies down again and Ixiies stare cools from "core of the sun" to merely "blasting furnace". "I'm gonna go get cake. And a phone." she says with on last I've Got My Eye On You glare at Nolan. The imp tries to climb the stairs a haugtily as possible, an effect completly ruined by the gravitational pull of her backpack, but she makes the effort nonetheless.

Annaliesa holds an iPhone, but she looks down at it, "My mom bought mine." A shrug and she pockets it for now. "Fudge flavored cheese? I think I'd rather go wherever the Kingdom of Fudge is for that. And Derek, in a few weeks, want to go to Michigan? For the Kingdom of Christmas and Taffy?" A nose wrinkle at the idea of smelly cheese and she shakes her head towards Maya, "Maybe not cheese carving.." Though Nolan gets a question, "How did you come about then if your dad is from there and your mom from.. the other place?"

Part of not going on about the Kingdom of Cheese himself, Derek notices a look from Liesa that give him pause, or seems to focus on her for a moment with a lifted brow. "We have so many kingdoms, someday I want my own." He says as Liesa and Maya continue about them, but a nod, "We'll figure out cheese when we get there, we don't have to carve it to enjoy it right? And Kingdom of Christmas, I'm in for it. Like after Black Friday, cause I want to avoid that mess." As the imp goes ff for cake and phone, Derek grins a little to Nolan, "Like karma. Wizard and an Imp. Or cleric?" A pause, "Maybe that doesn't work out, I think here, some people believe priests like exercise imps or something?"

"I didn't say you didn't know what cheese is, it's why I didn't explain it to you. I just meant to say it is the best cheese wheel in the world," Maya points out to Nolan. She flashes him another grin before she lets out a sigh as she realizes she probably should go to the library to do her English research. "Alright, I think I should get to class before they notice that there are only 11 students in a class of 12. I miss massive public school sometimes…" She trails off with a sigh before looking towards the library door. "Maybe Nolan is a priest?"

As Liesa asks him how he came about, Nolan gets a genuinely confused look. "When a boy and girl like each other very much.." the 14 year old begins, not sure if he needs to be explaining the birds and bees to an upper classman. "…they do things together, and the girl has a baby, and boom, that's how I'm here?" he says as if it should be completely obvious. "Oh.. right, Imps, weak to magic sometimes." he says with a sigh. "I will have to apologize to her later.

Annaliesa rolls her eyes. "Like, I meant did your dad somehow end up in your moms world or your mom in your dads, but meh, nevermind." A shrug as he makes the quote of American's, nation wide. "I see you have mastered the art of sarcasm from the US." There is a glance towards the library, "Or we could all just skip next hour and hang out in the boiler room. It is sooo cold out here." A shiver and she hugs her book close to her. "I think after Thanksgiving would be perfect. Are you still coming over, Derek? Mom wanted me to ask."

"Maybe," grins Derek a little, "I mean you're not lugging around holy water or anything right?" A shrug, "Good lukc on the apology, I'm sure she's cool with it once you explain." A nods to Maya, "Yeah, or take a detention, join our cause. Free rights for students. Enjoy getting there on time though." A hint of tease that way. He tries not to grin too much as Nolan explains the birds and bees. But nods as Liesa clarifies at least. "Lets go hang out in the boiler room, you convinced me. Talk about thanksgiving, I still plan to be there. Wouldn't miss that for the world Liesa." Or time with her at least.

"Hey, if you can sneak me a cigarette while you're at it and I'll be in heaven," Maya returns towards Annaliesa at the mention of the broiler room. "Then I'd feel just like home." She can't help but snort at Nolan's sex references, quirking her eyebrows at Annaliesa as if to say 'well, if you take it literally…' Maya then shakes her head at Derek. "Nah, I better get goin'. I kind of need my weekend this weekend, no need for detention. I may pass by during my 'bathroom break' though."

As Liesa and Derek talk about heading to the boiler room and Maya's heading off, it seems Nolan's going to be alone. "..oh." he says, understanding Liesa's question now. "Well, my father came from here to there, and my mother was a Princess. He saved us from an invasion and they got married and now they're the King and Queen." he says with a nod of his head. "But I should go find my room and classes and stuff. I didn't mean to interrupt things." he murmurs, his cheeks reddening as he prepares to head off.

"I don't smoke, but maybe my little brother Vinny…" Annaliesa throws him under the bus, because.. older sister. Flashing a grin to Maya, she motions towards the boiler room. "Krutchen is the worst for weekend detention, the others are more during the school day, so we're pretty safe." Then a moment of clarification, "Krutchen is who I call Goonie. He gave me the Saturday detention." At the further explanation from Nolan, she grins, a touch of awe there, "So you're a prince then? That's really cool. You're welcome to come to the boiler room also, if you like? We're just not interested in next hour."

"Yeah, totally, if you escape for a break, come on down. We'll get some dryers going," for warmth. Still a grin over the birds and bees explanation from Nolan. A look back to him even, "Nah, not interrupting anything. If you're good for detention or something, take a quick skip from checking in. You're probably covered all day if its your first one." A second thought, "Wait, Waller set up your phone? They probably can track you too by it. Get a room, leave it there, then boiler room." He's two cents at least. A snort himself about Krutchen, the easiest way to get some bad detention. "That is pretty cool, your dad wanted you to learn about earth or something, like grounded here. Some Valkyrie is grounded here too."

"Sounds good! I'll catch you guys later." She flashes them a quick grin before making her way to the library. Maya is already going to be late, but she fully plans on taking more time off later in the boiler room.

"I shouldn't get into trouble on my first day. Maybe later." Nolan says with a nod of his head. "Not really grounded.. uh.. it's complicated. But me being here keeps my home from being attacked." he tries the simple explanation. "But I'll need to get these things taken care of. It was nice meeting you both!" he says as he moves to head off.


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