(2016-11-06) Strangers You've Always Known
Strangers You've Always Known
Summary: Tabitha's quest to lose herself in a crowd continues, reaching an end she did not expect.
Date: 2016-11-06
Related: Takes place immediately after The Rise and Fall of Dance Dance Evolutionary
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Scene Runner: NA

After leaving the dance club since it wasn't going to be worth staying at after a skeleton attack, Tabitha tried to find yet another place where she could go to loose herself in a crowd. Second choice for such a goal? The coffee shop. She heads there and gets in line. She gets a few looks when she enters because of her attire. Black jeans with knee-high canvas boots, red blouse over white t-shirt, and the kicker… black jacket with both a hood and a veil covering the upper half of her face. Her mouth and lower face are visible and have quite a few puckered scars with hair-thin lines radiating from them at the edges of her mouth. She make it to the counter and orders a hot chocolate and fresh brownie.

A silver shadow trapses along the sidewalk, carefully dodging the pedestrian traffic; the scent of coffee even alluring to the feline population. Micah wiggles his way through the myriad of people standing in line, only the way a cat can, making sure to 'accidentally' trip a person or two during the tom cat strut. With it being cold, it's not entirely unusual to see a stray cat out and about on the search for food, right?

Maya moves to stand behind Tabitha, not even noticing the hooded girl at first as she is too busy with her phone. She is frowning as she texts back someone, her lips pressing into a thin line. It isn't until Tabitha orders and Maya hears her voice that she blinks and lifts her head up. Noting who it is just as she turns around, Maya pauses before she calls out to her, "Hey, Tabitha right? How-…How are you feelin'?"

Quarl is a new kid. Since arriving just last week he has worked hard to mostly stick to himself. He's an Athenian and…not too much else is known about him. The well-built kid slips into the cafe, adjusting his glasses as he peers about. He takes the cafe in as if he's never been in here before, and he pushes his hands into the pockets on his jeans. After a moment he slowly makes his way over, stepping into line behind everyone else.

Alexander seems to share Tabitha's opinion on that; when he came to town he figured that an attack wasn't going to leave the place in any state to entertain. So… yeah. Second best place? Coffee shop. He probably looks kind of weird to be walking into a coffee shop, in the near-goth rocker stuff he usually wears. Though the scarf bearing the school colors might be a giveaway of where he's from, if any is needed. He's got the scarf wrapped loosely around his neck so it hides his mouth a bit as he enters.

Well, she had hoped to lose herself anyway. When the girl behind her seems to recognize her, even though Tabitha hasn't seen her before, she nods without turning around. "Yep. That's me." She pays for her order then turns to face Maya while waiting for it to be completed. "Who might you be?" She decides she should be more aware of her surroundings with all of this evening's surprise encounters and pays more attention to the input her aura is giving her. She spots the Athenian red on the goth boy's scarf and makes a decision. She'll act on it once she has her sweets.

Unlike various some other customers surreptitiously hiding their identities, Ixiie almost flaunts her inhumanity as she walks into the coffee shop. She wears a megawat grin that seems to broadcast, "Yup, I really totally am a demon!" as she gets in line at the counter.

Quarl turns when Ixiie pipes up, and he blinks and adjusts his glasses. His brow furrows a bit and he turns to step up to the counter when it is his turn. "Uh, a Peppermint mocha, please." He fishes out cash to pay, and then steps to the side to wait for his drink with others that are waiting. He stands there, looking a hint awkward.

"I was the girl that managed to carry yo back home without touching you. Ah-…and I got a glimpse of how those creatures think so-…" She trails off before Maya becmes suddenly very aware that maybe a public coffee shop isn't a place to talk trauma. "Sorry, 'bout what you went through." She offers before turning to the lady at the counter and ordering a large black coffee. She catches sight of Quarl and Alexander but doesn't see the cat yet. Waving at them as she recognizes them, she calls out, "Heya Muscles, Alex."

Who is hiding their identity, not Micah, he really is a cat. With his position in line secured, being the next in line, but not really trying to be a patron, more of a speed bump; he sits down promptly and licks a paw, curling his tail around his feet and purrs softly as he goes about cleaning his face. His ears twitch around quite a bit' he hears a voice that catches his attention and he looks up and over, spotting Maya. The purring stops. Shoot! Someone who can blow his cover…. Slowly he rises to all fours and starts to slowly mingle to lose himself in the myriad of feet in line.

Too soon to talk about weeks of horrible torture? Yeah. Tabitha's back stiffens when Maya brings up the rescue, although she does manage to get out a quiet, "Thank you." She glances down, her opaque veil swaying from the movement, and notes the cat windings his way through legs. And then a demon walks in and she's reached her limit. When her order is called, she walks over to a table with a dozen chairs, sets her drink and brownie down and raises a hand, "Alright… Coral Springs table right here! Pull up a chair and represent."

Quarl blinks when Maya greets him as 'muscles'. "Oh. Hi again." The big new kid is standing to the side, dressed in civilian clothes, and waiting for his drink. He reaches out to get his peppermint mocha when it is done, an then he nods to Tabitha. "Oh, sure…" He moves to follow her and any others towards the mentioned table. "Quarl. I'm Quarl." He pronounces it pretty much exactly like Carl, so it is very easy to assume that is his name.

Grabbing her coffee, Maya smirks at Tabitha's announcement before following through, pulling a chair out and plopping down on it languidly. Crossing one leg over the other, she sinks low into her seat as she takes a nice long sip of bitter, bitter coffee. Visibly relaxing once she feels the black gold hit her tongue, Maya lets out a satisfied sigh after her sip. Heaven. "He's new to the school too," she nods in Quarl's direction.

Gyda has thankfully been given some Midgardian clothes, because someone was thoughtful enough to realize maybe leather and fur and metal armor might not be the best thing for her to go galavanting about in while in Shady Cove. And while Gyda feels rather naked without her weapons, she is fairly sure she can manage without them for the moment. Her inability to acquire proper mead has been most upsetting though, and so she's resorted to this Midgardian libation called 'coffee' as a possible substitute. It's not difficult for her to spot the Coral Springs group, and with a beaming smile, she lifts a hand in greeting. "Hail, friends!" she calls out boisterously.

The cat carefully makes his way underfoot over to the table and then with a practiced and graceful motion leaps from the ground to the table in a single motion; the acquiring a sufficiently distant placement from everyone sits down and wraps his tail around his feet. His ears twitching toward all the voices, eyes half-lidding. BUT! There is no purring. Nope not a single rumble. He sits there almost like he is bothered to be on the table and in their presence. You know, like a cat.

Ixiie retrieves a jumbo hot chocolate from the counter and meanders over to the claimed school table. "I got Hot Chocolate!", she informs everyone as she sits down, looking closely at the veiled girl opposite her. After a long, hard look over the top of the foam cup, she blurts out, "Hey, do I know you?"

Tabitha blinks unseen behind her veil. Well, her brain sends the 'bemused eyeblink' command to tissues that no longer exist anyway. But she put out the invitation and it's being accepted. "Be right back." She goes and goes back up to the counter to get a sausage buiscuit which she brings back to the table, takes all of it except for the sausage off the plate and puts the plate with sausage down on the table where the cat has taken up a presence. Because one must make proper offering, naturally.

Gyda's arrival and boistrous greeting gets a smile from the scarred mouth under her veil, "Hail yourself. Grab a seat if you call Coral Springs home, or even if you just call it school." When the demon asks if she knows her Tabitha just shrugs, "Maybe. I guess I've caused a bit of a stir the last couple weeks."

Quarl nods when it is pointed out that he is new. He sits back in his chair, cradling his mocha in his hands as he glances from one person to the next (And also cat…). Gyda seems to draw his bespeckled attention eventually. "Oh. Hail." He brushes his fingers back through his hair before bringing his drink to his lips for a long sip.

"Hail!" Maya calls out without thinking, it's just fun to yell out such words sometimes. She takes another sip from her cup as she notices the cat jumping onto the table. Smirking, she shakes her head at him before looking back towards Gyda and waving her over.

If a cat could look bemused, this one would. Micah offers a nod of a head toward Tabitha as he purrs his thanks; before leaning down to sniff at the meat patty and take a quick snippet of it off. No need to be rude, after all - traditions and all. Micah's eyes flick wide open when he notices Maya's headshake at him and his tail twitches, ever-so-slightly. He returns to taking small nibbles of the patty before him, as he continues to listen in, the only silent person really at the table.

Alexander seems to have misplaced himself between all the customers for a moment. But he does head towards the table Tabitha 'claims' as being occupied by Coral Springs students. Surprisingly, the kid that doesn't eat has… a coffee and a cookie. It's a small thing, but it's more than he usually has. He brings a chair to the table, in fact, so he doesn't steal one from soneone else. Forgetting the fact that he… actually stole the chair from another table. Oh well. Anyway, he sits near to the table.

Gyda is just beaming like the sun (metaphorically. that should be made clear, considering the crowd.) as she strides over to the large table. "I have heard much of this drink called coffee and wish to partake!" she declares loudly. "Who might be willing to explain further of its nature that I may learn the best way to drink it?" She takes a seat, makes a fist and pounds it on the table's surface. Thankfully, it's sturdy. "Barkeep! A coffee!"

At Gyda's words and actions, Maya slooooowly blinks before her head falls back and she bursts out laughing; a harsh, barking belly laugh. "Oh man! I like you," she declares towards Gyda before smacking her fist down as well. "Yes! Coffee!" With that she slides her black coffee towards Gyda to try. "Here, it's the bitterest of drinks but invigorates you like the a bolt of lightning. Welcome to the addiction known as caffiene."

It takes exactly seven hot cocoa sips before Ixiie's eyes go wide. "You're the girl from space!", she calls out, pointing at Tabitha, "I know 'cause you're the only other one around here that's normal sized! All those doctors were like 'You'll totally die if you touch her' and I was all like 'Pfft. I'm awesome' and then there was a green ghost thing and someone hit me with a mattress!!"

Quarl jumps when Ixiie yells about space. He almost spills his Peppermint Mocha, even! He sets it on the table and glances between the demoness and the covered girl, cocking his head to the side. "I'm really getting the feeling that there's a lot for me to catch up on, being new and all."

All of the activity and voices have a soothing effect on Tabitha, the exact opposite that she expected. Guess vanishing into the crowd doesn't have to involve a crowd of normal strangers. When the table gathers almost enough people to fill it she starts to drink her hot cocoa only to stop as she tastes it and frown. It's her favorite thing ever, it should not taste like wet ash and bitter regret! But a second taste gets the same results so she just sets the mug down again. The look that Maya gives the cat gets a bit of her attention, but she decides it's not anything she needs to follow up on.

And then Ixiie blurts out a lot of words and Tabitha's back stiffens when space is mentioned yet again. And then Ixiie is talking about… "Wait, you're one of the people that jump-started me?" Then Gyda is slaming the table and calls are made for coffee, so she stands up again. "I'll be right back… again." She returns to the counter yet again, this time to put in an order for a couple large pots of coffee and a tray of mugs. Their table is already getting its share and more of looks. Best to not also annoy the staff, especially of Oliver is working tonight.

As fist hits table and saucer with patty clinks, the cat's grace fades momentarily and Micah raises his head to glance at Gyda. ~If you don't mind…~ The voice radiates from no where in particular being telepathic et al. It's a teenage male voice with a slight southern draw. The cat's tail twitches again in aggitation, though the rest of the form has regained composure. The cat then goes back to nibbling on his sausage patty.

"Thank you, friend, I like you too!" Does Gyda ever stop smiling? Not at the moment, it would seem. She picks up Maya's mug, sniffs it and gets a sense of the heat, and then proceeds to chug it like the heat doesn't even bother her before slamming down the mug, giving it a hairline crack. "This is marvelous! Barkeep! Another!" And then more in fact, shows up. "Ah, excellent!" This to Tabitha, and then her heard turns toward the feline. There's a single blink, and then she inclines her head. "Apologies, Freya-kin. I meant no disrespect." She reaches for the coffee kettle. '

"Hell yea, we've been into /Space/." Maya says this in Quarl's direction as if he should admire such a thing. "I mean, not many people can say they've been into space, much less fight intergalactic powerful creatures who have a mind so alien that-…" she stops suddenly before shaking her head as a shiver passes through her, "nevermind. But yea, lucky you, Quarl, you may end up checking out actual space too." Cause who wouldn't want that? Little did she know… Maya then flashes Gyda a grin as she cracks her mug. "I figured you'd like it. I want to be here when the caffiene hits you all at once."

Alexander pipes up at Ixiie's words, "I was the green ghost." He raises a hand. He's still hiding his mouth with that scarf, though. He looks at Quarl. "I'm almost used to that feeling," he remarks. He rescues his coffee from falling over at Gyda's hiting the table. That would be unpleasant, but he snags the cup without it tipping much. He raises the thing to take a drink of it, briefly pulling the scarf down and out of the way, but then moving it back to cover his mouth once he's done.

The patty is now well taken care of as Micah licks a paw and proceeds to rub it against his muzzle with a soft rumble of a purr. He appreciates the smell of coffee but has never acquired the actual taste for it. After his quick cleaning he slows his purr to a bare vibrating rumble and half-lids his eyes as he listens to the group silently; judgingly in the way only a cat could do. Drink your caffiene humans… Drink it all!

Ixiie points at Alexander, "Yeah, it was him! I'm, like, totally impossible to energy drain but they made me stay in that hospital place and it got super boring after they ran out of jello." She takes another sip of her cocoa, and turns to the room at large, "Hay, I heard people talk about skeletons on the way here! Did I miss a fight again??"

While she's listening to all of the various conversations, seeming to have no difficulty following them all, Tabitha is also taking small bites of the food she bought. This includes taking a chunk of the sausage patty she gave to the cat once he breaks cover just before he finishes it off. And if he gives her a look she'll give one right back. When Alexander also pipes in that he was the other source of her jump start, she turns her veiled face to him and nods. "Thank you, both of you."

She also shudders when Maya gets to the part about the Travesties and their alien minds. She gives the girl a glance (or at least that's the motion her head makes), "You… touched their minds? I… I'm sorry."

Well. With Micah sauntering away, Gyda returns her attention to the coffee. "I have noticed that some mix it with other substances." This observation is made to well, the table in general, though there's a pause as she stares at Alexander. Her head slowly tilts to one side in confusion. "Friend," she tells him solemnly, "You have some manner of condition."

When Tabitha actually apologizes for what Maya may have experienced, the smirking confident teen falls quiet, her smile melting away briefly as she looks back towards Tabitha. She doesn't say anything at first, just swallows thickly before suddenly flashing Tabitha a smirk and shrugging her shoulders, her mask returning once more. "Yea well, alien minds and all that." But there is an obvious hidden tension underneath her casual look. Now that Gyda has finished her coffee, however, Maya has found her reason to exit. "Well, it was nice catchin' up and all. I'll see you guys around." With that she gets up and begins to head out.

Sauntering away? Hardly, the cat has hardly moved from his spot on the table where he can view his human servants. Yes human servants… Let us not forget who has to clean the litter box! Micah continues to silently, and I should mention judgingly, listen to the myriad of conversations flying around the table. His glances quickly and all ninja-cat like taken from time to time behind half-lidded eyes. Though his attention turns to Tabitha for a few long seconds before he twitches his tail and looks back around the table. Thanks Bastet… Thanks.

Well Tabitha knows exactly what Maya experienced when touching the minds of the Travesties. Those… things used her mind, body, and soul as their focus to enter this universe. She just nods when Maya stands to leave, saying only, "Thank you for getting me out of there." Then she lets out a long breath and focuses on the here and now, smiling around the table then shifting her attention to Gyda. "Yes, some people add milk, cream, or sugar to their coffee. I've usually avoided many things with caffine. I was worried it would stunt my growth." Given how small she is, this was a valid concern to her.

Then Gyda calls her attention back over to Alexander and she pauses when she really takes the time to /look/ at him through her aura. She focuses the energy field to get a better visual, finding the shape of his face through the odd energy he emits. Then her jaw drops and she gasps. "You're Alex Dubois! From the Standing Tall regionals!" Then she pauses and leans in closer to him, her voice dropping to only carry at their table. "But… didn't you die?"

Ixiie doesn't seem scared of stunting her own growth as she drains the hot chocolate and begins to yawn. "I think I'ma go to bed. Night!" She hops off her chair and heads out into the night, tossing her cup in the trash with a small spiraling burst of air from her hand.

"Seems like it," Alexander replies to Ixiie. "Dance club. I missed it too." He doesn't sound upset at this. Tabitha's thanks gets a smile, barely visible over the scarf. "Don't worry about it. Just glad it helped." Gyda's words draw his attention to her. He blinks. And then? He snorts a laugh. Not at her, no. the chuckle that follows is good-natured. "Could say that, yeah. But he doesn't explain. He uptilts his head to the departing Maya. "Later." Tabitha's leaning over to look at him — well, 'look' at him — gets a blink. And her shout actually startles him. "Huh?" He grimaces, as Tabitha basically gives Gyda the explanation he wasn't going to go into. "…Yeah to both." and then Ixiie's leaving too. Heoffers a wave in her direction. "Seeya."

The cat seemingly gets a bit bored as he stands up and then hops off the table and vanishes into the crowd; it's easy for Micah to become lost.

Tabitha winces when it's clear that Alex wasn't really wanting that last detail brought up. "Ah, sorry about that. It's just you called yourself a ghost earlier, and I'd heard about what happened and was seriously bummed that rock had lost you." She pauses and then reaches out a hand for shaking. The hand has a lot of recent scars, especially around the fingernails. "I should introduce myself, or re-introduce in this case. Tabitha Jones, Orphean Wing."

Alexander shakes his head. "It's okay. The media in Salem got wind of it and took a big giant juicy bite of it. For a while it was hard to just go to school. In comparison, that's not bad at all." He gives a rueful half-smile. He returns the handshake, not seeming to mind the scars… and then pauses. "Wait, wait." Blink. "…How did I not notice before? Yeah, I remember you." He grins. "Good to see you again."

"Likewise." Tabitha shrugs at the question, a blush spreading on the visible part of her face. "Not hard to miss, really. Torn apart on a hospital bed, with my glyphs on full display, is a somewhat different picture than my usual metal on-stage self. Might be a while before we're back on stage, though." She likes understatement, this one. She nods her understanding of Alex's situation back in Salem. "Yeah, it was the same for me last spring before I came to Coral Springs. Lots of talk."

Alexander nods in agreement. "That's very true." No sense in denying it. "Well, for what it's worth, I'll be waiting to see you perform again." He offers a smile. She might not be able to see it, but she can probably 'hear' it in his tone. As for the media? He nods again. "That seems to be a big deal, doesn't it? When kids break out in weird." There's a smirk.

Tabitha can see quite well, despite the opaque veil (and the thick bandages over her eyes underneath the veil) thanks to the aura that grants her particular brand of weird. She returns the smile and shrugs, "Eh. My orphanage caretaker was able to exert some legal influence to keep it out of the media. The whole 'identity withheld due to them being a minor' thing. Didn't stop the rest of it, of course." The mention of seeing them perform again causes her smile to widen even as it takes on a slight downturn. "Well… it'll be tough to be too enthusiastic until we get Katrina back, but our second album is getting its official release in a couple weeks…" She then facepalms as something occurrs to her. "Bobdammit… there's no way I'll avoid spending my entire Thanksgiving break doing press events and interviews about the album and the kidnapping." She follows this up by raising her mug, now full of could untouched cocoa. "To the rock n' roll lifestyle, right?"

"Ah," Alexander replies. "Yeah, that'd help. The media just pestered the hell out of my parents." He snorts, the sound mithless. "Pretty sure they were glad to see the back of me when I ran away that time." He makes a disgusted face when she starts talking about how she's going to end up spending Thanksgiving break. "Oh yuck. Don't think there's any way I can help, but I wish I could." He nods at the toast. "To rock 'n roll. Putting us in early graves even when we aren't on drugs," he replies wryly.

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