(2016-11-06) Blood and Tears
Blood and Tears
Summary: Besa visits Tabitha and works his magic.
Date: 2016-11-06
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NPCs: Doctor Wiggins
Scene Runner: NA

Ever since the chaos yesterday, visitors to Tabitha's isolation room have been required to check in with the doctor or nurse on duty. Not to keep them from visiting, but so the medical staff knows that someone is in there and won't be caught off guard again. The room itself is no longer kept closed as it is no longer neccessary to keep it at Death Valley temperatures in order to sustain Tabitha's energy level.

Tabitha is also doing a bit better than she was yesterday, at least by appearances. Her aura is able to deliver enough sensory information for her to know when someone is in the room and to hear them talk, but her only way of communicating is still writing. Her regeneration power doesn't seem to be doing much to repair the horrific damage she sustained. As for that damage, thankfully it's not visible except for a few places where the vaccuum ruptured skin is visible at the edges of the many bandages covering her body. Head, ears, eyes, neck, chest, and many smaller places on her arms and hands. From her abdomen down she's covered with a sheet that's been tented to prevent it from coming into contact with her body. She's resting more or less comfortably at the moment.

Besa speaks softly to the nurse on duty, who seems unsure about letting him in. Besa's getting a reputation for leaving with bandages of his own, but the patients always feeling better. Double edged sword indeed. But they let him in. The teen healer stops at the door, taking in Tabitha's damage. "Hello Tabitha. I hope you are feeling a little better. I was unsure what I could bring, so I did not bring anything for you." What a terrible friend! He steps closer, coming over to the side of the bed which hopefully doesn't have machines he could accidentally bump into and stop. "If you would like, I cold try to heal you?" He looks over her, before binding an appropriate place to lay his hand, hopefully not anywhere that will hurt her, he'd like it to be a comforting touch.

Maybe she was lost in thought, but it's not until Besa is just a few feet away that Tabitha senses his presence via her aura. Her head turns to face him out of reflex, and she only flinches back a little before catching herself. Once she recovers from the flinch she manages a small smile she hopes is reassuring. Her mouth moves but she doesn't try to speak. Her lips slowly form, 'Hello Besa' before she reaches over with her other hand to tap the screen of a tablet that's been set up for her to use. The words go across the screen slowly: 'No need to bring anything. I'm a bit wrapped up anyway.' She tries a small smile as she types this.

When he offers to heal her, her hand falters over the tablet and her head turns away and down slightly. At the edge of the bandages over her eyes, where there is already a dark stain along the edge, slow drips of gold-flecked green leak out and down her cheeks. She's crying blood. Her hand does go back to the tablet screen after a moment, typing: 'Don't know if I can be. But I'm willing to try.'

Besa smiles back at her, "I have been there myself. it is not always pleasant." Ever. See, he can make mummified jokes! He's funny! He nods, and then replies, "we will not no unless I try. Even if it helps only some…" it's what he did for Krista anyway. He rolls up his left sleeve, revealing two scars on the inside of his left forearm. Out comes his small ivory dagger that the school has yet to take from him. The room is scanned for bandages to press against the cut when it's over. "As like before, I will need to make contact with your skin." He looks for the best place that isn't her face, cause while he knows he's not begin a creeper, rubbing blood on someone's face is.

There is movement under her eye bandages suggestive of raised eyebrows as the ivory dagger comes out. There are spaces on her arms and abdomen where contact can be made. When the blood touches her skin, the healing effect is slow to start. As if it's being resisted. But that resistance doesn't last. Where her visible skin has been a pale green around her glyphs, a more human looking fleshtone spreads. Even the muscle tone underneath, which had been slightly emaciated, fills out to a degree. As the healing spreads towards her torso, her breathing becomes less shallow and liquid sounding. Most obvious on her torso is where the areas under her chest bandages where a blue-white light could be seen shining through them, the light starts to fade as the open wounds where ribs were removed close. Eventually it goes up her head. The blood tears start to run clear and an audible sob escapes her throat.

When she actually hears the sob it shocks her into silence. She looks over to Besa with a huge smile on her face as more tears stream down her cheeks. It takes her a few tries, and when she succeeds her voice still sounds rough and raw, but eventually she gets out a, "Thank you."

Besa's got his eyes closed and he's concentrating on the healing. His forearm is pressed into her torso, as that's where the most healing (From what he could tell) was needed. His fingers warm and splayed against her skin, although the amount of blood loss is starting to make them cool slightly. At her voice his eyes open and he smiles, seeing some improvement, "There you are, Tabitha."

When Besa opens his eyes, Tabitha returns his smile and brings her hands over to set them on top of his. "Gypsum. It wasn't so clear before, but to my aura your sense is gypsum." She keeps her voice soft and quiet, years of voice training reflexively keeping her from straining her best professional asset. She sits up as the healing as returned a good portion of the strength she'd lost over the past two weeks of abuse. "That… that was… quite the experience." She shifts one hand to Besa's cheek. "I'll think of some way to return the favor."

Besa's head tilts, not quite following her words, but he's just happy she's whispering and moving now. When she sits up, he grabs the nearest towel to press into his own wound. He smiles, his cheek against her hand, "It was my honor, Tabitha. I am glad I could help you, my friend. Do you require anything, drink? Food?"

Tabitha shakes her head, "No, I feel… refreshed." She pulls back the tented sheet and swings her legs off the side of the bed. A gray haze forms over her body for modesty's sake as she tentatively sets her feet down to the floor, then more confidently as she finds she has more than enough strength to stand on her own. She starts to pull off the bandages over her head, ears, neck, and arms. There are still places, mostly on her head and face, where her skin was ruptured by cold and vaccuum that have become thick scar tissue instead of healed skin but for the most part she seems intact on the surface. She does not remove the bandage covering her eyes.

Going to the closet she pulls out one of the medical gowns and pulls is on over the remaining bandages. The modesty haze is dropped once she's covered up. This is about the time that one of her doctors comes hustling up to the door in response to the loss of readings from her monitoring equipment. Tabitha looks over as he enters and gives him a quick finger-wave. "Good afternoon, Doctor Wiggins. I think I'm strong enough to transfer to my dorm room now."

Besa's hand comes up in that offering to help her stand if she needs, or willing to catching her if she stumbles. Which she does not. He smiles, but then turns away as he realizes what the grey haze is for. Dark eye4s do glance over to the doctor and he offers a sheepish smile, tightening the hand that's putting pressure on his arm.. Blood is starting to seep through the towel.

The doctor looks from Tabitha to Besa, noticing the towel and the blood. After a beat he just shakes his head and goes to get out some bandages and disinfectant. "And to think I thought working here would be less stressful than Baltimore." He directs Besa over to a chair and starts to tend to his cut on the boy's arm. The only remark he makes out loud is, "You should carry a pressure bandage and elevate the limb, young man. Learn how to better tend to yourself." Then he pauses and glances over his shoulder to where Tabitha is removing bandages from under the gown before looking back to Besa. "However you did it, thank you. She seems… alive again."

Over on the other side of the room, Tabitha finishes taking off all of the bandages except the one over her eyes. Then she waits until the doctor isn't looking in her direction before clasping her hands at her chest and bowing to Besa. She mouths 'thank you' and then gives him a quick finger-wave. And then she fades from sight.

The issue isn't that Besa doesn't know, it's that the end game for him isn't one where she really has to take care of himself. Not really, and that's kinda depressing. He nods through, "I will. Thank you." He sits still, although he winces as the doctor does his thing. He's not a fan of pain, ironically. Besa keeps his eyes on Tab as soon as she's decent and nods to what the doctor said, "Yes.." An eyebrow raise, and he doesn't say anything as she disappears, leaving him to deal with the aftermath.

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