(2016-11-06) Beautiful With You
Beautiful With You
Summary: The day that started in a hospital bed ends in just the right place.
Date: 2016-11-06
Related: Takes place shortly after Strangers You've Always Known
NPCs: None
Scene Runner: NA

It's always bunnies with her. She's spending the night exercising, for the moment. In what one might ask? Bicycle shorts with a puffball tail, a hoodie with little rabbit ears, and yes… bunny slippers. How many ridiculous outfits does she have? The answer is most likely a lot. And what's she doing right now? Agility exercises! Handstands! Flips! Etc! Surprisingly, she actually does sweat. Breath? No. Sweat, yes!
Her mood has improved greatly since her lady came back, and she's been full of energy ever since. So when she hears a scratching at her door at a time when usually few but her are awake? She comes to the door and opens it a peak. Seeing Tabitha there, she looks around furtively, and murmurs,"Babe, what are you doing out of the bay? Get in here before someone sees you."
A pause. "I'm out of Batman. How do you feel about Supergirl?"

Tabitha doesn't really look like a fugitive from medical justice. She seems to be fully dressed in jeans, boots, t-shirt and blouse, and one of her concert jackets with the attached hood and veil, both of which are up and in place. She's also carrying a to-go bag and cup from Mug Shot. She scoots into the room when Rissa opens the door enough, but below the veil her mouth can be seen quirking upwards. "Already been seen, Sweet. Couldn't avoid it." She keeps her voice low since it is very late and sets the Mug Shot goodies on Rissa's desk before turning around with a bright smile on her scarred mouth. "Supergirl sounds great." She seems to be in almost perfect shape save for the scars on her hands and around her mouth and neck. Given the condition she was in when Rissa and the others got her home, this is something of a minor miracle.

Rissa's only signs of trial are a slight smoothness of the skin of her knuckles and increased spots of golden… is it scarring? A lot more smoothness in their flex as well. Whatever the case, if the scarring puts Rissa off, it doesn't show on her face. She DOES go for a towel to scrub off some of her sweat, then heads over to her drawers to find a pair of over-sized Supergirl T-shirts. One is tossed to Tabitha, even as Rissa begins to wiggle out of her hoodie. Bedclothes? "Up for a while or gonna pull a sleepover? Turns out 'don't need to sleep' isn't the same as 'can't sleep'."
There is a pause and she opens her arms once the over-sized t-shirt is hanging around her thighs and she scoots out of her slippers and bicycle shorts. There. Comfy. "I'll admit, that may also be an utter desire on my part to sneak my way to cuddles. I was so terrified for you, hun. And it's amazing to have you back." The t-shirt offered to Tab was big on Rissa. On Tabitha, it'd be tent-like. "You already look so much better hun. I was terrified we got to you too late."

When Tabitha catches the Supergirl t-shirt/pavilion she pauses as if suddenly shy. She pauses for a few beats while she watches Rissa get changed, then seems to make up her mind. A brief shimmer of energy along her body and she's no longer fully dressed but instead is just wearing her red-trimmed white workout leotard with the red Athena symbol between the shoulder blades. Everything else was just an illusion. Well, everything except for the bandages still wrapped around her eyes. And she's basically bald, altough there does seem to be a barest hint of shadow on her scalp where the scars aren't.

She puts on the t-shirt, finds that the neck is too large to do anything other than hang off one shoulder and come perilously close to slipping off both, then shimmies out of her leotard underneath. Mention of sleep causes her to shudder and hug herself. "I'm not sleeping for about ever, thanks." Then she pratically falls into Rissa's open arms. Cuddles are a yes! "Besa came in. He fixed almost everything. Just not…" She shakes her head to clear the gloom, then is comes back when Rissa mentions getting there too late. Her voice drops to a whisper. "You almost were. Too late, I mean. He told me… 'First the Seven, and then their Master.'. He said that one would devour me on its way through to inhabit Katrina."

If the girl is worried about her appearance sans-illusion? It seems Rissa's not overly concerned. Enfolding Tabitha in her arms, she'll press her lips in a kiss to that mostly bare head, and squeezes. Gently, of course. She very recently discovered she's a lot stronger than she thought. Specifically by turning a living person into a pulpy human-shaped bag of loose meat. And using one as a club. And… Really, it was all awful.

"He did a fine job. You look beautiful, babe." Kisses rain down on the girl's cheeks and forehead and then she'll pick up the girl and carry her over to the bed. She's got a Mazzy Star comforter of all things. Soon the girls will find themselves in bed. "We don't need to sleep then. We can just… be." A pause, and she runs a finger over one of the bandages over the girl's eyes,"You don't need to wear this around me unless it's for medical reasons."

She licks her lips, and then says,"But we didn't get there too late. We're going to get him, babe. And when we're done, there's going to be nothing but a smoking crater left." Rissa's voice is bizarrely even at that pronouncement,"We JUST started dating, hun. I'm not about to let some Cthulhu wannabe steal you before we've really gotten some quality time. I'll always come get you, hun."

Tabitha can be squeezed quite a lot. She's about as tough as Rissa is strong. Witness her still being here after her ordeal. When picked up she tucks herself into Rissa's arms, not moving from that position even when they've wound up in bed. She nods her agreement to the not sleeping plan. "That sounds good." When the finger brushes against the eye bandage, she turns her head away. Clealy there's an issue, but given how well things have gone so far she doesn't take long to push past it. "It's there to… to keep things from falling in."

She pulls herself closer to Rissa when the talk turns to taking out Draxus. She stays quiet on the subject until Rissa says she'll always come get her. "Will you always come with me, too? There's… I have to go somewhere. Soon. When it wasn't… when I wasn't being… He let some things slip when he was ignoring me. There's somewhere I need to go to find out if he was lying."

"I jumped into the vaccuum of space and killed at LEAST one person to come get you. Of course I'll come get you." She strokes the girl's head a little bit as she thinks on it and then smiles,"You're talking about the girl who ingested cyanide just so she could share food with you… I had no idea it would be so almondy."

A pause follows though, and she offers to the girl,"Are… they going to grow back? You want a spare? Considering my appendix grew back, I'm pretty sure it'll grow back anyway." Is she seriously offering to give the girl an eye? Is that Prometheus thing? Rissa moves though, to squeeze the girl about the belly more tightly before closing her eyes.

She finally sets the girl down though, and rises to dive into her drawers until she comes up with a short scarf, and offers it to her,"Accessorize if you gotta wear that. I also have eye-patches from an old pirate costume." She makes sure to grab the goodie bag before returning to the bed for more lap-cuddles.

Tabitha turns sharply to face Rissa when she says what she did, "You… jumped…?" She doesn't even finish the thought before she's planting a kiss right on Rissa's lips. Then when she breaks the kiss and Rissa mentions the cyanide she kisses her again. "Yeah, you'd think it would taste like apples or cherries." She shakes her head when asked about her eyes, "I don't think so. If they were going to, they would've started already, I think. They weren't damaged, anyway. He… he removed them." She gets through that with only a little hesitation.

The leaving and getting of the scarf gets a smile. Tabitha takes the scarf and does a bit of folding and tying, then removes her eye bandages and replaces it with the prepared scarf. It's positioned and layered so that it covers her empty sockets and falls down either side of her nose. "Perfect." She also nods to the goodie bag. "Brownie and a sausage-less sausage bicsuit. The cup is cocoa." She adjust the scarf a bit, nodding to Rissa's list of other items. "I've got a bunch of veils and blindfolds, too."

"Well then. Obviously, we have to go get them back from wherever he put them after he took them out." She leans into the kiss as the girl plants one on her lips, a little whimpery happy sound escaping her. When it's finished, she licks her lips. Her eyes get a little bit of that lusty-look that's quickly tucked away for later. Instead, there's just rocking. "We are going to accessorize you… so hard. Looks beautiful."

Yes, the girl snatches a brownie bite, just because she wants it. Even if it is a waste of food. "You're going to set a new fashion. Anyway, where are we going this time? May I assume that this isn't a Nathan-approved field trip?" Rissa doesn't sound too worried. Then again, that's becoming a bit of a trend with her. She also decides to provide more brownie-flavored kisses. "And when we catch up to Draxus, I very much promise we're going to remove something of his that's important to him."

No more a waste of food than if Tabitha were to try and eat more of it. There was a single small bite missing already. She pauses then nods when the question is raised on the guardian approved nature of the field trip. "Yep. Entirely without his approval. If I'm wrong and what I heard was just torture haze, then no harm done. If I'm right… then this trip will let me confirm it and then he and I will have a serious talk." But enough of the serious, there's more kisses! No further input from her on things dealing with Draxus. She's fine right where she is.

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