(2016-11-05) Ballroom Blitz (AKA - Jump Start, AKA - I'm Helping!)
Ballroom Blitz (AKA - Jump Start, AKA - I"m Helping!)
Summary: Tabitha hasn't started to recover, and then Ixiie and Alexander decide to help.
Date: 2016-11-05
Related: The Oxidising Angel
NPCs: A very harried Coral Springs medical staff
Scene Runner: Tabitha

Since the return of the rescue party volunteers, and the rescued students, medbay has been more busy than even at the Arena Fetch playoffs. A dozen or so students have been treated and released for various injuries sustained in the fighting and things then started getting back to normal today. Well, normal except for two rooms in the back of the section that have been set up as isolation rooms. One has been closed off entirely, including covering the windows and is where the Helix Group medical pod containing Katrina Evans has been placed. Doctors go in and out of the room to conduct tests but none of them can be entirely certain what's happening to the young telepath in the pod.

The other room isn't nearly so shut off from outside contact. It is kept closed and its windows have been plastered in 'WARNING: EXTREME ENVIRONMENT WITHIN' signs. It's not hard to tell why, either. Through the windows it's possible to see the thick heat shimmer and it starts getting noticibly warmer within ten feet of the room's walls. There are also several tesla coils set up in the room's corners although these are currently inactive. The room's bed is curtained off so the curious can't gawk at its occupant. Visitors are being allowed in small numbers for short visits, however.

Ixiie fidets in her seat, looking bored out of her mind. Occationaly she'll harrass a passing member of the nursing staff, "Why do I have to keep coming back here just because I went to space and got shot by lasers? I'm fiiine. I'm gonna go get cake." at which point she is gently but firmly usherd back to her seat and asked to wait a while longer.

Two of the doctors speak to each other over at the monitoring station for Tabitha's room. They're not making any effort to keep their voices down. One of them starts to alter settings on the monitors. "I'm turning the heat down to 110 to match her normal core temperature. The excess heat and coils aren't doing any good. Her body just isn't taking in the energy." The other doctor nods reluctantly. "Agreed. The only reaction we've gotten from her absorption was when one of the coils brushed against her arm. Fully drained on contact, with some damage to the materials as well before it got pulled away. But even that amount of energy barely got her eyes… well, barely got a twitch." They go quiet as something said makes them highly uncomfortable.

Sitting in her chair upside-down, Ixiie sees through the curtained room when as the doctors exit. "Hey! That's the girl from space!", she says, hopping off the chair and darting into the quarentined around the legs of the medical staff. She reaches the bedside before anyone can realize what's going on, the intense heat of the room not seeming to phase her in the slightest.

And wouldn't you know it… that's exactly when Alexander decides to stroll in, in his school uniform. He's not due for another checkup, no. It's just one of those things. Timing. Maybe his weird not-quite sixth sense brought him there. But whatever it is, it brings him there just in time to hear 'girl from space', just as he strolls in. He looks at Ixiie… and blinks, because she does look quite a bit like… well, never mind that. Anyway, he looks into the room that Ixiie disappeared into. "…What's wrong?" he ventures.

Past her isolation room's door and mostly drawn curtains, Tabitha is lying almost entirely dormant in her bed. A small array of monitoring equipment hovers around her, sensor probes close but not actually touching her skin in the places where the bandagers aren't. Head, eyes, ears, neck, chest, and arms are all visibly covered in layers of sterile gauze. Her sheets have been tented so that they cover her from the abdomen down without coming into contact with her body.

She doesn't react as first Ixiie and then Alexander enter the room. Given the locations bandaged, it's probable she isn't able to see or hear much if anything.

Ixiie picks up the chart at the end of the bed and begins to read it the wrong way around. "Here's the problem!" she says, holding the papers up to the newcomer, "This wavy line here should be a lot wavier, and this clipboard should be purple. I can fix this. I'm probably, like, the best nurse ever, I just never tried before. I'll need one of those nurse outfits, though. Do you think they have them in normal size?"

Alexander winces when he sees Tabitha's state. He's only half French actually… but that doesn't mean he didn't learn plenty of it growing up. And at times like this, English just doesn't cut it. So what's his reaction to Tabitha's state? "…Bordel de merde…" He's probably going to get in trouble for that. But whatever. It's appropriate for the situation. Ixiie is suddenly reading charts and waving them. Alexander doesn't know how to read them. "Hey uh." He's trying to get Ixiie's attention. "Maybe we should let the doctors handle it? They went to school for it a lot longer than… well, at least longer than I have, so…" He's still hanging around mostly out of the way. But he does ask, "What's the matter with her?" He asks anyone who can answer, Ixiie or the doctors. He's noticed there have been some… odd preparations made here.

"Pfft. Doctors." Ixiie says dismissivly, "I think they were saying you gotta use the coil thingies." She futzes with large tubes. "I really wich I had the nurses uniform. It works better with the uniform."

Alexander blinks. "Coils?" He looks around. "I don't understand. What's going on?" He hasn't moved yet. He is standing inside an isolation room with Ixiie, both of which are standing around a bed where Tabitha lays, bandaged and unresponsive. With, oddly, all things that could be touching her skin (besides the bandages) carefully placed to keep them all away from her skin.

The door to the room opens as one of the doctors comes back to allow the superheated air to disperse more quickly now that the main heaters have been turned off. He naturally spots the two visitors inside and pauses to speak to them. "Be careful you don't touch her directly. It won't hurt her, but it could kill you. She's been drained of energy to well past starvation levels, and her energy drain power is on a hair trigger." He comes over to Tabitha's bedside and checks the monitoring equipment, then raises an eyebrow to Ixiie and holds out a hand for her to give him Tabitha's chart.

On the heals of the doctor Gabrielle comes in, wheeling herself along in a wheelchair. As she nears Tabitha's bed and pulls the curtains slightly aside the reason for the wheelchair becomes clear as one leg, just one, flashes, becomes translucent for a second as if it wasn't completely there, then flashes back into solidity. Apparently the large amount of weighed down teleporting she had to do during the mission left her powers on the fritz. "How's she doing? Any better than last night?" She asks the question at large, without really directing it toward the doctor or the other two students around Tab's bed specifically.

Ixiie begins grinning wider than normal. "Energy drain!?", She says, handing back the chart, "I'm so awesome that totally dosen't work on me. Watch!" and grabs the bandaged girl by the arm.

Alexander looks up at the entering doctor. Blinks. "So she's…" He pauses. No, he's not going to touch Tabitha. He's not THAT reckless with his life… well, unlife anyway. Not yet. But he starts to think. Energy drain… does that mean that she needs to be 'fed'? His mouth twists thoughtfully. More to himself than anyone else, he mutters, "Hm. I wonder…" Gabrielle appears then, and Alexander looks in her direction. "I'm not sure," he replies. He wasn't privy to the events that saw Tabitha ending up like this. Ixiie's going forward then and touching Tabitha. "No, wait!" He does take a step or two closer, but he's not going to touch Tabitha or Ixiie; he doesn't know if the drain will pass to him or not. No, he has another idea to try and give Tabitha the energy she needs. And hopefully save Ixiie from an instant drain-shock (that's a thing, right?) The green glow in his open mouth begins to brighten, and a sound like a tortured groan echoes from somewhere underneath his feet as a thin tendril of foggy, gray-green energy emanates from his mouth. It's THIS that touches Tabitha's arm. The foggy energy is ionized to a degree that it's made air into PLASMA (which is actually what it is — super-ionized air molecules). It should be good for something.

The doctor is caught off guard by Ixiie's sudden grabbing of Tabitha's arm. He knows better than to try and pull her away because he'd just get caught in the circuit, too. So he goes to the room's closet to grab a grounding pole and is about halfway there when Alexander goes and starts to puke green… something onto his patient. This dumbfounds him enough that he pauses.

The reaction when Tabitha's arm is grabbed is immediate and violent. Her body immediately starts to drain all the energy forms it can access from the source of contact: heat, electrical, chemical, kinetic, and more are sucked out of Ixiie at a tremendous rate. The same happens when the charged ectoplasm coughed up by Alexander comes into contact with her body. Before it even has a chance to settle it goes from charged plasma to just wisps of dissipating fog as its energy flows into her body. Under the bandages on her chest a blue-white glow that was barely visible through the gauze starts to gradually brighten.

In the first handful of seconds it's like using a watering can to fill an Olympic pool. But as the flow continues unabated, from Ixiie at least, Tabitha's body starts to twitch randomly. Then not so randomly. The arm Ixiie is toucing rises quickly, Tabitha's hand grabbing onto Ixiie's arm reflexively to keep from losing contact. Her mouth opens just after this, the shape suggesting a scream but the sound is more like sandpaper, gravel and broken glass at barely audible volume.

Despite her earlier boast, whatever fountain Ixiie draws her energy from seems to be draining much faster that she expected. She starts to sway a bit, the arm she's grabbed by turning a strange purplish hue and smoking slightly. The imp starts to topple, but grabs into the bedside table to remain upright, her natural regeneration heeping the worst of her injuries at bay.

Truthfully it appears less that Alexander's actually vomiting something onto Tabitha, and appears more that a weird tendril of cigarette smoke rises from his mouth and then seems to wind through the air seeking contact with her skin as if it has a mind of its own. So it's very likely that Alexander's kind of being drained too, just possibly less directly. Since that tendril is directly connected to his energy source.

The tendril is being worn away like… well, like pressing a wax candle to a hotplate lit by a NUCLEAR FURNACE! In response, the glow in his mouth brightens until it's clearly visible, the groan echoing up from the depths underneath him rises in pitch closer to a screech, and the tendril becomes thicker so that it can be in contact with more of Tabitha's arm. It's not loud enough to be painful. He's just trying to keep the energy flow to Tabitha as steady as he can.

Tabitha's got his attention first; that not-quite scream that sounds like something Alexander himself might emit when in distress. Hopefully that's a good sign; he assumes so, as she wasn't even moving before! Alexander looks at the weakened Ixiie with a sympathetic and worried look, but he can't respond verbally. Doing so would break the tendril. He's watching her carefully though; he probably isn't able to heal her. For now Ixiie looks reasonably well… but he's still going to keep his eye on her.

He's also going to be worried about how Gabrielle is going to take all this… but for the time being, his attention is on trying to 'feed' Tabitha with as much of the ionized energy as he can possibly manage.

How is Gabrielle going to react to this? Well, as usual she goes to her powers to solve things. A flash of light fills the room once then a second time as she disappears out of her chair, reappears next to an empty bed, disappears with a mattress clutched in her arms then reappears, falling on Ixiie with the mattress between the two of them. Then she just lays there, half-unconcious and with random body parts flickering in and out of existance. Thankfully the flickers are fast enough they're not life threatening, even if seeing someone without a head even for a split second can be somewhat disconcerting…

Eight seconds. For the doctor that was in the room this is a new record for things to get completely shot to hell. He finished grabbing the grounding pole and was about to use it to pry Ixiie and Tabitha's arms apart when there is suddenly a mattress in his face. And then a mattress on the floor under Gabrielle and on top of Ixiie. The force of Gabrielle's entry easily breaks Tabitha's reflexive grip on Ixiie's arm (she couldn't arm wrestle a grasshopper right now), although her hand keeps trying to grasp at what isn't there.

Finally the doctor turns and brandishes the pole at Alexander, "Whatever it is you're doing, Stop. Right. Now." He doesn't wait to verify that Alexander follows his orders. He's more concerned with getting other medical staff in here to take care of getting Gabrielle looked at and moved back to her wheelchair if possible while others make sure Ixiie is still alive and lastly Tabitha's other doctor focuses on her condition.

That condition is that the blue-white glow from inside her chest has started to arc down through the glyphs embedded in her skin. Where the energy arcs the skin becomes less sickly pale green and gains more of the healthy green undertone her skin has when it's not mimicing a normal human fleshtone. The arcing energy rebounds when it strikes the multitude of scar tissue that's visible in some unbandaged areas. And the room temperature, which was just starting to come down from the 175+ it had been set at, comes crashing down so quickly that it causes a few seconds of actual /rain/ outside the open door where it was mixing with the normal medbay air.

Tabitha herself is still emitting that barely audible shattered-voice not-scream. Her head shakes either in random spasms or in some kind of negative reaction to events.

There's a mattress and a student in the way, so it's hard to tell what kind of condiiton Ixiie is in, but there does seem to be some kind of noise coming from the bottom of the pile. It sounds distinctly like an exausted imp saying, "Best nurse ever."

Gabrielle is actually not hard to get back into the wheelchair. Even thought part of her body are (one would assume) teleporting in and out it happens so fast that before staff has even realized the body part they're holding has disappeared its already back. The problem comes in when they actually sit her in the chair, she's too outr of it still to prevent herself from sliding right back out of it, forcing the staff to actually belt her into the chair.

And then suddenly all hell is breaking loose! Ixiie and Gabrielle are falling to the floor, Tabitha's all kinds of convulsing, and there's a grounding pole being brandished at Alexander. That last thing particularly is jarring. Enough that he draws in a surprised breath, breaking the tendril. All the stuff between him and Tabitha just floats up into the air and dissipates into nothing. Though Tabitha's arm might be just a little slimy. Maybe. Hard to tell; she might have just taken all the energy out of it so there was no time for it to condense. Ether way, the surprised breath has the effect of stopping Alexander's 'whatever'.
He starts to back away, fearing now that he might have caused some sort of damage. It didn't strike him 'till just then… He's dead. What if HIS energy is the OPPOSITE of what Tabitha needs? The panic is clear in his expression as he realizes it too, and it's pretty easy to read even if he doesn't say anything — 'my God, what if I killed her?' He's frozen now, thankfully out of the way of the doctors and Tabitha's bedside. He looks between Tabitha, Gabrielle, and the doctors. He can't quite see Ixiie, and the imp girl doesn't sound like she's in too much distress, so she's not attracting Alexander's panicked attention at the moment.

When doctors and nurses care more about the wellness of people than the state of the room, things get tossed around and shoved out of the way with little regard for neatness. That can come later, once everyone's confirmed as not dead. Well, not any more dead in Alexander's case.

The sudden drop in the room temperature is seen as a good sign by the doctors checking on Tabitha, especially when it is followed closely by the appearance of a slighlty hazy field of blue-white around Tabitha's body. The field is weak and fades in and out of view rapidly, but it's enough that they stop avoiding contact with her body. One of her doctors holds her down while the other pulls over a pair of the small tesla coils and sets them up near Tabitha's waist on either side of the bed before turning them on.

The energy from the coils arcs down their length then starts to flow inwards and into Tabitha's body. There are a few times where it stops or surges but after a moment it stablizes. Not that this seems to have much of a positive effect on Tabitha's reactions. She might not be convulsing anymore, but she is trying very hard to pull herself into as small of a ball as she can. The not-scream has stopped and while it's no more audible and no less physically shattered her voice (such as it is now) starts to form the odd word. The bad news is that these words are ones like 'stop', 'enough', 'no', and 'Father'.

Ixiie scoots out from under the mattress fairly easily now that it's not being weighed down. She stands up slowly to survey the results of a job well done. "See, told you I could fix it!" she says, slightly slurred, "So am I, like, a doctor now? I'll need one of those coats and… Still dizzy!" as she takes a half a step before collapsing to the ground again.

Alexander seems to be fine, more or less. Just more than a little panicked, really. Though it's kind of hard to tell since… well, it's not like his heartbeat is going to be faster or slower. He doesn't have one! And he hasn't been here long enough for the doctors to get a baseline set of readings that are 'normal' to him. But he's clearly panicked. This isn't something he's seen before. He looks at Tabitha worriedly, not sure if what was done is going to do her more harm than good. Ixiie's appearance gets a worried look too, and he goes to try to help her up. "Careful," he cautions her, offering to let her lean on him if she needs to. He also gives a worried look in Gabrielle's direction. There's surely a doctor seeing to the girl, if she's unconscious. Alexander has an idea on how he might be able to help… but he's sort of afraid to go try and help Gabrielle. He kind of feels like the doctors are currently in a 'you've done quite enough, you little brat' state of mind where he's concerned. Besides that, that field around Tabitha bothers him…

Gabrielle perks up as soon as one of the nurses waves some smelling salts under her nose. Although 'perk up' is a relative term since she's barely gets to the level of keeping her eyes open, tracking what's going on around her, and not needing a seatbelt to be able to stay in her wheelchair. "ugh… that stinks…"

The two doctors working on Tabitha continue to do so, although once she's pulled herself into the smallest form she can (which given her current emaciated frame is small enough to put into a fair size backpack) her random flailing stops altogether. The aura around her slowly becomes stronger and as it does she pulls it around herself like a shell as she goes quiet again. Normally the doctors would try to talk to a patient withdrawing like this, but after an unknown length of time spent in vaccuum exposure she has no eyes or eardrums. Eventually one of the doctors who has worked with her before gets an idea and leans over so that his face is pressing against the shell of her aura. "Tabitha, you're safe. You're home. This is Doctor Wiggins. You're at Coral Springs." He continues to repeat these and other similar phrases, hoping that she's taken in enough energy for her aura's sensory function to have kicked in.

"I can stand up!", Ixiie says, brushing off support and rising slowly to a swaying position before falling over again. "See!", she says sleepily from the floor, "Totaly immune to energy drain!" before passing out altogether.

Alexander looks in Gabrielle's direction when he hears her speak, with a small not-quite-a-sigh of relief. "Are you okay?" he asks. He doesn't know her name just yet, and this is a bad time to ask! He's looking in Gabrielle's direction though, so he's clearly talking to her. He's not quite sure what's going on with Tabitha, but he says quiet so the doctor can speak to her. Perhaps she can hear him! Ixiie, too, is also a matter of concern — she doesn't even seem to be aware that she's not on her feet. Alexander's not going to argue with her. It's faster to just attempt to help a nurse get the imp-girl onto a bed so she won't hurt herself any further.

Gabrielle nods absentmindedly in response to Alexander's question. She's so out of it she's not really even her usually shy self. With a bit of effort given how weak that sudden double teleport left her, considering she was already in iffy shape to start with, she rolls herself over closer to Tabitha's bed. Weakly she asks again, "How is she?"

The doctor that isn't trying to literally coax Tabitha out of her shell looks up at Gabrielle's question. "Well she's taking in energy at a more or less normal pace, so she's going to live." His tone at the end is bad at hiding his unspoken thought that in her condition she might not want to. "Other than that…" He shakes his head and shrugs before gesturing to her huddled bandaged form still visible inside the aura shell. "There's a lot of damage that we can't even try to fix until she's healthy. Unless her own regenerative powers can compensate, she'll be physically blind and deaf. Her aura should compensate for that, though. At least that's the hope. And that's just the start." He lets out a sigh and watches as Doctor Wiggins starts to rub his hand down the surface of the aura shell while still trying to speak to Tabitha. "It's going to be a long road."

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