(2016-11-04) Late Night Snack
Late Night Snack
Summary: Finding the idea of an unconscious mind insatiable, Krista goes to see how Wojtek came about, and gets a smorgasbord from it.
Date: 2016-11-04
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Since taking the heavily electrical discharge the night before, Wojtek has been unconscious. Judging by his file, there should be a giant bear lying on the bed that is listed for his location - instead, there is an unconscious young blonde, the Russian boy still in his human form because he hasn't quite gotten hold of his consciousness. However, his mind is whirring heavily at work, the young man's mind a fit of confusion and worry.

<FS3> Kris rolls Telepathy: Good Success.
<FS3> Wojtek rolls Telepathy: Failure.

She's woken from her own slumber by the boy's distress. Kris spends MOST of her days flitting around in her own psychically constructed body. So when a mind not even very far from her sleeps fitfully? Kris reaches out reflexively with her own power to peek in on the slumbering bearboy's brain. It's simple enough for her to do. It's literally the first trick she ever learned, after all. And the psychovore literally eats nightmares as it is. Time to see what's going on in there!

The young man is in the middle of a dream. Wojtek is in a forest, testing his abilities. He leaps high into the trees, grabbing a hold of one of the tops of the trees, and laughing as he swings from it. He's cheerful, all but excited. Apparently his powers had just awakened, and he doesn't seem to notice the invasion of the girl yet within his mind as he leaps from the tree and lands on the ground, the young man running free through the woods, the chill of the crisp Siberian air cutting through his emotions, yet he seems to enjoy it even more.

The girl lifts into the air now. Flying was natural even outside of a dream, for her. This? This isn't too horrible. Much less than she was expecting from the confusion and worry. Her own form though, is a noseless, mouthless, humanoid shape of diaphanous silvery material with glowing golden orbs and six extended bat-like wings that glow red. Not, in other words, a very human-looking thing. Does she even know what she looks like? Whatever the case, Kris drifts in the boy's direction, wondering gently, her voice reverberating in a soothing, sibilant hiss,"What is this a memory of, if I may ask?"

Coming to a stop as he looks up at the creature, Wojtek freezes. "Memory? This is a memory?" Confusion touching his features, as Kris opens his eyes to the truth. The young man is strapped down to a table, stripped down to his underwear. Tubes and wires run into him as a woman approaches his table and brushes the back of her hand across the boys head. "My sweet son, you will be the greatest show of power the Captalists will never expect.." she coos to the boy as the memory is torn back to expose the truth, he was hiding from what was really going on. The tubes are fed with blood and solution, replacing the boy's own blood as he's spliced and he screams, hands and legs pulling against the restraints as he struggles.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Wojtek=Psychic Vs Kris=Psychic
< Wojtek: Good Success Kris: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Oh. OH. Well now. That makes sense. Suddenly, things are much, much more sensible. The psychovore, some distant part of her nature takes note of Wojtek's distress and begins to nibble on the edges of his mind, even as Kris exerts her power, trying to strip away the awful, awful scene she is being subjected to. She leans down next to the boy, too-long, spindly fingers atop his forehead as she leans down to the other side of the boy, mouthless voice whispering to him,"Just a memory. One you don't have to deal with. One you don't have to experience if you don't want. Memories can't really hurt you." Even if, really, that's all Kris is.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kris=mind+Psychic Vs Wojtek=mind+psychic
< Kris: Great Success Wojtek: Failure
< Net Result: Kris wins - Crushing Victory

Kris may be trying to soothe the young man, but it's.. not how it comes out. In his mind, the psychovore might as well be an Eldritch horror intent on flaying the flesh from his muscles and drinking his blood and devouring his soul. Screaming in terror, Wojtek /bucks/ against the restraints as something within him is fighting back, bending the table beneath him, pulling at the titanium that keeps him bound. He roars in terror, lashing his blonde head back and forth, even as in other parts of the room, the others act as if nothing is amiss. "Their DNAs have successfully combined, introducing the blood back to his system.." the woman bites down on her lip in a moment of remorse as a man comes up behind her, wearing a military uniform and a ushanka upon his head. "..we knew this day would come, beloved. Surely, our son will be strong enough to survive." he offers to her reassuringly.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Wojtek=Mind+Psychic Vs Kris=Mind+Psychic
< Wojtek: Failure Kris: Success
< Net Result: Kris wins - Marginal Victory

She probably LOOKS like an eldritch horror, all honesty up front. The girl combs fingers through the boy's hair with those spindly digits, even as she speaks to him,"It won't be the same this time…" She lashes out with her power, a hard, rough shove. Pushing at the man, first with tendrils of psychic energy. The source of all this pain, perhaps? Then again, this time, a reedier tendril of power. The titanium restraints begin to wiggle on the boy's arms. This isn't how the memory went, though, is it? Still, the metallic clink as one of the bindings on the boy's arms opens slightly is umistakable. There's a limb free. And his captors haven't noticed it.

The comforting brush of the tendrils in his hair may be comforting in her mind, but as she imposes her will, Wojtek gives into the young woman in kind. His blue eyes are wide as he stares up at the creature that is slowly starting to free him. And then the blood hits his heart and he screams. A powerful hand reaches up, grabbing the creature by the front of her chest as he roars in pain and fear, his strength far more powerful than she may have bargained for when she started to release him. His eyes widen in terror, the blue in them fading slowly as they start to darken.

In the waking world, Wojtek's sensors suddenly spike with the surge of energy, the first signs of consciousness starting to find it's way from the depths of the young man's mind as he clutches his hands to the bed, pressing down hard as he trembles and breaks into a heavy sweat.

In the dream, tears form at the corners of his eyes as he pulls at he horror that is trying to soothe him, pulling her closer as he trembles in fear and worry.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Wojtek=Mind+Physic Vs Kris=Mind+Physic
< Wojtek: Success Kris: Good Success
< Net Result: Kris wins - Solid Victory

She's implacable once she gets her hooks into the boy's psyche. The psychovore's deepest recesses smells fear and terror here. And it's beginning to take larger and larger gulps of it. The girl puts a hand on the boy's arm and slowly pulls it off of her chest. With a flick of her mental energy, the girl opens another one of the boy's arm restraints,"Ssssh. Look at that. You're nearly free. Surely you could do something with both of your arms freed. You're strong. Capable. Think."

The blood continues to flood into him. And there's another change going on between the two of them. She's feasting upon him and he's feeding her eagerly, unwittingly. There's a momentary pause as the boy stares into the horror's face as she frees him. And then he roars. A primal force of nature, it is an angry, fear fueled, but the anger roils. Betrayl. It is his parents, those that claimed and loved and protect him - but at the same, time, there's something else - a defense, the boy's unnatural defense - a pride in his strength, his upbringing, his country. He's enduring it all just to be a good soldier - a good member of the motherland. The transformation starts anew. She can feel it as the body expands, hair growing forth from the young man's body as in the dream, everyone else is seeing it as the situation as normal.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kris=mind+psychic Vs Wojtek=mind+psychic
< Kris: Good Success Wojtek: Failure
< Net Result: Kris wins - Solid Victory

Coming off of the bed, Wojtek tries to stand, but fails. He roars again, unable to talk, speak, the anger, the pain so great as it rolls across him. And now, the first warning signs start to come up as the alarm klaxons within the facility go off. The door is blown off of the hinges of the lab, a rush of arctic air coming into the room, as it sweeps around and cuts through the room and the mostly undressed young man that is starting to grow rapidly.

White-suited arctic soldiers burst into the lab, and a single man is walking amongst them. He speaks in Russian, the man and woman turning to him and the soldiers, fear in their eyes as the father starts to reach for his weapon, just for the troops to raise their own weapons and open fire on the couple. They go down in a hail of gunfire. The boy roars as the transformation fully kicks in as the first trooper tries to break down the door to get into the lab after the young man.

The door comes down and as the soldier raises his rifle, the massive bear attacks, grabbing the soldier and his claw cleaves his chest open, exposing his heart and lungs to the open air as he throws him aside, the primal creature grabbing the door to throw at the soldiers and the man that just killed his parents - supposedly.

As cold as it is, he's probably going to need that fur. The girl lets things take their course this time. The boy's free. Maybe he was helpless last time. Maybe this only sped things along. Who knows? Whatever the case, she drifts forward. In her own body, she's a ruin of a person. In here. In the mind? She feels godlike. So she lifts the corps so messily made, and flings it in the direction of the soldiers as the boy grabs his shiny new door.

"You can kill them again and again. But you aren't an animal. Even if your form says otherwise. This will not be justice. And they will not suffer. They will just be… gone. Then again, maybe them being gone is enough. I do not know." Why does she sound so different here, in the sleeping mind?

The bear does not listen. As much as he probably should. The damage she caused with her earlier feeding has taken it's toll - and while she may be full and satisfied, it does not carry the same way for the creature. After a short and fierce battle, the man makes a decision, and falls back with the remaining soldiers. There is a large explosion.. and the bear finds himself trapped within the facility, alone, with the bodies of those that have died. And usually at this point, he would wake up. But this time, he's not alone. He's not in solitude. His attention turns to the girl that has assisted him In the new form, the bear moves towards the creature and snorts and then sniffs at her, before unexpectedly..

He moves to press against her, sharing the warmth of his body with the horror - perhaps in understanding of what she said. Or the acceptance that in their own way, they are both monsters and have no choice but to accept what they are now.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kris=mind+psychic Vs Wojtek=mind+psychic
< Kris: Success Wojtek: Failure
< Net Result: Kris wins - Marginal Victory

The girl finds a bear is trying to provide her warmth. She doesn't really feel the cold the same way the boy does. More, her mind records it. And while she feels full and sassy, the simple fact is, she'll be able to remember every last bit of horror. Still, she feels the intention at least. To provide companionship or comfort. And that is warm in a very different way.

The horror leans in then, and murmurs,"This is all very lovely and intimate here in this tomb of yours, but… I think it's time for you to wake up, friend." A hug then, gentle. And soon, the gauzy filaments of slip will begin to slip from the boy's mind, leaving him to awaken.

<FS3> Wojtek rolls Body+body: Good Success.

As she speaks to him so sweetly and simply, the bear shudders as she slips away to leave him in what would be his home for the next several years as in the actual memory, he was locked away in a cryogenic tube - overwhelmed by the soldiers and locked away for a quarter century until a tremor awakened him.

In the waking world, Wojtek's stats spike and the young man starts to awaken, the transformation taking hold quite naturally as the bear awakens, and exerts dominance over the young man, forcing the transformation back into what is now his more natural form as he rolls off the bed and lands on the floor with a grumbling snort and when he rises back up, it is the bear, no longer the boy.

The girl won't be there when the boy awakens. Mostly because she's confined to her own bed, and the whole thing has actually rather tired her out. Still, her own wakening will be a lot less traumatic, likely. Why? Because she is what she is. Wojtek has… 'something' inside of him. Her body, ruined as it might be, is familiar to her.

<FS3> Wojtek rolls Mind+Presence: Good Success.

Sniffing the air, Wojtek sensed something. And rubbing against the creature gave him something else. A scent. And it is that scent he seeks out, to try to track down what was in his dreams.. what awakened him. What.. was so damned comforting and confusing and scary all at the same time.

The scent will, in time, lead the bear to a young thing. Slumbering in a bed. Room four. Quite a bit a way down from his own. There's a bit of walking. One must assume it's some sort of psychic scent the bear follows (since she wouldn't know to put her own scent in the dream). Whatever the case, the girl slumbers, far more peacefully, in her own bed. The machine attached to her tracheotomy fills her lungs and releases in the same, ever precise manner. The room, still filled with pink greeting cards, and balloons, and a riot of machines, wires and sensors monitors the peacefully slumbering thing. Far from some inhuman-looking creature, she mostly looks… harmless. Exceedingly so.

It takes some time - tracking a memory, understanding what it was he smelled, felt, saw. As the bear enters the girl's room, he's surprised. This is no horror that he saw in his dream. It's a young woman, who would be pretty, if she were free and awake. Moving to the side of the bed, it is his wet nose that presses to her hand to smell her, committing the physical memory of her scent to himself before he feels his own grogginess and at least takes a moment to look around for her name before he moves and shuffles, and lays down next to the girl's bed, his own warmth near her hand as he curls back up to go into a more natural rest.

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