(2016-11-04) Derek is a LIttle Dense
Derek is a LIttle Dense
Summary: Derek meets Mortiz, Moritz meets Odina
Date: 2016-11-04
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School's out for … the day. Good for some, Derek usually jets out, nearly literally of course. Ah, but tonight is Arena Fetch Matches. The kid is ready to go. Not off to the match early, but he's outside, has his uniform on and is tossing about a match ball as he does do. Tossing it far, by means of a orange catapult like energy construct, he sort of throws it to himself. But a little long. Near the tunnel exit onto the island itself. He wings for it and tumbles onto the ground. Stands up, having missed the ball, "Don't worry, no one was injured." Not that he thinks anyone is around, but at the last moment he swaddled in orange energy, so his uniform isn't dirty yet. Can only let that happen during the games. Its not about catching the ball, but being good looking or something.

In jeans and a long sleeved shirt with a jacket, Moritz emerges from one of the entry points into the arena. He's not been around these last few <long time stamp> because he had to find himself on walkabout. But now, he's decided that he needs to face his own demons and learn what he can, not only about himself, but the world of the superbeings. Which will be here, in these halls upon this lonely island in the sea. His sneakers are tattered and dirty. He watches Derek move about and talk to himself, or someone perhaps unseen. Shifting his eyes, he looks for magical entities or energies that would be present if there was some unseen entity (magical of course).

Normally Paragon Island isn't bustling with mystic energy or unseen beings of the mystic realms. Derek turns at seeing someone muddling about, he thinks they are lost, not that they are doing something too serious. He goes to look for the ball, "Hey, you see where that went?" Assuming Moritz was watching. What Moritz finds is a nearby Native American man who has found some plant off the main training grounds and is examining it. Mystic entity indeed, and not listening to Derek. Its hard to say if the spirit is interacting with the flora, or observing, but the mystical caper afoot is him for the moment. Powers working. Derek doesn't seem aware of the Spirit for the moment, only concnered with finding his pesky ball.

After a long gaze at the native American in a curious light, Moritz finally hears Derek's question and then snaps back to reality. "Quite. Over there." is stated in his prompt English accent accompanied with a gesture of his hand and a two finger point toward the location of where the ball went. He remains quiet, giving Derek a moment to sort out the location and also Moritz time to gather his continued thoughts of the moment.

The native American bends down to grab a leaf, and sort of looks arround casually, as if seeing who else is around. Not noticing either boy it seems, but not looking directly in their direction, he lift what could be the leaf to his mouth. Tongue tasting it, just the tip of the tongue, then the lip and tongue smacking a conessiur might do in decyphering a delicate taste.

Derek pays no mind, "Oh yeah, thanks guy." And he clutzes over to some other shrubs and hamhawks through the foilage, like a bear in a paper bag. No sneaking there, he just wants the ball. He comes up with the metallic objet, "Ah ha, spot on, good eye. You playing tonight?" He turns back towards Moritz, and from this angle, he should see the native American too, but doesn't seem to notice at all.

Moritz will follow but only a few feet to continue to observe Derek as well as the Native American. Seeing that the spirit doesn't notice them, that tells him that the spirit is happily in another dimension or existence. The afterlife, the happy hunting grounds, somewhere else. Moritz then states, "I'm Moritz." as an introduction of himself to Derek whom he isn't familiar.

Turning to the other fellow, Derek returns in kind, "Hey Moritz, Derek. Team Ares and all that jazz." He lumps the ball between hands, not quite a throw, more spinning up with one hand to drop it in the other as he comes to be conversational with Moritz. "Everyone get's curious about that or you know, looks at my tie or something." Or his game uniform with the color blue on it. "Can't wait to play more games, put all these kids dying and coming back to life things behind us. I heard some of the others calling that kid Zomboy, heh, works for a codename. I don't think he likes it, I'd be all over that one if it fit."

"Athena." responds Moritz as he lists the team he was/is on. Then listens and processes the rest of Derek's statement. "You have a hyptnotic tie?" comes the question with a furrowed brow and a distant reference to some comic long ago that even Moritz doesn't quite get, yet. His hands slip into his front pockets, just the fingertips, and his green eyes peer into those of his talking companion. Being out of the loop, Moritz doesn't exactly follow what Derek is talking about with Kid Zomboy or whatnot. So he just leaves that well enough alone.

Slightly grinning at Zomboy, and it falling flat, Derek gets one more chuckle out and dead drops that too. Breathing in, "Nah, no hypnotic tie, just teamcolors. THe tie is obvious, but they point and say you're in Ares. Like that means something," the kid eyerolls at the thought of that. He lifts the ball in one hand, "You playing this year, or just trying to get out with passing grades?" Arena Fetch, he could be oblivious to the game for all Derek knows, but its where he goes.

"Passing would be fine by me. I'm not really all that sporty." notes Moritz as he even adds, "Nor do I have a clue what game you're talking about." There's a slight shrug to his shoulders and he looks about to the Native American again. Clearly looking at something that is generally unseen. Trying to discern more about the apparition

"Arena Fetch, like the only school sport they do here, unless sending the kids out on snipe hunts is a sport." Derek used the words, snipe hunt, but may not mean so literal as sending them on wild chases. His focus on the ball again, which goes to rolling from hand to hand as he rolls arms to keep it going. "Still, good eye, don't have to be the sporty sort, but could be valuable on a team." A shrug though, "Not for everyone. You doing homework or something?" He looks were Moritz is looking.

The native American went to a full bite of that life, then eventually nodded. Picked a few, put them in some pouch. Eventually he turns to find Moritz looking at him. He looks back a mintue, then wves even.

Moritz tilts his head, pulls the right hand out of his jean pocket, waves passively (just raising the hand) and then says to Derek, "Tell me, mate. Do you by chance see the apparition standing by that bush? A tall, Native American." His eyes do not leave the NA when asking the question, but the question is definitely directed to Derek.

Following the gaze of Moritz, Derek stops 'juggling' the ball and looks. "Um, no, sort of tall, dark hear, headband, dangles and such though?" Which could be a number of native Americans, but seems to match the desc of the native too. Even as Derek looks, the older man turns and walks towards the group, "He doesn't always see me, that Derek. I have to will it, but not on his own." Pretty good english. If one had to guess the fellow is more era 1600s native, not later period. Fitting to the New England area at least.

"Oh, and he talks too…" says Moritz with a start to his voice that indicates surprise. He realizes that Derek must have seen him in the past but Moritz will not follow up that line of commentary. Instead he will greet the NA, "Right, hello sir. I'm Moritz. Who might you be?"

"Of, if he talks to much, its probably the one," mutters Derek, but with a hint of a grin. Derek watches but doesn't see yet. The man does nod to Moritz, "Hello, I am Odina, last of the holy men of the Mohicans. I'm supposed to guide this one, but mostly, he is oblivious to the world around him." He doesn't materialize enough for the mystically challenged Derek to see him.

Moritz will smile. Perhaps at both comments and then there will be a light chuckle to follow. Moritz will slide his fingertips back into his pocket and then glance to Derek while answering Odina, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Odina. It is a shame he doesn't listen to you. For there are a lot of things I would give to have a spirit guide to help me sort out the debacle I call my life. Yet, to each his own." Moritz's eyes will drift back to Odina with a smile.

Derek can hear Moritz at least, "Oh yeah, that's him all right. He wants me to go to Wisconson, I can't fail classes this year, I don't want a fifth year on my sentence here." A grin though, he kicks some dirt.

Odina grins at the pleasantness of Moritz, "Perhaps some day, when you really need one." A look to Derek, the spirit sees him in the moment. Derek not so much. "Some are in greater need than others." Then a closing of his eyes, he materializes slightly in the physical, "You should listen to this one Derek, he knows what he is talking about."

Derek looks to Moritz then too, "Great, now I'm shamed, or something. You got on his good side fast."

There's a slight shake to Moritz's head when he denies what Derek says out of content only, "It's not that I'm on his good side. He's your spirit guide, not mine. So in essence, regardless of who you were, who you are, and who you are to become, he is yours. So he is always on your side." Moritz reflects to the situation as he utilizes his occult lore and mystical knowledge out of the unfamiliar recesses of his own unseen memories.

Odina gets a smile out of that, "There you go Derek, you are stuck with me." He fades again, not wanting to focus for now just for Derek's benefit. Only so Moritz can hear now as he's between worlds, "See, you are strong, perhaps a guide will find you, but you are not so much in need. He means well." An eyeroll to Derek as Odina turns to move off somewhere.

Derek shakes his head a little, "He loves me, in his own way. So, that sort of your thing? Seeing spirits or something? There was a kid that turned into a skeleton, he could see Odina too like that."

Moritz will feel good about the statement and /guidence/ from the spirit; it will cause him to smile and then state, "Thank you Odina. You are most wise."

When the spirit has moved on, Moritz will then address Derek visually as well as vocally, "That's part of what I do. While the rest is quite diverse. Suffice it to say that I control the energies of magic and their intricacies. What is it you do?" - which he may already have a hint of.

"That sounds bad ass, like rip the world appart magical stuff," agrees Derek to what Moritz says. "I just got this amulet," he pulls it out. Lifting hand to the top of his shirt and pulling out the orange amber amulet he wears. "And it lets me sort of make things." He ponders, points near the ground, makes a little car, like a kids car. "It doesn't work, but its solid until I stop thinking about it. Can make wings and such too, or just zap people, laser like. Someone said Odina is trapped in the amulet or tied to it recently. But I'm learning about his people, need to go to Wisconson." A pause, then as if it needs to be explained, he nearly stage whipsers, "The government moved them there from New York ages ago. I guess they did it with lots of native people." Obvious much.

Moritz sighs and nods, "You colonials performed several atrocities against the Natives of the Americas. Albeit, nothing compared to those performed by my own people well before the Americas were even discovered. We all have our crosses to bear. I will say, your trip to Wisconsin is quite prudent. He wouldn't send you there for no reason. I think you should make it a point to travel as soon as you possibly can. And I will even be glad to assist you in your venture."

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