(2016-11-03) The Oxidising Angel
The Oxidising Angel
Summary: Nathaniel leads a mission to rescue Tabitha and Katrina. A number of Coral Springs students volunteer to go along.
Date: 2016-11-03
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NPCs: Nathaniel King Nora Castella Queen Dr. Peter Draxus
Scene Runner: Tabitha

When one is spending a great deal of time around one's alma mater, even when it's because you're there for heart rending reasons of leading a search for your kidnapped wards, it's only natural that nostalgia sets in during times when you've got nothing else to do but worry and pace. So a couple hours before everything went into overdrive, Nathaniel King was paying a little visit to his team's dorms to try and clear his head. It was a good visit, with him offering stories of the school's early years in exchange for stories from the current crop. He was in the middle of a story about an elephant-related incident at the Shady Cove roller rink when Brian Jackson, his Master at Arms came running in and put an end to relaxation with three words.

"We found them."

Nathan's face goes from joking straight to a uniquely paternal blend of shock, fear, and hope in an eyeblink. It takes him a few more to pull himself into 'serious business' mode. "Alert the standby teams. I'll take any volunteers from here over to the Event Horizon. You do a sweep of the rest of the school and follow us. Give me what you have."

Brian hands Nathan the military reinforced tablet he always carries. Nathan gives it a look and raises an eyebrow, "And this is confirmed?" Brian nods briskly and Nathan lets out a long breath. "Alright. Go do your sweep for other volunteers. Make sure they know where we'd be taking them."

Brian turns and heads back out double time and Nathan turns to address the nearby Prometheans. "Alright, we've located where Helix Group took the students they kidnapped two weeks ago! I'm putting out a call for volunteers to supliment our strike teams." He pauses and holds up his hands, "Fair warning, they were located in space. On the other side of the Sun."

After being out on his own for so long, Wojtek Gorecki is having a hard time being a productive member of human society. He doesn't exactly get to set in a desk. He can't really write that well. And he has horrendous table manners. He has not exactly asked for a room assignment yet, because that would mean he would be in a more confined space. That would not be the best thing in the world. Plus, a bed doesn't really suit a creature of his stature well. It is because of these reasons that the large mound of black fur is sleeping in front of the fireplace, snoozing peacefully when the call goes out for volunteers from Brian.

Rising his head slowly, the large black bear blinks his eyes and yawns hugely before rising on all fours and stretches out. After a few moments of listening and smacking his snout a few times, the large bear rumble growls, but at least he's able to concentrated enough to make words today, even if they are in someone's head in heavily accented Russian.

<Will help. Let me get gear. Space no issue.>

With that, the bear wanders over to a corner to pull on his backpack and takes up his large sniper rifle, putting it in place on back.

<Earth go 'round sun, no? Other side of sun, is summer?>

She's been pretty glum and quiet since Tabitha split. Spacemen stole her girlfriend! Froze her a little bit. Tried to murder her and her friends! Tried to do all sorts of other evil things if she doesn't miss her guess. Probably kicked puppies and shaved whales and everything! They PROBABLY DON'T EVEN LIKE KITTENS!
KITTENS. Still, the stories are diverting if nothing else. Takes her mind off all the sad and mopy-ness. Still, it's a new, more welcome distraction when they're asking for volunteers. Why? Because it finally means doing something other than sitting on her hands and worrying about what's happening. So much of it is really over her head?
Rissa darts for her room to get her backpack full of gear she probably never uses outside of training and runs over stand tall (she's already kind of tall anyway!),"Count me in. No air, no problem. If TabbKat are on the other side of the sun, then that's where I'm going. One way or another." Including up to and beyond strapping herself to the outside of a rocket. If only she understood things like pressure differentials, cold, and radiation. Oh well. They have suits for that kind of thing, right?

And then she points at the bear with the rifle,"Someone… GET THAT BEAR A COOKIE." Normally she would question a bear with a rifle. Ridiculous took a new meaning when she started living here. Now they're talking about going into space on a rescue mission. So… jaded has taken on a new meaning, too.

Nathan had been wondering about the sleeping bear, but you know what they say about sleeping bears at Coral Springs… when they wake up, grab a sniper rifle and say that space is no problem you believe them. He nods once to Wojtek, then again to Rissa as the girl his ward officially started dating less than a day before getting kidnapped joins the team. "Good. Let's go."

Out in the other areas of the school, Castleman Group's Master at Arms, Brian Jackson is gathering any other volunteers he can find for the mission and sending them up to the docks to meet their transportation. Nathan takes his group of Prometheans straight there.

Arriving at the docks are a line of combat patrol boats. Each one stops at the dock just long enough to take on a half dozen or so passengers then roars off towards the Castleman Group's flagship that's been anchored a few miles away, between the school and the mainland. The Event Horizon seen up close might be awe inspiring. Then again it just might make one wonder exactly what kind of resources this PMC has that they can field a ship that's essentially two supercarriers side by side that looks like it's about fifty years ahead of current military tech.

The patrol craft enters the flagship through a wet landing bay in its aft primary hull. Nathan leads those who are with him up several decks to a room that is obviously an armory. He gestures to the soldiers who are there getting themselves armored up. "Alright. If you don't already have armor or some kind of defensive powers, get suited up. These soldiers will help you get sized properly. Same goes for weapons if you know how to use them." He starts putting words into deed as he gets his own equipment on.

Glancing at Rissa, the bear looks confused before Wojtek comments, growling and rumbling. <Going into space. Give cookie after.> he says as he moves to go get suited up. It takes quite some time, but finally he's fitted into something that's half cargo containers, half armor, half spacesuit. He snorts, his snort pushed in just a little in the oversized helmet as he stomps about a little to get everything positioned and set into place. Holding onto his rifle, the bear shambles aboard the craft, and yes, that spacesuit makes his butt look fat. Not that he already didn't have a fat butt.

Dyna volunteers, adding one more Promethean to the mission roster. At the very least, space should prove quite interesting. She is silent for a lot of the trip, although she gives the Event Horizon a long look. An idle thought process ponders if there's any relation between that tech and her.

She suits up. Appearances must be maintained and she'll cling to her cover as long as she can. No weapons, though - she has no need for them.

Dyna walks a few paces, testing the range of motion in all of her limbs with the suit on. It all seems fine. "Ready," she comments.

Ixiie says, "Are we in space yet? Do you have laser rifles? Can I have a laser rifle? Are we in space yet? I probably don't need a space suit 'cause I'm super awesome. Also You don't have one with wings. Are we in space yet? Can I drive the spaceship? Are we in space yet?"

Thankfully, Rissa is more people-shaped than a bear and can therefore fit into a people-shaped costume. Truth be told, she's actually incredibly durable. So she forgoes any real armoring. Though she'll definitely help herself to the largest gun anyone will hand her mostly because… Well, it's hard to invert faces from a distance if you have to do it by punching. She hasn't learned punching at a range, though.
"Cookies after space." Pause. "Why not at the same time?" Why go into space after a girl you've only been dating for one day? Because reasons. "She missed my favorite holiday. I'm going to hug her. Then I may strangle her. Then I'll probably hug her again." Oh look, a small horde of Prometheus throwing themselves at danger. 'Cause that never happens.

The armory is large, taking up a significant portion of this deck, and it doesn't take long for it to nearly reach capacity with either people gearing up for the rescue or those helping them gear up. It's actually surprisingly easy for them to find armor for Wojtek, or at least armor that can be quickly modified for his specific form. The helmet takes some doing, but other than that not so hard. Then again, this PMC is led by a 10-foot mage-priest, so maybe not so surprising.

Nathan pauses in his gearing up to smile softly at Rissa's ranting. Once everyone is geared, they are then led up to the flight deck where several dropships are waiting ready for flight. Inside the dropships it's a cross between military spartanism and the comforts of home. The main deck has all of the gear, situation rooms, weapons bays, etc. that one might expect, while the upper deck has rather comfortable accommodations for a full compliment. Not quite as comfortable as the Coral Springs team dorms, but that's just because there's less space.

Nathan gives word for the craft to lift off as soon as it's ready, then leads anyone interested in the view forward to the front of the main deck. Here there is a sort of secondary bridge with viewports showing outside the ship which is already rising out of the atmosphere with almost no noise or vibrations to indicate that it's in flight. He situates himself at a computer interface and starts to bring up various displays. He flips a couple switches and speaks over the intercom, "Mission flight time will be 43 minutes to target zone, then a slow approach under stealth to breach positions. The target is a large space station at the L3 sun-earth Lagrange point. Or in layman's terms, pretty much directly opposite the Sun from Earth's position. There's likely to be a great deal of opposition, so take the time en route to get yourself ready."

Getting ready? There's plenty of time for that. Going through his gear, Wojtek checks his rifle several times, making sure that it is all in working order as he also makes checks that the space suit has pouches for his stuff. Once that's all done, he settles in for the flight, as it seems there will be no entertainment on the flight for now. However, there's something on the bear's mind.

As they sit and wait through the flight, the bear glances at Dyna a few times, tapping his claws together a few times in thought. It's a long flight after all, and they have time to do things like make small talk. Finally he moves a bit closer as he draws in a breath. Then he growls and rumbles, but that accented Russian comes through. Of course he means to talk to Dyna alone, but unfortunately, either the telepathy is on or off, there's no in-betweens.

<I have not seen movie in long time. Heard there are good ones now. Would like to see one. Would you like to see one too?> he ventures to the laser beam eyes girl as he considers for a moment. <Not like date. Could be. Eat a lot of popcorn.> With the question asked, he almost immediately regrets asking it as he taps his armored hide and holds his own confidence. Because a bear asking a girl on a date isn't a terrile thing, right? He's a boy, she's a girl. Or whatever passes for dating in this new society - oh he has so much to learn.

There may be entertainment on the flight, after all.

After being denied all high powered weaponry by ship staff, being shooed off the bridge twice, and coming to the realization that space is just big and black expanse of emptiness, Ixiie contents herself with slumping into a chair and spinning it around while complaining about how bored she is. "Bored. Booored. I'm bored. This is boring. Why is space so boring? Can I go to the brige?"

A girl dating a genetically engineered lab experiment? That's odd. But a bear dating a gynoid? NOW THAT'S RIDICULOUS. Rissa will follow Nathan of course to the viewing area, having commandeered some suitably ridiculous-sized firearm. Thusly equipped, even her mopey ass can't be bothered to be completely jaded. There's oo'ing and aaah'ing. "This is only the second time in my life I've felt tiny." A pause and then she looks over at Nathan,"Guess when the first one was?"
Another pause. "I'm… relatively certain none of us present have any idea what a la grange point is." She contemplates this new info, now, before informing her compatriots,"You know… this means we're all astronauts now. Which is funny because… I wanted to be one when I was really little. And then I started to grow up and dad said… Doesn't matter what dad said. I'm here." She checks to make sure her survival knife is strapped on, and then addresses Nathan,"So… you have to know this… There's gotta be like a tailor or manufacturer for those of us who need more… durable gear. Don't suppose you have any business cards when this is all over?"
Now that the bear is talking, she smiles, and she hisses,"Dude… bring her candy. And flowers. It'll be totally cute." She moves to lean over next to Ixiie as she spins, pulls out her cellphone, angles herself so that a viewscreen is behind her in the picture, waits for Ixiie to be facing the right way, and snaps a selfie. "

Ixiie mugs for the selfie.

Dyna ends up on the secondary deck, practically standing at attention, hands clasped behind her back like a soldier. She turns her head slightly left and slightly right at times, keeping track of everything going on around her - and, also, takign time to stare out the viewports. Space! It really is quite interesting, and utterly outside her current experience.

With a lot of her processing power working on space, it takes a moment to realise that Wojtek is there and talking to her.

And speaking of things outside her current experience…

"I saw a movie two months ago, I would like to see another," she replies. "But we would need to set a date, so we remember to attend."

To Ixiie, Dyna comments: "Space is not boring. It is interesting. It plays havoc with blood circulation, accelerates muscle degradation and, over the long term, brings about bone loss. But this is only without gravity." She nods, like it is any consolation.

And gravity is something that these ships have. Which is good because speeding towards a rescue mission is NOT the time to find out who does or does not suffer from space sickness. Although Nathan is mainly focused on his displays and getting things set up as the ships fly towards the Sun (which at this point fills about a third of the visible space outside the viewports), he does pay attention to the students who volunteered as well. Rissa's crack about the first time she felt small gets a lopsided smirk, "Think of how Tabitha felt when I first brought her home. She was almost a foot shorter than she is now. So tiny we thought she was six, tops." He changes subjects before he can get misty eyed. "If you want to know what a Lagrange point is, I guess you have something to study when we all get home."

The other antics get the occasional smile as the pure innocence of the various reactions act to prevent much of the pre-mission tension.

<Oh. Right. Yes. That type of date.> Wojtek nods his snout in agreement with the redhead woman and the large bear settles on his haunches, peering at Rissa curiously. <If we go to movies, would she want those things?> he turns to Dyna and asks. <Do you want flowers and candy?> It's a totally oblivious question. <You can pick movie. I do not know what is good movie. Heard that there are three new Star Wars movies?> Yes, he's that out of date.

With that, he rises on hind legs. <You are only small if want to be small. I look large. But heart bigger.>

Ixiie's flight consists of five minutes grinning at the talking bear, five minutes grinning at that robot, and fifteen minutes of trying to turn off the gravity by pushing various buttons on the coffee maker. She drinks the hot chocolate she accidently produced from the machine and waves to the sun as it goes by and makes one last attempt to sneak onto the bridge.

"I do not want flowers and candy," Dyna replies, more from not wanting anything or even understanding /why/ she might want a gift like that. She returns her eyes to the wonders of space. "I do not know which movies are released, or which ones are good. I do not think those ones you recommended were good." Her chassis is probably less dense than her understanding of social ques.

Rissa plops down into a seat once she has her selfie. She lapses into quiet as she settles into her chair now. It doesn't take her long to break it,"She's like, the bog standard definition of 'shawtie'. I'm taller than my father, but he still seems unbelievably HUGE in my eyes." She pulls her survival knife and begins to examine her blade. "Must be hard, standing out like you do." Something she's used to.
"It's kind of customary to bring flowers and/or candy on a standard date for the girl you're taking out." Pause. "Remind me to tell Tabby to take me to the movies and buy me candy." Riiiight. She watches the ADD personified that is Ixiiee for a while before she shakes her brain out of it. "I was going to ask who doesn't like candy, but I guess the answer is you."

<No candy. You pick movie. Agreed.> Wojtek growl rumbles as he looks to Rissa. <Tabitha is girl. You are girl. You buy candy for each other?> he asks curiously. <Or since you will be rescuing her, she owes us all candy?>

As the dropships reach the other side of the Sun, Nathan gives the order to enter stealth. From inside the ship there is little difference save for a blueshift in the lights, but outside the viewports the other dropships fade from sight. It's only a few moments later that Nathan stands up from his seat and starts towards the back. "It's time." He heads to the middle of the ship where there is a hatch on the floor surrounded by clearly marked lines labled 'STAND CLEAR' in five languages. A hologram of the target springs up into the air over the hatch ( http://tinyurl.com/jpsxkfg ). A section near the bottom of one of the huge towers is zoomed in on.

"This will be our breech point. The dropships will approach under maximum stealth, attach to the station wall, and cut through to provide us entry. Sweep teams will fan out from the breech, locate any station personnel and neutralize them using appropriate force. It is presumed that everyone on this station is a Helix Group gentek of some form, so be prepared for heavy resistance. Acquisition of inteligence and technology is a secondary objective."

The image zooms back out and two sections of the station are highlighted, both near the core with one slightly below the other. "These sections are drawing the most power. Our forward scouts identified them as the most likely areas where Tabitha and Katrina are being held. My team," he points to himself, three Castleman soldiers, as well as his mostly Promethean volunteers, "will be going to the upper section. We'll be joined by some additional warm bodies from the other dropships after breech. Stay together, stay focused, and watch each other's backs."

There is a very slight bump and a sound of cutting lasers on the other side of the floor hatch. Then it irises open to show a station cooridor below. "Watch your step going through. The gravity will feel strange until you orient yourself to the station floor." Then he leads the entry.

He has a sorta date with Dyna. That's a win in Wojtek's book. As he listens to the instructions and makes his comment about candy, the large bear nods. <You need someone on point?> he asks, apparently the bear has had some military training as he considers, and takes off his ushanka. He turns and hands it to Dyna. <Hold this for me.> he offers to her before he slips on a helmet and unslings his rifle to chamber a round. Yes, it's supposed to be a sniper rifle, but for him it's an assault rifle. <Ready.> he says as he follows at Nathaniel into the passage.

Dyna holds the ushanka. She isn't sure if she should keep holding it, but she does for a few more seconds. She then places it atop one of the terminals on the secondary bridge, because it might get damaged if she keeps it during the mission, and figures he can find it later.

The station is amazing. Dyna would like to ask questions about it, but those come later. Nathan represents a lawful authority and, so, Dyna's programming kicks in. She nods sharply - "Ready." - and follows him in, ready for anything.

"You are the best, bear, sir. Tabby SHOULD buy us all candy. Candy for a death-defying epic rescue? Seems a fair trade." She eyes Woj,"You may need a lot of candy. Them's the breaks." She flicks the safety on her borrowed weapon. How hard could it be? Point and shoot, right? Rissa thinks it SOUNDS simple anyway.
"Just so we're clear… you're aware of the inherent risks of recruiting and using teenagers, many with unresolved issues, to assault a hardened location righ- That's exactly why you picked us isn't it? I can live with that." She hops through the floor hatch after Nathan, whistling a lazy note.

Gabrielle quietly follows behind the group of rescuers. Besides the gray, camo-like armor they've been provided, which hides her blue hair, Gabrielle has actually painted her face with some very competent urban camo paint. She has eschewed any kind of gun or blaster instead opting for having her ever present rapiers strapped to her back.

Nathan looks around at the corridor the teams have breeched into and lets out a small sigh at its size. "Well this doesn't bode well." He nods to Wojtek's question. "You and I will be on point, you five," he points to the five Castleman soldiers that are on his team, "cover our asses. All others keep your eyes peeled." As the team is supplimented by the addition of Gabrielle he waves over a woman who manages to look dignified, almost royal even in the combat armor. "Nikita, keep your mindhunter unit with the tech sweepers. We'll shout out if we hit a wall we need you to break." The woman nods once and gets into position.

In under a minute all teams are ready and Nathan gives the order to attack. The sweep teams go first, groups of a dozen soldiers each with some teams supplimented with Coral Springs upperclassmen who joined the mission. Nathan gives those teams several minutes of lead time before he makes a 'let's go' gesture to his team and leads them towards the station's central core.

Thanks to the sweep team's actions their transit is problem free at first. It's only after they've reached one of the elevator shafts that things get hairy. The lift cars have been disabled by station security, so it will be a climb of nearly a hundred yards. And there's some defenders stationed on several levels above. 'Standard' gentek soldiers every one of them, none of the terrorist group's more monstrous members are present. But they're well armored and well armed with energy weapons which they start to use as soon as the first attacking face shows its… face.

Ever seen a half-ton plus of bear jump? I mean.. really jump? Wojtek takes a moment and suddenly takes a running start and leaps high into the air, heading up the elevator shaft as the monstorous bear gives a /roar/ of defiance and rallying the soldiers as he attempts to land amongst the enemy and starts to waylay into them. Weapon? Claws, paws, weight, and a very bad attitude.

"The lift cars have been disabl-" It's all Dyna gets out before energy fire streams down towards the group. She ducks back for a moment, keeping out of the line of fire. "Multiple targets," she reports, as if it wasn't obvious.

She could climb that far, and probably fairly quickly - but that would expose her to fire. Tactically-inadvisable, at the very least.

Dyna steps back into the shaft and triggers her jump jets. They come to life in her feet and back, helping her leap. She grabs a handhold, and triggers them again, almost throwing herself up the shaft towards the soldiers and the top. She moves quick when she's in motion, but there's that split second as she jets again that makes her a much easier target. Shots ping off her armored clothing, bits and pieces spalling…

Gabrielle takes a quick peek up the shaft as both an anthropomorphic bear and a Dyna serve as distractions. Once she has a good mental picture of a landing point she ducks back into the hallway then disappears in her standard pop and flash. She reappears clinging to the hallway ceiling by her feet, draws her swords and drops almost silently behind the group of enemy grunts. Then her swords start flashing through the air as she starts slashing unarmored hamstrings and ankle tendons.

Rissa does stuff almost like a normal human being these days! Being able to punt a traincar for a field goal tends to give one all sorts of respect for how very BREAKABLE things are. Though to be fair, this station seems built to last. Big. Really tough. And also- OH MY GOD THAT BEAR JUST JUMPED THREE HUNDRED FEET INTO A CROWD OF GENTEKS!
No time for screwing around alright. She takes a run at a wall, getting a few feet up until she reaches a lip, and hops to the opposite wall using the boost. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Again and again. No shooting just yet. Seeing the others going right to it, she TRIES to throw one of the kicks her martial artist friend showed her. Strength. Power. CONTACT.
The resulting gentek missile hits a far wall and makes a lout squishing sound. Blood and gore pour out of his armor, leaving her staring, distinctly uncomfortable. Surprised. The ongoing combat shocks her to wakefulness and soon, she's hanging the gun at her back and reaching out. Each hand will grab limbs on the genteks and squeeze. Limbs get mangled. No more meat sacks inside of armor this time, at least. She now bears the look of someone trying very hard not to think about this.

Nathan and the Castleman soldiers take on the lift shaft with similar enthusiasm. The soldiers activate their armor systems, granting them their own self-oriented gravity field. This means that no matter how they twist or duck to avoid incoming fire, 'down' is always towards their own feet. Nathan's armor has the same features, but he instead chooses to step to the center of the open shaft (pay no attention to the yawning void beneath his feet… he certainly isn't). Then he draws his sword from its position on its back. Its blade lights up with contained solar energy and Nathan himself starts to rise at a slow but steady pace.

Taking up the rear of his team's assault, he very calmly cuts down any gentek soldiers on each level that manage to avoid getting taken out by the others.

For their part, the genteks do seem very well trained and uncommonly well coordinated despite never vocalizing apart from grunts or cries of pain. They don't panic at the bear assault, although it clearly takes them by surprise… until it takes them back to their maker. The same can be said for those getting the Achiles treatment from the teleporter. After the first few go down the others form up with their backs to walls or each other and start shooting at random in the hopes of catching Gabrielle on reentry. The ones that get Rissa as their attacker fare somewhat less well as their weapons are worth little and their armor even less. A few on levels that weren't claimed by the heavies continue trying to land shots on Dyna, Nathan, and the Castleman soldiers. A few manage to succeed.

Clearly, combat is something Wojtek was trained for. Despite his armor getting shredded and torn in the process of the battle, there's a scream as a Gentek soldier goes flying over the edge of the shaft, tumbling to his demise. Wojtek rises on his hind legs and /roars/ his disapproval of those that are daring to attack him and his comrades, hefting a pair of their weapons to open fire as he rains down destruction. Once they click drive, the massive bear jumps again, landing on top of a Gentek soldier, squashing him beneath his immense weight before grabbing the body and turns his attention towards the grouping on the next floor. <CLEAR!> he roars.

Hefting the body, he flings it sidelong at a grouping of soliders, using the dead Gentek as a shield and battering device as he goes to all fours, roaring and launching into the battle, massive paw lashing down into one of the targets to crush into it, and he goes toe to toe with the next one, a monster as large and formidable as he is. As they grapple and fight, the bear growls low and angrilly in his throat. <You are strong. But can you fly?> he asks, before jumping straight up to slam the Gentek monster into the cieling and lands, before launching into another super jump to slam him into the cieling again. The bear has gone completely feral at this point, forgetting to speak, mauling the Gentek soldier, claws and teeth as he rips flesh and breaks bones.

Dyna lands amongst a group of gentek soldiers, combat subroutines shifting up and action circuits firing, drawing additional power. She's 'pumped', as the kids would say.

She grabs at the first soldier she finds, hitting at whatever soft area she can find, kicking out and sending him to crash against the far wall hard enough that he /bounces/ off it, landing all twisted and /wrong/. Rissa might look like she's trying not to think about it, but Dyna just looks blank, maybe even unimpressed.

One of those Gentek soldiers she faces are one of the few lucky enough to land a hit. Dyna's head snaps back from the blow, although it doesn't quite arrest her forward momentum, and she lays that target out with the unerring mechanical precision she displayed on the others. Joints, soft area, weak points. The skin layer of her face sizzles from the impact, smoke curling, gleaming metal underneath. She doesn't seem to pay it any mind.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Gbarielle is all grace and agility rather than brute strength. Once the Gentek soldiers catch on to her trick she sticks to the fight and her experience with pitched battles (yay for SCA!) starets to show as she begins almost to dance with her opponents. Instead of using her swords offensively she starts to use them defensively, in combincation with the inhuman flexibility of her mutant body. She starts to flow through the mass of soldiers, dodging most attacks while trusting her armor to take care of the few that find their mark. Her swords bat at arms or shoulders, redirecting blows and shots, taking advantage of the one-vs-a gazillion scenario to make the Gentek damage each other more than they ever do her. Although lulls in the battle where she stands still from time to time do show trickles of blood here and there through the rips slowly starting to show in her armor, proof that at least a few enemy attacks have found their mark to one degree or another.

It's kinda painful. She loses time dodging at first until something tags her. It's not quite nothing. It stings, certainly. She'll have a few more gold splotches on her body and some purple colored bruises. Because her biology is weird. But when she realizes they're not really injuring her, she actually reaches down to grab a Gentek by the leg and another by the throat with her left hand.
What follows is painful for everyone but Rissa and her comrades. The gentleman held by the neck has the honor of being her personal meatshield, while the one whom she has by the leg? He becomes her personal club. As it extends her reach, this makes laying flat the genteks standing in her way relatively easy. This extracts her from the horror of having pulped a human being. Well. Sort of human being.
So, with her trusty 'shield' and 'club' the girl practically walks through her last grouping of soldiers. And for reasons succintly stated as 'because', her clothing has survived mostly intact. With complementary tactical battle damage. Also, her makeshift club and shield look like some just replaced all their bones with bones that have many more joints than they should. They are covered in as many scorch marks as she is, as well. In this moment, it's hard not to wish for Gabby's agility, or Dyna's coldness. She wishes for nothing of Wojtek's. Who wants to ask their significant others to help shave their back, after all? Besides, dude looks like he has some anger issues.
"I'm glad the bear is with US."

"Personally I'm glad you're all with us."

This is from one of the Castleman soldiers that's made it to the top of the shaft. Two of them didn't, leaving the team with four when the last of the opposition is taken care of. Nathan nods his agreement as he reaches the top platform, his sword returned to its place on his back as he didn't need to use it the last few floors. He signals a pause before advancing, letting everyone take a moment to collect themselves, check for injuries, and the like. The soldiers take up defensive positions while Nathan starts to go over the nearest intact genteks. Eventually he finds something worth while.

"I've got a helmet with an intact heads-up display. Jenkins, give it a look." He tosses it to one of the soldiers with 'L. Jenkins' on his armor, who sets his weapon aside and starts to work on the gentek helmet. While that's happening, Nathan goes around to everyone to check their injuries and offer some minor combat healing. Nothing huge, but enough to stop bleeding, ease burns, and fuse bone. He doesn't seem too taken aback when he reaches Dyna and notes the metal under ruined synthskin. He only asks, "Are you still combat ready?"

Jenkins doesn't take more than a few minutes to figure out the gentek systems. He uses his own armor systems to project a hologram of his findings. "We're about seventy yards from the target chamber, but there's a lot here that doesn't make sense. According to the station's internal sensors, that chamber is being exposed to hard vaccuum every few minutes. This happens at the same time as the station receives a massive influx of energy, but that energy doesn't seem to be coming from anywhere. The energy is getting channeled into these seven devices around the chamber's circumference. The chamber itself has no cameras or anything similar, so I can't tell what might be in there waiting for us."

Picking up a last Gentek soldier, Wojtek squeezes him in a hard grip, a massive bearhug. The crunch of armor and bone echoes throughout the chamber before the bear drops the solder and moves to check on the others. All seems to be in order until he comes to Dyna and the exposed metal of her face. The bear's snout is covered in blood, as is his claws as he reaches up, and with one nail, delicatedly tap-taps the metal beneath the woman's skin. Well, now it makes sense on why she was agreeable to go see a movie with him. There's a moment of thought, and he comments, <I like your skeleton.> It harkens back to their first meeting before he turns his attention to what's coming in from the reports as he drops to all fours and turns his attention to the briefing and listens.

"Absolutely," Dyna tells Nathan. "Only cosmetic damage. Literally."

She looks to the hologram, and then seems to examine the bodies of many of their gentek opponents. She glances at one, and then another, and a third. All of them in turn. "If we had asked, would they have negotiated?" she asks the air, which probably means the question is directed to everyone else. Idly, though, she also ponders what Jenkins is saying. Hard vaccuum is fine, but the massive amount of energy coming in might be more of a problem to her. "Thank you," she tells Wojtek, although the tap-tap doesn't seem to draw out a response.

As the number of opponents start to die down (literally in many cases) Gabrielle starts to shift from defense to offense. Her final Gentek is dispatched as she bends over backwards to avoid a shot from his blaster and while still bent allmost in half she stabs up, sneaking past the strap of his pauldron, slashing the tendons connecting his bicep to his shoulder, leaving his shooting arm useless. Using the moment she gathers when she straightens up she takes advantage of the soldier's shock to hit him in the middle of the forhead with the pommel of her sword with all the energy of her movement, knocking him out cold. Then she just goes and leans against a wall, cleaning her swords with a scrap of cloth while she listens to the rest of the group.

Rissa's little cuts and bruises are soon traded for little golden marks, and a snort of thanks for Nathan and his healing. She calmly informs him."I think that's about as far as my toughness can get pushed. Thanks." With Nathan's assist, it's unlikely that she'll feel much more than a tickle from the same weapons-fire responsible for her cuts and bruises.
She'll drop her club and shield in deference to George Carlin's thoughts on 'your stuff' becoming other peoples' 'crap'. They're kind of broken anyway. At least she bothers to wait for Nathan's direction. She doesn't even charge ahead or anything,"I'm guessing that means walking in and breaking everything in sight could be catastrophic? We're yours to command."
Wojtek DOES get a comment from Rissa, though, along the lines of,"See, you gave her a nice compliment… I think…. You're a pretty smooth Lady's man. Lady's bear? Lady's man-bear?" Pause. "You're good at this." Pause. "You got a little blood on your…" She starts to gesture to the bear, then frowns and just answers,"… everywhere. Nevermind."

Nathan pays close attentionn to the briefing Jenkins gives then stares at the hologram for a moment. While he's doing so, the display changes as another vaccuum/energy/channeling cycle happens. He frowns slightly, "This worries me." He keys his comms, "Nikita, status?" The other side of the conversation is inaudible here. "Good. Listen… I want you to call the Court's Council. Have them make best speed to this location." As he listens to her reply he talks to the team. "Jenkins, you and there rest of your squad set up hardpoint fields here. Hold our escape route. Gabrielle, while they're setting up I want you to get a solid fix on this location for rapid teleport. If we're in there when it goes to vaccuum…"

He tilts his head and goes back to talking on his comms. "Just get them on their way here. If I'm right about this energy that's getting channeled into the station, we could be in for not just worlds, but /universes/ of trouble." That seems to have done the trick as he flips his comms off again and focuses on the team once more. "But yeah, if we get caught in vaccuum, grab Wojtek and yourself out first and then Rissa. My armor can support me for a short spacewalk, I doubt Dyna will have issues, and even with a messed up suit Karissa should be alright for a brief exposure."

Listening to the plan, Wojtek nods his approval and the bear just waits to see what happens next though he gives a glance at Rissa. <I am not Lady Bear. Am male bear. Strong bear. Powerful. Female bear powerful. But am not female.> he says in confusion of the statement. <You tell me to but flowers and candy. She does not like. Call me Lady Bear. Are you sure you not buying Tabitha flower and candy and she is your Lady Bear?>

Gabrielle looks Wojtek over once or twice as he talks to Rissa. She clearly can't understand what the bear is saying but that's not her concern anyway. After looking at him for a few moments then examening the rest of the team she turns to Nathan and says, "As long as either you and there bear aren't both on the same group I should be able to take everyone in one hop… But they might not be in the best fighting shape after that." Anyone that's seen the results of Gabrielle teleporting someone for the first time knows what she means. Her means of transporation takes some getting used to and the first couple of time can be /very/ disorienting and uncomfortable. To the rest of the group she says, "Just make sure you stay close. You need to be either touching me or someone that is touching me if we need to do a group teleport."

"It will not be a problem," Dyna agrees with Nathan. "The energy bursts may be, depending on the total yield. She nods to Gabriella then, and then rolls her head left and right, stretching a neck that has no need for it. The expression is obvious, though: bring it on.

Karissa puffs out her chest a little when the man mentions 'brief exposure', then nods,"Darn skippy! It's like I've been practicing for this exact situation! I just didn't know! Exposure, being smacked around, the whole not breathing thing… I got this!" Overconfidence. She's a teenager. "Lady's man, or lady's bear… It means… Um… like, you're really good at attracting female attention in a romantic manner."
Having thus acquired some swagger, though, she blinks owlishly at him,"I… I think we're both each others' Lady-Bears. Um… we just sort of go with… Wait a minute. I'm not qualified to explain the intricacies of same sex ursine relationships. Ignore my commentary on the matter for now. I suspect we MAY be trying not to puke shortly. I've heard stories."

The soldiers start taking devices out of their armor packs at Nathan's orders while Jenkins taps Nathan's arm and points down the side corridor. One of the sweep teams is making its way towards Nathan's team, their number down to just three soldiers with some moderate battle injuries as well as Ixiie who seems to have a few dings herself. The sweep team's leader waves when he spots Nathan's team and leads his people over and shoots off a quick and not too sloppy salute. "Sector 14 is clear from breech to this location, sir."

Nathan nods to the soldier, "Good. You three help Jenkins hold this location. Use your hardpoint fields to set up against possible decompression, and keep this patch of floor clear of obstacles. Our teleporter might need to use it as an evac landing site. Ixiee, care to lend my team a hand now?" He gets a nod in response and the three new arrivals get to work.

Jenkins gets Nathan's attention again, pointing to the hologram his suit was projecting of the central chamber. "Power usage has changed. The room is linking up with the chamber below it somehow." Nathan goes deathly pale as he clearly does not like what he's seeing. He starts running towards the central chamber, trusting that those coming with him will keep up and the soldiers will follow their own orders. He keys his comms again as he runs, "Nikita, get the Council here YESTERDAY! They've called the Seven Travesties!" He draws his sword, the blade igniting as he runs.

Wojtek glances at Dyna. <…are you romantically attracted to me? Rissa says you are.> And then as things and the situation seems to change, the bear drops the subject for now. Instead he sets himself and starts to lope on hands and legs towards the room that they were ordered to head towards. No rifle is pulled yet, instead the massive bear seems to just be concentrating on his strength and speed at the moment.

Dyna glances right back at Wojtek. Hello, awkward silence while some part of Dyna tries to process the optimal response. Socialisation wasn't near the top of the corporate To Do list, not beyond the bare minimum required. A lot of things, her understanding is purely academic. Philosophy was up there on the list, and a lot of philosophers talked about love and romance, but a brief perusal through the information she has there doesn't help. A verbal treatise on the subject isn't what anyone wants, Dyna knows that.

It might be something she can figure out in time, but she's not there yet.

Perhaps luckily for both parties, everything explodes into action. Dyna moves with Nathan and the others, breaking into a run.

Seven Travesties - she's not heard of them before.

Ixiie yells, "I cleared Sector 14! They had lasers!" She points to a burn through her shoulder already on it way to mending itself before getting caught up in the push forward. "There was this one guy I threw into a spaceship and then threw the spaceship at a whole bunch of guys! I haven't been in a fight this big in so long I don't even remember!"

Gabrielle pushes off the wall and starts to follow behind the groups again. As usual in combat situations her shyness seems to have comepletely vanished for the time being as she keeps up with the group, ready to pitch in in any way possible.

Seven Travesties? It's never good when someone has a 'The' in front of the their group name. Rissa can do very little beyond signal her agreement with Nathan's direction, even as the rifle at her back is unslung and pointed outward, ready to fire, and takes up her own pace which is as much hopping as it is running, trying to keep up with Super-Bear. "I think things are about to get REALLY woogie. You don't take in that much power without discharging it."

About halfway to the central chamber door, yet another group arrives to merge with the main rescue team. This time it's Nikita and her Mindhunter team, flying in via her telekinesis. Without anything said, all but two of them veer off to join the soldiers in holding and reinforcing the escape route while Nikita and her team's Coral Springs volunteer join up with Nathan's team without breaking pace. Nathan and Nikita exchange worried looks, still as pale as when Nathan called her about the Seven Travesties. It's only seconds later that the group reaches the door to the central chamber.

Nathan and Nikita don't just tear through the door in thier haste, however. They stop, check to make sure that the Coral Springs volunteers, students every bit as young as the ones they're all here to rescue, are ready to proceed. Then Nathan checks to make sure that the chamber isn't exposed to the vaccuum of space. Only then do the two of them stand at the ready while Nikita exerts her not inconsiderable mental strength to pry the large sliding door open in one sharp telekinetic jerk.

Calling the station's central chamber immense would be an understatement. Scale is difficult to quickly judge given that it has no physical roof and is instead only separated from the pitiless void of space by a force field. The chamber is almost a perfect sphere with the top quarter cut off and the bottom quarter being the transparent dome roof of the chamber below. Arrayed around the chamber are seven pillars of some unnamable material that is somehow metal, stone, crystal, and solid energy all at once.

At the base of each of these pillars there is a large chamber carved. Six of these chambers are occupied by gigantic creatures that in some ways defy description. No two of them look alike although each of them is of a physical form that screams out its fundamental /wrongness/ to a viewer. The seventh pillar, also the nearest to where the group enters, is still charged with the energy that has been channeled into it. The chamber at its base holds not a creature like the others but a tall, lithe raven haired woman whose body is getting charged by the pillar's energy. She starts to transform shortly after the door is breached.

The center of the chamber, between all of the pillars, is a completely empty void. Well… not completely empty. At what looks to be the exact center of the chamber, suspended between the pillars and the void of space by wires so thin that they would be invisible save for the energy arcing randomly down their length, is the figure of a small girl. Those with sharp eyes can see some sort of tattoos or other markings on the visible portions of her skin.

She does not look well at all.

Before the scene can be processed to too great an extent, the transparent bottom of the chamber begins to fold open. The room below seems to be some kind of laboratory that has been mostly cleared out. In the center, directly beneath the suspended girl, are two figures. One is a tall albino man holding a cane. The other is another young girl that has been laid out on a medical table with a number of wires, tubes, and other aparatus attached to her.

Looking a bit uncomfortable as she floats under Nora's telekinesis, Maya tries to remain focused on the game. She is decked out in armor and carries a rifle as well, though it looks heavy and cumbersome in her arms - not one for legit weapons apparently. Once on her feet, she takes a deep breath before looking around to assess the situation as well. Her eyes immediately fall on Wojtek for a brief moment, "Bears in space…" She then smirks, "Did someone call the cavalry?" before she quickly flicks her attention onto Nikita and Nathaniel. Their worried looks does not ease her mind. She quickly nods to the students present as she takes her space, readying herself. As soon as the door rips open and she sees the creatures, Maya's eyes widen as her mouth drops open, "Holy sh-…"

Pacing back and forth as the others force the door open, the bear looks with anticipation and wariness as his preparedness shows through. People don't build these type of elaborate places without the idea of having some kind of nefarious scheme or evil lab. Wojtek may not have seen this before.. but he's seen similar. A small arctic lab in the Russian north where he was held down, soothed by the woman that claimed to be his mother, before injecting the young super with the DNA of an Asian black bear to see what would happen - splicing and forming him into the creature he is today. Anger flashes in the bear's dark eyes as he rears up on his hind legs and lets out a roar of indigniation and announcement. The good guys are here, better beware the bear!

But everything in here seems to be all complicated and confusing, so the bear finds himself at an impasse. What to smash, what not to smash, and he ends up just growling and pacing as the door opens, as if waiting for the moment to strike at as he finally moves towards the crackling wires and growls. Electricity. Electricity is bad. But the electricity seems to be feeding the pillars of the monsters, and are attached to the girl. So that's never a good thing.

But it seems to be what it is that's holding the whole thing together. Leaping up on the platform to try to rip it from it's moorings, the bear bites down on the cables in his rage. The cold never bothered him anyway, but the massive surge of electricity? That's a whole different kettle of fish. As the electricity courses through his body, the bear roars in pain and is thrown from the platform, landing on the ground in a smouldering mess. Knocked unconscious by the sudden surge, the bear shudders and twitches, and while unconscious, goes from giant angry bear.. to a rather attractive blonde young man with just enough oversized clothing and armor to hide most of his nude form.

Apparently more than one person on the team has similar ideas. As Wojtek is jumping onto one platform light envelops the team as Gabrielle teleports to the top of the pillar opposit the one selected by Wojtek. And once again as the bear chooses brute strength the blue-haired girl goes with something a little more subtle. Putting her hands on the scaffolding the wire is connected to she concentrates for a moment and then, in a much larger flash than usual, she disappears, taking with her a good chunk of the scaffolding. Which she then drops onto the top of a different pillar from as high up as she can, trying to kill two scaffoldings with one teleport…

All of Ixiie's scatterbrained distractiveness focuses in an instant on the thin man in the labratory. With a jolt she lifts one palm into skyward, and a vortex of wind spirals around the man's feet launching him into the air. She watches as he catches the roof of the labratory with one hand and weathers the raging tornado attempting to toss him around like a ragdoll. This seems to only make her more annoyed. "Get up here jerk so I can kick your butt!!"

Dyna isn't sure what she expected but it certainly isn't what is before her. There's enough of a person there to experience the existential weirdness that the chamber is practically resonating with. She is unable to identify those pillars and the attempt dumps a flurry of random, incomprehensible data through her arrays. She shunts it out.

The creatures in the chambers are a similar thing - white noise running through her systems, slowing her processors and forcing them to waste valuable cycles on nothing-data. Makes her reactions sluggish.

Dyna moves regardless, focused on the girl in the center of the chamber. She leaps through the hard vaccuum, not caring about the sheer inhospitability of it-

But she should.

It is cold. Very cold. Her chassis and systems were designed for Earth, with Earth tolerances, not for the absolute void of space. Everything is slow to react, even if she doesn't /feel/ the cold, she's certainly aware of it, and of how much it is dropping her statistical chance of success by freezing up her hardware, making it sluggish, eating up processor cycles on anticipating her own delayed abilities…

Still, someone is in trouble, and she won't let that stand, not while she has any power left in her body!

The girl leaps out over the void, heading in Tabitha's direction after bunching her muscles. Her keen superhero instincts tell her that having the girl you're dating attached to death-wires from a science-wizard is a bad thing. So she aims to put an end to it! What she hadn't expected as she went sailing was how darned cold it is! "We're coming Tabby!"
She manages to look very heroic, sailing out over the voice. For about 1.5 seconds. And then she shock hits her. Her stomach begins to do flipflops, nausea wailing up inside of her. Nitrogen bubbles in her blood and tissues begin to expand. Her eyes go bloodshot and there is blood at the corners of her eyes, ears, nose, and even mouth. For all that, with the goth look, she has going… She might almost pull it off. But the frost beginning to seep over her, covering her body? It makes her joints and fingers feel so… stiff and slow. Like trying to force her body to move.
Her power begins to directly filter her blood through tissues instead of just pumping it. There's a strange hissing and blurring around her shape as she reaches inside on the advice of a voice only she can hear and gives her personal physics a slight TWEAK, causing steam to rise from places were moisture has iced over on her pale flesh.
She mouths in Dyna's direction, looking oh-so-tired,'Save her.' Because this hurts worse than she remembers.

Okay, maybe accessing the thoughts of shifting and transforming alien creatures isn't the brightest of ideas. Upon seeing the transforming woman, Maya focused her attention on her, trying her best to reach out to the other's mind and see if she could influence her. "Alright, girl, lets see if we can turn the tides war." She narrws her eyes at the women and reaches out, further, further, further-…Suddenly letting out a strangled scream, Maya drops to the floor and clutches her head. The rifle drops from her hand, clattering against the ground. Staring in horror at absolutely nothing, Maya seems frozen, just trying to process what she has seen. Its too much for her but slowly she tries to regain some composure, hoping that her own strength of will can help her this time.

At the sight of the Travesties, six complete and the seventh nearly so, Nathaniel and Nikita go even more pale although it wouldn't seem possible. Nikita begins racing around the room's circumference without a backwards look, while Nathan only pauses long enough to address the Coral Springs team, "Get Tabitha and Katrina, they're the one in the void and the one down on the medical bed, and get them OUT! Do NOT wait for us!" Then he, too is running around the chamber's edge in the opposite direction that Nikita took. The two of them stop directly opposite each other, plant their feet…

And then Nathan notices Dyna and Rissa jumping into the central sphere of near-space conditions that Tabitha is suspended inside. He notices them both approaching her likely with the intent of dragging her out the other side with their momentum. He holds out a warning hand and tries to call them on the armor comms, "DO NOT TOUCH HER DIRECTLY, SHE'LL KILL YOU!"

Then he just has to trust that the message was received. He returns to the ritual stance he was taking before… and then both he and Nikita start to… sing?

The sound is haunting, otherworldly, and quite possibly isn't even technically a sound at all. It also seems to be… incomplete. As if it needs more voices to be fully effective. But with two voices the energy that was gathering outside the station begins to waver and become slightly disrupted. As does the energy currently in the process of inhabiting the raven haired woman in the seventh pillar. Unfortunately it seems they do not have the strength to stop her transformation but only slow it.

"Aww… I wanted to fight the main jerk guy!" Ixiie grumbles as she turns her attention to the large spehere of void. After a moment of thought she swings both hands in front of her like she's holding an invizible ball. From the sides of the sphere spring two horizontal tornadoes, siphoning the air from the greater chamber and dumping it into the patch of dead space, warming and presurising it.

There's a lot of flailing around when she receives the warning. Her fingers are already reaching out to grab at Tabitha when the warning comes floating out. Out of terrified reflex, Rissa's fingers jerk away, and her arms flail, instead TRYING to grab hold of the wires as she begins to sail past,"OH MY GOD. YOU OWE ME SO MUCH CANDY FOR THIS ONE TABBY!" Who knows if her voice penetrates the hard vacuum, but she's just so tired and worn out. "WHY IS MY GIRLFRIEND SUDDENLY MISTRESS OF THE DEATH-TOUCH!?" As if the bearer of the news is to blame. Right. Teenager.

For a few moments it might seem to people that they are being accosted by paparazzi since the whole area is flooded by flashes of different intensities. As part of the team focuses on trying to get Tabitha out of her imprisoning vaccum directly, Gabrielle is focusing on the indirect solution. Teleporting from pillar to pillar she starts to destroy the scaffoldings by droping half of them on the other half, breaking the wires securing Tabitha off their moorings. Once all the scaffoldings are down the wires start to drift into the no-longer-vaccumm-filled sphere so Gabrielle follows behind them, braving the cold to gather the cables in an attempt to use them as a way to tow Tabitha out of the sphere without touching her directly…

Unfortunately for Dyna, Nathan's warning is caught in a snare of white noise data and purged to prevent a runaway feedback loop. If she had not been so focused on trying to make her systems more responsive she might have noticed, but she didn't.

Things could have gone pretty badly, before Ixiie siphons off the air and makes it warmer. Dyna's systems immediately respond and things start to become clear.

There's a lot of power running through Tabitha, and Dyna is quite aware of her own design-by-committee vulnerabilities when it comes to surges of power. She can't estimate what direct contact with her would do, but it would likely result in a suboptimal outcome. She stares at Tabitha for a long moment and her First Aid knowledge allows her to surmise what she sees as 'not good'.

The wires, too, are something she realises she shouldn't touch, until she notes that there is no charge running through them. She reaches for them but misjudges either their movements or her still-improving systems and it slips through her fingers.

Finally, one of Rissa's hands closes on a bundle of wires, but her face has lost any sense of it's ability to joke or enjoy itself. No. She's seeing Tabby and her ill-treatment up close, and even if all the help from the various people is assisting in putting an end to her rough treatment, the simple fact is, she looks bad. The jokes become pretty thin from this point on, though she tries for a moment yet,"I told you it's bad to sleep with your makeup on, hun."

Gathering up her energy after the images she had seen, Maya tries to regain her composure and she manages well enough. All those thoughts, all those messed up images, she will deal with them later, she has to. Nathaniel's direction gives her the direction she needed, and with a quick nod as she gets up, Maya makes a run for Katrina on the medical bed. She moves fast, swiftly dodging and ducking closer. So far so good. Skidding to a stop by Katrina's bed, Maya freezes as she realizes she has absolutely no way of pulling the girl out of the coma. Realizing further that there is a man baring down on them, she spins around, placing herself between Katrina and the big bad man. Narrowing her eyes, Maya flings out her right arm and a psychic bolt whips out of her fingertips and towards him - despite the strong move, however, Maya is still internally shaken by what she's seen, her telepathic attack barely able to conjure up enough strength to slip past her fingers towards him. Oh yea, the girl is definitely still shaken up by what she had seen earlier. "Come on!" She yells, though its hard to tell if she is yelling at her teammates to hurry up or if she's yelling at herself in disappointment.

Despite the lack of force behind Maya's psychic assault, what does get thrown seems to have an out of proportionate effect on Draxus. He staggers back from Maya and Katrina, holding a hand to his head as if struck with a moderate headache. But he's not at his best at the moment and might even be open for further attacks to keep him that way.

Nathan and Nikita continue their song, pouring its power into the energy that is still forming outside of the station. Their efforts seem to be a losing battle, however when Tabitha is cut loose and gets pulled out of position, the energy outside the station becomes massively unstable. No telling what might happen at this stage.

Gabrielle hands on to the wires she grabbed to help Rissa pull Tabitha out of the void sphere, the extra momentum helping things along. Once she checks that Dyna and Rissa are stable enough she vanishes with a pop and flash, reappearing over where Wojtek is out cold. Another flash and pop takes the two of them away. Shortly after she appears again next to Maya and Katrina on her medical bed.

While the song does not let up, a tickle of thought contacts Maya's mind. Nikita's mental voice is barely a whisper but clear. »We cannot stop the Sentinel Song or things will get horrible fast. The Travesties will wake up soon. You must get Tabitha out before that happens. Only you can do it safely. I will help as much as I can, but you need to hurry!«

"Stupid space air!" Ixiie yells as she tries to form the thin, canned atmosphere of the station into a sizeable attack. The best she can manage is a rapid fire burst of small spiraling air pockets, buffeting terrorist around but unable to sweep him away.

Okay, that worked, better than she had hoped. Maya actually seems to gain back some confidence as Draxus staggers momentarily. Unfortunately her brief moment of happiness doesn't last. Receiving the message from Nora, she tightens her jaws before lookng towards Katrina briefly then back at Draxus - and he is buffeted by wind from Ixiie! A grin flashes across Maya's lips, which only broadens with Gabrielle pops into view. "God, I've never been so happy to see you right about now." With Katrina in Gabrielle's hands and Ixiie distracting Draxus, Maya moves on to focus on Tabitha, narrowing her eyes as she mentally reaches out to Nikita »I hope you know what you're doing, putting your trust in me…«

Its weird, being guided into a part of yourself you are barely aware of to begin with. With the help of Nora's sight, and with it being within her radius, Maya gets a good hold of Tabitha - mentally and…there it is, the feel of her, the weight of her, she can feel her mind as much as her mass. Just the new added sensation of /awareness/ with her powers is nearly enough to jolt back, but Maya keeps hold of it thanks to Nora. Instead of shrinking away from this new sensation, this new overstimulation, she braces through it and-….Tabitha moves, directed by nothing but Maya's own mind. "Whoa-…I…I can do this-…I am doing this!" Maya yells out to no one, just sheer adrenaline rush. "I FEEL EVERYTHING!" Grabbing hold of Tabitha, Maya is europhoric, but thankfully Nora's hold on her is enough to keep her in check and less distracted. "Tabitha Acquired!"

Things seem to be going well. Even though she missed the wires, it has all worked out in the end. Dyna feels some small measure of satisfaction at that.

Wojtek is out cold, however. Dyna can't leave him behind - can't, in the very literal sense of the term. She cannot, through action or inaction, allow someone to come to harm, and leaving Wojtek therem meets that criteria. But, even without the programming, she would do it anyway - she couldn't leave a friend behind!

It's a quick burst from her jets to get over to Wojtek's prone form. She notes the fact that he looks like a person now, but files that way to ponder later. "Come on, bear," she tells him, and hefts him over one shoulder, and makes for the exit.

The medbay at Coral Springs is going to be very busy for a long time after today. While all of the dozen plus students that volunteered are coming home, none of them made it through unscathed. After making multiple trips teleporting dead mass and other people, Gabrielle is exhausted, drained, and more than a little sick. Wojtek acquitted himself well in the fighting only to end up getting zapped by unknown cosmic energies, requiring him to be carried out. Dyna's synthflesh has taken a serious beating along with the internal damage from the void sphere's extreme cold. She'll need more than just a bit of detailing after this. Maya's brain will need a serious scrubbing, and a lot of TLC after she brushed minds with one of the Seven Travesties then had her telekinesis pried open from the inside. Rissa is starting to look like someone spilled gold paint all over her with all the cuts, frostbite, and organ ruptures she suffered in the void sphere. Ixiie made it through the last fight intact, although she was still healing from the damage she took while working with the sweep team.

But both of the kidnapped students were found and rescued! While she is in relative good health, Katrina Evans can't yet be removed from the medical support bed she's on. Apparently she's been put through some kind of advanced genetic resequencing and to remove her from the equipment would kill her. All that can be done is to wait and see what happens.

Katrina is in much better shape than Tabitha, however. It takes the Castleman Group surgeons and healers nearly a day of operating on her to remove all of the wires that were attached to the /inside/ of her chest cavity. As for the other injuries she suffered, because they were inflicted while she was exposed to extreme cold her body can't regenerate from them and she's nowhere near healthy enough to subject her to the kind of extreme treatments that would fix this issue. So while she gets cleaned up she is once more covered in massive scars, plus this time she has lost her eyes completely.

And what of Nathaniel and Nora, who stayed behind in the void chamber singing that ritual song of some kind? Well the Court's Council that Nathaniel summoned so frantically arrived in their own dropship just as the rescue team's ships were detatching from the station. Both Nathaniel and Nora showed back up at Coral Springs the next morning, but neither of them are willing to speak of that aspect of the mission. Nathaniel stays in the medbay with his rescued wards while Nora sticks around a while to 'help where she can while she's in town'.

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