(2016-11-02) Piggy Delivery
Piggy Delivery
Summary: Fel gets some visitors, for good or ill.
Date: 2016-11-02
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Med Bay Coral Springs
Wed Nov 02, 2016 — Wed Nov 02 11:08:09 2016

A full medical wing. There are rooms sectioned off by glass, all visible from a central medical station with monitors for monitoring patients status. The walls can be curtained if needed to allow some privacy for patients within. This facility is state of the art with medical equipment beyond what any other hospital in the world would have access too.

The bear wanders back towards where he was with his coffee cup held delicatedly in two claws of his paw. Pausing at Felicia's room, he recognizes the woman from the night before and steps into the room after ducking under the doorway and turning a little. Silly bear. Glancing at her, he sips his coffee, and then growl and rumbles in response to her own attempt at bear speak, not realizing that he's not really /thinking/ his thoughts at the moment.

"Well i guess i don't speak bear." Felicia says in that slurred way signifying she is still hopped up on pain meds. Probably part of the iv cocktail she is hooked up to, along witn antibiotics..who knows what kinda germs those skeletons carry. A giggle comes from her as the bear growls at her "Are you real?" The blue girl never answered her question so the ares is still confused.

Is he real? Well, that's a strange question to Wojtek. He peers at his coffee cup for a moment, guzzling down the remaining contents and smacks his lips a few times. Now that he has caffine, he can think properly. He growls and and rumbles again, but this time Felicia will get that little voice in his head in heavy Russian accents. <Real as you.>

Ollie heard that Felicia was injured and made her way to MedBay as soon as she could. She even has a Monster drink in hand, even though they might not let Felicia have it. "Felicia! What happened??" is asked breathlessly as she rushes in but skids to a stop upon seeing a bear. Drinking coffee. She blinks a couple of times before offering a little wave even as she continues her way over to Felicia's bed. "Are you ok? What are you hooked up to??"

Daxton made she she was settled last night before leaving, promises a few essentials when he left. Not to be called a liar, here he is, holding a pillow form Fel's bed (Don't ask how he got these things!), some Monster drinks, and a stuffed penguin. He's in school uniform now, blue tie indicating he's in Ares. "Hey Fel. How you holding up?" Oh, the Bear's here, cool. Dax nods to the creature, "Hey." And then Ollie, "Hey." What do you people want, it's morning!

And there is that "Huh." again at the voice in her head. It's vaguely familiar. "If you are sure about that." someone should be. Felicia's head rolls to look at the new visitors and she grins happily at the offerings "You guys are the best." she makes grabby hands "Piggy now." that would be the stuffed penquin. "They tell me I'll be fine." she glances to the iv and shrugs "No idea." and she probably doesn't care at this point. "More together than up…so many stitches…"

With Felicia appearing to be in good hands, Wojtek considers for a moment and sets his mug down on a nearby table. <Thank you. For assistance. Gad you are well.> With that, it seems that the bear is going to leave the density mistress with her comrades to deal with after nodding at Daxton, shambling towards the door on his hind legs.

Oliver gives a start as Daxton is already there…with Monster drinks. She slowly adds her own, single can to the ones Daxton is holding and takes a step back…almost as if she doesn't want to get in the way of something. "I can…if you're too crowded…" she starts, taking a few more steps back. "I just found out or I would have been here sooner. I don't want to get in the way." She looks to the bear, "Oh, uhm. You're ok. I was just leaving…"

Daxton's eyebrow cocks, confused at Ollie's reaction. But then he sighs, setting all the drinks down before handing over the animal to Ms.Grabby Hands. "Calling it Piggy makes no sense." But there's no anger in his voice, more teasing than anything. "Stay Ollie. I'll go." But then it seems like everyone isa leaving. "You guys don't have to leave." Dax is feeling guilty enough about the attack, driving her friend away, and bear (?) just adds to it. "Do you need anything else, Fel?"

<You stay. I go.> Wojtek says as he looks down at Oliver and then at Daxton. <Have to find Blastic.> he says finally, explaining why he's leaving. <Will see later.> the large bear looks at the others before he moves to bow out of the room and conversation to leave the friends to chatter.

Felicia takes e penquin and hugs it to her chest. There is a slight grimace of pain, the drugs are good, but not enough to deal with the pain of pressing on the wounds. "Thanks!" a glance is given between Ollie and Dax "Seriously? You can both stay." she frowns at them, you'd think they would put aside the weirdness for her this once. "I think that's it for now." she loks to the bear as he takes hos own leave and gives a wave. "He was real? Right?" she looks between Dax and Ollie again "I wasn't the only one seeing a bear?"

Ollie looks after the bear for a moment before turning back and finding Daxton also trying to leave. "Look, I'm the one who apparently interrupted an Ares thing. So…it's ok." She even tries a smile even though it doesn't look entirely genuine. "I'm sure someone will tell me when she's feeling better, right?" She'll glance to Felicia, "Yes, that was a bear. Drinking coffee."

Daxton's lips quirk in a small smile, "Yeah, the bear is real. He was there last night." He sighs, looking over at Ollie, "It's not an Ares thing. I just was swinging by to make sure she's ok. Same as you. We're both her friends. No one is in the way." Fel isn't the only one getting tired of this. And in a very Dax/Fel move, he reaches over and takes one of the monsters and opens it. It's morning, and he's missing breakfast!

Felicia shakes her head "You've been to Ares things Ollie…this doesn't count." she looks around dopily "No music, dancing, fighting or cops." all Ares things has to have one or more of those…all is preferred. On confirmation of the bear her eyes go to the way he left "Oh. I'm not sure if i should be glad or sad about that." and about last night "Did we win?"

Except Ollie doesn't know what happened and if Felicia and Daxton are going to talk about it, she's not going to be able to participate. "Yeah, we are her friends. But I don't like being a third wheel. You stay so you can tell her what happened. I'll…" she looks around as well and sighs, "I'll go to class or something. I'll be back at lunch."

Daxton's jaw tightens, "Ollie." He takes a breath to not sound too angry, "If you stay, I can tell you both."

Of course she can, it's called asking questions. "Ollie…" Felicia reaches out a hand to take hold of the other girl's wrist. "The only one making you feel like a third wheel is you." Felicia has been adressing all her statements to both of them. "Now stay put and let Fax tell us.". /us/ not her.

Ollie looks between Daxton and Felicia…and takes a moment before deciding how to respond. It's not fair to get into an intense discussion with Felicia all injured and hooked up to machines. "I'm not going to butt myself into everything just so that I can feel like I'm being included. Sorry if I come in to check on my best friend only to find that Daxton is already being the better friend and is here with even more Monster drinks and your stuffed penguin!"

Daxton glances to Fel's meds as she flubs up his name. They must be good. Blue eyes narrow slightly, "It's not butting in." He offered, but this constant struggle is starting to give him a headache. "It's not a fucking competition, Ollie. I grabbed her stuff is all." He looks to Fel, "Look. I'll come back….after dinner." Leave Ollie lunch. "I'm gonna grab breakfast and check on the other kids that were there." And he's got a phone call to make to Unit 23.

Felicia rubs at her forehead at the intense tones and feelings being tossef around the room. "Dammit people." she gives a sigh, she hates being fought over, especially since she has no idea what the issue is, and is to drugged to think clearly about it. "I feel like i am the rope in a tug of war."

"Of course it's not a competition, but…you don't get it." Ollie just shakes her head and moves to the door, "Stay. Felicia asked you a question. You were here first. Besides, I can't skip class." Unlike her Ares friends, she doesn't want to get detentions. She manages a smile at Felicia, "You're just so popular!!"

Daxton has no idea how to deal with this so he just stands there still (Ironic for the speedster) and looks between the two girls.

"He's not the only one." Felicia doesn't get it either. "I wish someone would explain it." though she probably won't remember if that was done right now. "If this is popularity, someone else can have it." so confused.

Daxton watches Ollie flee and sighs. "Sorry Fel. I don't know what it is I've done." After another sigh he takes a long sip of the Monster, "You sent me a snap chat last night, with skeletons. SO I showed up, you , the bear and two chics I didn't know where getting your asses handed to you by the bones. They were fast and hard, I only got a few hots myself."

"I don't know either." Felicia shakes her head "But that totally wasn't your fault." she maybe drugged up but that much was obvious "I don't know what her deal is, and she isn't wanting to talk about it." Fel will just have to push next time "Oh yeah…" she nods "I remeber the skeletons and all the people…wasn't sure about the bear." because that is just weirdness and the combination of skeletons and bears…well sounds like someones weirdo dream.

Daxton's finding that most things aren't his found, but he ends up having to pay the price anyway. But he nods, not Fel's fault either. "Yeah. There wa sa bear. you neglected to tell me that in the snap chat. I ditched out of the rest of work to run over and run you here." He thinks maybe the school had some kind of talk, his boss is being way more cool about him missing work and stuff if there's super hero stuff afoot. He also doesn't mention his ruined shirt.

Remembers the snapchat, Felicia seems amused at the reminder "We weren't fighting the bear." she thinks its a good reason to omit that part. "I didn't send a picture of the pegasus either." as if the talking bear wasn't strange enough, add mythical creatures to the scene. "Was anyone else hurt?" cause that's important…and then she remembers, "Wait…what about my motorcycle?"

Daxton shakes his head, "Not as bad as you, I think one of the girls got smacked around some." He's not really sure, he didn't stop to check, Fel was bleeding pretty badly. "…Your bike was there?" Even as he says this, he's pulling out his phone, "I'll have Pulse run over and check. Do you want them to grab it if it's still there?"

Felicia nods, her memory probably wouldn't be so foggy, but drugs! "Anybody we know?" she asks just in case. They weren't familiar to her, but maybe he knows them "Yeah i was driving around," illegally! "when the skeletons happened. I parked it at the old train station." she hopes it is still there "Could they? "

"No, I'd never seen then, although one shot lasers out of her head and the other I think was a Viking…So I'm gonna take a wild guess and say their new to school here." He nods, his fingers moving faster than the phone can handle so h has to pause as they catch up. I'll know in a few minutes, she'll run over." On the topic of Unit 23… "I think they found a place to buy." Dax will have a home away from the school, finally. Not including his parents, which he'll never go back to. Ever.

"And I guess the bear is too." there is a ape, why not a bear. Felicia watches, or triesto watch his fingers, but to fast "Cool. I'll owe her one." as if she doesn't owe the team enough…well Inferno at least "Really?" that's exciting "Where at? Around here?"

Daxton glances around, looking toads the door, maybe to see if the Bear is coming back, "Yeah. Appreantly a Bear too." Go figure. He smirks, "Careful, She'll call you on it." A small shrug of his shoulder, :"Don't know yet, I think they want to surprise me. It's close enough that I;ll not get winded running there though. So that's cool."

Felicia hmmms "Wonder if he is a mutnat bear, or a shifter that got stuck." she may never know…unless he is a student. One of those we'll see later things. "As long as the favor fits the favor that's fine." she's reasonable that way. "That's not much help. That could be a few miles away or in the next county…or further even." she grumps "Finding out this weekend?"

Daxton just shrugs, "I didn't really get to talk to him." Him? Is ti a boy? A laugh, "Yeah, hopefully. I know it's gonna be a fixeruper, unless Inferno's been holding out on us with cash." And that's probably not the case, Dax has been spending almost all his money on groceries for the Unit. His dream of a car dashed by hungry stomaches.

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