(2016-11-01) Meetings and Memories. And Also Bad Puns
Meetings and Memories. And Also Bad Puns.
Summary: A handful of students talk over a movie. Bad puns happen.
Date: IC Date (2016-11-01)
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Tuesday night. Tres fun, right? Or maybe not. Since everybody in the Athena dorm was busy studying, Link has set up camp in the main ocean hub, laid out on a couch and watching a movie on his laptop, which is setting on the wheelchair directly next to him. He's got a big bowl of popcorn in his lap and he frequently laughs and then pops more popcorn into his mouth, quite enjoying the comedic stylings of Kevin Kart and Dwayne Johnson.

With a laundry bag slung over her shoulder, Maya slips out from where the Temporary Dorms are located. She doesn't notice Link at first, instead she heads to the Laundry Room then stops when she reads the sign. With a sigh as her laundry bag slides off her shoulder, Maya lets out a few curse words under her breath before she turns around to look for an 'Adult'. She doesn't find an adult, but she does find a student with a laptop and some delicious smelling popcorn. Making her way towards him with her laundry bag dragging behind her, she slumps onto the couch as well, dropping the bag as her dark green eyes focus on the laptop. "Good movie."

The sound of someone listening to an MP3 player is heard. It does have a sound, when it's played loud, and Alexander's definitely playing his MP3 player loudly. Whatever it is he's listening to has a hard sound, with a lot of guitar and drums. He's coming in from the sea hub area. He pauses at seeing Link and Maya, but the hesitation is momentary. "Hey," he greets the both with a wave.

Link looks up as Maya joins him on the couch, reaching down to pull his legs up a little so his feet are out of her way. "Oh yeah, this movie is great. Kevin is a fool, he be killin' me," he responds, grinning over at Maya. And then blinking a little, before grimacing and turning back to the movie. "I don't think this one quite as good as Ride Along or Ride Along 2, but it's still good stuff. You seen the Ride Along movies?" he asks. And then, because he's friendly, he offers the bowl of popcorn over for her. That's when Alex greets them and Link looks up again and gives Alex an upnod. "Sup." Ebonics for "Hello! It's good to see you! I hope you're doing well!" OR thereabouts.

When offered the popcorn, Maya absent-mindedly grabs more than a few, more like a fistful - its a good thing he didn't mind sharing. Popping one of them into her mouth, she nods at the mention of Ride Along before her eyes flick upwards in Alexander's direction. Her lips quirk faintly before she offers a little wave, "Heya Alexander." Responding to Link, she bobs her head in agreement. "Ride Along yes, haven't seen the sequel; but then again I've also been a fan of Kevin Hart's standup, and his Real Househusbands of Hollywood. You can't go wrong in a reality show where an angry Robin Thicke turns into a were-Terry Crewes."

Alexander presses the button to pause the MP3 player, and then rolls the earbuds cord up around the MP3 player and puts it in his pocket. He nods to the greetings and sits down on a sofa nearby where Link and Maya are. He stays quiet when they start talking about movies, but leans against the arm of the sofa he's sitting on to look at the laptop.

"What? For reals? I ain't never watched that! Man, how'd I miss it?" Link asks, grinning. "This weekend. We can have us a little Kevin Hart marathon. I'll bring Ride Along 2, you can show me where we can catch that Real Househusbands. Is it on Netflix or something?" he asks.

"Nah-huh, I used to watch it with my mom. Its on BET," she offers with a nod, agreeing to a day of Kevin Hart, you can't go wrong with that. "He has more than one season out already. I'm jealous you get to experience it all over again…" She flicks her dark green eyes towards Alexander as he watches the laptop screen. Grabbing one of the popcorns from her fistful, she tosses it right at Alexander, aiming right at his lips. The girl has impeccable aim too. Like scarily soo.

Alexander isn't paying much attention to what's going on aside from the movie. He's never seen the movies or shows they're talking about, so there's not a lot he can add. Though he's just breathed in to possibly say something when he receives a popcorn in his mouth. "Gah, what?" There's a weird flailing of something greyish green before his mouth, something that looks a little like cigarette smoke, for an instant. He closes his mouth and then blinks. "Oh. So I guess I can still taste." He eats the pocorn tossed at him, thumbsup to Maya. "Thanks."

To say Quarl is a new arrival is a bit of an understatement. He arrived only a day or two ago, and while his paperwork was being finished he was put in temporary lodging. Now, the new Athenian is moving into his new dorm room. The elevator door opens, and the muscled youth steps into view, his uniform baring Athenian colors. He is rolling a big suitcase behind him. Not freakishly big or anything. Just about what you'd expect the average student to bring with them. He reaches up and adjusts his glasses as he peers about the hub, before glancing down at his room assignment paperwork in his hand.

"… Oh. Maybe hulu gots it, then. We'll check. Otherwise, we can always find a bootleg of Right Now, if the school's wifi don't block us out," Link answers. "Oh, and by the way. My name's Lincoln but y'all can call me Link. I don't recall meeting either of you." Link is currently laying on a couch where Maya is also sitting, his wheelchair parked in front of him. His laptop is sitting on his chair and Central Intelligence is playing on the screen. Alex sat somewhere close by, and that's about where we are.

While she has no suitcase, Maya has her laundry bag on the floor by the sofa - still dirty - as she watches a movie on Link's laptop. Her hand is full of popcorn which she pops into her mouth occasionally. When Alexander nearly breathes out smoke, Maya quirks her eyebrows before tilting her chin in his direction. "Damn, smoker's mouth warning. You okay there, man?" She bobs her head in agreement with Link, "When there is a will there is a way, and there is always a will when you have Hart." Ah, puns. Upon Quarl's entrance into the Ocean Floor, Maya slowly quirks her eyebrows at the muscled spectacled teenager. "Looks like a new player joined the game," she tells the two with her, nodding in Quarl's direction.

Alexander looks up as someone else enters the room. He raises a hand to wave at Quarl. Noticing the listing in the other student's hand, he speaks up, "Need some help?" Due to his relative smaller height as he's sitting while Quarl is standing, the Athenian-uniformed student might just see the green glow shining inside Alexander's mouth. Like it's shining up from his chest. He nods to Maya's question. "Yeah. That happens when I get surprised. That's normal for me." He snickers at her pun, and then nods when she mentions a 'new player'. "Hopefully we're not playing fighting games. I suck at those."

The new kid glances up from the paper when he hears chatter. In truth he could hear them from inside the elevator, but…he prefers folks not be aware of the truths about him just yet. Those will likely be odd conversations. He clears his throat and nods, wheeling his suitcase over towards the three. "Uh, yeah, actually. I just got assigned my room." He holds the paper up, which shows Link's room. "I'm Quarl." He pronounces close enough to Carl that it is pretty easy to assume that is his name.

Link upnods to Quarl as well. "Nice to meet you, Carl. Link," he repeats, pointing his thumb at himelf for a second. He blinks at Maya's joke for a second, but when it sinks in, he just groans and shakes his head, reaching for a kernal of popcorn to trow at Maya. "Party foul: Bad Pun. Two shots," he says, as though there were alcoholic drinks involved at all. Which there aren't.

"Maya," she introduces herself to Quarl, taking in his muscular form curiously. "Damn, how many hours in the gym do you sink in, Quarl? You're high level shit…" There is a touch of admiration, like one might give another highly skilled trainer - perhaps she knows the dedication it must take to build such muscles. "No wonder you're an Athenian. I think that's one group I cannot enter no matter how much you pay me. No offense…" When she is told she needs to take two shots, Maya smirks before she tosses two perfectly executed popcorns again, right into Link's lips this time. Perfect Aim. The girl should try out for baseball.

Alexander nods. "Good to meet you, Carl." Yes, he does pronounce it the way he assumes it's spelled. Ah, assuming. Makes an ass out of 'u' and 'me'. Well, no, this time it's only Alexander that would look odd if it's corrected. Still. He snickers at Link's decree of penalty to Maya. "Oh no, it's pun-ishment!" he replies, with a grin. And then he snickers again at Maya's mention of Quarl being quite well-built. But he is wise enough to not say anything about that. Nope. Certain shots he's not taking. And speaking of shots, when Maya tosses the kernels at Link, Alexander grins. "I think that's two shots. Baskets? Nothin' but net? Something like that." Not a sports fan, from the sounds of it.

Quarl nods to Link. "Nice to meet you, too." He adjusts his glasses and lets his suitcase stand on its own, letting go of the handle. He furrows his brow a bit as he glances between the three, before hs slips his hands into his pockets. He looks to Maya and chuckles softly. "A few. It is quite a bit of work." He cocks his head to the side when she says she wouldn't fit in with the Athenians, though, before turning his attention to Alexander. "What are you all up to?"

Link blinks as popcorn bounces off his lips. Then Alex just makes it worse and he groans again, shaking his head. "Jesus? Please see fit to forgive these poor, poor souls," he pleads to the ceiling. And then Maya is gushing over Quarl's muscles and Link looks back at her, then down at his own biceps, then frowns and looks back at his laptop. Oh well! He smirks up at Quarl. "Well. You see. I was using this laptop to triangulate a weak point in the space time continuum, trying to get it positioned just right to catch the next glitch. And I made popcorn to watch it because it should be spectacular," he kids, obviously teasing.

Glancing back down at Link, Maya flashes him a quick smirk. "Jesus already paid for our sins, might as well get our money's worth." She notices the look Link gives his own muscles, and, fighting back an amused snicker, she leans over towards Link to whisper close to his ear. "Don't worry, I noticed your pump too. But when Kevin Hart is on the screen, everything else is secondary." WIth that she pushes up to her feet. "Anyways, I should go do something about this laundry." Heaving it up and over her shoulder once more, she gives the three guys a quick nod. "I'll see you guys around."

Alexander thumbs over at Link and Maya at Quarl's question. "They're watching a movie. I'm just being nosy." He snickers at Link's teasing assessment of the situation, though. As for the puns? Weirdly? Alexander actually winces a bit at the mention of Jesus, for whatever reason. He covers it with a shake of his head. "Nah. I think I've already pissed him off enough." A smirk. Maya's words as she stands up get a nod. "Take care," he offers as she departs.

Link blinks in surprise at Maya's whisper to him, and then quirks his eyebrow. "My … pump?" he asks, before looking down. But not at his bicep. But a quick check reveals there's nothing to notice and he looks even more confused, until he realizes, "Oh, my arm!" Which makes much more sense, now that he thinks about it. But he just shakes his head as Maya heads off to do her laundry. "Hey, shorty, you can actually use the laundry room. Them signs is just old and ain't nobody bothered to take them down," he calls after her. Link is currently laying on the couch, his laptop set up in his wheelchair and playing Central Intelligence. He's also got a big bowl of popcorn resting on his legs on the couch, now, since he was sharing with Maya before she left. Who in turn (sorta) shared with Alex, who happens to be seated nearby. He chuckles at everyone's response to his Jesus comment and nods. "Yeah, well. I'll admit, them puns wasn't the worst I've heard. Though, punishment? Really?

Alexander snickers when Link starts looking for his 'pump'. No, not down there. "I think somebody would have told you if you were unzipped or something," he assures Link. "I would have, at least. NOthing worse han running around all day and realizing at the end of the day that your fly's been open the whole time." He grins at the calling out of the puns. "Could have been worse," Alexander replies, with a grin. "Could have been a whole theater performance on puns. Just a play on words."

And as she is wont to do, Kris flickers into existence. Or, rather, her avatar does. Upside down. Near the ceiling. The blonde young thing (her hair and skirt seem to not obey gravity!) blinks out of existence, only to reappear, this time oriented to the floor, and drifts just an inch or two over it as she floats in the direction of Alex and Link, lips pursed in thought. Her attention seems to be on the wheelchair moreso than anything. "No wonder you've got, like, twenty-six inch guns, dude. Even back when I could get around that way, I was in an Invacare Pronto… M51, I think? It's been a while." Alex gets an offer of handshake. She knows the boy, sort of. She approves.

Link just gives Alex a blank look. "… That wouldn't be a problem, since I can't run around /any/ part of the day," he deadpans. And then he waits for that to sink in for a second, before smirking. Then, there's suddenly a blonde girl on the ceiling! No, wait, on the floor! Wait, what? And then Alex has moar puns! Link just winces as he jokes, shaking his head. "God, you're awful," he mentions. But then the blonde girl is talking about her wheelchair, which has Link looking surprised again. "This ain't why I'm ripped. But … well, I'm sorry, but I'm not really all that up on chair tech, so I don't have any idea what you're talking about. But I'm glad you up and about, now," he offers. He obviously doesn't know any better.

"Gah!" More smoke from his mouth. Just a little. Kris's appearance startled him. There's some irony, isn't it — the ghost boy is easily startled! He does return the handshake though. "Hi there again. Sorry about the yelling. Scared me a little." A look at Link, and Alexander winces a bit. "Figuratively speaking. Sorry." The mention of the puns gets a snicker. "Hey, I have to have some kind of talent, even if that talent is groan-worthy." He grins. He doesn't have anything to add to the talk of wheelchair specs either, unfortunately.

The girl gives a thumbs up, then, as if it were no big deal. Probably isn't,"Dude, you could've totally told me you are super buff for any reason, and I would've totally believed you. And I'm not REALLY up in the strictest sense of the phrase. I'm just lucky enough that I can leave my body behind from time to time. But it's super sweet of you to say so!" A pause, and she holds up her hand, and wiggles the first three fingers on her right hand,"I've had a whole lot of movement in these in my real body, today, though. They let me use the handball!" Another pause. "Anyway…" She floats so she's face down, parallel to the floor and rotates so she can hang just behind the couch. Her head comes up to look at the laptop,"What're we watching?" Seems she has invited herself. "It's cool, Lex. I get that a lot. It's all the popping in and out, I think."

"Or you could just leave it as a /hidden/ talent," Link offers Alex with a smirk. He blinks a little at Kris, though, his eyebrow quirking as he tries to follow her conversation. "I played football, before I got shot. Was pretty serious about it," he offers her. "But … what do you mean you're not really up? And you left your body behind?" Link is obviously a little confused. And then she's floating behind the couch and both his eyebrows raise. "… Central Intelligence. Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson. … and … it's Link, thanks."

Alexander winces a bit. "I'm a little jumpy since the accident." As for the movie? He shakes his head. "Not sure. Maya seemed to know what it was though." He snickers at Link's suggestion. "But then how would I share it with the world? Like bad breath and body odor." He is aware the puns were bad though, so he's not too bummed about it. Kris's problems with her body are hers to explain, though, so Alex doesn't offer any information there. He does remember that he hasn't been introduced to Link. Though Maya did say his name when he first came in, so that kind of saves him from having to.

Kris points up, in the general direction of the Med Bay without looking, "Up there. I'm mostly paralyzed below my mid-to-lower cervical vertebrae. Intermittent nerve transmission to my hands. That sort of thing." Kris shrugs, "So I project my mind out of my body, and make a sort of… holder or avatar for it out of my tee-kay." She shrugs, though, and offers a hand to Link now as he introduces himself,"So Link, and Lex, and I'd be Krist. Nice to meetcha. Central Intelligence? Well… it's got the beef, I'll give it that. Football player. Hmm. Were you good?" She reall would just take his advice. She reorients on Alexander, then, and nods,"I missed the part about talents, I think, huh?"

"Ohhhhh … you weren't talking to me, you were talking to Alex. I wondered how you knew my name," Link realizes, nodding since that makes so much more sense. "And really, truly, that is one talent that I think nobody appreciates," Link tells Alex with another chuckle. "And you dind't miss much. Alex and Maya just think they're really punny."

"Bad puns," Alexander replies, at the mention of talents. "'The paddle sale at the boat store was a real oar-deal'. That kind of thing." He winces. "Ouch. OK that one was horrible." Though yes, he meant to do that. Because Link was talking abot being shot just a little while ago. And ANYTHING to get his mind off that is good, even the most horrible puns in existence on Earth. He snickers at Link's mention of him being punny. "Nah. I'm not that clever. I just repeat what I heard elsewhere. So at least I can't be blamed for the creation of those bad puns, just their perpetuation."

The girl looks over at Link, then shrugs,"I could've read your mind. I can do that. I mostly just don't because it seems rude." She lets her gaze drift back to Alexander then, and rights herself so that she's floating upright, "The beavers were always angry because it seemed like the were always working on one dam project after another."

"Uggggh, everybody's a comedian," Link groans, rolling his eyes. He reaches over and hits pause on his movie, pulling himself upright. "Whelp! I've been pun-elled into submission, so I think I'ma take my Kevin Hart anad watch it in peace," he says as he reaches out to close his laptop. He flops the laptop onto the couch before reaching over to grab his chair and move it just a little. He then lifts himself from the couch and plops himself into his chair before adjusting his feet.

"Krista, thanks for not reading my mind. You're right, I woulda felt like it was a little rude. So I appreiate that. It's really nice to meet you. That's pretty awesome that you get to get out- even if it's in your mind- and get around a little. Hopefully, it feels as good as it sounds. I can't even imagine being more disabled than I am."

As he finishes getting his feet situated on his chair, he offers the pair a little salute. "Y'all have a good night. Alex, good to meet you, too. But for reals, tho. Them puns was terrible," he says, smirking again.

Alexander snorts a laugh at Kris's pun. "Oh God there's two of us doing it now." He grins. "But yeah. Like that. I'm not smart enough to make 'em though, just to tell others'." He starts to laugh, though, at Link's reaction to the puns. "Let's use our puns as torture tactics, huh? Forget waterboarding. Let's just pun the hell out of those terrorists." He grins. But he nods as Link gets in his chair. A snicker at the reminder that the puns were horrible. "I'm pretty sure that's the definition of 'pun', though." He's still grinning. "Take care, man," he offers the departing Link.

The girl nods emphatically to the boy, watching him settle himself in his chair. As if she were taking notes. Right. Well. "No reason TO imagine it. You've got all the tools you need to kick butt now. Not gonna stop ya again." She waves at the boy emphatically,"We promise. No more puns until you get back." Kris sticks her tongue out at the boy, then directs her gaze to Lex, eyebrows lifting,"What's waterboarding?" Such things to not exist in her personal paradigm!

Alexander tilts his head at Kris. "It's a means of torture," he replies. "You put somebody on the floor and then put a cloth over their face, then you pour water on their face. The cloth keeps them from immediately drowning, but the water keeps them from breathing. So it cuts off their air supply for short periods of time. Interrogators use it in third world countries where there aren't rules against it, to try to get people to give them information. Really horrible stuff."

The girl makes a face. It's a sort of 'WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THIS' kind of face. But of course, the answer is that Kris ASKED about it. "That's awful. And stupid. And dumb. I don't like that. I ever see something like that, I'm putting a stop to it. It's not like we'll ever need it. They should just ask people like me for help!" She points at herself with her thumb.

"Well, the kind of information they'll usually do that over is like… 'who's collaborating to kill this important person that needs to not be killed'," Alexander replies. "But yeah, that's why the Geneva convention bans it. The nations in the UN aren't allowed to torture people for information, like that or any other way. Trust me, there's worse things."

She puts her fists on her hips, trying to strike a classic hero pose,"Not anymore! I'm going to put a stop to that! What else are we going to class for, ya know? It's like, exactly this kind of thing people like us are supposed to put a stop to." Very idealistic. "It's gonna be super-badass."

Alexander winces a little. "I'm not really here to be a hero," he says. "I'm more here not to be an accidental villain. Though uh. I figure there's a lot of people here that are here to be heroes, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just… I'm not one of them."

The girl zips into the air, turning upside down and floating forward so she can look into Alex's eyes. Albeit invertedly. "I… think you got chutzpah. You don't have to be a hero. Just… if you're somewhere and something bad is happening, maybe make sure you help. Doing what you can and being a hero aren't always so different, but humans have kind of an obligation to help each other out." If only she knew.

Alexander blinks a little when Kris is suddenly floating in front of him. He also looks away from her eyes. Because you just don't make eye contact with someone who wants to be a hero. Not when you have no intentions to follow their example. "Well yeah. But I mean. There are people, and then there are heroes. I'm not going to be flying around in a costume putting evildoers in their place."

Kris makes a 'pffft' sound,"You don't have to fight evildoers. Old ladies need help crossing the street and carrying groceries. Sometimes people get trapped under really heavy stuff, or they need people to go places most people can't. There's all kinds of ways to be awesome that only you can. Doesn't matter what you do. Just gotta be awesome, right? Right!"

Alexander tilts his head. "True, I guess. And people need to not be exploded." That last comment almost seems like a near-sarcastic one, but it's spoken with a grave enough tone that sounds serious. He tilts his head the other way, as if mulling it over.

Kris nods emphatically to the young man, a thumbs-up being given,"Exactly! Being exploded is the worst! Or… well… I'm betting it's the worst! I've never been exploded." She nods slowly to this thought, apparently satisfied with its conclusion. "So what DO you want to do when you get out of here?"

Alexander pauses a moment at the question. "…Never really thought about it," he admits. "I'm dead. Not much I'm going to be able to do with that getting out. I don't even look like a proper dead guy, so I can't just get seasonal work at a haunted house as a zombie or something." A shrug. "Besides, what if I never get any older? What if I'm stuck as a teenager forever?" He shakes his head. "Lot of stuff I don't wanna think about. So I don't think about what happens when I get out of here."

The girl guffaws a little bit,"You've got your movement, your strength. You may not get any older, but you could teach here. You could just hang out with big heroes like myself and be like, the concierge to the capes. As for papers and stuff, this school, I bet there are people here who will totally help you get your life all sorted out. Even documentation for your real age. The people of the world are changing. More and more supers all the time. Laws will have to change with us."

Alexander thinks about that. Then he nods. "That's true. But I've still got three years to figure it out. I wanted to be a rockstar, but that's not happening now." Yes, he thinks his condition is actually a barrier to being a musician. Somehow. But he sighs. "Yeah, eventually they'll have to. The world changes, and whatever doesn't change with it gets left behind."

"Dude. You can totally be a goth rock star. You've got built-in hooks and everything! All you're seeing is how your condition limits you, not how it empowers you. Truth talk, dude. Don't let your condition define you, or at least not define you negatively." She sounds like a self-help book. "Have you ever seen Korn or ICP? You'd fit right in on their lineup. If you can actually make music, the chances of you being famous SKYROCKET."

"ICP… Insane Clown Posse?" Alexander asks. "I'm familiar with the names but not really the music. I've only heard a little of their stuff. Weird musical tastes." Though he blinks. "…You know, I didn't think about it, but the sound this stuff makes when I use it does sound a little like screamo, doesn't it?" He doesn't specify what 'stuff' he's talking about.

And since he didn't specify, she offers a hand to the boy again, this time with a laugh. "If you want… I can show you a memory I picked up while sleep-roving. Of Slipknot concert, specifically. Seems to fit your look really well, actually. Your moany-groany thing is totally metal." She's too peppy for metal… right? Seems it's in her mental library, though.

Alexander blinks at the offered hand. "Slipknot? I don't know that one." He raises a brow. "Moany-groany?" he asks. "Well, I guess I can do emo. Just hoping not to turn into an edgelord." It seems to take him a minute to realize why she's giving him her hand. "Oh right. Telepathic. It's contact-based?"

"Yeah, telepathic. That's right. Not contact based, but people seem to get way more weirded out if I just look at them and zap the shit right into their heads, you know?" Kris looks a little sheepish, but does offer,"Same man from Stone Sour, if you know it? I'm guessing not. You like more melodic stuff, huh? Apocalyptica, maybe?"

Alexander nods. "Makes sense." this to people getting weirded out. "Though I got electrocuted and blown up, and I'm still around. That's pretty weird too." He shakes his head at the mention of Stone Sour. The mention of possible things he might like gets, "Older stuff, mostly. Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath… that kind of stuff." Nonetheless he does reach up and touch her hand, since it was offered.

The girl reaches out a tendril of her mind. A one-way broadcast, tight. Controlled. She doesn't want any of her odd nature creeping her new friend out, after all. It comes over one like a shudder, though, as her mind shares the experience. It's from the point of view of a young woman. She's had way too much to drink. Intoxicated by other things. She's a small thing, but she jumps into the mosh pit nonetheless, enjoying the wild abandon and the dull pain of fists and limbs impacting without pattern or purpose. Up on the stage, men in various masks of unique design sing and ply their trade while the audience screams and shouts. The smell of smoke and alcohol and other less savory scents permeates the dry hot air as barrels of fire burn periodically throughout the crowd. Stars shine overhead, and while its voyeurs may have different reactions to the music, one can also experience her excitement, her absolute thrill to just be here, experiencing this music. She catches the eye of a young man who smiles at her drunkenly. Notices how attrac-

The memory cuts off right there, and Alexander will find almost no time has passed at all, with the memory lingering in the back of the mind, clear as a bell. Ready to be pulled forward again at its new owner's wish.

The sensation of being drunk is the first one Alexander becomes aware of when the memory begins. It's not a sensation that he's ever had before, actually. Or, likely, one he'll ever have. The ghost sensation (ha!) opens into the concert. The music, the people, the energy of the audience, of the band playing. Though he would blush about that last thing, the one the memory cut off in the middle of. If he could do that anymore. He can't, though, so he's safe. He blinks as he becomes aware again. And the first thing he says? "I hope you got his number at least." It's a teasing tone though.

Kris actually giggles, a blush filtering into her cheeks,"My brain roams sometimes while I'm asleep. I've gotten good at keeping it where it belongs, but… Well, that wasn't me. That was just something I dived in on while it was going on. I realized what was happening roughly when the memory cuts off. I wanted to leave before I learned anything pertinent about her. This way, it's like… random found footage, if that makes sense?"

"Oh, I see. Well, I hope she got his number. 'Cause unless it was just the beer glasses she was wearing, he was cute." Yes, he totally did just say that. Alexander nods though. "I understand, yeah. Mental YouTube, basically."

The girl nods emphatically,"Yeah! Exactly like that! Also, unless you just like dudes, that's incredibly open-minded of you." She makes a face,"Attraction's fun to experience, but… I'm not even sure I went through a proper puberty. I don't even know WHAT I'd be attracted to. Like, a part of me is still back in, like, the early 2000's when it was like, gay isn't always okay. Like, I was totally surprised when I met my first lesbian." And on, and on, and on. "I make stories in my head sometimes. Like, in that one, I like to pretend they hooked up and started a band together."

Alexander shrugs. "I can recognize attractiveness in general. Also she was pretty blatant about her interest there." He smirks. Though he also nods. "It's definitely a lot more mainstream than it used to be," he agrees. "Not that there are more people who are gay these days, but it's just less people feel the need to hide it." He tilts his head. "Have you been… like your body is, for that long? I can understand your confusion, if that's the case." As for hooking up and making a band? He smirks. "I don't know if they made a band, but if they hooked up, they made something."

The girl grins and after a moment, plops down on the couch. She barely depresses the cushions at all where she sits,"I dunno… since I was five or six? It's not like I think I'm incapable of like-liking someone. It's just… I get the distinct feels that I'm missing a component or two that most people just kind of… snap to, I guess? What about you? You have a similar body-sitch to me, at least on the feels-level. Wait, that's rude to ask, isn't it?"

Alexander nods when Kris explains her situation. "So your brain hasn't quite caught up with your body in development yet?" he asks. As for being rude, he shakes his head. "Nah. It's fairly weird. I don't really know yet, to be honest. Hasn't been long enoguh to tell. I mean, I know that I've gone through some of it already, but not all of it. My voice did the thing last year. Really made it hard to sing for a while. So I'm kind of… stalled, I guess."

The girl suddenly yawns, looking surprised,"Oh wow. May be time to sleep." She pops up out of the couch, though, even as she's agreeing,"Got it exactly right. My brain hasn't caught up yet. I wasn't… really lucid for the intervening nine or so years. Like… Drooling, staring at the ceiling… For days, weeks, and near the end, months. Comas. Don't know why I suddenly got better. Well. For values of better. Besa helped out a lot, though. Put my body right. Like it should've been if I weren't paralyzed. Which was kind of nice to see." She rubs at her nose, and then says,"If you want to visit me, like… The real me… Come by the bay, ask to see room four. You don't have to. Like, no obligation, some people find it pretty depressing, but there's a quality to my real body that my projection doesn't have. I like visitors. I'm going to pop, though, if you don't need anything from me." She hesitates for a moment, then reaches out as if to pat the boy on the head,"You stalled at a good place at least. Sorry you don't get to see what's ahead, at least in that way. Made me mad, too."

Alexander nods as he listens to Kris explain her current situation. "It'll just take some time. I'm sure you'll catch up." He smiles. He's not going to say that he hopes that's time she has. Because that's just depressing. The mention of visiting her real body gets a nod. "I can imagine it'd be depressing for you to hang out there. Lots of reminders." A smile. "I'm glad he could help you. Seems like a nice guy." He nods when she mentions 'popping'. And then he chuckles at the words of stalling at a good place. "Yeah, otherwise I'd be singing castrato forever. Horrible notion." He smiles. "Sleep well, Kris."

The girl makes a horrified face,"Oh wow, yeah! Gross! No bueon! Sotto voce, much better than sans balls." The girl crosses one arm to her shoulder, while the other gives a big thumbs-up. Like an anime pose. "We'll see you at the head of a rock band yet, Lex! And then I'll be all like: I knew that guy before he was famous, and everyone will be all-" She fades out at this point.

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