(2016-10-31) Newcomers Unite
Newcomers Unite
Summary: A group of new students meet some older students.
Date: 2016-10-31
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Training Grounds Paragon Island
Mon Oct 31, 2016 — Mon Oct 31 20:24:29 2016

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Ixiie meanders into the training area, a near constant flow of haloween candy being pulled from one pocket before being unwarped, eaten and the wrapper dissapearing into the pocket opposite.

It seems that Claudine was already in the training area. She was dressed simply for the most part in her uniform as she focuses on the dirt and sand. Nosewrinkling a little, it turns into a castle, an exact replica of the one from Disney World, as she seems to be focused on fine control at the moment.

After the incident in the bookstore, Quincy was more than a little confused. And overcharged by the lightning bolts that Laila forced through his body. Arriving in the training arena, there are several patches of his synth skin that have burned away as the armor and mechanics beneath are exposed, and even his own power cells are glowing a slight blue in color as he realizes that there are others are present and he comes to stop, tilting his head in slight confusion as he watches Claudine at work.

Ixiie watches the person making sandcastles and devouring candy until the other presence causes her to loo, then double-take. Her grin grows wider as she runs over to Quincy yelling, "You're a robot!!", pointing at him just in case people were confused who she was talking about.

Oh look, there's other people! Blinking as she looks towards the pair and runs her fingers through her hair. It's two new faces. "Oh, uh, hello!" she chirps cheerily before looking towards Quincy. "Very human looking for a robot, no?"

"I am an artificial intelligence placed with a mechanical frame and given an android like presence. A robot, on the other hand, is simply a programmed mechanical creature of either humanoid shape or otherwise and cannot pass as human. Considering that at the moment.." Quincy looks at his hands, and the exposed circuitry. "..I am more robotic than android." he admits for himself as he offers a brief smile - though it comes with a small twitch, a hint of the overpowered circuitry at the moment as he looks at the two women. "You are both also altered humans."

"…is that your natural appearance, or a costume?" he asks Ixiie, considering her and almost, almost reaches to reach out to tug on the blue-skinned woman's wing - but his curiosity is overruled by his etiquette circuits. "It seems that my protocols are reversed at the moment. I am a Quantum Uplinked Integrated Networked Cybernetic Youth, but I perfer to go by the name 'Quincy Asamov'. And you two are?"

Ixiie points to her horns. "I'm not a human, I'm Ixiie and I'm totally an imp!" she says, "I always look like this!"

"I, Robot, indeed." Yeah, she read Asimov. The Filipina-Hawaiian shakes her head at the mention of being an altered human. "Nope, was born this way." she says with pride at that. There's that whole next level of evolution thing or something like that. "And an imp." she muses to herself. "I guess that's interesting."

A beat. "But what's the different between robot and android? Forgive my ignorance." she asks with a bow.

"You can make constructs from sand, it means that your DNA is different from another human's, hence you are altered, even if the alteration came invitro." Quincy explains, before he blinks in confusion at Ixiie. "Imp? A mythical creature related to the fairy or goblin. Are you related to Tinkerbell?" he asks Ixiie confusedly before returning his attention to Claudine. "A robot is a mechanical being that normally cannot respond to requests unless programmed to do so, and carries out a task. For instance, on an assembly line. An android can pass as a human, with some slight variations. Because of the attack in the bookstore earlier today, most of my clothing and synthetic skin was destroyed by a pumpkin based creature that came from a book. The girl with me feels there will be more attacks forth coming."

Ixiie scoffs, "Fairys are fairies. I'm a deamon! That means I kick a bunch of butts and am awesome instead of flying around the forest twinkling all the time!" She stops mid-self promotion. "Wait, that wata the noise in town was? I was right there and I missed fight with a pumpkin??! Aww…"

"A pumpkin based creature, yes. Though why it would take the look of a squash would be rather limited in scope." Quincy admits as he looks towards Ixiie anew. "But you are part of the same family?" he asks, perhaps using Claudine's own logic for Ixiie.

Ixiie says, "Not even a little, We're toatly completely different in every way! Like horns. Fairys don't have horns. Or tails! I don't know how someoneo could confuse me for some fairy. Ooo! Wait. I bet if I can get a fairy costume I can go back out and get more Haloween candy!"

"Is it not a little late to be going back out for more candy? According to my internal clock, it is nearly 2130 hours - most children have retired for the evening and classes the next morning, and most adults are preparing for their own jubilations." Quincy offers to Ixiie, a tilt of his head. "You have the wrong wings to be a fairy. Nor do they have tails." he points out. "You would make a better goblin."

Ixiie says, "It's never too late for candy, and if it's only 21,900 hours I stall have… like 8 more hours! And goblins don't have wings!"

"21,900 hours?" Quincy asks, a blink of confusion at the girl. Then he considers. "Do all your clothing items have to be altered so that you may have access to your tail and wings? Does that cause issues with your social life?" he asks curiously. "I heard that there was a Homecoming dance recently."

"There was a homecoming dance. It was shortly after the games." Finally slipping out of her reverie, Claudine speaks up, having watched the two newcomers interact for the most part. Then she looks towards Quincy, "ANd you mentioned a pumpkin based attack? What do you mean?" Her cheeks flush red, "And I apologize, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Claudine, though most people call me Dine. I'm a junior on Team Athena."

Vinny arrives from the Ocean Floor Hub.
Vinny has arrived.

Ixiie says, "Well, yeah. How else would they fit? At home I have someone do it for me but I fixed my uniform here myself! And what a Homecoming? Do you guys come from other dimentions too?"

Gyda has arrived.

"A homecoming is when a sports team holds their first game at home after several games away from their home. I am told it was quite a social event." Quincy says, as he stands, talking to Claudine and Ixiie. Claudine has been practicing her sand building, while most of Quincy's synthetic skin and clothing has been burned away, and Ixiie is being her usual impy self. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Claudine. I have not made the acquaintance of Miss Imp yet." he admits as he looks towards the blue skinned girl and then back to Claudine and his right hand twitches reflexively as electricity arcs between his fingers. "Yes. It seemed to eminate from a book called 'Beware the Scarecrow'. Myself and another young woman, dressed as a dijin, stopped his attack. He was seeking some object of power when we stopped him. There were other chapters, 'The Return of the Skeleton King' and 'The Horde Awakens'."

"I'm pretty sure there were others who came from other dimensions in the past." Claudine explains to the imp, before turning her attention back to Quincy. She bites on her bottom lip as she hears the news and purses her lips, mulling things over. "So it looks like there might be things popping out of those books, maybe?" she offers with a shrug of her shoulders. "Do you have the books? Or maybe we can get them and bring them to the school for testing?"

<FS3> Vinny rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Gyda has spent the last few hours getting oriented at the school after being dropped off by a few hatchet faced senior valkyrie. Given her freedom, she's now able to explore the school, and so she does so - on Mist. And so, a palamino colored horse spreads its wings to make a landing on the turf of the training area, and the fair haired girl sittting atop the creature hops out of her saddle with practiced ease, giving its shoulder a pat-pat while peering at the others. "Hail, friends!" she says brightly.

There's the sound of something running relatively fast, and a few moments later, Vinny comes into the area. His initial course takes him over in the direction, of where the group is gathered, but he seems to be aware enough of his surroundings to manage to notice them. He also comes to a stop, looking between the people present.

Ixiie says, "I've never kicked a book's butt before. Oh, wait! There was that one time…" Ixiie perks up and gets the wide grin on her face seemingly reserved for when she sees something out of the ordinary. She points at Gyda and yells, "You have a horse!!"

"Oh. Her name is Miss Ixiie." Quincy says, as if the memory just booted into his head from the thought. "Miss Claudine, this is Miss Ixiie." the polite android offers before he shakes his head. "I was unable to recover the book. I used a bookcase to entrap the creature to allow the electrical wielding young woman to destroy the creature by sending her blast through me as a conduit. It caused me much discomfort." he admits as he starts to say more when there's a flap in the night and he glances up, his unblinking scanners looking over the horse and woman and arches a single brow in thought, that looks comical with half his face destroyed. "Another mythical creature. It is a very interesting evening indeed. Since she greeted in English, he does the same. "Greetings and salutations. I am Quincy. This is Miss Claudine, who controls sand. And Miss Ixiie. Who is an imp. And not a fairy." he says simply, organizing the information he's learned so far.

His attention returns to Claudine. "The book may very well still be within the store. There was a fire, and then the authorities arrived upon the scene, and it was thought that my presence would be too much of a distraction, so I decided to depart, while the young woman spoke to the authorities."

Claudine doesn't just control sand, but she lets it go for now. There's at least one familiar face as she offers a friendly wave to Vinny before bowing her head at the rather formal newcomer. "Uh, hello." she offers, making mental notes about the book. "I know someone who could probably find the book in the fire, but hopefully the book wasn't destroyed then."

"I do indeed." says Gyda with a big smile. "His name is Mist, if you care to make yourself known to him. He does not mind the attention in the slightest." Gyda laughs heartily, offering, "I am Gyda Torvidottir. I have been brought from Valhalla to attend the school starting today. Well met, Miss Ixie, Miss Claudine. Young man whose name I know not."

Vinny smiles, "Hello," he offers to all of them, with a nod to everyone, including the horse. There's a brief pause as he hears Gyda introduce himself. "Valhalla? That has always seemed like an interesting place." He steps a bit closer to the entire group. "I'm Vinny," he offrs to them all.

Putting his hand up to where his ear should be for a moment, Quincy nods once. "My apologies for my sudden departure. My pod has just informed me that my synthetic skin is ready to be applied." he offers simply. "I will endeavor to have a more human appearance when we next meet and I have recharged fully." he offers as he raises his hand, studying Ixiie for a bit longer for a moment before he starts to depart.

"I should get going as well. Been out here for a bit, and there's still some trick or treating to be done." Claudine quips as she finally notices the time. "I'm sure I'll see you all around. I'm in Team Athena if any of you need anything." And with that she too saunters off.

Ixiie says, "Isn't that the place where people fight all the time and then eat all the time. That's. like, the best place ever!!"

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