(2016-10-31) Beware the Scarecrow
Beware the Scarecrow
Summary: A book comes to life at the Silver Fable and teens handle the situation.
Date: 10-31-2016
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NPCs: Scarecrow Monster
Scene Runner: Poseidon

Weald is starting a scene:

Halloween Mayhem at Silver Fable …. workday scene, Weald is prone to work interruptions and will have to take lunch break, but can do something now and into the afternoon and all

A normal day at the Silver Fable, considering its Halloween and all. Maybe a few folks come by with children, get some candy, ask about Halloween books. More on display near the front and in the windows. Everything seems dandy at the book store. Until a scream comes from the back of course. "A scarecrow," is shrieked by a woman who grabs her husband from the comics area and rushes out. He's grinning, "Having someone hiding in the back, good idea." People in costumes, enjoy the spirit of the day and all. The clerk looks blankly at this incident, then back to where she came from. ANyone nearby hears them say, "We don't have anyone dressed up today." He calls back, "Hey, who's back there, stop scaring our customers." That will learn those kids.

If someone isn't in the store, they'll certainly hear the lady telling her husband it was a real monster, as they walk down the street. He'll be reassuring her its a Halloween prank. But something seems to be up at the Silver Fable, a few people start heading that way, seeing what Halloween stunt the current owner may be butting on.

Laila is completely dumbfounded as someone tries to stuff candy towards her, assuming the clothing she wears is a costume and she was seeking the sweet delights. The scream catches her off guard and as people rush for the exit, she looks towards the clerk. It was something unusual, she was guessing, by the reactions of some of the others. Curiosity gets the better of her and she edges towards the stacks to peer down and see if she can tell what was happening.

Halloween! It's a day to dress up. And take a count on how many incarnations of super hero costumes one may see. Quincy's current count on Honey Badgers is at 22. Only 10 of those weren't the budget variety of the Honey Badger. As for himself, he is wearing a series of Amazon 'smile' boxes fit around him to make him look like a mecha. Particularly one that can turn into a truck. That makes him the impressive.. Amazon Prime.

Hearing the couple talking to each other, Quincy tilts his head curiously and asks for the location - when pointed to the shop, he starts to cross the street, heading into the shop as he starts to make his way into the shop proper, though there was a crowd already starting to form as he notes the young woman dressed as a dijinn and offers a smile - though with the mask, it's impossible to see. Things that he needs to learn still, apparently.

Grinning madly like a kid on christmas, Ixiie happily shoves her already half-full pillowcase in front of anyone who looks remotely willing to hand over something sugar coated. Despite having to repeat the phrase, "No, I look like this all the time." on nearly every block Haloween is pretty much Imp Day and she plans to take full advantage of it. As yet, a single scream of fright isn't enough to draw her full attention, noting however that it wasn;t directed at her for once.

Candy will come to Laila and Ixiie, like mana from the stars. That and who knows what else people might offer, but its like free for the taking. As for the source of the scream. Laila will see it first. It is a scarecrow, straw stuffed body, stick like hands, a pumpking head. But more real looking then one might guess. "Where," it says, as if that's the only word it knows. More than a zombie, or about as much as one might say, its a question. Its hand turns to start walking out from behind the books. Green stalks shoot out, feeling its way between the books. Other people may see the vines growing and twisting and turning at the ends if they're in the store.

The clerk shakes his head, "Nuh-uh, not us. I don't get paid for this." That may cause a few others to leave. Weirdness they might see, but this is close to home.

So many people dressed up only served to confuse the newly arrived student more. Maybe not the monsters, but that everyone was making light of there being monsters and a sort of festiveness in the air among everyone. That is until the scarecrow makes itself known. At first, she assumes that it is a costume. That is until the vines begin growing and snaking through the store. Turning her head, she catches the Amazon Prime, her own eyes wide, "It is real," she whispers as not to draw too much attention to that fact. Real.. what, she is not sure, but it was not a costume. A step is taken backwards as the vines get nearer, then another step backwards. "Please go," she says to the mecha, "It is not safe."

Removing the cardboard helmet as the clerk comes by proclaiming that this is not his pervue, Quincy looks mildly confused. "This is not a decoration, then?" he asks Laila to make sure that what she's saying is clearly understood by the cybernetic unit as he looks over the organic creature. "It is a Cucurbita pepo, commonly known as a pumpkin, also a member of the squash family. Did you know that squash was invinted in England in 1830 as a racket sport?" He blinks a couple of times, and then gets back on tasks. "I would suggest applying a rapid heat, but considering the combustibility of this structure and its goods, that would not be wise at this juncture. I believe I heard it say 'Where'? Does it not know where it is, if it is sentient?"

Having been assured by everyone on the block that she can't have seconds, Ixiie heads off, pulling a second pillowcase out of her pocket and wondfering what all the non-candy realted commotion is about.

Some commotion at the book store, a panicked scream as someone left. A few others have beat their way out, or walked out in a hurry. Some folks getting closer to the store outside, as if its a Halloween setup.

Inside, the pumpkin scarecrow thing comes around that corner, following the backstepping Laila who looks to Quincy as the two converse. "Give," it says, reaching for the nearest person. An onlooker, who is caught by a vine and lifted off the ground, the jack o lantern head smiles at them. The mouth doesn't move, the voice just eminates from it somehow.

What could Laila do? With so many people around there was not much, but she watches the mecha for all of several moments before turning her attention back to the scarecrow. So far, it seemed harmless for the most part. Only when it grabs someone does it turn more serious. "Not a decoration," she chokes out for the Mecha. His explanation brings an incredulous look. "I have lightning," she confesses, though to most that would make very little sense. "Maybe I can try and make everyone leave?"

"Electricity could be effective against a plant, though it still may ignite. However, as it is now holding a hostage, the chances of it causing harm to the innocent will escalate." Quincy suggests, as he looks around and then finds his attention going to the hostage to see what he may be holding at the moment that the creature may want to 'take', but he's already starting to move to try to grab the vine to try to pull it away, and tug the hostage away. "Make everyone else leave. We will have to keep this creature at bay until the autorities arrive. I am contacting police and medical now." Yet he has yet to make a move to take out a phone, connecting with the nearest cellphone tower to start to contact the 911 system.

The person doesn't answer the pumpkin monster, the lady shrieks and says, "Help me! Help Me!" Giving her a squeeze for the moment, she starts to quiet, then it tosses her towards a bookshelf nearby, looking for other targets it seems. "Now … give …" As if everyone will understand the vocabulary of 3 words it has used so far, and know exactly what its talking about.

Laila is not sure what it wants. Everyone was giving candy away, could it be that simple? With the warning about hurting people in her mind, she gives a hesitant nod. "I cannot hurt others if it is wished." A rather odd statement, but she turns and lifts her voice that usually holds a quieter tone. "Please, everyone leave. This is not safe here. It is not a safe place. Take your family outside." Ushering people, she shoos them towards the door, "Please hurry but do not run, do not panic. Outside, everyone."

"Nor can I. Not that I would wish such." Apparently the two have that in common, glances at where the woman was tossed before he has the same thought that Laila was having, as he lifts his small plastic pumpkin container with only a few small pieces of candy in it and tosses it at the creature so that he may free up his hands. "I can hold it if you choose to send out an electrical blast once the store is cleared." With that, he does start to move forward to try to grab the creature's vine before it can reach for anyone else.

Ushering people out helps, gets them out of the way. The lady thrown to the bookshelf might need personal attention, she's alive but shaken for sure. Quincy makes a grab for vines to top them from grabbing others. He does get ahold and it turns to him. "Where?" The face looks menacing, but it hasn't changed from the initial carving that is on it. A red heat energy comes out from the pumpkin thing. He can withstand it, but it causes some minor damage to the syntehtic flesh of the boy that may need to be repaired, potential some damage to the wiring inside. Nothing more than 2nd degree burns if compared to humans, irritating, will need some attention later.

That was not supposed to happen! Laila turns in time to notice the counter attack and her eyes widen in stunned surprise. "Get back!" she tells the woman who was tossed, "Let go of the vine!" she calls to the mecha, just before she tosses out a hand towards the scarecrow. A shaft of pure energy arcs from her fingers towards the scarecrow…

"Excessive heat detected…" Quincy announces, his face contorting into a slight grimace of pain as he tries to react properly to being burned. "Caution in making direct contact with the creature. Attempting to counter it." Electrical current courses through his body and tears away the rest of the synthetic flesh from his hands as he sends out a taser like blast, attempting to return the favor of a rather painful handshake to the pumpkin monster. He hears Laila's call for him to release the vine, but he does not, instead he stands firm, attempting to pull back the vine to keep it from advancing on the woman. Even as the electrical current courses through him, it causes the areas beneath his skin to start to glow a bright blue, burning away flesh and cloth, exposing the mechanical endo-skeleton beneath.

The elecricity hits the scarecrow, as it glows fiery red a little, and it seems to sort of defelct off a little. Not into anything, but it gets the Scarecrows attention, the head turns to Laila. Bout to send down fiery glow on her, that's when the hand taser shake courses up the vine thing of the pumpkin monster. That seems to whither that vine and arm even. It turns back, taking its other hand, and the vines coming off it to try and topple a bookshelf on Quincy, who is starting to glow blue.

The bookshelf, the boy next to her, the vines and the monster all together make it rather overwhelming to the more inexperienced Laila. Dropping her hand, she hurries over to grab the woman who was shaken earlier with being grabbed, and tries to pull her away from the toppling bookshelf. "Run!" It is given to the mecha.. but as she says it she has a look and her eyes round. What was going on with everyone? Even as she tries tugging the woman to safety, she is careful not to electrocute anyone.. especially the mecha..

The bookshelf collapses over the teenaged boy, and he disappears beneath it. For a few moments, there is only the creaking and groaning of the bookshelf as a few more books fall and settle from it, before suddenly the entire case lurches upwards. Rising to his feet, Quincy's flesh is burned away from his back and arms, leaving the mechanics of the man beneath it clearly visible as he clutches the shelf in both hands, a few more books falling away. "…get clear!" he calls out to Laila and the woman that she is helping out as he jumps forward and attempts to slam the shelf down on top of the creature.

The boy is the concern, even as the shelf covers the boy, the monster turns to move on. The lightning girl is off, helping another weak flesling, to safety, very cautiously as she is. That is when Quincy lifts the shelf to toss it at the monster and it is caught unaware. It tries to struggle, but the topple books seems to help it lose its viney footing and it falls under the weight of it. Its alive and well, the vines are squirming, sans the whithered one from the taser hand treatment. "Get it," it says, still struggling, who knows to whom.

Laila has managed to pull the woman free just in time, but when the shelf collapses on the other guy, she reaches out her hand and the lightning begins to arc again. It is arcing even as she almost falls, stumbling over vines and books as she approaches. It remains lacing through her fingers as she gets to her feet, "Let me try again.." trying to get him to move over, because she cannot even fathom that he was skinless now and seemed to be really mecha instead of a costume.

"I believe that your blast will not overload my systems." Quincy offers as some of the electricity still dances from his body, causing the power cells beneath his armor to glow beneath his armor a continous blue. Turning his head towards Laila, half of his face is burned away, showing the 'skull' of the armor beneath the synth skin as he moves aside as he prepares to defend Laila against any other vines that may come her way as he considers. "Focus your electricity through me, I will concentrate it on the creature."

Hit him with lightning.. deliberately? Laila is hesitant, very hesitant, but the lightning is crackling between her fingers and when he turns to face her and she sees the burned away face, she squeaks in dismay. Closing her eyes, she nods, taking a deep and bracing breath before opening and sending off the electricity towards the mecha man who was helping.

This is going to be felt later.. when he is in his rest cycle. Quincy steels himself for the blast, and using Laila's blast as a conduit, his body flares a bright blue and shoves his hands into the middle of the creature and cries out as his whole body trembles and redoubles and focuses the blast into the pumpkin's body.

It starts to push the books up, just as Laila agrees to hit Quincy with her best shot, and she does. It intensifies through him as he shoves hands into the creature, whatever it does to the boy, the creature gets the worse of it. Flapping and fluttering as the smell of pumpkin seeds roasting mingles with burnt straw and wood. There is a feint smoke coming from the bookshelf, but the body is now lifeless of that thing. Most people gone, a few say, "They did it." And they did the beast seems stopped, but that could be the spark of a fire under there. (+roll awareness)

There does seem to be a fire starting, and if one follows the leaf trail it goes back to a book, some horrow piece. Beware the Scarecrow. The cover looks like the creature. It is opened up to Chapter 6, Revelation of the Menace. Of course, the book next it it is, Return of the Skeleton King, it is opened to Chapter Eight, The Horde Awakens. The hint of fire may be a distraction from those books.

The smell hits her. The sizzled pumpkin seeds as well as the other guy she had struck with the currents. "Oh no!" Was he hurt? How to get to him though? He was closer to the pumpkin.. there was a bookshelf and books between them. Then there's the smell of fire. "Please, call someone, call the police, call emergency." Not certain the exact word for it.

Rising from the ruins of the creature and the bookshelf, the mechanoid man is nearly fully exposed for what he is. The synth flesh and clothing are completely burnt away, but at least he's built like a Ken doll. Standing there, with splatters of pumpkin upon him, and a few tatters of flesh and cloth still clinging to him, when he speaks, it comes out in Japanese at first, staticky and broken. "«The creature no longer functions. Systems at 78%. Charge at 115%. Dispersment required, unable to store.»" After a couple of moments of pause and thought, Quincy continues, returning to English. "You are <bzzzt> student? I just <bzzzt> trans-s-s-sferred. Are you <bzzt> <crackle> dance?" He moves to start to put out the fire as he nods. "<bzzt> notified. En route."

Someone nearby comes with a fire extenguisher, while someone else dials 911. Though sirens can be heard at a distance, five minutes ETA. The person sprays a tthe fire, then almost sprays the robot boy thing. "Uh …." the guy pauses and looks, seeing if he needs a spray or something.

With someone calling emergency services already, Laila picks her way over the rubble towards the other person. The Japanese she does not understand by any means but as he starts speaking in English, she just watches him slightly wide eyed, trying to decipher what he is saying. Student is picked up and she nods rather hesitantly, searching for something she can do to help. Books. She starts picking up the books. The one with the pumpkin is noticed then and she looks at the cover and turns it to face the other student. "Look," she says softly. Afraid? Maybe!

Blinking slightly, Quincy considers for a moment the young woman and then nods as he looks towards the book. "Perhaps.. not only attack today." he comments as he kneels down to look at the books as well. "Should warn others of situation. Heighten awareness with local help." With that, he finally looks at his hands, and realizes how exposed he is. "Apologies. I should have made clear what I am. I am a Quantum Unlink Intergrated Network Cybernetic Youth. You may call me Quincy, if you wish. And you are?"

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